Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If these walls could talk...

...mine would say, "Bless her heart."

A few weeks ago, Laura at Decor To Adore announced an upcoming party series about falling in love with your house again and fixing what ails it.

It was tailor made for me for two reasons:

#1... I have some decor that I do not adore... and
#2... I've been under the weather lately, which means that I have come down with an acute case of  Sedentary Syndrome. You know....that glass half empty view of a space which comes from an uncharacteristic amount of time sitting around and staring at it.

That's what I've been doing for the past week or so. I even went to so far as to get a pad and pencil to list the  offenders.

As the list grew, I admit to getting kind of overwhelmed.  It's probably not the smartest move to make yourself  house sick when you're already body sick, is it?


So I put down my list and decided to go in a completely different direction. I decided to tackle the # 1 design feature in my house in which I'm the most remedial.

Decorating my walls. 

Folks, I'm a C- wall dresser.  I've been known to keep entire walls empty in a room because I couldn't decide what to do with them. When I do take the leap,  I stay smack dab inside the old box. You know... pictures, plates, maybe a little iron thingie or a wreath...   Even then, I lack the art of the display.

I'm not so good with change, either. Once something is tattooed to my walls, it pretty much gets to abide there.

I've been thinking about all of this, and I have come to a conclusion.  In no other area of my life would I tolerate being that remedial without trying to do something about it.  After all,  I was pretty lame at table vignettes before I discovered Marty's Table Top Tuesday. Now, I'm a solid B copy cat. I'm working toward the A.

So I made a decision.  

This week, to jump start Fall in Love With Your House season,  I decided to do something radical ( for me anyway...) .  I  stripped the walls in my kitchen, living room, and dining room of  every single thing that wasn't screwed in to them. I piled it all in the corner until I can find a place to store it.

And I'm starting from scratch.  

Based on my reckoning, I have created about 25 blank canvasses of varying sizes and shapes in those rooms, and I am going to work on those canvasses until I start to get it right.  I'm committing   planning  hoping to post my progress. You can grade it if you want.

You can also help.

If you have ever posted some wall inspiration,  I would love you to leave the link in a comment.  If you know of a party or meme specifically about wall decor, I'd love for you to share it.  I have yet to see one in my hopping.  I would throw one myself, but I have that blog party anxiety disorder ya know...

Anyway, that's it for me. Again, I thank you so much for your prayers. You have no idea how much they have been felt.  I feel quite a bit better and am  hoping to finally put this thing behind me.

Even though I don't have a finished project, I'm still dropping in on Laura's party. After all, step one is still a step, isn't it?


Ruby Jean said...

Oh how fun...I don't have any wall postings or pictures...But I can't wait to see what you come up with...But I did EYEBALL some cute stuff in your pictures...Would LOVE to be there with you to DRESS your Naked walls.. ; ) I LOVE redecorating...I was always known for rearranging my bedroom when I was younger...Could have something to do with the fact that I am a Military daughter so we were always moving and changing... : ) Pray the rest of your week is blessed and that your decorating and change Adventure breathes a Fresh Wind and Fresh Fire into your Soul...

Barbara F. said...

Debbie- you and your posts have been missed, oh I know you've been by to visit me and all, but this is what I love to do -- get a huge kick out of reading a new Debbie post. All I can say is this - you do such wonderful tablescapes, each with a unique and lovely theme, maybe you just need a theme for the wall. Seasonal, or a collection of things, or you may want to visit Pinterest, but I warn you, it is highly addictive. You can visit through the Pinterest link on my blog. xo,

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Debbie, I can relate to so many of the things you said in this post. =/ Especially the part about change and not liking it so much. Once I get it done, I'm pretty much set for a long, long time. I am always amazed by my blog friends who redecorate on an hourly basis! Where do they find the energy? And, why would I want to move it only to move it again. (see, I'm lazy to boot!) That said, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with those blank canvasas... all 25 of them! I'd say you've made a bold move to the front of the class. I'll be watching and cheering! Glad you are feeling some better! blessings ~ tanna

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

I don't have any good advice but I'm here for moral support! Have fun Debbie:@)

Sue said...

Are you kidding me, Debbie, anyone that can decorate tablescapes like you, is going to have a beautiful home, (especially the walls, I will be coming here and getting my inspirations, and will probably steal some ideals as well. LOL. Because I have been wanting to take it all down, but just haven't had the nerve, So I am ready to be inspired,!!You go Girl!! So glad you are feeling better, God I so Great.

