Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And on the 40th day, she rested.

I just glanced at my calendar, and it has been 39 days since we officially began the kitchen project. Technically, it's been a little longer than that. The husband actually began to tear up the floor, thus committing us to this crazy thing, just a few days before unexpectedly losing his mom.

So let's just round it off to an even 40, shall we?

And let's just agree that after 40 days of hard labor, this blogger deserves a day off for mostly good behavior. There's another reason for it, too. It's because of this stuff. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for the rain. We've been in a severe drought in these parts for several long years now.  Even after a little precipitation rain last year, the water table had barely budged.

The ponds were still dry. 
The river was still freakishly low.

Want to see the same spot now?

Yep. Water nearly up to the bridge where I stood to take the picture.  

Water as far as the the eye can see. 

Lest you think this is another shot of the river, think again.
 It's technically the area known as the overflow.

We're overflown. 

Can you see the stumps?

 Just one month ago,
 loggers were deep into this area.  

They had to halt the operation midstream.
 (Or mid river, as the case would be...)

Now actually, it's not a typical place to harvest trees. The only reason the loggers could get in there in the first place was because of the severe drought that I mentioned in the beginning of this.  The overflow has been bone dry for years.  The rain has taken care of that.

And do you know when all that rain started?

Less than a week after we began the Incredible Ever Expanding Kitchen Project.

That's right, folks, for the past 40 days, Mr. and Mrs. Noah have been attempting to lay a floor in the ark.  Mrs. Noah has been attempting to paint the cabinets as well. If you recall, the plan was to spray the doors.

Obviously, we had to go with Plan B, which is to paint them the old fashioned way.  I'm plugging along, but it has been slow going.

I will end this little update with an enthusiastic product endorsement, though.  I've been using this paint additive called Floetrol. I got it at Lowes for about ten dollars, and folks, it is worth ten times that amount.  It greatly reduces, even eliminates, brush and roller strokes.

(Psssst.... that's a peek at the floor and the doors in case you can't tell.)

Anyway, that's all for me this morning. I'm taking this rainy day off to sip some coffee and visit Blogville.  After that, I'm out to gather up two possums, two armadillos, and one more squirrel.

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?
Anyone want to borrow some rain?


Miss Char said...

I can't wait to see the kitchen Debbie, I plan to get started on mine this summer. As for weather...I guess this is a pretty typical winter for us, snow, snow, and more snow. We have six inches predicted for this afternoon so I should be out running errands right now.

Hopefully you won't be doing the back stroke for much longer.

Chatty Crone said...

40 days is a long time! Phew. It is going to look gorgeous and the hints are very nice. Well since I am in Georgia with you - I don't need any more rain - it is raining right now. The thing that gets me by - is thinking what if it were snow? Can't wait to see your finished project.

Denise said...

Well Frostine the Tile Queen you have certainly earned your title. The floor looks fabulous. Thanks for the additive tip, too. You always have the greatest tips. I can't wait to see the finished project.

This farm family is VERY grateful for God's provision of rain. Our ponds are full and running over.

Hope you catch up on your rest. You deserve it.

Knitty said...

Good to know about that product, thanks!

I wonder where Miss Char lives as I'm expecting that amount of snow too and my name is Charlene. Hmmm, do I blog in my sleep under another name? Look out Miss Char, I'm coming to check our your site!

Sonja said...

I've missed you, but I knew exactly where you were! What ajob! I've been doing a master bath since Christmas, and you're doing better than I am!! Enjoy your day, and in the end, can't wait to see pics of Mrs.Noah's kitchen!

Gaby said...

I can't wait for pictures, girl! Everything you touch turns to beauty.

Shanee @ LivingLifeSouthernStyle said...

Oh how we have missed you in blogland :) Loving what I can see of floors and doors. Thanks for the product tip..I am about to attempt painting my laundry room cabinets so this is timely. Enjoy your well deserved break.

Christine said...

Your weather looks like our Pacific Northwest weather.
I like how you are taking time off.
We all need to have some "down time". I call it, Me Time.
Enjoy the day, despite the weather.

Barbara F. said...

Debbie, I have been missing you and your fabulous writing style, but I knew you were very, very busy. I can't wait to see the kitchen reveal. I am glad you are no longer in a drought! We're expecting heavy rain here tonight into tomorrow. We really don't need another drop, but we have no choice ;-) xo

Angel said...

