Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Thanksgiving Table

Have I mentioned that I’m back in the classroom two days a week? Well, I am. By the time I could get together with my tablescaping pals yesterday, it was nearly dark. I’m sure glad we weren’t planning to head to a cotton field.

This week’s table is safely indoors.
It's a Thanksgiving table

The place setting is the one The Sister sets on her dining room table during the Thanksgiving season.

We pulled it all off of her table and brought it to the Duchess’s kitchen for this tablescape. It probably would have been easier to lug the centerpiece to the Sister's house. In fact, I suggested that.

Nobody ever listens to the kid sister...

Her place settings start with brown chargers and beige plates which she actually found at Good Will.  I love the edges on them.  

Then she added  Thanksgiving
dessert plates and bowls 

These are Johnson Bros.
 Autumn Monarch

The larger amber Cambria goblets belong to this sister as well.  The smaller ones belong to the Duchess.  Both were picked up at local department stores this year.

Ivory and green napkins in 
pewter turkey rings.

We scooched up this brown silk runner
that the Newlywed Niece got for a shower present. 
 We had her permission to snatch it
 off her table at the Love Shack.

While we were there,
 we pilfered Tom Turkey for good measure. 
 It was a shower gift as well.
 Don’t you love the cool stuff these modern brides get?

We just got toasters...

 Tom Turkey
sits back to back
with a horn of plenty.

The fruit in this cornucopia
is my sole contribution to this table.  

Turkeys on one side...

Pilgrims on the other.
Pilgrims are my favorite part of Thanksgiving.
 I might just yak about
 my  unnatural
Pilgrim obsession at another time.

The whole thing is filled in with
pyracantha berries.
(I have a mild obsession with them, too.)

Hope you enjoy our
Thanksgiving Tablescape.

We thought we would go ahead
and share it this week.

Next Thursday,
we'll be busy about tables of a different sort.
And for that, I'm truly THANKFUL.

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Karen said...

Debbie, what a beauty! I love how you put the cornucopia at the back of the turkey along with the pilgrims. You and the other girls did a great job, even if you had to snatch a few things from others. :) by the way I broke my turkey this year, not quite the size of that one and no the same color - I'm over it.

Vanessa said...

Hi Debbie! Oh I think Mr. Tom Turkey looks like he belongs at my house! :-) I love that and now I must be on the lookout for something similar...maybe I'll even find on one clearance! I love those beige plates too with the scalloped edges. I'm really studying this tabelscape because I am determined to beef things up this year at my own Thanksgiving table so you may find me stalking you for the next week or so! :-)

Atelier de Charo said...

Love your cornucopia full of fresh fruit!

Anonymous said...

Stunning!! Your table is drop dead gorgeous. I want to eat at your house. My hubby says he hates eating by candlelight. He can't see his food. Grrr.....that's ok, just one of very few "issues" so I can't complain.

Marydon said...

G'eve Debbie ~ What a gorgeous table setting ... such wonderful details.

Have a beautiful & blessed Thanksgiving holiday.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Festive table Debbie! The dishes are great, the runner is really pretty and I'm lovin' the napkin holders:@)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Love it, Debbie, and I'm wild over that turkey in the centerpiece. So cute!

The sister and I have matching bamboo flatware and gold goblets. But I don't have that Johnson Brother's pattern (which I love!)... I have pheasants on mine. We usually aren't here for Thanksgiving, but I do like fall plates! Love your whole table, and I think you just need to pack up all of yall's goodies and head down here. I am in a dilemna of epic proportion... at least for this week! LOL! And that dilemna (did I spell that right???) would be that I can't find table runners I like in this dining room that the stager painted. It has basically killed my Christmas china which used to look SO cute in this house. I bought it for this house, but it is deader than a doornail now. SO I'm using something else, and I can't find runners that work. Oh, they work with the china, but not with the wall color. ARGH! I have brought out three different pairs, and it's a no go. Not sure what to do, but I guess I will figure it out. LOL! I have been online looking all morning. I might make some plain white ones and edge them in that fat rick-rack. Problem is, I don't sew! I can glue, and that is looking like an alternative at this point.


Sheila :-)

Sonja said...

I'm slow to get in the mood this year, but this post has inspired me!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I swear! I wanna be just like y'all when I grow up! Y'all have such beautiful things. My durn kids break all the pretty stuff!

