Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Opening the Christmas Doors

Outdoor decorations were easy this year because I'm keeping things simpler.  We used to put garland around the door and a wreath on every window, both upstairs and down. Of course, by we, I actually mean he. I have a fear of falling so the husband did all of the climbing.

He's been working really hard this year, and I thought maybe he didn't want to spend his rare time off playing elf...

So simple it is.

I did change out the pillow covers for the porch. The old ones had a snowman theme and were well faded. I found this new fabric with poinsettias and cardinals and went with that instead.

Then, I mooched this ribbon from the Duchess's abundance and did a wreath to match it.

Yeah, I know... I'm heading back out to dink with it more now that I see the picture...

Of course, I didn't realize until I was visiting the farm yesterday that the Sister also has a cardinal theme on her front door.Her ribbon is identical.  Well, oops.

 Maybe by the time I turn 50, I'll stop being baby sister copycat.

Of course, there's always the slight possibility
 that she mooched her ribbon from the Duchess too...  

The Duchess changes her outdoor decorations every year. Hers are never traditional and always bright,  whimsical, and designed for children to enjoy. She cuts her scenes out of plywood and paints them herself. For 70 plus years, she's still pretty amazing with the power tools.

She loves abundance on her wreaths and garlands, too. 

Here's her front door this year.

Her greenery this year is decorated with little foil wrapped packages, a foil chain, and bright ornaments. She's been saving  boxes and crafting for a few months now.

We started to put out the rest of her outdoor display yesterday, but we ended up with a rain delay. When it's all out, I'll be back with the whole big picture.

For now, here's a peek at what it is.

So what about you?

Are your outdoor decorations simple or festive?
 Traditional or whimsical?

I'll be sharing this At The Picket Fence
 for their doors and porches party.


Unknown said...

What a whimsical & delightful Christmas presentation. Every child & adult will enjoy her creations. The wreaths are beautiful, also.

Have a beautiful week.

PS Don't forget our GIVEAWAY

Sue said...

I don't even know where to start! I love your front porch with the poinsettias and cardinals. I think your wreath looks great ~ no tweaking necessary. And as for your mom's ~ well, WOW. {what does she do with her last years stuff??? }
I will be anxiously waiting to see more of all 3 of your "stuff".
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

I like your wreath without tweaking too! Your porch looks lovely.
I pretty much do the decorating indoors and out, so I don't do lots and lots. Mister did get lighted garland for the porch posts, but they aren't up yet. Everything else outside is done, so we can quit anytime.
The Duchess puts on a spectacular and delightful display!

Janettessage.blogspot.com said...

Just lovely...what energy you have in decorating...it is just great.

Yes your mom. I met you last year in blog land with your pictures of your mom's Christmas...I was so inspired. I was telling someone the other day about her and how she decorates for children...I must say, children of all ages.

Love your door, the red birds...they have a special meaning to me.

Blessings as you end your days of being in your 40's and cross the line to the abundance held for us all in our 50's!

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Debbie,

Your home looks so nice -- what a pretty and welcoming holiday entrance. I love cardinals and I think you (and your sister) chose a great theme for your wreaths this year. Your cushion covers look great, too.

I love what your mom did with her entrance. It's so bright and festive. Those colorful packages are my favorite! I bet the kids (of all ages) love to see her house. I do like whimsical, but I always tend to go with more traditional decorations. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.


Unknown said...

Debbie -- I LOVE your simple outdoor decor. I am VERY partial to cardinals and poinsetta and black wicker so I think you simply are speaking my language :)


CHRISTmas Blessings!

Ruby Jean said...

Oh cute... Your Cardinals are ADORABLE you should stop by and see what We did with one of our Cardinals... I just posted it today..:) Love that little Train Depot... Makes me want to jump in and go for the ride..:)

Amy Kinser said...

Man, Debbie, your mom is one talented lady. That is fantastic.

Love your wreath and pillows and welcoming front porch. I am sure your husband appreciates the time off...I know my husband does when I don't ask him to do a big job.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your kind of simple is very effective. Looks wonderful! Love all the wreaths; and especially the Duchess' red door with the garland. Fun! That's some kinda display too. Wow! Happy day to you. Tammy

Barbara F. said...

Denise, I am so impressed and yes, a little ashamed of myself. I kinda blew it this year w/outside stuff but there is always next year! I love your wreath, cardinals hold a special place in my heart. Great job, like mother like daughter. :) xo

Barbara F. said...

Look at me I called you Denise. I am so sorry Debbie!! See the effect this had on me!!! :o

Kathleen said...

Oh, I wish I had a front porch to decorate! Yours looks great! I especially like your cushion material. The Duchess is amazing! I wish my little grandsons could see her decorations - they'd love them.

Chatty Crone said...

Dear Debbie,

Do you create anything that is ugly? I think not!
I love your porch - the wreathe - and the train depot - with play snow - girl you are the greatest.


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Whoa baby, everything looks very festive and inviting. I love it!

Mine??? I know this is a real shocker but I'm country Christmas all the way. Decor that it...not music. 'Just sayin'.........

God bless ya and have a magnificent day !!! :o)

no spring chicken said...

I was going to say that yours are no simple decorations... (they really are very lovely). Then you showed the duchess' decor... no wonder you feel simple. WOW! I also see why you (and the sister) just go raid her stash. Seventy years worth of holiday fluff... what fun!!

Blessings, Debbie

Shanee said...


Your porch is lovely, my mother reads your blog and will be calling to report on your cardinal wreath! lol Bless your mothers' heart how fun and pretty her display is. The children in her neighborhood are lucky indeed!

