Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Clampetts Take the Capitol

Don't worry, folks.
 I'm not planning to give a play by play of our trip to DC. 
I'm pretty sure no one wants to read it. 

There were a few yakkable highlights from our 
Incredible Capitol Adventure, though. 

One such yakabout happened on our first full day in town.
That was the day that we got to sit in the gallery 
and watch the action on the House floor. 

That's the kind of thing that gets me all atwitter.
The closer I got to the Capitol, the more I felt the urge   
to burst into School House Rock

I'm just a bill, yes I'm only a bill...
Sitting here on Capitol Hill...

I would have started a little sing-a-long, but I'm pretty sure the angry young man at the door would have tossed me out. I summoned all of my self-control and engaged in some political star gazing instead.  

Yes, star gazing.

Have I mentioned that I'm a bit of a news junkie? Well, I am.  When I see the real life body that goes with a talking head, I'm kind of a like a 13 year old girl who has just spotted Justin Bieber.  I entertained myself with my own personal game of I Spy. It didn't start out as my own personal game, but apparently, Miss Whimsy doesn't like to be jabbed in the ribs with the elbow.

Therefore,  I had to play by myself.  

Since this will never be a political blog,  I'll engage in some bi-partisan commentary of the feminine type, instead. 

I don't care whether you love her or hate her folks,  house minority leader Nancy Pelosi is a  woman with an incredible sense of style. She came gliding in wearing a spiffy pantsuit with heels and a magenta jacket. Even from a distance, you can tell she's poised and really pretty.

Not to get all Joan Rivers-ish or anything, but I personally think Nancy needs to have a little bi- partisan slumber party and invite her pal (Congresswoman) Debbie Wasserman-Shultz for a commando- style makeover.  Remember how we used to practice walking with a book on our heads? Yeah, well, they need to do that too.  Deb does not glide. She schlumpadumps.    

While chewing gum...

Yes indeed, they need a slumber party. They can play truth or dare and make prank phone calls to Paul Ryan.   

Speaking of (Budget Chairman) Paul Ryan, I saw him too. Again, I don't care whether you love him or hate him folks, there is no denying that Paul has the dreamiest set of eyes on Capitol Hill. (Sir Lotsa Hair excluded.)  He behaved better than most of his colleagues, too. He sat quietly on the second row while many of them ambled about not paying a lick of attention to the person speaking.  I thought maybe we should sic the angry door dude on them, but they finally banged the gavel and called them to order.  

They behaved for about five minutes before they were at it again. 

Sorry to rat you out, Congress, but I think we might possibly need an elementary teacher as Speaker of the House. I'd run for the job myself, but I'd rather keep my day job as judgemental tourist.     

We watched the entire voting process, 
which wasn't at all like I wanted or expected it be.
  Then, we took an afternoon stroll 
from this house...

To this one.

According to google maps, this is a walking distance of 1.5 miles and should take about 30 minutes.

Of course, when you're married to Billy from The Family Circus,
 it takes a bit longer.

I don't know how he managed to do it, but our Billy Path covered every landmark large or small between those two points.  Did we walk straight down Pennsylvania Avenue? Nooooo....

We marched by way of the mall to the Washington Monument, to the ellipse, to the back side of the White House, then all the way around some big honkin' circle and down a street as long as the state for which it was named...

...and then we got to the front side of the White House.

All that for a picture.  The next time I visit, I'm taking a tour. It actually wasn't that bad of a walk, though, since it felt like it was downhill most of the way.  Of course, that meant that it would be uphill most of the way home. 

Which is how this post became words on wheels.  

I had to squeeze my big bahonkus in that remaining space for the ride back.
 It was a cozy fit, but I managed to ride all the way back to the Capitol
 by way of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Giving the Queen Wave the whole way.  

And that was just day one. 
Aren't you glad I'm not doing a play by play?


Sharon said...

