Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mountain Climbing

Have you ever wondered why many teachers rarely miss a day of school? Well, I'm going to let you in on the little secret.

It's not because we don't get sick.
It's not because we just can't drag ourselves away from our Little Einsteins.
(Sorry, mom... as much as we love them, we welcome a little vacation.) 

It's not because we think the world revolves around us
and will crumble in our absence. 
(Well, I kind of think that, but I digress...)

There's another reason entirely why some teachers hate to miss school.

It's all about the big desk.

 You know the one, the teacher's desk... The place where that insurmountable pile grows in our absence.  There's the work that we planned for kids to do...

And then, there's the work that we didn't plan. That's the stuff that the well meaning substitute conceived for kids to do to keep them tethered to a pencil.

And possibly out of trouble.

Miss one day, and you have Mt. Rushmore.
Miss two, and it's Mt. Everest. 


School, just like life, has a pesky little habit of marching on with or without our presence. When we return, we have to figure out a way to step in time without missing some wonderful  tidbit or treasure hidden on Desk Mountain.

Oh sure, some teachers toss it all away.  (You always suspected that, didn't you?)  That isn't my style.
It probably doesn't surprise you to learn that I've always gone through every scrap of paper that crossed my desk. I'm either thorough or nosy. You decide.

There's a reason behind the ramble this morning, and you've probably guessed that it has nothing whatsoever to do with school. I didn't miss school this week.  I did, however, unplug. For two days, I've been living without the benefit of electronic companionship. Did you miss me?

Yeah, that's what I figured...

But apparently...
What you did miss was the memo to cease and desist until I plugged back in again. Good grief, people... Inspiration was sprouting up all over Blog Mountain.

Vanessa and Heather are starting a whole new blog adventure...

Amy repurposed an old picture...
AND she's having a giveaway.

Jennie at my blog stalking obsession
had a wonderful anniversary.
Sharon  has been sharing God...
That Chatty Chrone? As chatty as ever...
Laurie  managed to do a tabletop without a table.

Sarah wowed me with her "Checkered Past"

And that's just for starters...
Seriously, people, slow down for a pair of minutes. 
You can be sure that I'll be visiting every corner of blogland before the day is up.

Because I'm either thorough or nosy. You decide.

Oh, and about my unplugged adventure? 
I'll just say this much for now...

It was very, very, quiet.


Sharon Kirby said...

I, for one, missed you TERRIBLY! I wandered around wokking to myself. It wasn't pretty. I admire you, though, for taking this electronic vacation. Sometimes I think I'm a little too "attached" to my laptop - does the word "umbilical" mean anything? Hmmm...

Love the teaching stuff. Just curious - all those little papers that crossed your Mt. Everest - were you a sticker teacher, a stamp teacher, or a little "smiley face" teacher? Wondering...

For the record, I think you're thoroughly nosy...(not really - well, absolutely thorough - I'm leaving nosy alone).

Welcome back - looking forward to the touch of humor that only you bring - and the lively bantering fun I have leaving comments!

GG (or is it PS now?!)

Debbie said...

Sharon, you forgot "all of the above". Most of the time, though,I was a commenting teacher especially on their writing assignments, I would take out my colored marker and yak all over their paper.

"Great verb!"
"Love the simile!"
"Watch the stringy adjectives..."

Admit it, you are NOT surprised at that.

Kelli said...

I missed you too and was excited to see your post on the side of "JOY"! I have to go through the piles too! Takes time but so worth it. Quiet is good for a while, but I need a little noise after a moment or two of silence. GLAD you're back!

Angel said...

So good to have you back! Blogland just isn't the same without you. :) I myself have taken a little break while doing some mountain climbing of my own but am eager to get back to it. Blessings!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

SO Happy you solved that mystery for us NON TEACHERS(although being the Mother of 3 boys gives me in GREAT DEPTH the feeling you are describing)! Love seeing you POP UP on the blog run... Hugs to you,

Jennie said...

You know what - I was SO upset you wouldn't let us comment on your blog post. I had lots and lots of really brilliant things to say. But now you are just going to have to miss out! ;) Consider it payback for all of those times you type lengthy comments and then don't share. You know I want to know! (Okay, so really I just forget what it was I wanted to say. No malice intended.) Truly though, I was mostly impressed. I guess that's one less way to be tempted back to technology, huh? ("Hmmm...let's see if anyone commented.")

Glad to see you are back and hope that you had a great break. I have been inspired by you - but not to the point of actually following in your footsteps - ha!

