Tuesday, August 5, 2014

There Was An Old Blogger Who Swallowed A Fly

I don't know whyyyyy, she swallowed the fly.
 Perhaps she'll die.

Well, actually, I do know. I know exactly why we swallowed the fly.  It all started because the Little House in the Piney Stick Forest was in dire need of a new roof.  We've been well aware of that need for a while now. We're just a cash-as-you-go kind of family, and we have been saving for the big day.

Which finally arrived.

Yes, folks. The time had finally come to put away the umbrellas in the master bedroom and get on the waiting list for the best roofer in town.  Sir Lotsa Hair was pretty well over the moon.

But wait...

Before we could get that fancy schmancy new roof, we (that would be he) decided that any and all iffy siding living beneath that roof  would need to be replaced as well.

Now folks, I hadn't really noticed the iffy siding all that much. As houses go, I'm more of an innie.  I notice stuff like ugly carpet on the stairs or furniture left over  from the set of Full House.

We took a stroll around the place, though, and I had to admit that the man was right.  There were really no ifs about it,  some of that siding needed to go.

And that's how the whole thing started.   I don't even remember exactly when it started. It seems like a hundred years have passed since the first truckload of noise arrived in the Piney Stick Forest.
All I know is that it started, and it started with a bang. 

And a bang. And a bang.  And. A. Bang. 

For two full weeks and a day,  I was living in the Bat Cave. 

No matter where I turned, there they were, banging away.  They banged on the back. They banged on the front. They banged all around the dormers.  When they  finished, the Little House in the Piney Stick Forest bore a striking resemblance to a patch work quilt.

That's when we decided to paint it.

Technically, we had always intended to paint it.  We'd just entertained the goofy notion of a do-it-yourself touch up job.  When we surveyed the damage, though, even the Scottish MacHusband knew it was time to chunk down more change and call in the professionals.

In for a penny, in for a pound of flesh.

Fortunately, the bangers were in cahoots with some painters so we didn't have to wait very long. The sawdust had barely begun to blow away when they arrived and started to paint.

They painted. And they painted.
And they Painted.

Now in fairness to the painters, their job wasn't nearly so much of a noisy one... unless you count the sound of their chatter. They were a talkative team,  and when they weren't talking, they were singing. In their heads, I'm pretty sure they sounded just like George Strait.

It didn't really bother me, though. The real painter imposition was more of a visual one... as in,  I never knew where they were going to pop up.  No matter where I looked, there was a belt-less backside looking back at me.

I've seen London. I've seen France. I've seen painters' under pants.

All told, the Great Paint Project took nearly a month to complete. I guess that's not really so long when you consider that they had to drag the place into an entirely new century. In the end, the ecru trim turned white, the green shutters turned black, and the mossy siding? It's now a very light shade of the 2014 color of the year.

And then... finally...  they came.

You know, the guys whose project started the ball rolling. After all that money and all that time, it seemed rather fitting to go out with a bang.

Pretend you don't see the scraggly bushes. 
We decided to let the home wreckers trample all over them before we gave them a trim.

I'm pleased to say that they did a bang up job, too.

They banged on the back.
They banged on the front. 
They banged on the perch of the Proverbs 25 husband 

They banged. And they banged.
And. They. Banged.

It took them five full days to complete the roof, which is pretty fast when you consider the number of breaks they had to take just to endure the south Georgia sauna they were working in.

And then, it was quiet.
For a day.

But after these guys came and went
and then came and went again,

It really was very, very, quiet

And it was finished.

Well, kinda finished.

Did you notice the bare and boring front porch?
Admit it. You did.

When it was all said and done, we (that would be mostly I) decided that the old wicker porch furniture just wasn't going to cut it on the new front porch.  It was 25 years old, after all, and apparently, no matter how hard you try to paint green wicker furniture white, it really just doesn't want to cooperate.

Now, I'm on the hunt for the perfect porch rockers.
And then, a swing, I think.

I don't know whyyyyyy, she swallowed the fly.
Perhaps she'll die...


Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.
Worth every single clang and bang!
What a lovely home you have, and such a beautiful setting! I am so glad to get to see it!

Susie H. said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Probably because we are going to be going through the same thing--new siding, windows, and roof and gutters. One thing definitely led to another and another! But the guy we hired just fell off a ladder and broke his wrist. So our project is delayed. I love your final result! I'm still agonizing over window and trim colors. It's been 28 years so it's not like we do this often. I'm worried about not getting everything just right. A neighbor gave us some good advice though-- take everything off the walls because of all the banging.

Merlesworld said...