Gosh, I so remember that song "BILL" -

Now, on to the play-by-play (personally I would LOVE to hear your play-by-play. Far more entertaining than a paid-for tour...just sayin')

Cracking me up about the women on the floor - a slumber party?? Yes, that would be perfect. Do you think they might play "Ding Dong Ditch'em" at the White House?

Were you disillusioned about how Congress really does business - or were your suspicions confirmed why nothing really seems to get done? Hmmm...

Loved the pics of the sights, and the proud dad and daughter.

And I'm queen-waving right back at you!


Denise Oldham said...

I love this.

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Debbie,

I so enjoyed this post. :o) I love it when you give your play-by-play description of events, because yours is so much funnier than anyone else. Loved the Joan Rivers thing about the hair-dos and slumber party. I happen to like Paul Ryan (or what I know of him); and gosh, you're right, he does have dreamy eyes. :)

It's great to see pics of Sir Lotsa Hair and Miss Whimsy. She's so cute; she looks like she would be a Miss Whimsy. So glad you got to take this trip and see some interesting things. I won't comment on the whole Congress thing because it's too disheartening.

Thanks for sharing!



Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

Washington D.C. is one of our all-time favorite destinations. Every time we go we fall in love all over again with the history of this great nation. And the beautiful thing about Washington, from a tourist's perspective, is most of the highlights are free--the monuments are amazing, some by day, some by night. The whole city makes me tingle a little.

As fas as I'm concerned, I'd be happy to hear your play-by-play. It would be like visiting all over again.

I don't know if they still allow visitors into the Senator's offices (since 9/11) but that was something we enjoyed, and our favorite part was taking The White House tour when President Bush had just become president. Not sure they still do that tour either, but it was great being in all of the rooms you see only on TV.

Vee said...

I am not saying a thing. Not one little thing. Nooo... There's not a bipartisan bone in my body. Oops. That might be saying something.

Fun, fun post!

renee @ Singing With Birds said...

I'm ready for more, loving politics too! I heard our doll, Nancy, in an interview, share that her hubby is her stylist. I'm thinking Ryan & Romney may click too.

Please...keep sharing. I will partake!

Kathleen said...

Looks like y'all enjoyed your trip. I'm enjoying the trip with you too.

Christine said...

Laughing all the way through your post! Smile still on my face.

Great vacation and funny post.

Linda W said...

What fun to tour DC through your eyes. I now know what I did wrong while visiting there (in late August and 150* in what shade we could find). I also took the Billy/Family Circus route!

Love the pictures -- what fun!

Barbara F. said...

I love your way with words, Debbie, your posts could be 10x the length and I would so not have a problem! You have a very handsome hubby and a beautiful daughter. I am sure Miss Practical is just as beautiful, too. Now I am getting a tiny urge to visit DC, but I don't think I can handle the walking, maybe in late fall. Don't know if I could sit through an entire session of Congress though, without heckling and getting the boot! lol xo

Heather said...

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Chatty Crone said...

You are undoubtedly one of the best writers or storytellers that I know.
That was fascinating - every detail. So I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very interesting your take on everything. Your daughter is beautiful. Was that you're husband? Just so much fun.

Chatty Crone said...

You are undoubtedly one of the best writers or storytellers that I know.
That was fascinating - every detail. So I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very interesting your take on everything. Your daughter is beautiful. Was that you're husband? Just so much fun.

Sooner Laura said...

Washington, DC is definitely on my list of places to visit. Enjoyed your post, as usual.

Knitty said...

Count me among your admirers too! I've never been to D.C. but this post makes me want to get there! I'll be sure to wear good walking shoes if/when I go.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Sounds like you truly did have an adventure! And a little exercise too... Great first pic:@)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

That was great, I did all of that visiting my son and yes, they were ill behaved on the House floor. Oh, and did we walk, I bet about 7 miles, I never saw one of them there buggies around or I would slipped my big butt on one too!


Marla and Steve said...

Up front and personal. I love this post. You are not a tattle tale. You are updating your humble readers with the latest and greatest in Washington. Yep, a slumber party with all the fixings.

Maryann said...

