Friday, July 16, 2010

I went to a garden party.... reminisce with my old friends...

(That's a song for those of you under the age of 40)
I think somewhere among the lyrics must be a part about being the last one to arrive and therefore missing the photo opportunities. 

As I mentioned on THIS post, we have a little
luncheon club.
Our July luncheon wasn't exactly a garden party because of the southern summer,
but we did begin our day  with light snacks and cool drinks
 under the Live Oaks. 

The hostess and that sister of mine recently treated each other to a spa adventure in celebration of their 50th birthdays.
 (In case you missed an earlier post,
she is 50...
I am not.)

They brought some of their spa notions back home
 like refreshing spa water.

 Here's how the hostess made hers:

2 sliced cucumbers
1 sliced lemon
  2 liters of water
 for about a day
Squeeze out the juices

Serve to your friends
 who are pretending to be Scarlett 
perched on wicker furniture
with their colorful homemade fans.
Drawling a bit more than necessary.

OK, that's what I was doing. The rest of them were just enjoying themselves in conversation.

I had wanted to wear a big floppy hat.  I had visions of myself looking like Princess Diana...

But since I'm still dealing with the humid hormone hair,
I feared I might look a little like Bella Abzug instead.

So I ditched the hat.

We wisely returned inside for our luncheon. I tried to snap a few pictures but decided to put up the shiny red Kodak and enjoy the day instead. Her table was lovely with miniature flower arrangements.

scattered across her grandmother's antique runner

We chatted and laughed for hours, and don't ask me how I know this, but it is quite possible to laugh so unexpectedly that you spew spa water...

across the china...
across the linen...
across place card...
across the flowers...
and clear across the table to the plate on the other side. 

Good-bye Scarlett; hello Ellie Mae.


FrouFrouBritches said...

You are sooo funny! You crack me up! Who is Bella Abzug anyway?

Looks like y'all had a great time. I would've been talking with a big ole exaggerated drawl too. We must have a flair for the dramatic!

Ann said...

I am so glad I did not have coffee in MY mouth when I read where your spa water ended up. Reminds me of a western night dinner we attended in the days of the rinestone cowboy ... but I digress .....

LOVE your blog Debbie!


Debbie said...

Ah, dear young one:
Bella Abzug was a feminist congressman from the early 70s known for her hat wearing. That would be about when I was in middle school...

and you were not even born...

And thank you both. I'd much rather people laugh with me than at me. That's why I tattle on myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the water actually is anything "special", but I sure like how refreshing it tastes. And I suppose I shall have to hear endlessly for the next 17 months how much younger you are! At least at our ages we can finally find some time to spend with our dear friends. Loved the post and had a great time with you yesterday!

Dayle said...

Love this... and the fact that you put away that Kodak for the day. I'm taking notes. :)

Amy Kinser said...

How great to laugh so hard that you spit or snort or whatever. That's good for you...

Just had my children watch Gone With the Wind a couple of nights ago. When you are from the south, you have to watch that movie. They liked it!!!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Being an older sister must be difficult...I'd ask mine but we're not speaking. :))

It's possible to snort liquid out your nose too....not exactly lady like but hey.

Ricky Nelson was one of my first crushes..sigh.

gnee said...

You are hilarious! Please come see me whenever you'd like...we can sip and snort and I will make mini-cheesecakes that DO keep their shape when you remove the wrapper. We can hike and I'll keep you bear safe...just come! You are always welcome....My grand daughter left yesterday and "a spew across the table" would feel really good right now...or please, just make a stand up DVD and be sure to include a segment about your older sister!

Kelli said...

You spew sap water too? Awesome. Join the club! ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))

Kelli said...

I just noticed I said SAP water as opposed to spa water-lol!

southerninspiration said...

girl, you are so funny.....I always grin when I read your posts!!


Gayle said...

:-) The sight of spewing spa water makes me smile.

Linda W said...

I'll admit it, I spewed coffee while reading this! What a wonderful luncheon, nothing like spending a hot summer afternoon with dear friends.

Bella? I hardly think so, but it gave me a great laugh AND a spewed-on screen. Time to dash and get it cleaned up.

Manuela@TPOH said...

LOL! Bella Abzug! I haven't thought about her in about 20 years! Sounds like you had a really fun time!


BECKY said...

AAAAAAHHH!!!! Would love to have witnessed the SPEW of SPA water!! I have done it with coffee!!! LOL!!

Yeah...I don't do hats either! ;o)
Have a blessed week! And don't lose patience with me...too much going on! You'll hear from me soon!!
Love n hugs,

Sandy said...

Lovely Garden Party.. I have not been to one in a long time... thanks so much for your "Greetings" this morning.. such sweet words...


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