Thursday, January 6, 2011

Simply Walking

The experts say if you can converse while walking, you’re not walking fast enough to do your heart any good. In fact, they say, you can't even rightly call it exercise.

 If that’s the case, then I haven’t exercised in 26 years. All signs point to that being true.

No matter, I don’t really walk for the exercise anyway.
I walk for the fellowship.

The husband and I have been taking walks together since our flower plucking days at the University of Georgia.  For over a quarter of a century, we have chiseled out time nearly every morning that he’s home to take a walk around the nearest block.

We strolled our way through college
all the way to the newlywed years.
We waddled through two pregnancies
and power walked through two recoveries.

We meandered all the way to our empty nest, and by the grace of God, we’ll limp over the hill to our golden years, even if we have to add a layer of Ben Gay to do so.

Our neighborhood stroll takes about 30 minutes.
Hot or cold, we take our walk.   

This troubled my father-in-law when I was carrying The Practical One so he loaned me an enormous hooded sweatshirt to cover my matching enormous belly.

It worked so well that he told me to take it home where it has lived ever since, the mainstay of my winter walking uniform.   I can pad it with multiple layers and still have plenty of room to spare.  (Not quite as much room to spare these days as I used to have, but that’s not for the lack of walking.)

On very cold days, I layer it over three shirts and a pair of thermals, tuck my hair inside the hood and stroll incognito through the neighborhood behind a pair of sunglasses.

The husband calls me the Unibomber. 


No matter. It gets the job done, and off we go.  I yakkity yak through the neighborhood, and he scouts out the fun stuff.

And we walk…

Past the laughing trees…

And the Davy Crockett stockades…

And the guest who overstayed her welcome...

We walk all the way to the back of the neighborhood where we stop just shy of the final cul de sac and those two black dogs who bolt out of their lawn and growl at me.

We turn around at this sign.

As we turn, I have the OCD need to reach out and tag it. Then, I sing the first line of Delta Dawn in my very best deep south twang.  In my head, I sound just like Tanya Tucker.

In his head, he probably wonders why he married me.  It must not bother him too much, though, because he always shows up the next time. For that, I'm truly grateful.

Because walking with my husband is one of my favorite simple pleasures.

Sharing this with Dayle at 
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for her Simple Pleasures party.
Follow me there to enjoy more simple pleasures.
I promise you won't be disappointed.


Dayle said...

Walking ... that wonderful thing I used to do. Debbie, I believe your fabulous prose has given me the push I need to get out there and do it again. Loved this!

Dianne said...

Debbie, you are so funny and I look forward to your posts.

I need to walk and have not been doing so enough so I plan to start again today.

Thanks for the encouragement.


Lynn Richards said...

I love that you and your husband walk together. Love it. Me? I have to get on a bike and ride 20+ miles to exercise with my guy. Fun, but I like the walking better!

Ann said...

I have tried to get my DH out to walk each evening after dinner since the kids have grown, but as his jobs became more unforgiving, his evening time has grown less and all he wants to do is veg in his chair ... and now, add the iPad to the equation. Bleh.

Walking alone is no fun. I love that you and your DH have had this time together no matter what. Do be thankful for it. You are one lucky woman!

Sherry said...

Oh, you are so funny. You don't look a thing like the unibomber....

Angel said...

Debbie - Seems we have this in common too! Me and my hubby like to do neighborhood walks. And my walking attire looks much like yours this time of year but for some reason I look frumpy and you look positively chic! :)

Sonja said...

This should be published! What a fun and good post. I also skipped back to the flower bouquet gathering days... I think your hubby is a keeper! :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

LOL! Love it, Debbie, and I think you need to go back and get that leg out of the trash. That's too good to pass up! Just add dumpster diving to your unibomber status. ;-)


Sheila :-)

Denise said...

You're so lucky to have this wonderful time with the husband. I can't recall that we've ever taken a walk together. How sad is that! :( He's also never taken to giving me flowers. (Maybe 3 or 4 times total in 28 years). Even sadder because I love them so. Such a great simple pleasure.

PS I don't think you look like the unibomber. Tell the husband he's wrong!!

My Life said...

What a wonderful simply pleasure....Moments to cherish!

Debbie said...

