Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

I’m home alone.

With an eye to the winter weather, the college girls left yesterday afternoon to get back to school. Super Dad followed right behind them and continued beyond to Atlanta for the week. 

He was rewarded for his efforts with a beautiful winter snowfall and used his shiny little blackberry to capture some evidence. 


As for me, I sit here alone in the piney stick forest without even a flake or flurry to call my own.  

Instead, I have ice. 

Schools in this area were canceled by late yesterday afternoon because that’s pretty much the way things fly around here. If we hear the words SNOW and FORCAST in the same sentence, we shut down Dixie. 

Now, I would have gladly driven a dog sled to get to the school this morning because I’m a contract employee who is paid per session. But no…The Great Ice Adventure of 2011 is costing me a day’s wages.

And it’s neither pretty nor useful.

You can’t play in it.
No one throws ice balls…
Or builds an ice man.

Instead, you stay housebound and pray that your roof is not invaded by torpedoes

  from the piney stick forest.

South Georgia pines, you see, are gangly sticks which shoot up branchless for about fifty feet before pluming out like feather dusters at the top. When they get iced, they look like hundreds of little porcupines.

Their needles are very long and heavy and the natural prey to heavy winds.
And ice, of course.

Sometimes, they just drag down the the branch.

Sometimes, it's the entire top heavy piney stick tree.

I'm waiting for that one to go next...

And so I sit here this morning, listening to the snap, crackle, pop of pine boughs giving up the ghost. Periodically, I peek out windows to see the damage. For the most part, I stay downstairs because I’m a scaredy- cat.

If the piney stick torpedoes were not enough, our power has teased off and on all morning as well. I’m  praying that it stays intact until the Ice Capades are over.  I did bring in some firewood in advance of the storm, but if you recall from our Fuddy Duddy Adventure, the wood is green.

Plus, we’re short of newspaper to start it.
Plus, I forgot to bring in any kindling.
And besides, I have never started a fire in my life. 

I have visions of myself huddled in front of a very large candle, dressed like the unibomber,
drinking iced coffee, and crying because there is a skylight in my bedroom where my roof used to be.

So I did the only logical thing I could do about it.
I blogged.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?


Sherry said...

My parents lived through that ice storm in KY two years ago about this time of year. They got a lot of ice and they live in the woods and they described it just like you. They were just waiting for the next tree to fall. The snap, crack, and pop had them jumpy. They lost 7 full grown trees and every light pole with in miles was broke into and laying on the ground. They were without power for around 14-17 days. My Dad knows the exact number and tells me often! They had a wood burning stove and they fired it up and cooked on it. It was in the basement and they hadn't used it in years. Open the flu and there isn't too much hard about a fire. Except maybe burning green wood. Hoping for a warmer day for you soon!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Hang in there Debbie, hopefully the storm will pass and the great thaw will begin soon without any real damage! As for me, we're expecting yet MORE snow tomorrow... I've decided that those cute little snowmen I put out after Christmas ARE really calling to the Mother Ship! So after work, back into the box they go... bad, bad snowmen:@)

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Debbie...we hearty ones on the northern prairie also get ice storms. Three years ago we had a really bad one that took many trees in our area. We were blessed to miss the ice and skip straight forward to a foot to snow from this storm. We're enjoying our snow (and it's blowing) day but will make up for it all the rest of the week...people want their W-2's...imagine that, lol. Enjoy your day off :)


Dianne said...

Well, hilarious once again! Your title, Ice, Ice, Baby reminds me of a concert I went to years ago where M.C. Hammer was the star and Vanilla Ice opened the show for him.

Yes, me, old woman, and 14,000 screaming teenagers. We almost got trampled (literally) when Hammer's body guards brought him down into the audience on their shoulders. Everyone started pressing forward to try to touch him. Very scary!! First and last concert I ever attended.

It took all the strength my 6'6" son possessed to keep me upright and several went to the floor.

So your post brought back crazy memories for me but lots of laughter also.

