Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Merry Duchess Christmas and a Happy Birthday Too!

Somebody's having a birthday today!  

And her name  isn't Debbie. 

My birthday has come and gone, just like the rest of Christmas season...

and the rest of December...
and the rest of November...
and most of October too. 

I really and truly tried to get back into Blog Land. You have no idea how many times I tried. 
I thought I might get the groove again in time to celebrate Thanksgiving,
 but the next thing I knew, 
it was time to do this.


And a whole lot of this

And for reasons which will remain unyakked, 
I kinda needed a bit of this

And some of  this

(Pssst... I'm the one on the left.)

But Suddenly,

I woke from my sugar stupor and discovered that if I procrastinated a visit to Blog Land for one more day, I would miss the opportunity to yak abroad a very auspicious occasion to the world wide web.

Or at least to the three people still around to read here... 

What a blockhead!

Not to worry. There is time to rectify the situation before the clock strikes midnight.  Besides, there's really only  one person who needs to see this post anyway, the one whose birthday we're celebrating today, the one who created this Christmas scene. 

  Happy 75th Birthday to
 The Duchess,
 the single most giving and creative 
Christmas lady I know.

I'm so proud that you are my mom!

And yes,  I'll 'fess up  to the shameless ulterior motive
of showing her house this year before it's too late.

Admit it.
You're doing the  Peanuts Dance
and  singing,  "Hark the Herald Angels Sing."
Aren't you?


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