Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well, duh!

I said all that (well, of course) to say this…

Yesterday was the day for my post Christmas pick up. Presents were put away on Friday and Saturday, but still I needed to tackle that mountain of papers, ribbons, and bows in the living room. It is a frustrating job because some of the paper is so beautiful that I feel the itch to make it twice useful. For a few years now, I have salvaged, ironed, and refolded the tissue paper from boxes and bags. This year, I decided to salvage my wrapping paper as well. Since my reuses are nothing new under the sun, I’ll just call it my “Well, duh!” project.

So I went through my stack of paper and found the really pretty ones with some usable space left on them. Some were beautiful and could definitely be used for all purpose wrapping like this beautiful green and ivory.

Others were definitely Christmas only papers but with endless possibilities

So I cut and pasted and folded and glittered and ribboned and ironed and finally shredded, and here's some of the fruit of my labor. Yes, I know, well duh. But the stuff is useful and the crafting therapy was good for what ails you on a post Christmas clean up day.

I made some bows for both Christmas and all purpose gifts.

I really can't wait to use these matching tags. The pink bow, I'm a little iffy on since it was made with leftover tissue paper and looks a little too limpy. The green and ivory is my favorite.

So after bows were made, and the tags were glitterated...

And and reusable tissue was ironed and restacked....
And the torn tissues in pretty colors were cut down to size to wait for more crafting therapy days...

 The rest was shredded... well, duh!

I did let the man of the house do the shredding. It's so pleasantly destructive for him and makes that rrrring noise that men seem to like. We kept the red and greeny Christmas shreds separate from the all season colors.

We're good to go. I did start a box with all of the scraps yet usused for future days when I need a little more craft therapy.

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