We got several inches her and it is beautiful--

I can just see you trying to build that fire! ha

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

After surviving the devastating ice storm of a couple years ago...I completely understand...we were on the edge of the "big one" but still had lots of damage. Keep blogging as long as you can!!! Keeps your mind off of it!!! Maybe it will move on out quickly!!!

Anonymous said...

Debbie, I'm also sitting here covered with ice, holding my breath. Denise has no power, its been out all morning. Mine has gone off several times but comes back on. Everytime I reset the clocks, out it goes. I'm not setting them again. I'm sure I won't miss my meals or naptime. Cable tv is out now. I went upstairs to undecorate a tree and decided it wasn't the best place to be. Lights are blinking, better get off,

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh thanks so much...your humor just lifted my "self-pity" spirit today!!! Thanks!!

Well you can come to North Texas where we are covered in beautiful white unusual for us...but by tonight it will be ice.

Be safe...may your ice behave itself and you be comfortable while your house is empty! Your cheerful heart is good like medicine, so I know you will see the silver lining.

Anita said...

Oh my goodness!! I do not like ice either! When I lived near Chapel Hill we had a bad ice storm and I remember waking up to that sound of cracking wood then living without power for over a week with two little babies. You will be fine though! Stay warm!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I am laughing out loud thinking of you huddled up and warming your hands by the warmth of the candle. You're too funny!

Al Rocker said our front was headed your way. Maybe you'll get snow like we did. I'm praying you don't lose your power. The big ice storm of 2001 left us without power for a week and our entire house was electric back then. HORRIBLE! Sorry you lost a days work. Our state shuts down at the mention of snow too. Put on your jammies and watch movies all day!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

It appears from the blogs and weather that you have a lot of company with bad weather. Here in Orlando we have rain today, so we are kind of snuggling in also. Ice sure can cause a lot more problems than snow...You stay warm now


Terra said...

Brrr, you photos and posts made me chilly. I like the photos your husband took of the snow in Atlanta. Here in California it is 60 and sunny; stay warm my friend.

Karen said...

Debbie, icy/winter mix in my neck of the woods.
But, unfortunately we benefit from this type weather. Yes, that is what I said! My husband is in the pole industry (those straight tall ones that have electric lines attached & they come down when the ice gets loaded on the lines & the trees). Just wish we would have got more snow line (Jim Cantore) on the TWC predicted. :( I hope the tricity don't go off here, because we are all electric. With NO fireplace. See ya, Karen

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh you are so funny - stay warm - and hope your hubby is safe. sandie

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Is this not the weirdest weather? I heard about the ice. I'm sorry you have not one flake of snow because I know you're trade it for that ice. We are having rain. Lots of it. It was 60 degrees this morning in Central Florida, and there was a warm breeze. People were in shirtsleeves. Now, we have wind and rain supposedly coming from the south according to my housekeeper who knows EVERYTHING. LOL! Seriously, she does. She keeps me up on life.


Sheila :-)

Sonja said...

Texas got snow yesterday... we stayed home from church... even though it didn't start till later!! Everything white, but by today, I've already been to Costco and Kroger... still half white but no ice!! I HATE ice!! Keep that candle handy. :)

Vanessa@Southern In My Heart said...

Ice Capades! LOL! Debbie you just know how to capture the moments with your words and I so understand that snap crackle pop sound of ice on branches. We had a horrible ice storm here in Oregon a few years ago and lost some trees. We are expecting some kind of snow/ice mix this week so things should be interesting here too! Good luck with getting a fire know..."it only takes a spark". :-)

Kelli said...

We are knee deep in snow here. Well almost. More like shin deep in upstate SC. Kids love it, me? Not so much. Praying your power does not fail you!!!!

Denise said...

Well, the power has been out twice today. The first time for an hour. The second for seven hours. When the husband got up at 4 (before ice) the directv wasn't working. So, I couldn't call until this evening. Happy to report both are up and running and house is FINALLY starting to warm up. My poor husband has been out most of the day checking on fences and cows. We've been waiting on one to calve for several weeks and you would know she picks today to have it. He thinks it might be twins since mama is SO big. Hope you're not too scared by yourself. Keep warm.

Dayle said...