You always tell such a great story Debbie

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

The last time I was in Washington DC was the last year of the George W. Bush administration. I got to see the White House all decked out for Christmas and attend the Washington Chorus holiday concert at the Kennedy Center. Both were amazing! Christmas in Washington (when Congress is out of town) is more my style. Or maybe it just lets me put my head in the sand/snow for a little while... Fun post!

Lynn Richards said...

Wait. Did you see the trolley people??? How fun your trip sounds. We went when my eldest was in 8th grade. It was quite the trip.
When she was in 7th grade, she was in a performance of Schoolhouse Rock.
Now that you know our family history, I'll stop.
But before I go, I have to say, your daughter looks lovely for your visit to the Capital!!!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

You are just delightful, which you already know with all these followers and comments...if I can get a new gift from God I am going to ask for your writing ability and love of life.

This is so my husband that I couldn't help but laugh...just hearing him tell me about each person while I would be there taking in all the words and who was right or wrong!!

Our son was very moved when he went...he thought at that time he would run for office one day...so the place inspires all, as it should.

Great trip...and thanks so much for the commentary, I feel I got to go also. Your daughter is a doll.

Sonja said...

I had 2 xommwents ereased but I'm feeling stubbioen so I'll try once more.

I love your stories, such a way with words. And as to your I SPY game all by yourself... that made me laugh.

DC is quite an adventure. The political part, I am zipping my lips and they are trying to speak, but I won't let them!

Loved the pics of DC and especially your cute family.

Keep the stories coming!

Sonja said...

All I can do is laugh at the spelling on what I just posted. My fingers feel slow and they are moving with a mind of their own. I'm signing up for a typing and spellin class imediately!

corners of my life said...

Your family is pretty darn cute.

I too avoid politics on my blog but ~ love them or hate them?
I admire one of the three.
Just saying . . .

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

If you made it a play by play story, it would be interesting...Yes it is nice to have a female Speaker of the House...and they should work together to get things done. (I am not being political here)
I like your map:)

FrouFrouBritches said...

What fun! I'm not very politically minded but I did know who Nancy Pelosi was. I always thought she looked vey poised and elegant so the thought of her in her jammies, eating pizza with her hands and walking around with a book on her head - cracks me up! Okay, so I added the part with the pizza because she looks like someone who would never eat with her hands.

Your Family Circle reference - also hilarious! Looks like y'all had a great time.

Debbie said...

I enjoyed every moment of this....you DO tell such an interesting story. I would love to go some day, and your adventure makes this an even bigger wish. Personally, I'd love a day by day account. Might be the only way I ever go....Had to laugh about your hubby's path...soo similar to what mine's would have been. Glad you had a good time!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

LOL! Last time I was in D.C. was over 15 years ago! I barely remember what we did (see didn't leave a lasting impression).

I enjoyed your take on it especially the slumber party part!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Nope. Not glad you didn't give a play-by-play. I could read your words on wheels for-evah, and grin the entire time! Debbie, I honestly think that an actual visit with you might put me in the hospital from laughing so hard! Your clever writing keeps me in stitches. laurie

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

I love coming here because there is certain to be a belly laugh or at least a chuckle. You really do have a talent for using words in the most entertaining way. I enjoyed seeing your family and hearing about D. C. -------- Shannon

Amy Kinser said...

Love that y'all had such a good time. Can't wait to hear more about it.

Canadagirl said...

What a fun post and what a neat trip! Via your pics I get to see something I probably never get to see otherwise, thank you. [o= I am glad you had blessed trip and pray you get many more fun ones visiting your dd.

Thank you sooooooooo much for all your encouraging words lately. You are such a blessing to me my dear friend. (((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

Blessings and ((HUGS))
In Him<><

Shanee @ LivingLifeSouthernStyle said...

Aww....what a sweet trip! I would have freaked out about the mattress too (that explains why I haven't rushed to Vegas to check BDJ's status, lol)! As usual I enjoyed reading/catching up on your blog. Why oh why won't you start writing books? So glad you just took a wee break :)


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