Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Bloggadoodle

And THIS would be why I carry that camera of mine around with me wherever I go.

Yesterday, I walked into a local nail salon for some selfish Debbie doings, and I saw a young mother from my church. She had brought her little girl and a little friend to have their little toes painted as a treat. The little ones sat in the teddy bear chairs and giggled together as Mommy watched, a baby sister perched on her lap. I, of course, was delighted and launched into a yakkity yak about the precious moment.

She gave me “that” look of great distress and reported that she had left the house without her camera… She had even forgotten her cell phone. How well I could relate.

Not to fear. I whipped the shiny red Kodak out of the purse and handed it to her. Then, I offered to hold baby sister while she chronicled her princess diaries. (Magnanimous gesture? Or selfish ploy for some baby holding time? You be the judge…)

At any rate, Young Mommy got pictures of the moment.

Now, here’s my question: Does she get to keep the Mommy Points, or do I? I think at the very least, we ought to share them...

Now, that's just cute.
Have a happy Sunday!


Linda W said...

Love those precious little sparkly toes! Yes, at least 5 points plus the baby-holding time!

Jennie said...


Some day, Mrs. Debbie, I will be awake early enough to post a blog before church. That alone earns you applause from me! ;)

Debbie said...

Hold the applause...

#1: I couldn't sleep
#2: I no longer have to get little bow heads ready for church.


Anonymous said...

Toeally sweet! What a great way to spend some time with a daughter.


Anonymous said...

Adorable. Points all the way around in my estimation! : ) --Ann


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