I can so relate. I remember the year we had a freaky ice storm in Houston. Lost power for several DAYS! Thankfully, we had seasoned wood, unlike the wood The Man hauled home just last week. Ugh! At least we have power! YAY!

Ms.Daisy said...

You are so funny! Just mentioning kindling and lack of newspapers and I'm hahahahahahaing all over again. Just picturing you huddled in front of a candle sipping iced coffee is...well, you know!


Sharon Kirby said...

OK, first of all I'm going to control myself and not use the word "frigid" in this comment...(too much room for misinterpretation!)

Sorry about the freezing weather! Today was cold for California - around 60. Not bikini weather (is it ever for me???) - but I wasn't wearing my Unabomber outfit...

I love the picture I have in my mind of you huddled in front of a candle, bemoaning your new skylight -

Something's just not right when it's even too cold to decoupage...

GOD BLESS - my chilly little friend!

Lynn Richards said...

YIKES..I won't EVEN tell you what the weather is out here.
I do remember in Oklahoma how beautiful everything was covered in ice. I enjoyed it for about 10 minutes. Truly spectacular. Until you slip or have to get into a car and drive.
Hoping your trees stay put. So sorry you are home alone!!

Amy Kinser said...

We got about 5 inches of perfect snow. It was perfect for snowmen and snowballs and perfect to play in pretty much all day long. We have had a blast today.

Be safe, my friend, and warm.

Jennie said...

I think we must have had the same weather over here in WR. Though we're not in the middle of a piney stick forest, I heard a snap, crackle, pop in the backyard a few minutes ago and I got VERY nervous! It's too dark to see anything. Guess the suspense will have to wait until the morning.

I hope the power does no more than flicker. I know so many in your neck of the woods without it altogether. I think that's one of the comforts of living where you live versus in the true woods!

Feel free to stay hunkered down and I agree, blogging is an excellent distraction. (And thanks for the re-chuckle over the newspaper!)

Ann said...

Both DH and DS left the house this morning with black ice on the road. School openings are delayed two hours around here. Don't know why. The sun isn't coming out to melt anything. Seems silly. Either open on time, or don't open at all.

Oh well. I do plan on getting out soon myself. The roads don't look bad and I hear traffic moving at a good pace out back. We had both ice and snow in the forecast .... but it doesn't look like much out here now.

Hope you warm up soon and your sunshine comes out and melts it all before the branches fall!

Jackie said...

Hey Debbie!

I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it.....I'm a Ga gal (whose been transplanted to AZ) and a yakker, too, whoo, hooo! I remember those icy Ga days growing up in Decatur! Everything came to a screeching halt in Atl!

Loved reading some of your past posts and love, love, love the tablescapes!!! Made me soooo homesick for the South!!

I'm following your blog now and hope you'll stop by my place sometime for a visit!!

Have a blessed week!!


Sue said...

Debbie you are so funny! I can relate about the ice thing. We got the beautiful snow and then the ice came and locked us in the house I am sitting here blogging and wondering if I should go and put pots of water all around the house, as the news people keep telling us that power outages are inevitable! ugh! Okay, I can make it easy or I can make it hard. lol I am stuck in the house with the originator of this
Now the next time you want snow, let me now I will send you some.
Enjoy your day!
Hugs, Sue

Angel said...

Hi Debbie! We got snow in our neck of the woods and I was thinking you might have some too judging from the weather map I saw but I guess it was a little off. Sorry about your ice adventures but it made for a great blog post! :)

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Oh man, when those branches SNAP it makes me jump !!! I just went out and bought two cases of the fire logs...much easier than wood and just takes a match to start :)
Hope you have power and are warm and cozy.

Jenny said...

I am trying to send some AZ sunshine your way!!! I actually think the pictures of the ice are beautiful but then again I am not losing a days wage or freezing - Hang in there :-)

Gayle said...

Stay warm, friend! Love the pictures.

CAL said...

We were coated yesterday with the fluff, thankfully we did not have to leave the house.
I look at winter as a time of peace and calm. I used to dread winter, now at this stage of life I look at it as the end that we need for beginning anew (Spring).


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