Thursday, May 31, 2012

Apartment Sweet Apartment

I confess.
This old mother hen was worried. 

I didn't really *get* the whole Washington thing.  I didn't understand what The Practical One meant when she called -- quite excited I might add-- and announced that she had found her very own apartment in the Capitol Hill Historic District.

When she used words like basement and rowhouse
all kinds of images entered my head. 

I've learned to trust the girl, though. She's practical, after all. She is also a girl who knows exactly how to speak my language.  As she described the tiny space as an efficiency with a separate kitchen, she added this:

You know,
 kind of like Mary Tyler Moore.

I smiled. 

You see, I confess to having broken one of the cardinal rules of parenting about twenty years ago. I let her sleep with me when Super Dad was on the road. We would lie in bed and watch Nick at Night back when it was still worth watching.  Her favorite show was Mary Tyler Moore. 

When we fashioned her first Big Girl Room, she had a daybed that pulled out for sleeping and an extra walk- in closet just big enough for her play kitchen.

If I had been a blogging mommy, I would have pictures. 

While little sister napped, she and I would *play* Mary Tyler Moore. I was Rhoda, and she was "Mare". Sleeping beauty in the nursery was called Phyllis. Phyllis annoyed Mare when she woke and interrupted the game.

Yeah, I know. How my girls don't need therapy is anyone's guess...  

Keeping all that in mind,
can you see why I fell completely in love with this little place?

It hardly qualifies as a basement to my way of thinking,.
 with its tall ceilings and many large windows. 

Of course, she doesn't have any curtains on them yet.

One thing at a time, folks. 
One thing at a time...

Right now, her project is changing the bed linens.
The brown and blue are just temporary and from her college days.

They are going to be white with these colors. 

She did get a new sofa.
We shopped for it while we were there,
but it wasn't delivered until we were headed home.

She sent this photo
 along with instructions to imagine it 
with the new bed colors.

So I did.

I think it's really cozy. 

Of course, even before I saw the interior,
 I knew that this was the very spot that God had designed for her to live. 

Do you know how I knew? 

Because this is what she sees when she steps outside her door. 

Have I mentioned that there isn't a person on the planet 
who loves flowers 
and secret gardens more than this girl?

And have I mentioned that she has a 
twenty minute walk to work every day?

And that this is what it looks like
 the entire way? 

I'm not so worried anymore. 

In fact, do you know what I think?

I think...

She's  gonna make it 
after all.


Miss Char said...

Debbie, there are a lot of us mom's out here in blog land who can identify and am touched by this sweet entry. She WILL be better than fine.

Oh and I love her apartment, it looks fabulous.

Debbie said...

Oh Debbie I can see why you fell in love with this. It's wonderful! Perfect, cozy, light, clean, and your right, she is going to be just fine! I love her view on her walk to work. YAY!!

Diane said...

Oh, this one almost made me cry! What a sweet post and it seems like your girl is on her way! Thank you for sharing this with all of the mothers who have sent their children out into the big wide world!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh that was sooo cute, Yep, I think she's going to make it, how wonderful not to have to drive to work, especially in the winter, that is a huge relief, not having to worry about a car and the apartment is darling and all her own. Most people up there share apartments, she is one lucky girl! PSSSSS hopefully in a couple years she will get sick of it and want to come home like my kids...Mom to Mom!


Miss Merry said...

You are such a wonderful mom - and what a terrific daughter. This is a dream apartment and just right for a young lady who has the sky as her limit. Good luck to Mare!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Wow, everything is just perfect! I'm so happy she's settled and you are too:@)

Carol said...

What a beautiful new nest for your little chick. It is lovely indeed. And wonderful to know she is where God would have her be!
That's the best part of all.
I am a huge MTM show fan. So this post was extra delightful!

Vee said...

It looks completely charming to me. She's well on her way to creating herself a home. I'm always excited when gals want to do that instead of living with a big old mess all the time. Too many are doing that and it can't be good for their spirit.

Sonja said...

aha!!! I spy a table-desk that has been repurposed by mother hen! It looks like is was eant to be there.

