Thursday, November 11, 2010

Simply Sisters

This week’s simple pleasure arrived all the way from Colorado…

You see, I have not one but two sisters.

I have The Sister, old denim n’ pearls herself. She lives on a nearby farm and tablescapes with me.

And then I have The Big Sister. She lives in Colorado with her husband and son. On Monday, she flew to Georgia by herself for a few days of girl time.

Her arrival tipped the balance of power in the family even more decidedly in favor of the Estrogen party. The Testosterones thought it wise to skedaddle to their various corners.

The husband headed out on the road…
The farmer headed out to his cotton field…
The newlywed nephew just retreated to his man cave at the Love Shack.

This left us abundant time to enjoy the things that mothers and daughters and sisters do best. We did a little coffee drinking and pie eating and a lot of yakking. I even spent last night at the Duchess’s house for a good old fashioned slumber party and yakked till the wee hours.

(Hmm,I might have found a perk to that empty nest.)

We meandered from topic to topic the way that sisters like to do. We talked about decorating and baking and Christmas shopping. We pulled old family giggles out of the memory trunk to laugh about them all over again. Since I’m the baby the family and undisputed Oddball Queen, I’m generally the object of the laughter and the butt of the joke.

That’s fine by me.
They’re just paying me back
 for embarrassing them through puberty.
Plus, I get to remind them
 that they are both over 50…
and I’m not.

Today, we’ll yak our way to Macon, Georgia to visit our three favorite coeds at Mercer University, my two daughters and my niece. Since it’s a bank holiday, the Newlywed Niece gets to come too, giving everyone at least one sister to share on our Sister Day.

Well, everyone except the Duchess. Her sisters died long ago. I think about that often when I’m enjoying the camaraderie that only a sister can provide. I think of how she must miss them, and I wonder if she’s still tempted to pick up the phone like I do when an old memory meanders to the surface and a sister is needed to fill in the sketchy details.

I think what my life will be like
if I’m the sister left standing at the end of the road.

So I purpose in my heart never to take a sister’s presence on this earth for granted. I enjoy every moment that God allows for that thing called sisterhood, and I teach my own daughters to do the same.

For there is no friend like a sister
 in calm or stormy weather;
To cheer one on the tedious way,
 to fetch one if one goes astray,
 to lift one if one totters down,
 to strengthen whilst one stands.
 (Christina Rosetti)

This week's simple pleasure was (and is)
 spending time with both of mine.
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