I know what you went through we just had a house built next to us and some of the singing was worse than mine.
But it looks good so it is worth it, I'm sure you will agree.

Mevely317 said...

Debbie, your home is gorgeous!!! I had a good chuckle imagining 'your' George Strait wanna-be painters. At least it sounds as if they're enjoying the fruits of their labor instead of scowling and spitting. :)

Sharon said...

Oh friend!

Siding, and painting, and roofing...oh my!

Love the new look - and yes, taupe is perfect! I love the combination of white, taupe (or some sort of beige), and black trim. We tried it on our old house, but it just didn't work with the style of the house. But your house? It's wonderful!

It's amazing to me how a new paint job can change the whole look of a house, and change the way you feel about it! Last fall we changed our house from a light gray (that had a distinct lavender tint in the sun) to a deep, dark green. Totally love it like a new house!

Swallowing flies agrees with you...

The Polka Dot Closet said...

You live in a mansion...Holy cow what a gorgeous house on a gorgeous lot!!! I love the new paint...Sorry I understand completely how one thing leads to another!!! Bonus...You got to see painters underpants!!! I would die if you and the Duchess came to the Flea!


Barbara F. said...

Wow! I survived a new roof in my old home, and constantly deal with leaks and patch jobs and iffy fixes here in the townhouse, as the roof is the HOA's responsibility. An ordeal, for sure. But your house looks fabulous!

Sue said...

It's that old if you give a mouse a cookie way of decorating ~ a new roof means new siding means new paint means new porch furniture means….

that's the way we do it too!

and I love your house, it looks like a cottage in the woods ~ although a little too large to be a cottage, but I love the dormers. Dare I hope that there are window seats under some of them?

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Oh Debbie, it looks sooo BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love it!! I think your color combination is just perfect. We need to get the outside done on our house; we're hoping we can make that happen next year (fingers and toes crossed). :) I bet you feel like you have a brand new house now; I'd be super excited if I were you. :) So glad you shared with us, and I got a good laugh out of your story about the painters' underpants. :-D

Have a great week!



Sonja Goodson said...

I started laughing at the heading, and kept laughing through this whole wonderful blog! We had our roof replaced 2 years ago and it was 6 in the morning when no less than 30 little guys started hammering and banging above my head. Then came the painting, and replacing the back door, etc. etc.

This one goes into my files next to The Bobblehead Baptist". :)

Debbie said...

Oh isn't the truth though? One project turns to another and another and another...lol. The house is sooo pretty! I love it! And how exciting to get this all done. I had to laugh at your an "innie" Another truth huh? I rarely (if ever notice things like wood rot etc., or pay attention to when it's time to replace the breaks on the cars or change the oil etc., but nothing escapes my notice on the inside, lol. Loved seeing your house...enjoy the quiet!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

You are so funny, what a fun way with words!

Your house looks BEAUTIFUL - what a gorgeous place, they did a great job.

GL with the new porch furniture. You'll be a rockin' in now time!

Lorrie said...

This tale reminds me of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" - one thing leads to another and another and another. But now, all is quiet and your home is fresh and lovely. Enjoy.

Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Your house looks beautiful! I know it's hard to get through renovations, but the reward at the end is usually worth it-enjoy:@)

Debbiedoos said...

So pretty Debbie! I can relate to the bang bang bang theory! A few years back our area was hit with a terrible hail storm. Just about every house in the neighborhood {NOT ours thankfully} needed a new roof. The banging went on for weeks on end. It was like a war zone around here. Anyhoot, I bet you feel so good it is over. Looks absolutely beautiful, charming and I LOVE the color!

kitty said...

Oh Debbie, I know it was an ordeal to go through, but oh my goodness, your home looks so beautiful! I smiled all the way through your post, especially at the "painter's underpants"! Now, on to new porch furniture. Please share when you're finished as I want to picture you out there rocking or swinging in the breeze.

Miss Char said...

Beautiful Debbie, your home looks like a magazine cover. I got the "new roof" t-shirt last year along with a three day adventure of a tree removal. I understand your bang, bang, bang. Thanks for sharing.

Denise said...

I guess you've experienced the Big Bang Theory at your house. It all started with a big bang! I know it's been so hard to have all of those people and noise around but the end result is sooooo worth it. Your house is absolutely beautiful!

I laughed at the innie comment. Such a Debbie thing to say. Does he notice inside stuff that needs to be done or do you just point it out to him?

At least now Sir Lotsa Hair will sleep when you know we're supposed to have rain. I know you are so grateful for that peace of mind.

Delightful post all the way around. So glad you are beginning to see the light at the end of that project tunnel.

Kathryn Ross said...