Think of it this way, Denise... You get to take the slow drive to survey the land and check out the cows with your cowboy. That's a pretty good simple pleasure!

Plus you can wear your pearls while you do it. Win/Win.

FrouFrouBritches said...

What a wonderful simple pleasure! What a wonderful time y'all must have. We used to go for family walks until the family got too big and the streets got too small and crowded with teenagers that drive too fast and not enough hands to hold the little ones since we don't have sidewalks.

Funny that you feel the need to tag that sign. I was thinking that I would swing around the pole every. single. time I got to it. I couldn't just turn around and go back without swinging around the pole. I totally get the need to tag it!

Anonymous said...

You know, you are absolutely right - walking is a simple pleasure that I tend to ignore. I live by a the beautiful Susquehanna River here in PA, and it is just filled with snow caps and lots and lots of geese...just perfect for a walk.

Thank you for sharing...

PS: You do look a bit like the unibomber ;)

Maria -a housewife:)

Evelyn S. said...

I would love to relate, but I can't. My husband and I have rarely walked together....I wonder if we could start after 32 years?? This is such a delightful post with accompanying photos. (I have 3 big hooded sweatshirts that are part of my spring and fall walking gear.)

hip-chick said...

Let me reassure you. You are exercising. You should be able to talk about what happened on Andy Griffith last night but not whistle the theme song. Long walks are excellent exercise and great stress relief.

Amy Kinser said...

Delta Dawn, what's that flower you've got on, could it be a faded rose from days gone by? Or did I hear you say, you were leaving here today, to take me to that mansion in the sky?

I just sang that out loud and loved it. Did I get most of the words right.

Girl, we would have so much fun together. I would want to touch that sign too. :)

Kay K said...

I love to walk ...nothing like walking with your husband ...enjoy each day as I am sure you do !!

Ms.Daisy said...

I almost fell over laughing when I saw the picture of the dumpster with the leg sticking out! I guess she did overstay her welcome! :) You have the best sense of humor and I enjoy your posts so much.

However, you do share some resemblance to the unibomber.

Kathleen said...

Walking is a great simple pleasure and it's free! Love the pics you took along the way.

Jen said...

I loved the leg sticking out of the trash can. hilarious. But, what I love more is the walking with your husband. Every day. Just yakking.

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Great post -- and wonderful time spent with your husband! I wrote about my sweetie today, too! Guess we're both feeling like really lucky girls, huh?

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

You are too funny!!! Your husband has to have a sense of humor!!! LOL
God bless you both.

Sharon Kirby said...

There is no one like you who can quite pull out of me so many emotions - an awwww, a chuckle, a teary eye, a smile, and a joy just for knowing someone like you! So enjoyed this "walk" with you and your hubby. How precious. Simple pleasures are often the things that bind us together, aren't they?

A couple extra comments -
TOTALLY get the OCD "tap" thing...
Loved the "unwelcome guest" photo...
And as much as it pains me to disagree with Denise - you look JUST like the Unabomber. If you came to my door, I wouldn't be opening any packages you brought...just sayin'
It's OK if you decide to keep the Tanya Tucker thing inside your head...


Chatty Crone said...

That is so wonderful you doing the walking. You do not look like a unibomer - you look like you are cold wanting to be warm!


Kelli said...

I enjoyed the walk down memory lane-ha, ha! You are WAAAAAAY cuter than the unibomber!!!

Joan said...

I love your sense of humor and I agree with Kelli - you are much better looking than the unibomber.

I love walking - need to get in the habit of doing it more often.


Christine said...

I really like the way you write. It's fun, easy, colorful and from the heart.
And the pictures are pretty funny!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

"Happy New Year Debbie"!!! I think you are absolutely adorable in your walking clothes!!! AND Thank you for the "FUN,FUN,FUN" view of your street!!! TOO CUTE!!!
Hugs to you,

elizabeth said...

Love this! I LOVE to walk and walk pretty briskly, while my Hubs prefers to stroll. I'm like a hyperactive kid wanting to run circles around him when we walk together! So, someday if we ever meet face to face and get to go on a walk, I will be the one saying,"hurry up Debbie"!

Denise said...

One additional note...the reason I don't think you look like the Unibomber is he either has or looks like he has a mustache. You don't. Hood and glasses well, okay. I concede.