What a great place she has. It's perfect! And the outside and all the places she walks by... SO happy for her! (and for you, knowing she is not only safe, but lives in such a special little home.

Gina said...

What a sweet post! Congratulations to your daughter on her new's beautiful!

corners of my life said...

A very proud parent moment.

Kathleen said...

It looks wonderful! God bless her new home and bring her mom peace!

Kelley said...

HAHAHAHA! I love it! What a neat testimony! I feel relieved just reading every word, seeing every image... as I sit here in the cardiology department, awaiting an ECG. "You're gonna make it after all" Looks like the Practical One has plenty of class!

Like her friend Rhoda.

Maryann said...

Such a cozy little nest, love the location and all the flowers.
I love the idea of walking to and from work...happy for you both

Sue said...

Oh Debbie ~ there was a lump in my throat the whole time I read this beautiful post. That was my favorite show back in the day too, and I LOVE that it was your daughter's too. Her new place is adorable and does look like a little slice of MN! Her walk looks so perfect and I know you have to have a little more peace with her choice. It's all we want ~ for them to be happy {and safe, love the Lord, and on and on} but happy covers it I think.
Now, how soon till you get back for a visit??

Amy Kinser said...

Her home is beautiful! No surprise that God put her here since I know she has a mama who has prayed for her every step of the way. He cares about everything, doesn't He?

So thankful that you have peace.

Gaby said...

LOVE the apartment and LOVE her independence. I never lived alone and I wish I had. She takes after you in her decorating taste. May she be happy, safe, and blessed in this new adventure!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Okay, I am literally in tears. I can totally relate to her love of Mary Tyler Moore. It's one of my very favorite shows. I watch reruns on hulu.

I think the new apartment is fantastic. The black and white tile is fabulous!!!! Love the firplace too. It looks so beautiful and bright. It's gonna look amazing with the new linens!!! Love the colors she picked!!!! Love the gorgeous flowers and gardens too. So pretty!

Judy Bigg said...

Beautiful post, so touching to us mothers who have daughters that we worry and care about. I agree she is going to be just fine. Beautiful images too, especially on her way to work too.

Barbara F. said...

I love this apartment and the entire street and neighborhood! Your little girl is going to go far. xo

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

Awww ... I love your mama heart. I can relate, my friend.

So happy for your daughter to be settled and how nice that you were able to help her get everything fixed just so. It looks beautiful, but of course it would.

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, Debbie. What a sweet, sweet post.
I have to say, you are so lucky. We used to play Mary Poppins and somehow, I always ended up being Bert.

Mary said...

Debbie~ What an adorable apartment your daughter has! I love the black & white checked floor in the kitchen. Surrounded by all that garden beauty with just a quick stroll to work~ she must be in heaven! I love MTM too, and had a friend that called me "Mare" :)

Robin said...

What a great post! Her apartment is adorable and sometimes we have to go smaller to be in such a beautful location. She is s smart girl! My daughter is moving this weekend to her first apartment with just one roommate after living in a house full of them. She is finally decorating and I'm having more fun than her! It's also small but in a safe area. Best of luck to your daughter!

Robin Flies South

Linda W said...

Love it! Yes, she's going to be better than fine. Toss your hat in the air, Miss Practical!

Denise said...

EVERYTHING about this place just screams "Mare." The location and flowers are just breathtaking. Her apartment has so much charm and personality. Love the new sofa. I'm thinking about the book "Two Girls in New York" that we both loved so much when we were younger. But I guess this is One Girl in Washington and One Girl in Atlanta. :( At least we know that they are both where God intended them to live. For now. I remember being so concerned about mine moving to Atlanta. When I went to help her find a place to live and watched her move about the city so easily I knew it was right. So glad the good Lord gives moms peace about these situations.

You are absolutely correct. They're gonna make it after all. Great post, as always.

Canadagirl said...

