Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Twelve Days of Christmas Table

Yesterday, we did a dry run of our family Christmas table

The Twelve Days of Christmas table
 was inspired by that Partridge in a Pear Tree
 Not long after my mother made it,
 Dad gave her this set of
 Christmas dishes on the same theme.

They came from Domestications.  Since Dad didn't exactly peruse the Domestications catalog of his own free will, I'm pretty sure that either the  page was left conspicuously open by a conniving Duchess, or a hint was left by Denise the daughter elf.  

Dinner plates have a simple rim of holly and ribbon.

The salad plates feature each of the
Twelve Days of Christmas

This one isn't a misprint.
Apparently, my true love gave
 four colly birds
 in the original version of the song.

What a colly bird is, I'm not sure. 

One of our family traditions
 is to draw names
 to give one final gift
on Christmas morning.
The wrapped gifts are given to the Duchess in advance
 to be placed on the table as place cards
for Christmas dinner. 

We open them before the meal begins. 
 It's a crazy amalgamation of sizes and shapes
which makes it all the more fun.

Look who's hanging out 
with the cows as usual.

And here's the Christmas Goose...

Napkins trimmed in red and white polka dots
are inside green ones with red trim
These napkins are new this year.
The Duchess got them at Home Goods.  

Napkin rings came with the dishes.

 Why our Leaping Lord is wearing socks and Birkenstocks, I do not know...

But they  match the salad plates.

The red stemware
came from Belk this year. 
We bought enough  to serve a crowd.
 Red is such a versatile color.

The tumblers came with the set.
 I'm not sure what she'll use on Christmas day.
I vote for the stemware myself.
I love stemware.

The centerpiece is a partridge in a pear tree.
Well, of course!

Some holly leaves from my bushes
and cranberries for good measure.

And that's about it.
Aside from the meal, of course.

 In the years since Dad bought the set,
 we've never had more than twelve adults
 at the Christmas table.

This year, we have eleven
which means there is one seat available.

Any takers? 
Don't all jump at once, now...

Posting this with the rest of the Porch People


A Hopeful Heart said...

What a totally beautiful table setting!!! I absolutely love it!! I think I'm especially in love with the red goblets.

Oh, and what a neat idea to draw a name for a final gift to use as a place card. That is an idea worth stealing from you (or from the Duchess).

Blessings and hugs,

Karen said...

I'd love to be #12. Since today, I've about decided not to decorate! Leaving in 2-1/2 weeks. :((((( I'm dealing poorly with it.

Sherry said...

I take that empty seat! You guys would be fascinating! The china is beautiful. Love every piece. You did a wonderful job putting it together.

Sonja said...

before you added the last paragraph, my comment was going to be 'set one more place setting, I'm on the way!'... now that I KNOW there's room for one more... !!:)

P.S. my vote is for the red stemware, and if Belk still has them, they will be in my house tomorrow!

Denise @ said...

Me. Me. Pick me! Teacher, I'm raising my hand. I'm frantically waving. I'm practically standing on top of my desk. Pick me!

I'm crazy about the dishes. I really like the fact that the main design is on the salad plate. So many times the design is covered up with the salad plate and the table setting looses a little of the special effect.

What a great table. You even have the matching napkin rings. I can't stand it!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the clear Christmasy colors!

southerninspiration said...

BEautiful!!! And if you take me, you have to take the rest of us, too...there are only going to be seven of us, counting the baby.......that's okay, right??? ;D

Custom Comforts said...

How very pretty!!! What a lovely set of dishes and so unique.

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

I have such a weakness for the 12 Days of Christmas, but I don't have DISHES! These are great, and the red glasses are perfect. I can't wait to do my 12 Days of Christmas table. I love seeing how different people do the same theme, don't you? Nicely done!

Step inside my home said...

Your Table is so bright and cheerful! I love the 12 Days of Christmas that you made. It's beautiful! ~Susie

food for thought said...

love your dishes, very cute table!

carolinajewel said...

Everything is so cute! Love the 12 days of Christmas theme! Love those plates!!! I may have to google Colly birds! ;)

Denise said...

Wow! The table turned out even more beautiful than I imagined. Those red glasses really do set if off don't they? Kiss on the fingers and thrown in the would be proud!

Glad the cow and goose will be dining together with the Duchess for Christmas. I can't wait!!

Jeannine said...

This is a great table! Nice to use a theme and let it run throughout the table. The red goblets are elegant too.

