Monday, January 14, 2013

Ruth and Naomi...

... we were not.  

We didn't have that much in common, my mother-in-law and I.  

She loved dogs.
I'm terrified of them. 

She played tennis at the age of 80.
My idea of exercise is a brisk walk.

She was book club.
I'm luncheon club.

She could knit and crochet, and her work was exquisite.   
My idea of handiwork is decoupage. 

She leaned toward Danish modern and geometrics.
I like colonial and toile. 

She raised 5 boys in a very blue household.
I raised 2 girls and a lot of pink.  

She was a gifted cook and could whip up masterpieces
Pot luck is my Waterloo, and my kitchen is Katrina. 

We didn't read the same books, she and I.  We didn't like the same movies either. Like her son, she didn't mind the silence that I generally feel the need to fill with prattle. We were pretty much opposites in every area. Every area, that is, except one.  

She loved him with all her heart, 
and so do I. 

After a brief stay in the hospital last week, my mother-in-law passed away yesterday afternoon. She leaves four broken-hearted sons behind, sons who were blessed beyond measure to be raised in the home she made. I am blessed beyond measure to be married to the good man she raised.  Her fingerprints are all over him.

Please pray for my family today. 

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