Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Talk Back Tuesday: What Does It Take?

Here's a quickie.


I'm determined to jump start these engines of mine for one simple reason:

I like blogging.

I mean I really, really do like it. I like the part where I get to do the talking, but I also like the part where I get to do the listening.  I am edified and encouraged more than you know when I read your words. Simply put, the blog experience has not only made my home prettier, it has made my spirit a little prettier too.

I like to read your blog thoughts. I like to read your comments, too...

So here's the thing:

Sunday, I posted a quote from one of my favorite quote-sters, Jesse Mercer.

And I took the comment function off, just like I always do on Sunday. 

Today is Tuesday, though, so I thought I might do something a little different. I'm handing you the microphone.

In my head, I look just like this guy...

In reality, I'm nothing whatsoever like that guy, but that's irrelevant. 

This morning, Debbie Donahue wants to know:

Is there anything in this world that makes you want to stand up and cry?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Sign of the Times

I've yakked before about the circle of quotations at Mercer University by its namesake, Jesse Mercer. Lately, I have been reminded of  this one:

Can anyone relate?

I've been absent for a multitude of reasons and don't exactly know where to begin to catch up.  Most of my reasons are of the physical variety.   I am trying to complete not one but two major projects around here. For whatever reason, I'm just pitiful poor at yakking through a project these days. I'm blaming the hormones. I always blame the hormones.

When that fails, I blame the family.  I happened to have both of my daughters this past week.


Wouldn't you think I would be giddy beyond reason? I mean, really... Two big projects in House Land and two full beds in Mom Land. It doesn't get much better than that.

I am giddy.   

And yet...

Even while I'm enjoying the good stuff, my mind keeps dragging me back to the bad stuff.  I'm not talking about stuff going on around here.  I'm talking about the stuff going on out there.  I'm talking about the stuff going on in this fallen world that breaks my heart and steals my words.

I'm sure you can imagine how much I hate for anything to steal my words. 

To be honest,  I almost wish I just didn't know stuff.  I almost wish that I could be one of those ostrich people who stick their heads in the sand and give a full feathered moon to the rest of the world.   After all, ignorance is bliss, right?

How's that bliss working out for us?

No matter how blissfully ignorant we choose to be, human beings are still being trafficked.
Children are still being abused.
Families are still starving.
People are still dying without Jesus.

Our lack of interest doesn't change their reality.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet... 

Professed Christians will whip out the checkbook  this morning to advance the Kingdom of God.

With important expenditures like this. 

'Cause nothing advances the Kingdom of God like a tripped-out electric sign belching Bible verses out of context.    

Folks, I want to say more here. I really and truly have tried to say more here. I guess I'm having my own Jesse Mercer moment, though, because after days of sitting by my keyboard trying to put my thoughts together, I find that I still just don't have the words.

So this morning, I'm just going to stand up and cry. 

I'm crying for the world. 
And I'm crying for the nation. 
But more than anything, 
I'm crying for the First United Ostrich Church.

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