Vanessa said...

Hi Debbie! I absolutely love everything and somehow must have missed your post yesterday with the darling tree! I have never seen anything quite like it and I just love how the whole theme carries throughout the tablescape. What a fun and festive celebration you guys must have each year. I'm sure it is very subdued and quiet and reverent! LOL!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I love, love, love this!!! To die for!! Those napkins and red goblets look wonderful with the china! Yes, I want to be number 12, but I can't leave my dh alone! LOL!


Mary said...

What a fun & festive table! I'd love to be number 12, I have an idea there would be lots of smiles at your table~ still chuckling over the Leaping Lord sporting Birkenstocks :-)

Mimi said...

Gorgeous the dessert/salad plates. The Partridge in a Pear Tree is fabulous, you father did a great job!

The Inspired Nest said...

That was one fun post to read! I love the plates and those red glasses. They look amazing! Your centerpiece is to die for!
I would love for you to come by and see the giveaway I am having! I think you might like it!

Alycia Nichols said...

Your Dad hit the nail on the head...however "encouraged"! All of the dishes are just beautiful and go perfectly with the tree your Mom made. That's so cool that she MADE that! I, too, vote for the stemware. It's a gorgeous shade of red, and I like the clear stem. Perfect!

Kirsty said...

Wowee looks gorgeous! :D

Tess said...

What a wonderful table!! I had seen those dishes in Domestications and love them. The gifts at the table is such a cute tradition. Are you going to share your menu??

Diann @ TTG said...

Me! Me! oh choose me for the 12th seat!! I love this table! First off the dishes are gorgeous! What a wonderful set to have! Love the linens and the cute napkin rings and the glasses and.....well, everything! Your mom's tree is such a great piece! Very nicely done!

Chatty Crone said...

Hey I live close - I'll be glad to be your number 12 to this gorgeous table. lol

Sue said...

That is such a beautiful table. And you take such good pictures. I keep blaming my pictures on my camera but after viewing yours I think there is a little operator error going on too! Those dishes of your mom's are just wonderful and I love the red glasses. I think those would look great in my house! I think I see a trip to Belk in my future. My husband thanks you:-)
Merry Christmas Debbie!

Miss Char said...

Your table is colorful and festive for the season. Thank you so much for sharing.

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

Smashing and dashing, oh how I adore this glorious table! I'm also way into your fabulous family tradition of the gift place cards. I know I already had the privilege of dining at the chuck wagon meal, but I'd leap, dance, and bring gold rings to be #12!!!!

Ho Ho Ho and love to you, the Duchess, Denise and the cows, the newlyweds, the co-eds, and the note in the fridge leaver. You all make my life merrier!

Sharon Kirby said...

OK, I'm claiming "squatter's rights" for that 12th seat at the table. But ONLY if I get to sit between Denise the Cow Lady, and Debbie the Goose Woman. I suppose I'll have to come up with some farm animal nickname for the occasion, huh?! Sharon the Pig Girl - might describe how I eat that night, but somehow it just doesn't sound flattering (yeah, like Cow Lady or Goose Woman does!)

Anyway, beautiful table. I am really a fan of green and red mixed together! They just seem like such a cheerful color combination. Are the gifts "for real" gifts - or "joke" gifts?? Just wondering...

If I win the coveted 12th spot at the table, I'd like to request this for my gift - 4 colly birds...just sayin' (BTW, I think they're a hybrid species between little finches and Lassie...)

xoxo to u!

Jacqueline said...

What a fabulous table and what a great guy to buy those incredible plates. I would love to have a set of those. They are just delightful.

I have an idea - have a "giveaway" for the 12th seat! I have done the gift idea on the Christmas morning table, but I think I should get everyone involved so I am not doing it all as I feel a little gifted out by then. Your wrappings are all so fun and bright. I loved it and was inspired by it all!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

This is stunning! I love those wonderful plates and you've set them perfectly on this lovely table. I would love to be the 12th guest at this table. Who wouldn't?

Maria said...

What a beautiful table!! What time would you like me to arrive? ;)

Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks said...

That Duchess is one lucky girl! Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm so glad I visited yours. What a beautiful post ... the table is fantastic ... and any man that buys dishes for a woman is the REAL SANTA CLAUS in my book! Your family sounds wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing.

Ann said...

I finally broke down and told dear hubby that I wanted a set of dishes for Christmas. He was flabbergasted and I'm not sure I'll see any more under the tree. Oh well.