A Vintage Green said...

You have a great stash of stuff (and I am guessing way more than showed up in your photos). One step at a time and stop when you should. Continue taking care of yourself first.

Sonja said...

You got it sister! Step one is probably the most important step of all. Good for you, and you might end up just loving your walls in a way you never have. If I were 'a betting man'... I'd put my money on you. Anyone that does tables and makes them as beautiful as you do, is sure to have some special walls in her future. :)


Always Nesting said...

Girlfriend, you crack me up. 25 WALLS???? You are my new hero - like Spider Man meets Martha Stewart. Decor will be clinging to those 25 walls in no time. Remember, wall at a time if you feel overloaded and if you don't know what to do with all your extra stuff....well, I have empty walls too!!! Big wink :)

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Wow! All I can say is Wow! I would not have the nerve to do that. I have a friend who is always buying things for her walls when we are out shopping together and she's always telling me, Mary that would look great on your wall! But I am like..where? My walls are already filled. She knows how to rotate things on her walls and change it out. I'm more like you, once it's there, it's usually there for the long haul. LOL! This will be fun to see what you do. But sorry, I'm no help on this one! :))

Anonymous said...

I am so the same about the walls--can't decide and I let it stare back at me blank forever at times. I can't wait to see what you do with yours but take your time feeling better.

Love the poolside table setting.
Much love,

Denise said...

Since I'm not so good at this job either, I'll just say what your niece said at dinner tonight. Pretend it's a big table and "scape" the wall from there. Hoping you'll get some new ideas that I can use too.

While I truly understand your absence from blogland, I've really missed you!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

oh my ... you are an ambitious lady ! I have the usual on my walls, prints, oil paintings, empty frames, cherubs :), mirrors, plates. Nothing too exciting but I really like everything so I'm a gonna keep it. LOL
Cant wait to see your progress !

Christine said...

You took everything off the walls?
I'd be so lost. Yup, I'll be back to see just what you accomplished.
You are braver then me!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

1st you are still in my prayers and thoughts...healing, refreshing and energy.

2nd I was going to suggest for you to remove everything and start new...that is what I have done in the past and loved it...look at everything differently and enjoy....

3rd - you have seen what I have posted...but this go around I am putting things in groups...similar items and I love it...dining room pictures in one theme (that is the room with the diamonds) a desk with everything on it having to do with, plaques, statues. etc.

Oh have no time you will be enjoying your new home!!

At The Picket Fence said...

Wowee! When you make up your mind about something you really go whole hog don't you? Not that I'm comparing you to a hog! LOL! Taking everything down truly is the best way to go and then start adding things in bit by bit. I'm uber impressed with this mission you are on and glad we get to come along for the ride! :-)

Amy Kinser said...

Hooray for you!!! Blank canvases are just wonderful. I cannot wait to see what you come up with. Remember how fun it is to use old windows, doors, etc., when you decorate. Big and bold is great...eye catching...out of the box. You will do wonderful!

So glad you are feeling better. I pray for you to be all better very soon.

Heading to mom's tomorrow and will see her for the first time with her turban. Please pray for that if you don't mind.

My love to my sister in Christ, Amy

Gaby said...

I'm looking forward to see what you do. I have NO eye for decorations WHATSOEVER, so I'm always mooching off of people with actual talent :)

Post pictures!

Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Debbie,
Whoa - I'd never have the nerve to take everything off the walls at the SAME time but I applaud you and can't wait to see the end results. One of my favorte blogs to visit (and dream) is I think you will enjoy it too and maybe you will find some good ideas to boot! Love hearing you are feeling a little better.


Patti said...

Wow, good for you, Debbie. I'll be looking foward to seeing your makeover.

Once I decorate one way, I tend to leave it that way for till I move from that house!! Maybe your decorating adventures will inspire me to try something new as well. Come to think of it, we're hoping to move from this house (back to the South), so maybe that will be when it happens.

Blessings to you,

Kathryn Ross said...

You ARE the brave soul, now, aren't you! Does this mean you're going shopping for new wall stuff? Or are you looking to just re-arrange what you already have?

Target sells those vinyl motto sayings and murals that you just peel and stick. That could be interesting.