What a amazing spot! Yes, letting go and then "seeing" them fly so well just blesses a mamas heart! Your picture of Mary Tyler More ( which I watched lot too. [o=) just brought tears to my eyes. Yes, I believe you are right... She's gonna make it... after all. I love that phrase. And you know what we too are going to make it after all with all we have to face with the Lord at our side.

Blessings and (((HUGS))) my SSiC
In Him<><

PS: I love Mary Tyler More's name. And I was called Mare growing up. [o=

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

It is just different to see a girl's apartment instead of a boys! I love it..and the checked floor is my favorite...hey I would move there in a second. It is charming and just great.

Well mother eagle enjoy watching her fly...that means you have done a great job. You have given her roots and now you have given her wings!!

Ann said...

GORGEOUS apartment! Wonderfully decorated. Beautiful setting. Positively perfect location! (My brother lived not too far away).

What a lucky girl she is and I know how proud you are of her.


Kathleen said...

It's perfect! Just lovely. And the neighbourhood is something special. I don't think that walk to work would be much of a chore for anyone. Happy New Home to The Practical One!

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Debbie, I am so proud of The Practical One and her Mama! She has an amazing and charming apartment that I could totally cozy up in if I were a single girl. I can already imagine it in her colors of choice... Fabulous! Please send her my very best congratulations and best wishes for God's richest blessings as she continues to settle in and face the world head-on! Great post!

Christine said...

Every comment has my thoughts and sentiments, so all I can say is, you both are blessed.

Angel said...

First of all, LOVE Mary Tyler Moore! Secondly, LOVE your daughter's new digs - the apartment, the garden, the neighborhood - all so charming. Wish I could move in!!!

Thirdly, I love how you wrapped up your post with a nod to that catchy theme song from the MTM show. I'm feeling all nostalgic now. Need to go watch some re-runs...

Have a great weekend!

Debbiedoo's said...

Debbie you truly must be so proud and smitten! The view and grounds alone are beautiful, let alone when you go into her charming place. Really wonderful. I hope my boys have it that great someday when I kick them out...I mean when they fly the coop!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - I stayed with this all the way through. You are a great writer.

Okay I love flowers and gardens like her too.

Her apartment is wonderful. It is so cozy and homey feeling but elegant.

The girls probably didn't need therapy because you did play with them!

You were a great mom.

Rhoda, Mary is going to be fine after all.

Love, sandie

renee @ Singing With Birds said...


It's hard to imagine a happier place on earth for your successful daughter. I'm so excited for both of you. Thanks for sharing her delightful apartment and neighborhood. Cozy, comfortable and completely fabulous. Hopefully you will both many happy memories together during fun little trips to DC. Watch for cheap flights my friend. Her new sofa looks really comfy!

Sharon said...

What an adorable place! I want to live there!

I noticed all the *new* furniture - love the placement of the little table and chair right by the front door. What a cozy entrance.

And oh - all those beautiful flowers! I can almost smell them...

Yes, Rhoda - it looks like Mary is going to make it, after all.

Mevely317 said...

Just for the record (lol), when I grow up and your Practical One becomes rich and famous...
I want to sublet her place!

Hope your daughter didn't experience any of those crazy storms predicted yesterday!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That's wonderful, Debbie! I love her apartment! I wanted to be Mary Tyler Moore when I grew up, too. I still enjoy watching it whenever I find it on some obscure channel. I had to laugh at the youngest being Phyllis, she was so annoying wasn't she. She makes a great MawMaw on Raising Hope now!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh how charming! The whole thing-her apartment, all of the row houses, the gardens. It's the working girl's first apartment dream. It IS like Mary Tyler Moore, and you're right, she's gonna make it after all! I know you feel good, being able to imagine her in this lovely place. laurie

Sharlotte said...

What a great place! {Loved the story about Mary. I loved watching that show too...she was an inspiration for a lot of us, don't you think?}

What a lucky girl to have such a great place to live and a lovely walk to and from work!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sweet post and I love her apartment! So glad I found your blog and I'm a follower now! I'm a Georgia blogger too! Hugs, Linda

Denise Oldham said...

Very nice.


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