Friday, February 28, 2014

Of Noggers and Taupe-Lifts

I know it's the shortest month of the year, but am I the only one who thinks that this February was even shorter than ever?  I started out with such good intentions,  but before I knew it, the whole month was shot.

I'm blaming winter. 
And the piney stick forest that fell on my lawn. 
And  the power company.
And OK, the septic tank too. 

If that doesn't work, I'll blame hormones. At 52, you can blame hormones for everything. That's why I'm blaming my hormones for a the serious case of decorating ADD that kept me from finishing all  the projects on my February list.  

'Cause I started this month with the best laid plans. 

 I had all kinds of irons in the fire, folks. Some were big refinishing projects.
 Others,  I just wanted to taupe up a bit.   

I not only planned to finish it all; I planned to blog about it too. 
 Of course, you know what they say about the best laid plans... 

So here I am at the end of the month with a coffee table and side chair that remain unfinished.  I did manage to complete some taupe projects. I just never yakked about them. That's why I decided to do an end-of-the-month installment in the Nogger Collection called:

Five taupe projects that I never blogged about:

#1. A little taupe table...
 $10.00 at an estate sale two years ago.  Finally painted it about a month ago. 

#2. A little taupe lamp

It started out as a $2.00 brass lamp, and yes I realize that painting it oil rubbed bronze hardly qualifies it for a taupe nogger.  I'm counting it anyway because I added a little espresso paint for contrast.  Espresso is just an Italian way of saying taupe. Everybody knows that.  

See? Taupe.

#3.  Three little taupe candlesticks. 

I painted them. Big deal. I know.

Along those same lines...

#4. A little taupe tray

# 5. Little taupe photo editing  

Yes, I'm putting that in the taupe category, too.  I was planning to print the little photo above  in black and white,  but then I started thinking.

I'm always thinking...

Sepia is actually a form of taupe, isn't it?  And since my home is more tan than gray, sepia photos would just naturally look better than black and white, wouldn't they?  Yep, I thought so too.

Now, I'm on a little sepia kick.  

The photo editor turned these three wedding cake photos sepia.  
I hung them in the dining room because cake is kind of dining roomy. 

 The top one is ours. 

The bottom two are our parents. 

Love them, and though the photo sort of makes it look as if the wall swallows them up, it doesn't. It sort of draws you in to them instead.( Plus, I went ahead and purchased two more frames to go with it just in case I need them some day.) 

Just tossing that one out there in case my daughters  are reading...

And that's all the taupe Noggin' I have for this morning.

I was also busy last week with an adventure of another sort,  but there was nothing whatsoever taupe about it so it can't go in this post. That's the rule. I know because I made it up.  I'll just say that it involved a trip to Atlanta with not one but two daughters... plus a niece for good measure.  It. Was. Lovely. If I ever do a pink nogger post, I'll be sure to yak all about it. 

 Until then...


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Well done, looks awesome.

What a fun post, made me smile big time.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sue said...

You have been productive! But I know what you mean about the month disappearing. I'm blaming that on my husband ~ every day is Saturday now and that's not always a good thing.
Love your idea of the cake pictures. I did something like that with my pictures of the brides in different generations. I haul them out in June, {my girls' and my ann. run from 6/17 to 7/6} and for bridal showers.

Ann said...

Love the fact you have the wedding pics ... And all three have a similar pose!
Now I need to dig through our photos and that of our parents!

Love your always!


Tricia said...

I'd say you've been PLENTY productive this month! All your new taupe looks wonderful, especially with the pretty blues you included in the pics. Love the wedding photo idea! I may have to "copycat" that one.

Vee said...

Lovely. Just lovely. You know what they say...of course, you do! But for those who don't, they say why agonize with color? Just paint it beige. Taupe is close enough. I'm considering going being myself. Gosh, you both have such beautiful parents! Great wedding photos.

Vee said...

Or instead of going being, I could just go crazy. I'm very close already.