BTW - I didn't get to the post office today - and my husband hasn't brought home the box from work to pack your prize - sooo - there is a delay in getting it out! I'm so sorry! I'm also working the next two days - then the weekend - then working two days. But, perhaps by Monday or Tuesday afternoon I can get to the post office if I can get out of work early enough. Problem is - I've been getting out around 5pm! I've only been back for a week and it feels like all year already!

Hold on - prize is coming! Hoping you have it by the end of next week!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow, that is gutsy and ambitious. All of the design shows say to start from scratch, you have it right!! Hope you feel better soon!


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Wow, a big project! I'll pack my bags and come help you!! I love doing wall vignettes! I know you'll do something fabulous, with your talent of tablescaping, it will happen on the walls too!

I usually arrange mine on the floor before hanging them.

I hope you are feeling better!


Kelley said...

A. I think you're on the right track- recognizing what you don't love.
B. If I don't love it, it's not going up there.
C. If I love what I see elsewhere and am inspired by it, I have copied it.
D. See B.
E. You get this letter for effort.

I am still awaiting my 20-foot container, coming to me via the China Sea from Guam to Manila where I just relocated with my husband of thirty years. I've made some costly deco errors and learned many lessons in my life.

We just leased a townhouse with three flights of stairs. Wasn't our first choice but we told God to shut all the doors to where we weren't supposed to live. Girl, we didn't even get to look through so much as a WINDOW much less any other door except this townhouse (figuratively speaking). So, with this, our 20th move in three decades, my list is LOOOONG, too, and baby steps is THE name of this game.

Psalm 90:17 is my life verse. It applies to everything I'll do in making this townhouse a home! My first step is to dream of the lives I will bless in this place. My next step is to smile... or perhaps those steps are backwards?

Kathleen said...

There's nothing like striking while the iron is hot is there? I'm looking forward to seeing the progress you make with your walls. And in the Tablescape Dept you rate an A in my book!

Lynn Richards said...

I thought I was going to be original and say pretend it's a tablescape, but since your niece all ready said it, I'll settle with knowing I'm like family since I think like them!!!
I love looking through magazines for ideas. Don't be surprised when you begin painting frames, or emptying them for something else. Like a great frame for a plate....
Can't wait to see your progress and I'm really glad to hear you are on the upswing.

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh my goodness! This is a real undertaking! Good for you my friend.

Have you heard of Pinterest? I just typed in wall grouping for you and found tons of inspiration.

Can't wait to see all that you do. My walls need help too.

Thank you so very much for linking up!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Oh gracious, we could be sisters! I am the same way. I'm horrible at hanging things and grouping things. I NEVER hang anything in my house without assistance from my SIL. She is really good at it. I am horrible. I'm also really bad at not hanging ANYTHING in a room until I have everything I want to hang. I don't want to move anything and leave nail holes in my walls just because I have something new I want to hang and have to move everything else to fit it in. Ya know? I've lived in this house for 8 years this month, and only one of my bedroom walls has something hanging on it. Sad, but true. Although, I did hang that one wall all by myself.

Can't wait to see what you do. Maybe you'll inspire me.

Ann said...

I tend to rearrange things .... and rearrange things .... and rearrange things and never really come up with a "livable" plan. My family room walls have been bare since Krista and I painted them ... except on large photo of my three in their graduation gear.
All my other things are stacked up in a corner.
So, I'll be watching you Debbie, for ideas! : D No pressure.

Glad to have you back!

Ann said...

That should be "one" large photo .... where' s the edit button?

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I think you're off to a great start, Debbie! It will be good for you to start fresh and "shop" from your accessories and other items. Sometimes when you put something from one room into another it takes on a whole new look and you find you like it again. Good luck!

Miss Char said...

All I can say Debbie is "may the force be with you". I change tables around, etc. but like you once something is on the wall its pretty much cemented there. Can't wait to see your progress and hope to gain some inspiration for myself. Go Debbie Go.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I know staring at the glass half empty is not easy. I applaud you for re-decorating those walls. I have no advice though since I keep the same ole design of my favorite stuff....

Dayle said...

I have no doubt you will succeed, girlfriend!

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Debbie,

So glad you stopped by; enjoyed the story about your mom's pond and the disappearing ducks. I guess they'll get rid of the gators at my in-laws' place when the golfers start disappearing ;) I'm glad you're feeling the positive effects of the power of prayer. It is a wonderful thing.