And I do enjoy my rides with my cowboy. (especially this time of the year when cows are calving).

sarah said...

Debbie...I love this. I love love love love this!!! I cracked up at your unibomber look and the guest who outstayed her visit and your zany way of telling about your walking. You're the absolute best!!!!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

If you talk while walking you can't count it exercise...that is now fair...I want my walk to reflect my talk...LOL
Well then I haven't exercised in 30 years...forget the six pregnancies, recoveries, etc of our marriage also. But hey even if they don't count it as exercise, since I never inhale from talking, it has been part of the glue that holds us together.

Now I am going to have Delta Dawn on my brain all day!!!!!!!!!! Too, too funny!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post...My husband and I used to walk. Don't know why we stopped? We had the best uninterrupted talks out there and you sure do see more on foot than in a car. I laughed at the unabomber comment (no offense but I kinda see it) and oh that poor victim of overstayurwelcomeitis...Very funny stuff.

Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

Ha! Alright, unibomber... if the talking thing is true I don't think I am exercising either, that would explain a lot. :) You are too funny. Lots of great photos, had to laugh at all of them. Thanks for this great post.

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

Oh, Debbie!
What a wonderfully witty and wise post.
How blessed you are to have a loving, walking husband to meander with you every day.
And, while I do think that you look a lot like the Unibomber, even more than that, I think that leg looks a lot like my mother-in-law's!
(I'm no saint.)
You get the best pictures!
Love you, friend!
Keep walking!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Thank you that was a fun post, from unibomber to Delta dawn! (I have a little OCD TOO) enjoy your walks, oh, the neighbors garbage was funny too!


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Debbie, I feel like I always say the same thing when I come to your blog, but I DO love the way you think and the way you write. You always make me think, and you always make me smile. I truly believe you should be publishing a book (are you?). I also love the way you find pleasure in simple things. I hope it is okay that I "borrowed" a picture from your blog to put on my blog. If it's no ok, please let me know, and I'll remove it immediately. Thanks! laurie

Gayle said...

A delightful post, Debbie. As always. And FINALLY, a picture to put with the name! You're a cutie Unibomber!

Terra said...

I am your newest follower, and enjoyed this post and your two previous posts. I am a gardener too, enjoy taking walks and selected a word or theme for the year too. Please visit my blog and you can find out what my word is.

Angel Wings and Apron Strings said...

Enjoyed walking with you today, Debbie!
You're great fun to stroll with :-)

Melanie said...

What a beautiful post! That is such a sweet, loving habit and a great way to strengthen your marriage!

... and the trash can photo? well, that was just a little scary ;)


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Such a perfect post. I love that you two walk together. I love to take walks with my DH also, however we don't do it nearly often enough. Hugs, Marty

Sarah said...

My husband and walk together everyday. It's a three mile route along a hike and bike trail and through a neighborhood. Some of the best of times. :-)

Sharlotte said...

Hi Debbie!
Great post, as always...I love the "neighbor that stayed too long!" Cracked me up!
My husband and I like to walk too, it's easy on the joints and nice to get fresh air. We have a walking trail near our home, right in the middle of suburbia. It's nice to be among trees, birds, and nature.


I love to walk. I walk about 3 to 4 miles a day. The only thing I don't like about walking is when the local neighborhood dogs bark at me and scare me something terrible!! :-)

God bless you Debbie and have a great week :-)


The Decorative Dreamer said...

Ahhh, now that is a simple pleasure I would enjoy. I have been trying to get my husband to power walk with me, I need it, he doesn't, but our schedules just aren't meshing right now. This was quite a cute post. I so hope you rescued that leg from the dumpster. It would make a great lamp. LOL! Thanks for moving over to the new blog with me. I really appreciate it! :))

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Debbie, you come on down, and we'll get into some serious trouble! LOL! Oh, how I wish you had been one of the 1000 snooopers. I was actually one of them, too, and was out snooping on my neighbors. Didn't make it to all eight houses, but I saw the ones I wanted. It was a fun time.


Sheila :-)

bj said...

No matter how hard I try, I can't get past that leg in the trash. ;)))

We have a small park close to our house with a walking/running tract of 1 mile. I walk that in the spring, summer and fall. In really cold weather, I walk on my treadmill. I sure like walking outside better.!!


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