Monday, August 6, 2012

Dog Days and Dominoes

August is here.
And so am I.

In case you wondered, I survived my month of austerity measures in the name of common sense and the family budget.

No Buy July was an adventure, and frankly, it was fun! It was fun to stretch the creative muscles and discover just what I could do without spending a dime. Were it not for No Buy July, I might never have tackled the vast wasteland called Siberia and transformed it into a free-to-me craft space that I really love. The fact that the checkbook looks much less anemic is just gravy on the taters.

Honestly, it's hard to give up the adventure just because we've turned a calendar page.  August will require spending, though, since Miss Whimsy heads back to college on Friday and needs to be outfitted for her big adventure called the junior year.  Sniff. 

All the more reason that I need a plan to get me excited for the month of August.

August is my least favorite month of the year. In my mind, it has no redeeming value. That's because August brings the Dog Days of summer. In the Dog Days, all I really want to do is hunker down in the air conditioning like a lazy slug and play indoor games.

Therefore, that's exactly what I'm doing to do--
minus the lazy slug part. 

 I'm going take advantage of the excuse to stay inside,
 and  I'm going to play dominoes. 


That new craft space, you see, has given me a case of what our family calls
the Begats. 

One thing begets another...
Which begets another...

Sometimes, the Begats are a bad thing...  like when the freshly painted dining room makes the living room look all shabby and no chic. The Begats are a good thing, though, when they open up the box of  dominoes.  

All you need for dominoes is one newfangled storage space. Just one.  Chances are, that new space is going to free up space some place else in the house.  

Which when utilized, begets another...
Which begets another.


I spent the latter part of last week assessing new spaces available to me right now. Between what I freed by creating that crathroom,  the recently vacated shrine of the Practical One, some pieces of furniture that I thrifted in the spring, and some purging I've done,  I have available...drum roll please...
16 drawers, 4 shelves, 1 cabinet, and an entire closet. 


And so...

I have dubbed August the Domino Days,  a time devoted to inside organization. I'll be playing in all of those aforementioned spaces. Even though No Buy July is over, I've still got the thrifty bug so I'll be using as much creativity and  as little money as possible. That's the part that makes it fun.  

In addition to dominoes, I'll be playing some more inside games. 

Like Fruit Basket Turnover:  I'm not only going to organize my new spaces, I'm going to flippity- flop some old ones. I intend to relocate my extra dish closet (yes, I have one) and my holiday and decor closets (I have them too). Her Majesty the Den Closet will even get another makeover.

And I Spy:  I spy with my big eye... something that's expired in the pantry... and the medicine cabinet, and emergency supplies, and the spice rack... and let's face it, some of my clothes have passed their expiration date, too. What better time than the Dog Days to do it? 

And Peek-a-Boo: Yep, it's time folks. Time to lift the skirts on the beds and tables and see what's lurking in those boxes. You wouldn't believe me if I told you...  

But I probably will. 
If you need me, I'll be in the closet. 

So tell me:
How will you spend your Dog Days?
What other inside spaces
  can I add to the Domino Days of Summer?


Denise said...

Enjoy your week.

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

I think we have had dog days all summer! This entire summer has been in the upper 80's and 90's and several days of over 100 degrees so there won't be much of a difference this Aug. , I suppose. It sounds like you are on a roll cleaning and fixing things up so continue on! I should do the same!--------- Shannon

Gaby said...

August is back to school month for me but oh, have I been thinking about you lately. I made my first curtain yesterday (granted, I have to fix the hem because it's crooked, but yeay!) and I'm going to tackle a duck print on canvas project. And all through Hobby Lobby I kept telling Matt, "my imaginary friend Debbie can do this and that with this." "My imaginary friend Debbie would turn this into that with just these."

You have officially inspired me, lady.

Debbie said...

Good morning! Oh I soo agree (imagine that?) August is just my least favorite month of the year...soo hot! I have spent soo much time peering into boxes and closets and drawers recently that I could tell you every little thing every one of them holds, haha. Seriously it is a good feeling. How I would rejoice at an empty one somewhere! Enjoy this project! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Barb said...

Hi Debbie,
Your August plans sound good to me.
I'm in the process of playing dominoes here at my home.
You're working inside because of the summer heat and I'm inside working because of the winter it.
Have a good day
Barb from Australia

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Now this is something I can do...and really need to! I am so ready to purge and reorganize some of the areas in my home as well. I've already started on the towel closet last week. Like who really needs so many shabby, ugly old stinky towels that are over 20 years old? I've tried to get rid of them before by deeming them rags. I sent them down to the basement and put them in the rag cabinet (which takes up alot of space) but somehow they always end up back in my towel closet. So I finally yanked them all out and am prepared to trash. They haven't quite made it that far yet though. LOL! Hopefully you will inspire me to purge on! Thank you for Domino August! :)

Red Couch Recipes said...