I could never compete with you Debbie, your sister and mom, but I'd sure like to try! LOL!

This table is gorgeous. Sure beats anything I come up with.

Oh, does Domestications still carry this set? ... curious minds want to know.

Can we draw straws to see who can sit in chair #12?


Debbie said...

Maria, you would have to bring the rest of the your clan with you. In that case, guess who is going to get stuck at the kiddie table??

Hint: It's not the Christmas goose!

Ann, I wondered the same thing about if it's still carried. Don't know.

Barbara said...

I look forward to your tables every week. I always come away with a smile. Colly birds?? There's my smile. Birkenstocks? Hee, hee! I love your tradition of the presents on the table. It makes it so festive looking. What fun to use the 12 Days as a theme. I vote for the stemware too.

Deb S. said...

HOW WONDERFUL! Anyone would be honored to be 12, I know I would! These are treausures and you clearly did them justice! Im singing the song in my head!

Martha said...

A very pretty table! I do love the partridge in a pear tree theme and yours is perfect!!!

we three dogs and me said...

What a wonderful table setting so unique. Can't decide what I like best. My bay window is done with my version ofthepear tree. Still working on collecting all the elements. have a wonder ful holiday

Darcy from The I.Design Box said...

Your table is beautiful. I love the partridge in a pear tree. It's a great decoration all by itself too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out my rosemary trees. :-)

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Waaahhh... If you drool my mulled wine, am now drooling with the #12 §;-)

I really love your stemware too, gorgeous, indeed... such a cutie table which reminds our family tradition consist of 4 from the start, now my lil big boy (son) have a lady & a lil boy so, a set of 6.

I always prepare a small gifts on the dinner table and open it after dinner. A nice ending for a family gathering, right?

Seems we have the same thoughts.

I giggled when I read your comments at my place. You are just too cute saying that you love the mulled wine & love to come over but not the weather".

We have -19deg below & freezing. I just came in after sweeping out the snow on my entrance stairs §:-(

Happy TS to you, girl and enjoy the day and great week-end ahead.

Beth said...

Debbie, This table is a huge wow! It is just gorgeous. I love the napkins, the pear tree, the napkin holders and especially the red stemware! Great table - one of my favorites!
Hugs, Beth

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Beautiful Debbie! Love the tradition of a gift at each place setting. I'll take the extra space at the table. I've already told you I want to be part of your family. laurie

Marlis said...

What a lovely tradition of gifting at the table. And I love the dishes.. what a smart Duchess. I love the table and the tree is fabulous.

CAL said...

I studied each and every picture, the detail you put into your tablescapes is impressive.

Love love love it all!!

Entertaining Women said...

I love that in your family...where the Duchess, your sisters, and you are over-the-top about entertaining and tablescaping....your daddy was the one who bought the Twelve Days of Christmas for you all to use. Everything looks perfect...I like the stemware, too! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Debbie,
What a wonderfully beautiful table. Love the theme, and the dishes are so cute!! and I love the sweet memories they hold for you and your family. The red goblets are gorgeous!!
It is just so full of Christmas cheer.
Wanted to thank you for coming by my TT post as well, and for your sweet comments. You said you had trouble doing a veggie centerpc,
and I have to say I was not liking mine much until I added some mixed nuts. They seemed to fill in the areas that needed it, and finally looked complete. So you might want to try that next time.
That was a sweet story about your dad and the santa collection. Can't wait to see your Santa table. I have about 6 I think. One of My sister-in-law's started it actually, cause she paints resin things, so 3 were from her, then a friend moved to Texas and sent me a Texas style Santa, he looks like he is about to rope a cow, and then I have a large white one that sort of looks victorian, and a small white resin one I bought myself. I really wasn't into Santa's but I like them all.
I really love snowmen, but I like you love
the memories of those that gave the ornaments or decorations to me. Cause I do love love love Christmas decorations and a lot of people give them to me cause they know that!!
Well, it was nice to meet you here in blogland, and hope you will drop over again
soon. Blessings, Nellie


How beautiful! I love your 12 Days of Christmas plates and tumblers...they're really so, so pretty and different, never seen them before. The memories of your dear dad are all over.
All the details, from the napkins, dishes and everything else, make your table set...SUPERB!

Gayle said...

Catching up on some of your tablescapes. All so lovely. Hope your Christmas was wonderful!


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