Love it all! I don't even think I can pick a favorite.

I wondered if you were back in the classroom, but I kept forgetting to ask.

Angel said...

Really, Debbie. This is so beautiful! Love it all. From Tom Turkey right down to those pyracantha berries (thanks for giving those a name for me.) And, by the way, I have always been fascinated by the pilgrims so we have that in common too.

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Debbie, when it's a traditional Thanksgiving tablescape I'm after, THIS is what I love! Gorgeous textures and colors without all the bright orange and gold ... and beautiful dishes. Sooooo beautiful!

xinex said...

This is really prety, Debbie! Your centerpeice is wonderful and I love your pilgrims!...Christine

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady, Your Thanksgiving Tablescapes are just Beautiful as all your table are ! and your centerpeice is lovely with the Pilgrims. Hope you have a wonderful evening. and thanks so much for stoping by my Tablescapes. I never did a table for two so this is new to me. lol

Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

Debbie, when I read your posts, I always wish my sisters and my mother lived nearby! Y'all have such fun! This table is just perfect for Thanksgiving, and I love how each of you contributed to the tablescape. Love the newlywed niece's beautiful runner -- so great with the dessert dishes and bowls!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I hate that it gets dark so early! I love your table setting, I have honestly never seen turkey plates, plates with turkeys on them, that is. If I had a huge house I would have plates for every occasion. Your table is beautiful!


Dianne said...

Simply beautiful!


Even the table settings are making me hungry :-)

Carol said...

What a beautiful tablescape...created with lots of love and fun!
I'm always excited to see your posts. They are delightful.

ellen b said...

Hi Debbie! I really like the Thanksgiving accessories you have! Love those pewter napkin rings and your goblets. BEautiful!

Tammy said...

Would love to have Thanksgiving Dinner at your beautiful table. Love how you put the turkey and the cornicopia back to back as he centerpiece. The stacked plates are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Awwwwww, A group effort! I just love how you all pulled together to create a gorgeous Thanksgiving table. I can't believe you found these beautiful dishes at GW!

And I also love pilgrims... these are beautifully made. Don't you just love their poses?
I'm so glad I stopped... lots of autumn beauty here!

Red Couch Recipes said...

I loved the commentary as much as the table. The Johnson Brothers is so beautiful. I love the group effort too. I NEVER received things, like the lovely turkey, at my wedding shower! Such a beautiful table. Joni

Step inside my home said...

What a great table! I love all your accents: Mr Tom Turkey, Cornucopia and the Pilgrims all make your table so warm and inviting. Oh to be a bride again..... Enjoy your holiday! ~Susie

Barbara said...

What a pretty table! All the accents you used are so pretty in the center. I had to smile about the pyracantha berries. I love them too. Beautiful!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous table that glows with the warmth of the season. Tom Turkey for a shower gift ~ what a delightful idea. I need to remember these things the next time I'm invited to a shower.
Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Sarah

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

This is really beautiful, love all the details! Photography is wonderful!

I think you should have named your blog "Tablescape on Wheels!" or "Traveling Tablescapes!" LOL! I love the way ya'll are always on the go with them! I'm still amazed at the one in the cotton patch!!

I enjoyed reading your Sunday Favorite below!


Marlis said...

It's so much fun to come by and read your thoughts. This table is so much fun, I can just imagine your snatching and borrowing would make for good fun. The table is spectacular. a most beautiful centerpiece. The dishes are so pretty too.

The Tablescaper said...

Such a beautiful bountiful table. It's so lush. What a pleasure to experience dinner at your table.

- The Tablescaper

emptynester3 said...

Very Beautiful! The Turkey is awesome! I agree the Brides these days, have it all! (My daughter was married 10-10-10!) Love, ~Nana~

Alycia Nichols said...

Hey, Debbie! Thanks for stopping by my place earlier! I appreciate it! Hey...I agree with you: NOBODY listens to the kid sister! We might as well just save our breath! That being said, your table is beautiful! I really dig the Tom Turkey, and your cornucopia is quite abundant! The pewter napkin rings are really, really cool. I have never been able to find any around these parts that I liked and could afford without selling a body part! I am particularly fond of the stemware with the dark band around it. VERY unusual and striking! Everything looks great, and I hope you and your family have a fabulous Thanksgiving week! If you're planning to get out there and shop on Black Friday, where your comfy shoes...I have a feeling it's gonna get brutal! :-) Be safe, and have fun!