So glad to hear from Mrs. Noah again. You have been missed! Can't wait for the big reveal of your new kitchen! Enjoy your well-deserved day off. :)

Crickit said...

Can't wait to see the kitchen reveal! I am glad that you have gotten so much rain as it looks as if you have been lacking for some time now! Hopefully, it will taper off now so that you can finish the kitchen.

Oh and you ask how is the weather in my neck of the woods currently?
Well... it is sunny and in the low 70's. I love living in Californ-ia!

Sharon said...

Mrs. Noah, thank you for taking time to peek out of the ark and let us know how you're doing! Sounds like the project is (almost?) done! I can't wait for the *after* photos. It's going to be beautiful...

My neck of the woods? Last week we had another 9 inches of snow - seems like it's going to be a big-snow winter up in my new mountain home. Thankfully we have ONE car that can negotiate the roads!!

By the way, I know where you can get that squirrel - she lives in California.


Vee said...

Glad that you came up for air. That's a long, long time to be away working on such a labor intensive project. And that's a long time to be replenishing the water table...enough already! (No, you may keep the rain. We're gettting some of the frozen variety for the next two days. I'd rather have snow.)

Alycia Nichols said...

I will trade you 1 week of rain for what we got in snow last night!!!! :-) Truly apocalyptic-looking out there right now! I lost satellite late last night, so I can't even watch the TV news unless I go online to do it. (Never have liked doing that.) We are completely snowed in!!!! With our little leak-in-the-dining-room disaster, it's hindering progress here for repairs...so I feel your pain! I know we should be super happy about getting any kind of moisture after the crazy drought conditions, but I guess we're just getting too much of a good thing all at once!!! :-) I am going to remember the Floetrol. I often see painted pieces with remarkable brush & roller strokes, but it looks like your cabinet doors are flawless!!!

Alycia Nichols said...

Forgot to say congratulations on your win of the Ramsign sign!!!!!!!

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Miss Debbie!

Oh your new floor is sooo pretty, and I love your cabinet doors. The man who did all the painting in our kitchen mentioned something he added to the paint to make it flow and go on more smoothly, but I'd forgotten that until I read your post. I don't think his stuff had the same name as yours, but he said it really makes a big difference. I'm so glad you discovered that product!

Wow -- I cannot believe that water level in the river. I remember the post when you showed the water level being so low last summer or the summer before. I would say you're certainly catching the water table up...fast. That overflow area is something else,too. Do you think the loggers will be able to get back in to retrieve their logs?

I'm glad you're making good progress with your kitchen; enjoy your day off and have a wonderful week. :)


Debbie said...

WOW! 40 days of labor is A LOT of labor! I am soo anxious to see it all done, especially the cupboards as I am still contemplating having ours done. Good tip on the paint...And 40 days of rain too? I can't imagine. We have had a mild, winter with not much rain. I think it is going to be a long HOT HOT summer, sigh. Enjoy your day of rest!

Merlesworld said...

It's rain everywhere here we have a cyclone hitting the west coast of Australia and a couple of weeks of rain on the east coast where I live, floods everywhere unusual in Australia.
The kitchen is coming along looking forward to seeing it all finished, a lot of work but all worth.

Lynn Richards said...

Boy, this really gives new meaning to when it rains, it pours!
Good luck, my friend.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am glad you all are getting the rain you've needed! Sorry that it has impacted your project though!

The preview of your floor and doors look great!

Hope you enjoyed your project!


Darla said...

And to think that people stay away from Washington State because of the wet weather. I guess you are getting more in your 40 days than we have had in our 40 days. Love the hint of your hard work. I will definitely be looking for the product from Lowe's as I have decided to just paint the bathroom cabinet of our current house to make it look nice and pretty. The new house will get all new cabinets that I don't have to do anything to! Keep on working and I am anxiously awaiting the "After" pictures.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh goodness! Even down here in the sunshine state we had rain today! Well, if you'd hurry up and finish your kitchen the sun will shine again....Simple as that guaranteed...The sun will come out tomorrow, so you better..................You know the rest of the song, you will be singing it all day now!


Sue said...

Hi Debbie
First of all your floors and doors look great. I will second your endorsement of floetral. When we redid our last house (when I brought that painting home) we ended up painting every inch of woodwork in the house with oil based paint and used its sister product penetrol. It is wonderful. I would never paint wood without it.
I also wanted to thank you for your sweet as always comment. I am on my iPad for a few days and I went to hit reply and oops, I hit delete. I have NO clue how to retrieve it on this thing. And I did want to let you know that I can't wait to see your red and yellow kitchen!
You have earned your break - enjoy.

