Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mother, May I?

Did anyone else play that lawn game?  It's the one where some big old bossy kid got to stand in an end zone and give the other neighborhood saps permission to inch across the grass one itty bitty baby step at a time.

I never liked it.

In fact, as childhood games went, that one hovered at the bottom of the list just above sandlot baseball.

Debbie, you may take three giant steps forward...
Mother, may I?
No you may not. I'm just messin' with your head to make you crazy.

In our neighborhood, our big sister was the Queen Mother of May I.  Not only did she consistently position herself in the bossy role, she took a fiendish delight in creating  mutant May I moves, the most creative of which were reserved for her baby sister.

That's the way it seemed to me, anyway. While others giant stepped to victory, I inched my way across the finish line one pigeon-toed duck waddle at a time.


I got back at her years later by becoming a blogger and posting this picture on the world wide web. Doesn't that sassy blond look like she's plotting something?
Yeah, I think so too.

If you're wondering what set me off on my ramble this morning, it's this: I have been trying for days now to baby step back into Blog Land with a summary of 2011. Try as I might, the only words that come to mind are Mother, May I. 

Oh, it started out well enough. A year ago today, I revealed my theme color  for the year ahead.  2011 was painted green, and  I dubbed it The Year of Go. Yes indeed. I was ready to move forward in 2011.

And I did.

I  whipped through manic purging adventures like a hot flash.  I'm proud to report that the to do list of 2012 doesn't include a single item for the to go box. I dragged my Big Fat '80s Kitchen into the new millennium and began the process of removing HGTV and Trading Spaces from other rooms in the house.
Go Debbie, Go Debbie... 

But then, somewhere along the line, those giant steps turned into baby steps...which morphed into No-you-may-nots and mutant May I moves.  Have I mentioned that I didn't like that game?   

And so...

Although I had dubbed 2011 as the Year of Go, I'm here to report that I am giving it a retrospective redubbing.  You can do that when you're the dubber.

I hereby dub 2011 the Year of the Pigeon-Toed Duck Waddle. 

Laugh if you will folks, but here's the good news. I may be a pigeon- toed duck, but I'm a tenacious one.  Somehow, I managed to waddle across that finish line and lived to quack about it.

I won't, though. 

I think I'll leave 2011 back in the duck pond where it belongs for now. It's already January 5th. No one wants to hear it anyway. It's time to look ahead to 2012.

And 2012  has a whole new color and theme. 

Would you like to hear about it?
No, you may not...

It will just have to be a post for another day. 

So how would you dub your 2011? 
Do you have a theme for 2012?


Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Funny, I always thought that was a fun game - but then I WAS the Big Sister! :-)

My word for 2011 was Declutter ... but it turns out that it should have been Survive, which I did, but I now MUST Declutter. So 2012 is Declutter and Downsize. (And yes, I'll look forward to hearing your 2012 word and theme!)

renee @ Singing With Birds said...

2011 was a blur for me and I'm glad to start with a new page! 2012 is going to be the year of my new craft room/office. I'm so excited to get organized! Happy New Year to you Debbie, loving your new winter header...

Ann said...

Ah, Debbie. I don't think your year was as funky as you describe. You manage to do more in 2011 than I did! LOL!

I certainly didn't finish the decluttering I'd had every intention of accomplishing.
I didn't ETSY anything.

I didn't lose ALL the weight I'd wanted to lose, in fact I even gained some back.

But, my accomplishment this year? It wasn't just me, but the entire family .... together we got Hannah and Seth married. I actually got her dress made in time ... ALL 88 buttons attached too!

I DID lose 40 pounds (Ok, so I gained back 15 ....).

YOU managed to dispose of the extras ... YOU managed to refinish your dining room furniture! You managed to graduate one daughter from College (ok, that wasn't entirely YOU, but you get the picture ... you raised her ... take some of the credit! : D

The way I see it, you had a pretty accomplished year! Ok, so you didn't finish your ENTIRE list. Perhaps your list was TOO long?

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next.

Happy New Year!

Ann said...

I forgot to add, AND you made it to 50!

Congratulations on that accomplishment!


Rebecca said...

