Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Week For the Dumper

Another quick post from me this morning. I've been awash in a sea of crazy which started with that ice storm last week and has ended with the second of two funerals to attend this morning.   In between, there was comfort food to fix and deliver and a Saturday spent working the local Soup Kitchen.

That added a couple hundred more meals- on- wheels to the mix.

When we weren't fixing food, we were cleaning debris from lawns both here and at The Duchy.  I'm glad to say that the Duchy is finished. Many hands made light work there on Sunday as we determined that our ox was  most definitely in the ditch and did a family clean up after lunch.

The Duchess lives in town so we merely had to haul it to the curb. 

We, on the other hand, live in the county. That means we have to haul ours to the landfill. So far, we've taken three truck loads, and we haven't started the back lawn yet.

 We'll get to that whenever we can.  You see, we've been interrupted mid pick- up by an unfortunate septic incident.  It's our second visit from these guys in as many months.

..which is why it's looking very much like a blog post  titled: 

Why Debbie Is Not Getting New Living Room Furniture 

Now folks, lest you read this as a bunch of grousing, it's not.   At least, it's not intended to be.  As I mentioned, I had two funerals to attend this week.  If that doesn't put perspective on septic tank and drain field issues, nothing will. 

 It's more in the way of an explanation as to where in the world Debbie has flitted off to this time and why I am not attending my favorite blog party, the Note Card Party  at A Haven for Vee.

I was going to create masterpieces surrounding the theme, "Looking Up!" (I thought it was pretty appropriate right now.) Instead, I find myself looking down at my two feet running in four different directions. Don't tell me that is not physically possible, either. I'm here to tell you that is. 

 Since 2014 is supposed to be the Year of Balance, I am going to scale back that plan and save it for next month.

Of course, by then I might have a whole different theme in mind. I'm fickle like that. Just in case, I thought I would leave you with just one of the sky peeks I was working into a card.

It came from a blog post in 2011.
I called it my patch of blue.

(If you'd like to read that Simple Pleasure, click HERE )

Hoping things are back to normal in Mayberry soon. 
I have an adventure coming up, and I want to yak about it.

Comments off until I get caught up a bit.


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