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Gosh Debbie, you have been busy!! I like the little table and I really like the way you painted the lamp with espresso/taupe accents. Seriously, it looks great! My favorite picture is the one with the taupe tray and your beautiful pottery pitcher filled with white tulips. Gorgeous. The sepia/taupe pictures turned out really nice -- good work by the photo editor. They look so pretty in your dining room, my friend.

Can't wait to hear about your Atlanta adventure! I hope you have a great weekend. :)



Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

gorgeous wedding photos. you have been busy. i feel like it was like 2 days in February & now it is March ... it flew away way too quickly. but winter is still here. that would be nice if it would get here more quickly. ( :

Chatty Crone said...

I have missed you and your sense of humor! You have been busy but I am not surprised.

I love Taupe - guess what color I use in my house?


Debbie said...

Well I agree with you for sure. This month just F L E W by, lol. I love your little taupe projects, but I REALLY REALLY love those wedding pictures with the cakes. Such a good idea. And I don't know what I like the most. The pictures themselves, or the frames they are in...perfect. On a side note, as for suggestion when you stuck your neck out, haha, it is a good one and honestly I have considered it. I have done Bible studies in my home for years, but nothing since we have moved here. I do teach a once a month one that started last September (we are almost finished) but it is not only young women,(around 12 of them altogether) but YOUNG Christians as well. In fact, two of the gals are not even believers (yet) but they have stuck it out through the whole thing. I am soo pleased. But it is in their homes (they trade off) and I drive out to where they all are in Huntington Beach. Now that I think of it, everything I do having to do with church and Bible studies these days requires a pretty long drive by me, LOL Might be time to change that. Anyway, ENJOY your week-end!

Lorrie said...

You have been busy. The lamp turned out really well. I wouldn't have thought of painting a brass lamp. Now I'm eyeing mine across the living room.
Have a great weekend.

Barbara F. said...

You did a lot! Taupe is your color, never gave it much thought, But you have totally tauped me as a believer. That totally makes no semse, forgive me, I have been mostly housebound and going stir crazy, when I run out I try to cram in so much! xo

Debbiedoos said...

Where or where did the month go! It was way fast, but I am happy for that because I am ready for Spring. Love your taupe, taupe, taupe. It's a great color choice!

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Everything turned out great Debbie! I'm LOVIN' the great bendy arms of the chairs (I think there are two right?)... Have a fun weekend:@)

Sue said...

WOW! I thought I had been busy, but you have accomplished so much more than me, and like you I had planned to blog about them, but then after taking photos and lagging for a few days the luster of posting it fanished, plus the lack of phone service didn't help at all. Blaming hormones is the best excuse ever, and it works every time. Looking forward to you posting about your trip to atlnta with those precious daughters, Did the Duchess go with you too!
Enjoy your weekend.

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Great! Lovely taupe-ness all around. Beautiful wedding photos. I wish I could see a close up of yours, though....

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Oh you came into my neck of the woods, Atlanta! You sure can make taupe look pretty

Denise said...

I couldn't agree with you more...where in the world did this month go? I'm ready for spring but not at the sacrifice of a whole month. Considering the weather caught us off guard, you really managed to accomplish a lot. Loving all your taupe projects - especially those wedding photos. Would love to do that at my house (copycat) but of course I'm missing one set of parent pictures. I'm not sure my in-laws ever had a picture made together.

Sure enjoyed your post. Looking forward to some pink noggin of your Atlanta escapades.

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Looks like you've accomplished a lot to me even if it wasn't in February. And I love the sepia!

Gaby said...

I love the collage of the three wedding pictures. That's all. I just wanted you to know that your flawless taste does not go unnoticed :)

Gina said...

I agree, sepia is taupe, too! :) I love your sweet little taupe table. You definitely know how to "rock the taupe."

elizabeth said...