Awww . . . Deb . . . how I have missed you this summer! This post is just so entertaining and your visuals perfection! What a great facelift to your home - just gorgeous! I am confused, though - is that wood siding? I guess I expected vinyl - especially with the humidity in the south. But, vinyl sided homes don't need paint. Love the colors - and I'm sure the new porch reveal will be a great adventure - on the edge of my seat for that one.

My summer has been all about inside stuff - mostly writing and computer and my house going to pot in anticipation for a writer's conference I just returned from. Going forward into some exciting things - which means my home decor will be on cruise control. However, with all the inspiration coming from your place - I may have to indulge the muse when my Autumn refit comes about.

Joy to you, friend!

Scribbler said...

I feel your pain -- sorry for laughing -- not laughing at you, just your clever way with the words.

We went through some of this last year. It is a royal pain while it is going on, but it does look fabulous. We also got rid of ecru and tan and beige -- very tired!

I love the style of your house with the porch across the front. Keep hitting up estate sales, and you will find enough wicker to fill it up!

Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Debbie! I hope you didn't have the same problem we experienced with all the banging. Because I lived in a brick house before, I'd never gone through the whole siding replacement thing. The doofus company didn't bother to tell us there would be such violent banging going on. All of my dishes were rattling like a snake, a huge clock came crashing off the wall, artwork got tilted on its side, and the final insult...we started noticing cracks indoors on the walls. NOT cool! You had to put up with a lot more banging than we did since you got both siding AND a new roof, so we bow to your patience and resolve!

I love the new color (I'm a huge fan of black shutters), and I know you'll have fun looking for just the right thing for your front porch.

I have to tell you how much I LOVE all the beautiful trees on your property! I mean...WOW! We have quite a few, but nothing like your place! We are unfortunately about to lose one of our prize trees, a 150-year-old locust on the east side of our home. It pains us to have to say goodbye, but it is infested and has already dropped 2 HUGE limbs.

Have a great week, and enjoy your umbrella-free bedroom! :-)

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

It's good to see you found a little writer's groove this week. FUN post! I know all about those bangs and clangs, and I'm very glad yours are over. The results are great! Your "new" house looks just the way I'd envision you to want it... except I was surprise to see your cute flag instead of Old Glory flying with a yellow ribbon. Guess I'd have lost that bet... :-)

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vee said...

It looks marvelous! You both must be very pleased! Don't forget to share the new furniture...

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, it is gorgeous, Debbie!!!! Love the color of the year... perfect!! SUCH a beautiful home for a beautiful lady! I love the in for a penny... in for a pound. Amen to that! LOL! It does wear on your nerves... but, you are so going to enjoy the results! Looking forward to seeing that porch (and NO, I didn't think a single thought about that porch looking bare... only how beautiful that home is!). blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Elizabeth Dianne said...

I absolutely love it. I just got through publishing a post about our redone entry hall and it is so boring and bland compared to your description. I need to hire you to write for me--and I saw those backsides too but would have never thought to include them in my post--ha ha!

Mrs.Rabe said...

You're back!

I laughed right our loud at "I've seen London, I've seen France" I'm still laughing! Thank you for that!

Oh, my! Your home is so lovely. I looked up the 2014 color of the year and it said Radiant Orchid. I don't think your house looks like even a light shade of that. Whatever color it is it looks great with the black shutters and the white trim!


Gayle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gayle said...

I deleted a comment due to really bad typing. I'll start over now.

This post was delightful from beginning to end, and your home in the Piney Stick Forest is lovely in every way.

Babs R said...

How exciting..and noisy getting a house all gorgeous again. And no, I didn't notice your bare porch. :)
I had to laugh at the workers singing. We heard singing when the subdivision behind us was being built. I have a feeling someone complained, because it stopped after the first day. I thought it was funny and didn't mind at all, since I couldn't hear them when I was in the house.

Gina said...

It's beautiful, Debbie! No matter how much noise & chaos it caused, it was well worth it. And...it was well worth it for us just to hear you tell the tale like no one else can! :)

xinex said...

When it rains, it pours, doesn't it, Debbie? But I love the new look and color. Yay, new porch furniture coming, how exciting. Hope to see them soon....Christine

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

ahhh but doesn't it feel sooo good? We had to replace HVAC, sigh and then the roof. Ten men three 12 hour days, oh what fun. But now I say "let it RAIN !" whereas before I would pray that it wouldn't, or just a drizzle.
I didn't get to see any underpants though. I feel gyped.

