Monday, December 1, 2014

I'm Finding Myself At A Loss For Words

... and the funny thing is, 
it's OK.

In case you're unfamiliar with it,
 those are the words to one of my favorite songs, 
Word of God Speak, by Mercy Me.

That song has been my theme song for the past few months.  Yes, I pick theme songs for certain seasons of my life.  When you're the star of your own personal situation comedy, that's the kind of thing you do.  It happened to be playing in the background one day as I was foraging through Hobby Lobby, looking for some purple-y  fall schlock for the October tablescape challenge over at Cuisine Kathleen's place. For a variety of reasons, it spoke to me.   It spoke to me so strongly that I put all my purple schlock back on the shelf, left the store empty handed,  and went home. 

Have you seen the new reality show on TLC where three families agree to go off the grid for a while in an effort to save their families?  Yeah, well, that's kinda what  I thought God was telling me to do, only in my case it  didn't involve an outhouse and washboard. 

And in my case, I wasn't trying to save my family as much as my sanity.

Or maybe, it was my family's sanity and my broken spirit. 

Whatever the reason, I found myself at a loss for words. (And the funny thing is, it's OK...) I stepped away from all things internet, gave up the teaching of my women's class for a while, and waited (and waited and waited)  for the still, small, voice. 

Yes, there's a back story, and no, I'm not going to yak about it, at least not right now.  I've tried to come up with some eloquent yet pithy way to describe what happened to break my spirit, but for the life of me, all I can come up with is this:

Somebody was mean.  

No, it wasn't a family member. The family is fine. Sir Lotsa Hair hasn't run off to join the circus or anything. Miss Whimsy is working locally for now, and The Practical One just flew in and out for the Thanksgiving holiday.  The Duchess and her new bionic knees are busy creating her 2014 Christmas house. 

We even got to take down our yellow ribbons last week,
way ahead of schedule.

I really wanted to blog about all of  that,
 but well, you know... the theme song and all...

Right now, I'm trying to elf myself into the Christmas spirit,
 one Hallmark movie at a time.
Though I'm still at a loss for words,  I do have a new, shiny red Iphone
 which is ready for some adventure.  Kind of puts a damper on things
when you've lost your yakabout.

So here's the thing...

I would  love to have you join me on facebook and instagram for now.
 In case you missed it, I've got the little buttons up in the corner that look like this:


Just click them and join me.

Don't worry... 
You won't have to fight a crowd to get a good seat.

If you don't have a facebook or intagram account, now would be the time to create one.

(I'm needy like that and not too proud to beg.)

Because I'm finding myself at a loss for words.

And the funny thing is, it's OK.


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