Hi Debbie, I've been a lurker on your blog for a while, but this is first time I've commented. I can't even remember how I found your blog...anyway, I've enjoyed your blog. I have indeed "themed" my 2012, although I had not really thought of it as themed until you set those thoughts into motion. I'm dubbing my 2012 as "Simplicity" and my color theme is White.

Crickit said...

Cute post Debbie! I have never had a color or a theme for each New Year. I will have to think about this one! :)

Hope your start to this New Year has been fantastic... can't wait to see your color and theme.

Debbie said...

HAHA...Oh I enjoyed this...I LOVED Mother May I, though as I think back on it, I NEVER won, and I was NEVER the boss, lol. Just the forever optimist that somehow thought this next game would be different. I am still kind of that way...sigh. My year would have to be dubbed "productive" in that I did manage to accomplish getting back into my sewing and got quite a few things made...HOWEVER, I did NOT accomplish my weight loss goal, and I have indeed put several back on as well. I will find out tomorrow just how bad it is. Soooo, this forever optimist will attempt that again. SURELY this is the year I will pull it off. Have a wonderful day Debbie!

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Themes? What? You mean I'm supposed to define the year ahead when I can't even define what last year was all about. I confess I really haven't thought that far ahead yet. Besides, I was always the one taking the big leap ahead before even getting the Mother may I permission and had to go back! Such is life for me. LOL! Great post, and I really enjoyed your sweet email too. Hope things will be looking up for you soon, glad to have been included in your Big day surprise. Hugs to you and Happy New Year too!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

You are tooooooooooo good!!! I dub 2012 as learning from Debbie how to tell a tale!

The picture is just great. I am the oldest of four, three girls and a baby brother. I am sure I was bossy...but now days my younger siblings are the bossiest of all....I seem very mild, maybe because I am a mother of six and don't have the energy to boss them anymore and they still have energy.

Thanks for your comment on my thoughts of blessed me so much but I just haven't been able to put it into words.
Enjoy your truly is a gift from God!!
Congratulations on your new family event...I know it comes with mixed emotions...I have one up for promotion and he will be moving away...I have already started crying.

Barbara F. said...

I kinda sorta remember the game, guess I didn't get to play it much. I hope 2012 goes the way we are all hoping it will go! My words for the year are 'peace' and 'joy' but I also like 'energized'. I did not feel that way for most of 2011. xo

Carol said...

I remember that game! Quite fondly,as I was the Big Sister!
I've never done a word or whatever for the year, but I do set goals.
Today, my brain is tired, though!

Ruby Jean said...

Oh I LOVED Mother May I...along with RED ROVER... But I was one of the kids who wouldn't Run over and brake the Weak Links...I always had to prove that I could break the Strongest ones... Even if I had to Do a Big Old Belly Flop on their hands.. Landing myself on the ground... But I hey I broke it.. :) So happy to see you back.. And Yes You May Take TEN GIANT Steps Forward!!!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I've yet to belly-up to the table to regurgitate 2011 myself, Debbie. My mind is whirling about it and I can tell you in one word what 2011 was to me... Reconciling. Yep. And, I'm praying that 2012 will be Embracing. LOVE that photo of you and your sisters!! That giant pumpkin is amazing too!! Please tell us a story about that sometime! blessings and wishes for a wonderful 2012! tanna

Angel said...

I agree with you about that game. Not much fun. But that picture you posted is! You definitely look like you're plotting something.

Like you, I also wanted to post a look back at 2011 but never got around to it (like many other things I wanted to do this past year). So, I'm hoping that 2012 will be the year of accomplishment. It would be nice to actually finish something for once. :)

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

I am with Susan -- liked that game BUT I was the bossy big sister. While raising my children, younger daughter liked to complain to me about the bossiness of oldest daughter. She got little sympathy -- I identified with oldest daughter and her ability to take charge :)

LOVE this post BTW, no theme for 2012 although I did pick a theme word -- CONTENMENT -- I am there, I just want to remind myself often to stay there :)

Blessings Friend :)

Nezzy said...

Golly gee, am I missin' something here??? I have not a word or a theme. Am I a slacker???

If I were to pick a word it would be love. Theme is another matter.

Since I am a Type~A retentive compulsively neat freak who keeps everything in order and the illness to a new level, I might want to let my hair down a bit! Ya think??? Heeheehhee!