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hello Debbie.... your house looks wonderful. I will think of you smiling with happiness every time you go outside and look at it.I know I'd be doing that a lot...just to enjoy looking at the house. Lots of 'walks around the house'....
Have fun looking for porch furniture.
Praying for the Duchess and for you and your family..... stay well..
Hugs and Blessings ...
Barb xxxx

Laurie Ritchey said...

oh Debbie, I am laughing so hard. Nobody can make something sound as funny as you make it sound! I imagined you creeping around your house, only to see a worker's underpants sticking up in your window. I have to tell you -- all of the banging and the uncomfortable views were worth it. Your home looks gorgeous! I love the color of the siding. Can't wait to see what you find for the porch. laurie

Ann said...

Gorgeous, Deb-or-ah! Said in my best motherly voice...

We are, hopefully, not far behind in the exterior work....wood trim...windows...

Ahhhh, don't 'cha just love living in humid climates? NOT!

But I am like you...I'd rather get a cute pair of love seats and a couple of comfy chairs for my living room ....


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh your home looks exquisite - I mean it was worth every bang and nose and conversation that was out there! Beautiful - but I do understand that is was a hassle.

Kelley said...

We've been watching "The Waltons" series, and your home made me wanna say, "G'night John Boy." It's AWESOME!

And I've been singing all day long... "I don' know why he swallowed a fly, perhaps he'll die." And it's 9:48 p.m....

Hugs and happy weekend,

Kathleen said...

It looks gorgeous! Now sit back and enjoy it!

Beth of "E." Lizard Breath Speaks said...

pretty. i can't wait to see what furniture you pick... i bet it will look just lovely. i would love sitting on that porch with some iced sweet tea. yummy view! nice work, i bet you will enjoy for many many years. i love your underpants song - i remember that one from my childhood. ha. ha!!! you are too funny!! ha. ha!!! ( :

Mona said...

Everything looks beautiful and so south Georgia..where I am from... I know you are glad to have some peace and quiet again. But it is mighty fine looking now!
Love, Mona

bj said...

I knew it...I just knew that you lived in the most beautiful home...I just didn't know HOW beautiful. I don't care what I might have to go thru...to have a home like that would be worth any bangs!!!
I so love your personality....:)

Ivy and Elephants said...

Your home is absolutely gorgeous!
Everything you did was just the right choice. I know the rocker and swing will be the icing on the cake!
p.s. Miss you!

corners of my life said...

Your porch is amazing.
Lucky, lucky you . . .

Sonja Goodson said...

Just for the record, I cam back over here so I could have another good laugh! It worked.

I forgot to tell you how in love I am with your home and the setting in the trees. I think the whole thing looks like a magazine. Porch furniture is cheap, especially after the BIG expenses you've just been through, and no, I never noticed anything wrong with the porch!! :)

Decor To Adore said...

Oh my stars and garters that looks great! Totally laughing...furniture left over from the set of Full House. Hehe~

Anonymous said...

Fabulous transformation Debbie, it is such a welcoming home with great curb appeal.

Mary Keels said...

Hey old friend, so nice to have a moment to stop in and catch up. Your home is so pretty. I love the new color! I have lived through a reroofing on our old home after a hail storm damaged it. I remember well all the banging, and interesting sights outside my windows as well as all the crooked pictures inside. Haha! I would love to find a swing as well for my front porch. Good luck on your search and I'll be sure and pop by sooner next time. I enjoyed seeing the outside of your home and yard. It really is so beautiful!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Just gorgeous! I love that color combo. The good thing about getting new porch furniture is that it's pretty much on sale everywhere right now!

Sharlotte said...

Debbie, I love the style of your home. It's so friendly. I love the colors you chose too, it just adds to the charm.
Now I know you've been working on the inside and now that the outside is completed, you guys have a gorgeous new home! It all looks great, I know you are loving it as well! Thanks for sharing!!

Kathleen said...

Hello Debbie, I've been catching up with your blog and I was going to comment on a few posts before I got to this one but I couldn't pass this post without commenting. I want to say how much I love your home. The way it's set in amongst those shadey pine trees and so proud now with its new roof. In my dreams I have a house like yours. It has a front porch with a swing and rockers on it. (Cracker Barrel rockers couldn't be more perfect!). I sit there most evenings and chew the fat with the neighbours as they stroll by. Of course I have your Georgia weather too and the evenings are balmy (I use lots of insect repellant because if I didn't those noseeums would eat me alive) and also on my back porch would be your anniversary tablescape with that lovely little jug showing it's happy face. The tablescape is a new addition to the dream. Well instead of just dreaming I'll have to become a regular visitor again and visit Big Debbie more often. Although I'm sure I would love to read more about Little Debbie.

Bye y'all,


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