Lynn Richards said...

You all outdid yourselves on that one. The favorite of mine is that gorgeous brown silk runner!!
Isn't it nice to not have to wash the dishes after doing a tablescape??

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

Beautiful. Love the colors, love the pilgrims and all of your decor and tableware. Very pretty and nicely put together.

Ms.Daisy said...

The tablescapes that you create are so gorgeous (there is no other word!) that I am in awe. No detail is overlooked! But, you are very lucky the newlywed let you borrow the shower gifts as they finish off the table to perfection. LOL! Nice job ladies!


Entertaining Women said...

Your large turkey just reminded me that lurking someplace around this house I have a large seagrass turkey. Wonder what I did with it? Your tablescape is gorgeous as always. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

Custom Comforts said...

What a beautiful table. I think my favorite of the week. So much to look at, so nicely put together.

Carol at Serendipity said...


Beautiful table! I love all the Johnson Bros. patterns. I need to start looking....

We are having our dinner today and then dinner next week with friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sailing Simply said...

OH, I just love your pilgrims too! They are so well, mature, lol, compared to mine. Seriously, they are very attractive. Very nice centerpiece overall with the cornucopia and "Tom Turkey" also. Your niece really did get some nice wedding gifts didn't she? I love your sisters goblets too, I've been eyeing similar ones all season. Looks like you ladies had such fun with this and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

Are you sure you don't want to offer that handsome Tom Turkey for a giveaway? He is so cool and the whole table is just delightful. We packed our ruffled dishes (like the Duchess's) yesterday and are pretty much planning to eat on top of paper boxes! We are thankful to have sold our home in this economy, so no complaints! Enjoy Debbie, you so have the touch and are you teaching, Creative Writing?

Sweetladyelaine said...

A beautiful table!I especially love the Turkey! Thank you for sharing.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What an absolutely perfect table setting you have created just in time for the holidays. I just love all of the different textures. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Denise said...

Beautiful table, I love those plates, I think I just saw the same ones on another blog.... who are they made by? I'd love to have some one day.
Happy Thanksgiving

Denise @ said...

Gorgeous table. Wish I had a set of those plates. I have a bit of a pilgrim obsession myself.

Denise said...

So, when I brought my dishes back home, I decided to make some changes. I REALLY liked those berries we used but they looked terrible with MY napkin choice (dark red). Since we'd used the green napkins, I decided to swap them out. I also changed the tablecloth color to gold (it has leaves on it) and gave the table a punch of color (which it needed because the table I'm using is a bit bigger than the one we used at mom's house). I don't have that great turkey but your niece is LOVINGLY letting me use her runner. AND, now I can add the berries (your wonderful idea). I had to add a few more leaf plates to take up some space on the table. All this to say THANK YOU. It never ceases to amaze me that we work so well together. Hugs sister.

A Perfect Setting said...

I might just have to steal that idea--love the cornucopia with the turkey! The way you paired up your dishes looks amazing! Very inviting and beautiful!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

HI Debbie... girls did GOOD! I just love your Thanksgiving's gorgeous!!! My favorite...that beautiful table centerpiece! There is just so much there to look at...and I love that! Your neice's embroidered autumn table runner is FABULOUS! It's one that I would have picked for myself! Hehe! Love your place settings and table linens! Ohhh...and those pretty pewter turkey napkin rings...awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous Thanksgiving table with us today!

Warmest wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!
Chari @Happy To Design

Luncheons at the Junction said...

I love, love love the cornucopia! You have created such a beautiful welcoming atmosphere! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Andrea (Softer Side of Me) said...

Wow ladies did an amazing job! Your table is beautiful!!! I love all of the little details you added. You captured the meaning of Thanksgiving. I didn't have a sister growing up and could imagine swapping dishes would be fun! Thanks for sharing! Andrea

Mimi said...

Gorgeous table the centerpiece, that turkey is cool.

Chatty Crone said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving tablescape. You did a great job in such a short amount of time - teaching too!

Will you use it on Thursday?



Beautiful! I love all your accessesories, the pilgrins, the turkey, the great dishes...very unique I must say! Where does one find all this? Thank you so much for sharing, I'm so glad I found you Debby and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. God bless.


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