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hi Debbie.......Thanks for the kitchen peek...the floors and doors are looking beautiful.
We are having abnormal rainfall here on the east coast of Australia. Floods, mini cyclones and some hot and humid weather as well. It's all mixed up.
Enjoy your breather....
Barb xx

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

that is too funny. i lost you for a bit - my blog log/roll has been totally missed up lately so i have been trying to find every one. thanks to some one else i found you - i knew you were a Debbie - but finding you on google is not easy. it does not like your blog name ... gives me everyone but you... ha. ha!! i got your posts coming to my email now - so i will not miss you any more. yippppeee!! happy dance. so happy. take care. ( :

Tricia said...

Wow, you HAVE been hard at work for lo, these forty days! You've been missed! Can't wait for the big reveal -- and more tablescapes created by you and your family!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

So glad you posted, I was wondering how things were going. The floor and cabinet fronts look great!Painting the cabinet with a brush is a long tedious process (I remember well). But it's going to look so fabulous when done that you'll forget the pain (like childbirth)!

I've used floetrol in a sprayer but never when I'm painting with a brush. Thanks for the tip!

Sherry said...

That kitchen project is looking good. Glad your getting some overdue rain!

no spring chicken said...

Just open the door.. they are supposed to come to you. No gathering needed!

Praise for the rain. Praise for a saint taken home? So sorry for your husband and all who will miss her. Praise for Floetrol (I wanted to write it to cement the name in my brain for upcoming projects). The pieces are looking great, can't wait to see the whole!!

Blessings, Debbie

Laurie Ritchey said...

Debbie, I can tell, just from this teaser peek, that your kitchen is going to look fabulous. The flooring is so pretty. I can't wait to try that paint additive. Well, actually, I can wait, cause I don't want to have to paint anything, but if I ever do, I'm going to get some of that stuff. Great pictures of your much needed rain. laurie

Shannon Fox said...

Then here I am in the Pacific Northwest and we have been dry and sunny? Hmm?

Oh girl, my dad taught me about that paint additive and it's magic. So glad you discovered it too! Try to stay dry.

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Your project is an enormous one. One must just think of it in increments, it's so big.
I do love me some white cabinets, and I'm excited to see yours when you are done. The glimpse you showed looks terrific, as does the floor.
Just think how amazing it will be when you are done!

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

Oh, Debbie ... bless your heart. You deserve a break. I know it'll all be worth it in the end.

Thanks for that painting product tip. I will definitely check it out if I ever paint anything else with a brush or roller. (Just the sound of that makes my back ache.)

Debbiedoo's said...

Well February here in the Carolina's has been long and rainy. Your kitchen project is going to be amazing. I just hope you reveal before I go to Ireland and not while I am gone because I am anxious:)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

We had rain like that a couple of weeks ago; and, like you, I did not want to complain because of the drought situation. But, I've enjoyed the sunshine this week. ;) So glad to learn about the Floetrol! Thank you so much for sharing that info, Debbie! Look forward to seeing the finished ark. blessings ~ tanna

Amy Kinser said...

I so understand the rain. This weather is crazy. One day it's warm, the next day it's snowing. Then the next it's raining, and then warm again, and then...yeah you understand, I know.

Still so sorry about your mother in law.

Loving your floors and your white cabinets.

corners of my life said...

A day of rest is always a good thing after such an amazing amount of work you have been putting into this project.

Thanks for the Floetrol tip.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I am so happy to have rain for the same reasons you showed in the pics...Sad when dry. Just a few hurdles in the great kitchen escape

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

I finally had a minute to see if you've been in Blogland since I was here last, and you have! I left home Tuesday morning with ponds (for several weeks now) where ponds have rarely been -- and it rained all the way from TN to NC . Not the kind of driving weather I like, but the grandone hugs are making up for it!

I'm glad you discovered Floetrol. I learned about it several years ago when we renovated our old house, and it's definitely a great product! Your floors and doors look great. I'm glad the end is getting close. Just as God promised Mr. and Mrs. Noah never to flood the earth again, it's okay if you promise never to tackle such a monumental undertaking again anytime soon -- or ever. The fantastic (and neutral) finishes you've chosen should last year 'til Kingdom come! Hang in there... The end is in sight!


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