Since most of my life is packed up, I find myself being rather pathetic! So for the good things: I am sending off my husband, doing a party for my daughter's Sweet 16th, and enjoying my children. Joni

Linda W said...

Good golly, Debbie. You're going to become the most organized person I know. Want to come and help me with the purging? Actually, I have started on it but, somehow, it seems some things reproduce overnight.

Have a suggestion for Decorative Dreamer and the old towels (yes, seems we all have them
!). Do you have a humane society in your area? I know they love receiving old towels. Just a thought.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I need to clean out closets, papers, boxes...but???
Wow a College Junior, that is great. The budget would like your July

Ann said...

I feel like I've been playing Dominoes all my life, Debbie! Now, I need to go back and finish each thing I began. : /

I hope to be finished with my purging br the end of August...then the outside work begins. Sigh.

And while you will soon have an empty nest, it looks like I am gaining a daughter and son in law after the Holidays. So I'd better get moving so that room is no longer an extra closet for last child still at home. LOL!

Good luck, and I'm with ya' on this one!


Vee said...

August is often my favorite month of summer because fall comes early up here and some of the finest days of summer live in August. So, I'll be watching your organization process and waiting for November. November is a diddly month with little going on except for an election, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving.

Have fun getting your daughter ready to return to college.

Barbara F. said...

Debbie, you are so witty, really. You make even housework drudgery feel like fun. I started off like a house on fire with organizing, then the incessant heat arrived and I fell behind. But now I am newly inspired, and off I go to tackle something in my house, other than the couch! xo

renee @ Singing With Birds said...

I've got grands visiting all month so the closets can wait. We will be playing Mexican Train with our dominoes. Have a fun week with Whimsy!

Lynn Richards said...

Hmmmmm, your post makes me think that lots of games need to be played with Miss Brenna. And lots of pool time.
Sorry, we all ready did the clean out all the closets deal. I had to call a truck to come haul everything away. It was slightly disturbing.

lailani said...

Isn't wonderful to have space to have an extra plate closet?

Have fun and inspire us!! :)

Sonja said...

here too! I just filled one of the black trash bags, the big ones, with clothes that did not need to be in my closet aver again. I also went through the 'lingerie' drawer... those oldies went right into the trash can!

Now I'm working on my craft closet and organizing the 90% off stuff I've bought through the year for Christmas stockings! I think your bug has been caught in Texas!!

Chatty Crone said...

You should be a writer - you are so smart and so very witty!

Now come a week from today - when everyone is back in school - I'm going to join you at those very same games!

Love, sandie

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Debbie,

Congratulations on making it through No Spend July; not just making it through, but really accomplishing a great room re-do! I'm loving that new crathroom. :)

I totally agree with you about the month of August, except for one thing; our son's birthday is in August, a very special day for us. But oh, how I wish it wasn't so hot. :(

I also totally agree about the begats. Our new kitchen makes the dining room look so dark and dingy now; so you know the next thing on my "list" is to get it painted and replace that carpet. Definitely not right now, though.

Thanks for your visit and good luck getting Miss Whimsy ready to go back to school -- same thing around here.



Amy Kinser said...

You are making me want to clean out and organize my attic (for the 400th time). is so hot in there that I would melt. (or maybe lose 20 lbs) hmmmm.....

Carol said...

I'm ok with August. But that's because I'm up north and it's not soooo hot as what y'all have down south.
What to do? Continue canning, some day trips, gardening, have to do some outside painting. Stuff like that.
I'll try to save any indoor projects for the cold months.
Have a great week! Keep cool!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

wow, you have so much energy! we spent a good part of today trying to install a gate and bit of fence on the side of the house. We have a mama and 4 kittehs that have taken up residence and I don't want dogs to be able to get to them. Didn't need a shower after because I was soaked, thank you dog days. I love your crafthroom :))

Christine said...

Who says life isn't a game.

The only game I need to play these days is Concentration!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

You go girl, you're on a roll! Congrats on July and I do have to agree that August is not a favorite of mine although... it does mean pre-season football and I can get excited about that:@)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Well, until you come out of the closet, I will be green with envy that you have opened up all of that storage space, and your getting organized, I would love to do that, but I got that wedding thing coming up. Under the beds....Oh I don't think so, way to hazardous!


Sue said...