God bless you sweetie and I hope 2012 brings you the best year ever!!! :o)

Denise said...

I remember the game well. I'm pretty sure I never won either. The "boss" pretty much decides the winner. As long as I got to "do" the fun and quirky steps, I was happy. (helicopter, scissor, ballerina etc) I haven't seen that picture in a LONG time. You were quite cute indeed. I, however, seem to have some problems with my hair. Apparently I still do.

As you well know, I've never had a color or theme. I'm guessing God gifted you with words because he knew you'd have a blog someday. I do so enjoy your colors and themes. Perhaps I should give this idea some thought for 2012.

Loved this post. I really laughed out loud at your wit. Glad to have you post again.

I could tell your color and theme, but I won't be the spoiler!

Gayle said...

Laughing at my favorite funny blogger...again.

corners of my life said...

Who knew that quirky childhood memories could morph into a blog post all these years later . . .

Sonja said...

I know you can hear me chuckling out loud to myself as I read this.

I'm immediately back at 270 South Parkwood in Pasadena, California, and we are 'mother may i-ing' on the front lawn. Thewre is a gopher hole we are all trying to sidestep.

I don't remember that there were ever any big winners or losers in that game... it just kind of went away... kind of like 2011 has.

I'm with you... let's move right into 2012...


Ms.Daisy said...

I never in my wildest dreams thought that 2011 would turn into my nightmare year. Yet, I am so thankful for modern medicine and the machines that have been invented to help us detect those awful things that invade our bodies. I have been to see a great doctor for a second opinion and he has set me up with a surgeon at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia (one of the best, I've been told) for an evaluation next week. Thank you so much for your prayers...I can feel them all around me. I will keep you posted but at this point I just cannot blog about it - maybe later on I will be able to do so.


xinex said...

I don't remember playing that game but then again, I did not grow up in this country. Your post just made me laugh so hard. I was wondering for a while where you were. My granddaughter was born on 12/26 so I am in FL. right now, 2 more grands, the twins will be born on Tues, 1-10, C-section. Please pray for them and their mom. I probably won't be home till mid Feb and then I will be busy there, so much to do! Your childhood picture is so cute! Happy New Year, Debbie!...Christine

Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

That is the best pay back eva! LOL..yes indeed sissie looks sassy. I hear ya on getting back into blogging. I am just not there yet myself. Hopefully soon. If I burn too hot, I sizzle fast so in a way this is good.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Nope, no dubb, no theme, I'm just a take it as it comes kind of girl. For 20 years in the corporate world i wrote business plans.....NO MORE, I will wake up tomorrow and decide what to do then, you should to, it's a lot more fun!!


FrouFrouBritches said...

Oh, I HATED that game!!! I always got that weird scissors walk. ugh!

I think you got much more done in 2011 than I did! As for 2012, I don't have a color or a theme. Hopefully by the end of 2012, I can dub it, "The Year We Actually Had a Little Extra Money". That would be great! Then maybe I could get some projects done around this place!

Sarah (Nikki) said... have such an incredible way of speaking...writing...I love your words..your style....and tone. I think it's b/c you're so darn real. I love the analogy and the push to move forward. You know what I think???? I think you're amazing....and that twenty's gonna be an awesome year for you....

Tricia said...

What a fun post! And I love the photo you posted -- too cute! I just taught "Mother, May I?" to my grandchildren over Christmas, and they loved it. As the firstborn, I was usually the boss, and my siblings STILL look to me when we're (all too rarely) together to decide where we're going for dinner AND they automatically yield the front seat to me. (I trained them well, huh?) May 2012 be a fabulous year for you!

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Debbie,

I love this post!! I ALWAYS look forward to seeing your new posts on my blogroll! I haven't thought about "Mother May I?" for years. I'm the oldest, so I'm sure my sister thought I was bossy, although it's kind of the other way around now. :)

I know what you mean about starting off with a bang, and limping to the finishing line. I feel like that was me, too. But you did some seriously awesome projects this year. I am so impressed with all the furniture you refinished, and your new dining room looks fantastic. As I recall, you did some serious de-cluttering, too. I don't have the energy or the nerves of steel required to have a yard sale. :)

I so appreciate your kind inquiries about my dad. I can't tell you how much that means to me. He was in ICU for almost a week, but as of yesterday, he was doing great. Prayers have been answered.