Things I love. The transferware cup and saucer. The crock underneath the taupe side table. The wedding photos. You. If we don't meet face to face in this life I hope Jesus lets you be my neighbor in heaven. 😊

Nikki (Sarah) said...

you are so amazingly creative. A little nothing you say!!!! to me these all look spectacular.....and rich. Me thinks you did well in February!!!

Kelley said...

You'll be using those TWO ADDITIONAL FRAME PURCHASES sooner than you ever imagined! :-D

Love it all! Exciting to accomplish the best laid plans...

Hugs and happy highways,

Kathryn Ross said...

Hi, Deb! Your Taupe touched are tops this week! Wow - you really know what to do with a paint and brush! Actually - I do, too, only I don't seem to have the energy for those larger furniture projects. I'd love for you to walk through my house and give me the encouragement to slap some paint on a thing or two to give a new look. My husband like the rustic, dark wood log cabin look - so he doesn't want me to paint a thing in our 1970's paneled living room - though I am wont to white-wash it. Or taupe it!

Caught up with you after my family visit. Gorgeous iced tree pics - but sorry about the aftermath mess. We have another big storm coming in Sunday/Monday here in Jersey. So done with winter. To that end - hubby is getting the bins up from the basement and I'm packing away the winter village and snowman themes currently entertaining our seasonal home decor. There will be springtime this week - at least in my interior vignettes.

Mevely317 said...

Your wee 'taupey table' and side chair look so inviting!
... but I'm especially keen on the wedding memorabilia in your dining room. Great idea to purchase additional frames. :)

Have a spectacular new week!

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Well, now I know why we haven't chatted... You had to go and get all productive! :-) I love your tray pic with the "spring IS coming" tulips. Your little table looks like a nice versatile piece, but I'd have had a hard time covering that gorgeous "before" wood. Wedding pics are always a favorite of mine, and sepia is definitely a great choice. (Not so) sneaky buying two extra frames!

Email me and tell me if you Skype, okay? (Then I'll tell you why I'm asking.) :-)

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

February? we had a February??? I suhware I live in a time warp. And look at you , you got things done !
I am still thinking about getting things done. I was going to do a lot in February. Only It was just January and now it's March. sigh.
I am crazy about sepia and love how you used it!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I LOVE the wedding cake photos! Just love them!

I don't know...Feb felt long to me- it was the coldest most snowiest most horriblest Feb I can remember!

It's 70 and sunny today so I'm out spray painting stuff!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Debbie, I love your taupe. You actually accomplished quite a bit. Compare that to my big fat zero.

I had a week that was one for the record books. Considering I have survived on zippo sleep, and there is little wonder that I keep falling asleep and catching my IPAD before I drop it. I am tuckered out.

I think I will give up and go sleep. Sounds like a plan to me!


Granny Flat Super Store said...

A taupe for fun! Interesting to say that one of the best taupe you have here is the little taupe lamp! You have more taupe here and I am in love with this taupe, for no reason. They are just beautiful and hand crafted. Cool!

Sebastian Chuter

Mrs.Rabe said...

Can I just say that I love these Noggin updates! What fun!

I like your taupe projects, but my favorite is your wedding cake photos. So cute, and they look great in your dining room.

I am trying to catch up this week with everything I missed last week, and this post made me smile!


kitty said...

I think you got a lot accomplished with all your taupe-ing! I have a little side table that must be a twin to yours. My Mom gave it to me years ago and I painted mine, too. It's fun to see all your taupe-y projects, Debbie.

Laurie Ritchey said...

The taupes are pretty, but I LOVE the wedding pix. How great that you have pictures of both sets of parents, and I love that they are all framed the same. You are wise to buy the extra frames, and sneaky to put it into your blog post, so that the daughters will see it! laurie

Sharon said...

Who knew taupe could be so beautiful? Oh wait, that would be YOU!

Just lovely, you clever little person you!


Sharlotte said...

I always feel better when I cross projects off my list. These are small in your eyes but in reality they are truly works of art! Feel proud that you add more "Debbie" to your home!They're great!


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