Friday, May 3, 2013

Pinning and Spinning

I might as well post a view from the driver's seat this morning since all I have had time for this week is drive- by blog reading.  I just thought it prudent to let you know I was still alive and that no new catastrophe had fallen upon us.

Quite the contrary, I was busy with an impromptu visit from my favorite Practical One from Capitol Hill, and as always, Motherhood trumps the bloggerhood.  After that, my only excuse is that I have been chin deep in planning for luncheon club this weekend since it's my time to host.

Now, I actually had an entire meal and theme planned for this rotation. Unfortunately, it was a wintery/valentiney theme since I was supposed to host in February. Silly me... I actually thought that the kitchen would be finished by then.

Yeah, right...

So here I am in May, changing the whole thing to a May basket theme. Since we've been doing luncheon club long enough to exhaust my short list of recipes, I have been hopelessly  lost on Mt. Pinterest, too, looking for new ones.

Which then, I had to try.
And then, I had to taste.

I wonder if you can sew a hostess apron from a king sized sheet?

Bet I could find it on Pinterest.

So  anyway, that's where I've been this week, pinning and spinning, which for a blonde isn't always the wisest thing to do.  We tend to get a little lightheaded and forgetful when we spin...which is the reason that I've been burning up the roads as well.

See how I brought this full circle?
 Pretty good, huh?

Fortunately, my country roads are full of wildflowers this year. After over five years of serious drought, they are a welcome sight.

So along the way...

I took time to enjoy those flowers.

I have taken off the comment option for this post 
so I won't be tempted to come back feel rejected. 
 I admit it. 
I'm kind of pathetic and needy like that.  


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