And LOL @ Sharon's "umbilical" reference. I think I'm the same way!

P.S. - I not at all surprised I had wet hair that first morning. Typical! :)

Jackie said...

Love reading about your big come back!!


Anita said...

Hey, I thought about you! I'm always behind the curve in blogland because it's too hard for me to keep up with everything else going on. It's kind of like if I take a break from the kids for maybe 15 minutes. That equates to two days of cleaning and repairing! Anyway, I always know I'm going to get a big smile when I stop by!!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Debbie, I am flattered and honored to have a picture from my blog appear on your blog. Thanks! I need to follow your example and unplug for awhile. I'm worried that withdrawal might set in though. I'm so impressed that you were able to do that. Sounds like you are like me though - I hate to get behind on anything - the laundry, the dusting, but especially the blog reading! I thought you were going to say something about the amount of forms that teachers are required to complete these days. I think state and federal gov't think that their forms are much more important than actually teaching children. Again, thanks so much for the shout out. laurie

Ms.Daisy said...

Oh thank goodness, you are back! You really had me worried for awhile when I saw "NO COMMENTS" like a "NO TRESPASSING" sign posted on your property! I wanted to comment so bad that I realize I probably am the one who needs to unplug! Glad you are back and look forward to many more chuckles and giggles.


Lynn Richards said...

That's it? Quiet?
I'm waiting for some fabulous inspiration from your 2 days of being unplugged....was it monumentaly difficult? Tortuous? Spiritually uplifting? Do you even recommend it?
I, for one am glad you are back. AND I'm going to go take a look at all you missed, cause I missed it, too!!!

Chatty Crone said...

I tried to chat with you and you had your comments disabled! Yes I missed you! And a lot of teaching these days is paperwork. Glad you had such a great learning experience!

But I am glad you are back. WHew.

Carol said...

I'm glad you unplugged for a couple of days. But even gladder that you plugged back in! Am I selfish or nosy?

Janette@Janette's Sage said... are just too talented for your own good, so everyone missed you!!!
I haven't gone to any of these I might just need to drop in!!
I did however go to the school today to mentor and guess what...the counselor was cleaning her desk!!

Terra said...

Great photo of a teacher and the mountain of papers, I can relate to that. As a writer, I am always in midproject for several things, so I am guilty of creating a minimountain myself.
This is a cute post.

Sarah said...

Debbie, I'm flattered that you were wowed with my checkered past. Thank you for the "shout out". I'm honored!
As a retired teacher, I can so relate to hating to miss school. Mostly it was because not only is there a mountain to climb on return, but as a teacher of primary students I had to leave detailed instructions as to the routine almost minute to minute. LOL It was a LOT of work to get ready to be out of one's classroom. ;-)
Glad your back! But we should all think about this kind of "unplugged" retreat. ~ Sarah

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

Don't leave, then you wouldn't have this problem!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I MISSED YOU! I MISSED YOU! I would say that you're thorough. Yep, that what I'm going with. And, as a substitute teacher, I always figured that they threw all the "busy work" away. I know I wouldn't want to go through 200 worksheets after coming back to work. I'm too lazy for all of that. Glad you're back!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I know what you mean, I did sales for 20 years and it just was not worth it to get sick or take a vacation, I had to work so hard before and after to make up for any time off. Congrats on unplugging! Not so sure I could!
As for my table that won't sell......I give up, I will let you know!LOL


xinex said...

Welcome back, Debbie. I missed you, even though I am up to my neck with work and I am not even a teacher who has been away. I do remember when I used to work though and I would take work home with me cause I could never finished. And when I went on vacation, my work just got piled up and waited, I hated going back cause I knew what would meet me on my desk. Thanks for stopping by....Christine

CAL said...

Truly missed you (at both places), need my daily Debbie dose.

Thought you were going to have to change the name of this blog to Mime on Wheels.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Debbie, I know exactly what you mean! I unplugged to travel and for two parties on Tuesday, and now I am just dead and SO far behind. So don't feel alone, my friend. I'm there with you and wondering if I will ever get caught up! LOL! Alas, we do the best we can and keep on pushing.

I tried to write a post recently that I want to get up, and it kept getting longer and longer. I need an editor!!!


Sheila :-)

Denise said...

For the teacher side of you I vote thorough but for the sister side of you I vote nosy. Maybe a little of both? I really missed your posts. I KNOW how difficult being unplugged was for you because I know how much you hate silence. And for the record, I really don't like the silence HERE.
Hugs and glad you're back.


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