Well, I'm so glad you shared this link from Laura Ingalls Gunn. I think a lot of us are in the same boat with our houses right now. I also have had too much time to stare at my house and find things that need to be fixed or changed. But as Laura said in her post, I'm grateful to have a home and not be living on the streets.

Never the less, I'm trying to get motivated to do what I can right now until we can afford to do more. I think Laura's linky party is a great idea. You asked for suggestions about your walls, and I noticed you got lots of great suggestions from other bloggers. Don't know if this helps, but if you have a bookstore like Barnes and Noble nearby, sometimes we go on a Friday or Saturday evening, and I just get several decorating books and/or magazines and look through in the store to get ideas. I just got a Pinterest account, but I can't figure out how to use it (I'm so low-tech). Anyway, I just purchased six botanical prints from e-bay at a GREAT price. I've been wanting some for over a year now. I'm planning to do a grouping of those on one of my walls as soon as I can get them framed. I probably won't do custom framing because of the cost. Botanicals are really popular right now, but they're not trendy. In my opinion, they're kind of classic (like toile) and they'll always be in fashion. So that's just one idea. Hope it helps.

So glad you're feeling better.



Sharon said...

If there is anyone who can work miracles with *bare naked* - it's you. (I know - that didn't sound right, but you know what I mean).

I can hardly wait to see the wonders of your creativity. I'm not sure that I can be of too much help - I'm mostly just a picture-hanger-upper. But I have a wicked eye for *level* - have any use for that?

My husband and I always disagree about how to arrange our wall stuff. He likes symmetry, and having everything line up at the top. I like *groupings* at varying levels for eye interest. I usually get my way - and he usually likes what I've done afterwards.

Fortunately, he's a real stickler for *level* too...

So glad that you're feeling better. And maybe a new look on the walls will help cheer up your inside, too!


Sarah (Nikki) said...

wow Debbie. you amaze me. You got the energy...the motivation and the creativity. Watching to see what you do....and how you do it.....I just might steal some ideas....I'd rather work with paper and pen but I need and like changes around the house. Have a ton of fun.....

Angel @ Finding The Inspiring said...

Debbie, I like your hutzpah! I have a similar disorder so I can totally identify.

And thank you for visiting me. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Your comments make my day. Blessings!

Marlis said...

Glad you are feeling better. Wow that was drastic removing everything on the walls. I am a wall decorator I cannot leave a wall alone. Much to the chagrin of my mother in law, sisters in law, and husband. but it's okay. the thing is.. only pick things you love. you must love them. if not put them away. Everything on my walls I love. Hence I am happy. good luck.. i know of no such thing as wall party blogs.. try Houzz and look at magazines.. I love to go to barnes and just leaf through design magazines looking at the one thing on my mind..
best of luck.. xo marlis

Carol said...

Just caught up on your past posts. I am glad you are feeling better, sorry to learn of your fibromyalgia.
Your tablescape was glorious. It really was stunning.
Mister does the arranging of the walls around here. He has a good eye for it. For which I am thankful!

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Well, Debbie, aren't you the ambitious one?!!! Go easy on yourself, though, and display only what you love. Blank walls are just fine until you can achieve the result you want; at least that's what I keep telling myself at my house! I've been behind on blog visiting lately and hadn't seen Laura's party. Gotta check it out...

Thanks so much for stopping by today -- and for interceding. You can't possibly know how much I'm depending on those prayers! You have mine, too.

Maryann said...

I am a copier so I will be watching your progress. We are planning on doing the same thing with our downstairs. Before he left for school young musician encouraged us to make a list of what priority things need to be done (where did this child come from)Have fun and keep us up to date

Kelli said...

You are so very loved!! Still praying! Once I go through the trouble of banging a nail into the wall or some other way of hanging something up, it has to stay there for at least 5 years!! LOL. Redecorating your blank canvases will hopefully breathe new life into these wall. I can't wait to see and hear what they'll say.

Canadagirl said...

I am REALLY looking forward to seeing what you do! [o= You just might motivate me to do something. But first I have to get through the fall fair that I am in and I need to keep up with the boys lessons. At the same time not deplete my adrenals, right?!? lol.

Blessings and ((HUGS))

Jo's This and That said...


Chatty Crone said...

I don't think you give yourself enough credit - I think things are going to turn out beautifully! sandie

Rettabug said...

Oh Debbie...I can SOOOOOOO relate to how your feeling about this.
I am right there with ya'...empty walls & all & look forward to seeing what others suggest.



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