Hope you have a great week!

BTW, that is the CUTEST playhouse in your photo! Did your parents build that? I've never seen one like it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like red light to me. That was what we called it. Not sure if it's the same game, but one person stands with their back to the others and calls out 1...2...3...RED LIGHT, in whatever speed they like. Everyone in the back may move forward until they hear red light and then they must freeze. If the caller sees movement in any of the creepy crawlers ;) she/he calls them out. Whoever reaches the caller, wins. Anywho, I always liked that game.
As far as new theme, well, you've seen my page--new theme, new name, new color. Theme...the name says it all--In Stillness and Simplicity. Color? Goodbye red and aqua (boo-hoo), hello pink. Have no clue how it has caught my eye again but it has. Done with the quest for popularity and "look at me" syndrome. It is exhausting!!!
K, enough from this rambler. hehehe Takes one to know one, huh. ;)
Love you lots.
(Oh, and thank you for taking the time to update the URL.)

Jo's This and That said...

Nice post ,

Nezzy said...

Have a great weekend sweetie! :o)

Terra said...

Now you have me wondering, what is your theme and color for 2012. I like your fun words on Mother May I.

Maryann said...

What a great picture of you and your sisters, and yup you do have that look in your eyes.

I didn't start out last year with a theme or a word but if I could sum last year up in one word it would be CHANGE, (I am a person who really doesn't like can I say challenging year?) This year my "theme" is contentment...I can already see how that one is going :)

Sue said...

Debbie I can always count on coming here and you making me smile or LOL. I have hit a blog snag lately too, as a matter of fact tonight is the first time I have been out visiting here in blogland in over a week, my computer has sat on a table and whined every time I past. So I gave into it.
I had great plans for the new year of being more faithful in blogging but so far,it has only been planned. maybe next week. lol.
Thanks for being such a wonderful encourager here in blogland, you are missed when absent.

Chatty Crone said...

I enjoyed your post! My 2011 is over. My 2012 is the year of rose colored glasses!! sandie

Dayle said...

You quack me up, girlfriend. I think my theme for 2012 is, "Keep breathing."

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Yes, we played all those games and I hated them too, along with the baseball and sports! I was also the baby of the family.

The good thing about being old like me is that we don't have to play games anymore! No competitions. No themes, no words, no colors (yellow was always the one, and will always be!!)

The best thing I did in 2011 was hire a cleaning lady!! Yep, that's the best recommendation I can give! Amazing how this solved many problems! LOL! My house wasn't that dirty, but the things I wasn't able to do because of physical problems was weighing on my mind.

Happy New Year! Glad you are back, missed you!


Kelley said...

How do I dub 2011? Take off the '11: 20. Our 20th move. In 30 years.

My 2012? My 2011 word remains: Establish (from Psalm 90:17) and my 2012 word is Master. The verb. Seven days in, not doing so hot. ={

Kathryn Ross said...

Brilliant! Love those eyes on the sassy blonde! Gotta love the whole thought process, here. Go - go - go - even if you waddle - just GO!

Sharon said...

I never was a fan of this game. Especially when I played with my brother. He was a mean "Mother." (Middle-child complex is my thought...)

Pigeon-Toed Duck Waddle - I must have had that, too. It would explain all the tripping and stumbling I did this past year. But, I'm with you - and Paul - forgetting the past, I'm going to press forward.

In 2011, my word for the year was DETERMINATION. As I look back, I realize that though I may have waddled, I waddled with determination. For 2012, I've picked OVERCOME as my word. I want my theme this year to be something more than just muddling through - I want God to empower me to overcome, to conquer, to vanquish. I expect to stumble, and sometimes fall, but I'm going to get up faster and learn how to CHARGE forward!

More than conquerors (thank you for reminding me of that in a recent comment). Yes, I will be exploring this year what that means in the midst of *real life.*

GOD BLESS, dear friend!

Mom of 7 said...

From one little sister to another- being a little sister to a big bossy girl is what makes us tough!

2011 was way to hard to define, but 2012 is all about gratitude. Because that way, no matter what comes across my path I can be ready with my reaction...Gratitude!

Thanks for the laugh!



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