Angel said...

You may call it simple but I think your decorations are beautiful! Mine are pretty simple too but I've been trying to amp it up a little this year on the inside - maybe next year on the outside (gotta pace myself). :)

Lynn said...

All of the wreaths look great! I started to simplify a couple years ago and I'm glad I did. (Well, everything but the tree.) My mantra... what goes up, eventually has to come down:@)

Sharon said...

How about my Christmas decorations?

Easy answer - not out yet. I'm not proud of my untimely procrastination.

But, when they're up, they definitely tend to the traditional side - with a distinct cabin/western theme.

Love what you've done with your decorations - simple and simply beautiful. Do you think you could come over and help me. I'm crafty-challenged.

Love the Duchess' house - I can see where Miss Whimsy inherited her fun and festive genes!!

Just lovely...

Christine said...

Between you, your sister and your mother, all of you put a WOW on my lips.

I would love to live across the street from any of you. The view would be taken in all day long.

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

Just beautiful!

I remember the 'duchess' and her wonderful trees from last year. I could never top her with energy and ideas. There should be a 'duchess December decor' award given to her!

As to mine... I have 2 huge wreaths outside on the porch lanterns. They were 90% off of $59 each at Hobby Lobby last January. Problem is, the inner wiring won't go over the lantern, so now I have them wired and hanging LOW below the lanterns... too low... Not what I had in mind...oh well, they were sure a bargain!!

At The Picket Fence said...

Debbie it all looks so beautiful, especially with your lovely red door! I love the cardinal theme! Love The Duchess's decor...amazing!


Mevely317 said...

Stunning!!! I love the front door; looks like something out of a magazine!
Ours? Non-existent, so far ... ouch! We're off to Alabama in a couple days; then must scurry!
I wonder if it counts if we leave the tree up 'til mid-January? :)

xinex said...

Both you and the duchess have a lovely front porch, Debbie. I love all the cardinals in yours. Pretty wreath!...Christine

Anonymous said...

Simple is best here at the Ross Ranch, too. We've got the front door wreath up and the fake potted poinsettias from Michaels along the porch. I just haven't had the time to put up the greenery around the door and lampstand in the front yard. I did find a nice new flag with a Christmas theme - and cardinals, if you will - but I honestly didn't copycat off you and Sister!! However, Duchess has something going with the little foil gifts on the generous garland thing . . .

Tanna said...

I like simple. My inside is MUCH simpler than usual this year. I have to say I am most impressed by your mom. I am looking forward to seeing The Duchesses yard. blessings ~ tanna

Crickit said...

I love your door and the Duchess's too! The cardinals are beautiful! It looks like a family affair when it comes to Christmas decor. I can't wait to see the final reveal of the Duchess's house! What a fun post!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I like your new porch pillows! I've done most of my indoor decorating, but still waiting for dh to get the outdoor things out of the attic (I don't do heights either!)

Your mother amazes me!


Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

This post is so much fun to see with the pretty Christmas colors and all the cute decorations. Love the wreath with the cardinals and the pillows are gorgeous.
We usually decorate with lights outside but roofers will be here soon to replace our storm damaged roof so this year only the porch is decorated.----Shannon

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

I smile as I look at your beautiful (simple) outdoor decorations...I have no outdoor decorations so I see yours as festive and beautiful (not simple to me) talented

Ann said...

GORGEOUS! Again! Not only the Duchess' decor, but yours and your sisters' as well! I think I have decor envy everytime I open up your blog!
; /

I may "borrow" the Duchess' idea for the door next year. I LOVE it!

Mine truly are "simple" this year.
Only one tree done in red and white ... basic red/green plaid table cloths on both kitchen and DR tables with red candles. Red and white plaid ribbon outdoors, green and red polka dots indoors.
But, I do have to redo my front door wreath! It's about 20 years old now and definitely time to be refreshed. Hmm? I may "borrow" on the Duchess' theme THIS year .... : D

Another winner Debbie!


Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

Love all your trappings, new, faithful, simple. I hung a wreath on the front door. That's it. But I'm working on poinsettia placemats. Going off-island is cramping my creative time window though.

At The Picket Fence said...

Oh Debbie! I just love everything and you can tell the talent for capturing the Christmas spirit definitely runs in the family! :-) I love the cardinals in your wreath and cracked up about you and your sister doing the same theme...sounds familiar! The Duchess definitely has some serious skills to and I'm so impressed with what is going on at her house too. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us at the Doors and Porches party and for your sweet/hilarious comments!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Debbie, I love that Cardinal fabric and ribbon! Your porch looks so pretty. The bright red Poinsettia looks gorgeous against that dark green furniture. The Duchess knows how to do Christmas (Ask her if she can be hired to do it at my house). What a gorgeous door. I'm thinking I want to go home and switch my bow to the bottom of my wreath and leave some long streamers on it. And that train is just way too cute! I see where you and your sister got all of your creative genes. laurie

Buttercup Bliss said...

So precious!!! Love all of the whimsical decorations :-)

FrouFrouBritches said...

It looks so pretty!!! I love the cardinal theme. I would've never thought about that. How unique, well unless you count Denise. But great minds think alike, right? or mooch alike? HA! Love, love, love it!

Your mother would probably work circles around me. I love her train and her door decor! So pretty!

Kelli said...

Simple is sweet and your porch is just the right amount of Christmasy! Love the cardinal!


Simple is beautiful!!!
Merry Christmas!
~ Julie


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