I will be enjoying family visiting this month, starting the remodeling, canning,and dreaming of Fall, Enjoy your Dog Days of Summer, and if i lived nearby I might just invite myself over for some games.

Mevely317 said...

I should be ashamed of myself for not feeling very motivated these long HOT days. ... I really SHOULD.
Seems what vim-n'-vigor I've remaining arrives at daybreak and disappears by 10:00. I'll keep reading and hope your dominoes inspire me!

Maryann said...

I was always said around August because it would signal that the carefree days of summer were over and scholl and it's hectic schedules were about to begin...then when the sons were older it meant they were about to leave for school...this August we are planning a gathering at a lake house to celebrate three birthdays (we will be playing indoor games as well to escape the heat)

Mary said...

Oh I so admire all your energy and enthusiasm required for your indoor games! Except for celebrating our anniversary, August is a typically a month I want to do as little as possible with the heat index off the charts! Congrats on surviving and thriving No-Buy-July~ I love Siberia :)

Angel said...

I feel the same way. August makes me want to stay inside in the air conditioning and pray for cooler temps so I can go outside again without turning into a sweaty mess.

Your plan sounds like a good one. I'm sure you will be very productive and I can't wait to hear all about it!

Terri Buster said...

Fantastic! I'll watch from the sidelines while you's too hot to clean! But as soon as the heat breaks, I'm on it! :)

Jennie said...

We've missed you! August IS a bummer of a month, except for my birthday! ;) I can't wait to see what your Domino Days adventures bring. You are truly one of the most creative people I know! Sam doesn't know this yet, but your No-Buy July has inspired a grocery adventure at the Sheppard home, where I buy only the absolutely essential perishable food items in an attempt to pare down the excesses in our pantry and chest freezer. We're so blessed we don't even appreciate it! (Somehow I've turned this into an all-about-me comment. Quitting now.)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I LOVE IT!!! Such a great idea for August. You are so right about it just being too hot to be outside. This is a MUCH better time to do the "spring cleaning" thing! You are inspiring me to want to start the Domino Game!! Thought, it is an overwhelming proposition around here (starting with my laundry room!). YOU GO, GIRL!! It is the power of the first step... just like running used to be, if you can just take that first step...
I'm cheering you in your Domino Adventure!! blessings ~ tanna

Mrs.Rabe said...

Sounds like fun!

I love rearranging and making this work for our current living situation, etc....


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Okay, that I have exercised my fingers by coming all the way down here to comment, well I am going to give into letting August be a good month...I too wasn't too interested in this month.

So my sand shoveling will consist of cleaning and organizing also...I just didn't want to do it..I wanted to be lazy..and then two of you posted this morning on cleaning.

Thanks for always putting such a wonderful twist on everything.

I did buy two old chairs to use around our chairless dining room table..I was celebrating our son's engagement, and I kept thinking I wish you were near to help me decide how to redo them

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I have more projects than I can count. Yesterday it was 113. Crickey. The yard is a mess but you wont get me out there until October.

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

August isn't all bad ... it's actually the month prior to the month when we cross our fingers for a little cooler air in the South, knowing it probably won't happen. :(

Congratulations on making it through the no-buy month of July. I love the idea of playing games in August, even if it does mean you'll be spending more time in the closet. I seriously need to play along with you.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

No, you are certainly not going to be a slug. Sounds like you have the month planned. I look forward to seeing all of your progress. laurie

elizabeth said...

I can definitely relate to the domino effect. I've been doing some deep closet cleaning myself. :)

Beth Hill said...

I was so challenged by your No-Buy July! After going on an insane spending spree to help my grown daughter decorate her new apartment in July, I am in No-Cost August. Only groceries for me this month. I usually entertain myself in August by wandering aimlessly through air-conditioned stores, but not this month! Looks like my closet will get a make over instead.

Kathryn Ross said...

Ah! Extra space in my house - how sweet the sound! You done good, friend! I am waiting patiently. Wedding in mid-November and then - EMPTY NEST! A WHOLE ROOM AND CLOSET of space opening a Pandora's Box of fretful decisions as to exactly HOW to use that space! Then, there's my basement - the prop and costume/homeschool classroom resource department of my life and career. So, my dog days of summer are passing without the re-organizing fit - that will come just in time for the holidays for me!


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I couldn't make a comment on your recent post, so will do it here!

I had that same poem about children! It is so true as well as all you said in your post. I feel so badly for children these days when I see their parents ignoring them while texting and/or talking on the stupid cell phones!

Enjoy your time with your daughter! Tanner will be going Monday, he is ready and has missed being separated from his sweet girlfriend most of the summer!



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