Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dining in the Pink

This week, I have two very similar tables,
 both inspired by surprises from my husband.

You see, a few months ago, he came home from business travel 
and handed me a box full of this:

Two place settings of his mother's china.
It's Charnwood by Wedgewood.

He said that he thought it would make me smile.
(It did.) 

I knew immediately that I wanted to set it up in an explosion of  pink azaleas, 
and that's exactly what we did.
Unfortunately, that was also the week that my computer went on the fritz,
and I never posted this.

(Yes, I know there's a crooked candle. I still like the picture.)

We didn't do any creative layering with other dishes this time.
 Sometimes, I think a set of beautiful china 
ought to just stand alone
 the way it was intended,
don't you?

Especially when there are so many pretty pieces.

In addition to the place settings, 
she sent along this vegetable bowl for good measure. 

Since her china is rimmed in gold and not platinum, we decided to emphasize the gold on this table. 

We used gold chargers.

And this set of stainless. 

And a coffee pot for no other reason than it had a gold rim.

Everything else was crystal or glass.

The fostoria belongs to the Duchess
(By the way, so do the azaleas.)

These napkin rings are mine.
 I found these napkins for half off at a local store.
They compliment these dishes on one side
 and reverse to a festive stripe.

The crystal is my Moonspun by Lenox

So that was the first table...

But last week, the husband brought home another little gift,
a bouquet of pink  lilies from the farmer's market.
Flowers make me smile, too.
He's a pretty good guy, that man I married.

So the girls and I decided to set another pink table with just  a few differences.

First, this one was on the inside not the outside.
It's 100 degrees out there, people...

The coffee pot was replaced with stacked cups.
The candles were a deeper pink,
and the candlesticks were brass instead of glass.

  I found those sticks in my recent attic purge.
I had hoarded them to paint them, but I'm glad I didn't now.

The Moonspun was changed to this vintage cut crystal that belongs to my sister.
I liked it better with the napkin rings.

And there you have it.
Proof that I can set a table just like his mother.
Now if I could only learn to cook like her...

 Inside or outside, I think this china is so beautiful that it would grace any table.
Many thanks to my mother-in-law  for sharing some pieces with me.

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and  Tablescape Thursday


Sharon said...

You know, I've never really considered myself a *pink* kind of gal - but this post is making me change my mind. How beautiful! I loved both tables - but I think I'm a little partial to the outdoors one - I might even brave the heat to go sit out there.

Your MIL's china is lovely - you're right, it deserves to stand alone.

Sir Lotsa Hair is such a keeper, Debbie!

(And yes, I'm glad you mentioned the crooked candle. I thought I needed new glasses again...)

Oh, one more thing - have I ever told you that the glimpses I get of your house are so very cool? I notice the colors, and the *feel* of it - it seems like the most inviting and warm place. Just wanted you to know that...


Tricia said...

Oh, what gorgeous china! LOVE it! The shape of the cups is so pretty and delicate, and the colors are fabulous. SO wonderful with those azaleas, but the pink lilies are also perfect with it! I always enjoy seeing "our" Moonspun on your tables! said...

it's a toss up for me, the flowers or the china, and I'm pretty sure I'll just take the whole thing! Can you imagine anything more beautiful than pink azaleas to go with those dishes? I am such a nut about azaleas, and these settings are to drool over! Yep, I agree with Sharon... he's a keeper!

Mary said...

Debbie~ What perfectly beautiful wonderful your MIL shared with you! I adore the bee & butterfly detail on the pattern! I'm swooning with your table placed in front of those azaleas! Your indoor table with the lilies is lovely too, I can so identify with the need for AC. Our weather has been more like August than June, I shudder to think what August might be like!

Chatty Crone said...

Inside or outside it is fabulous and yes you have a GREAT hubby - he just brought you home those fabulous dishes er china. And flowers. Exquisite table. And that is sweet of your MIL helping share.

Barbara F. said...

I love both these tablescapes, the inside and outside too. Those azaleas are amazing. Your MIL's china is a very pretty pattern. I love how you "pool your resources" to get all the special effect. Beautiful! xo,

Miss Char said...

Oh Debbie this setting is just beautiful. I'm always a sucker for a pink table and that Wedgewood is breathtaking. You made my rainy Michigan day with your beautiful setting. Thanks so much for sharing.

Maryann said...

So pretty, I just love your table settings. The china is lovely and what great husband you have

Lynn said...

The china is beautiful Debbie, what a nice surprise! I love your napkins too, that's a fun design-enjoy:@)

Nikki (Sarah) said...

all I can say is wow!!!!!

Sharlotte said...

Gorgeous china! I love the little bee on the rim. Too cute! What a great husband to bring such sweet treats! Your tables are both beautiful. The flowers were the perfect touch!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

What a lovely surprise for you (great hubby)! That pattern is so gorgeous. The tablescapes are lovely - the pink azaleas and pink candles are just scrumptious. said...

The dishes are just wonderful. Your husband has a heart like mine...we need to keep these guys! Everything on the table is just wonderful...and so feminine. I think you need to be a china consultant for new brides...LOL I am remembering again why I have all those sets of dishes I have been packing...and my mother-in-law has given me her gold flatware...can't wait to set the table with it.

You also honored her here also. Wonderful pink!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

The china is gorgeous! Beautiful table!


What a wonderful surprise from hubby! The china is gorgeous and you've set a stunning table! I'm also at TT, BNOTP. Lots of hugs. FABBY

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Debbie, I love everything about this post! The dishes, the flowers, the sweet husband... So beautiful! Made me smile because I just posted a "boy, have I got a great husband" post tonight, too. We are soooo lucky, aren't we?

Donna said...

Both pink tables are lovely. Lucky you to have gotten those pretty dishes. Hubby doesn't sound too bad either. :)

Tanna said...

Those are some kind of beautiful place settings!! I especially love the ones with the azaleas in the background!! blessings ~ tanna

Joan Hall said...

These are lovely. You are so creative. Me, I'm just plain Joan. :)

A Perfect Setting said...

Both tables are just beautiful! You are right, that china can definitely stand alone. It's so pretty and I love both sets of crystal. The azaleas are gorgeous, ours are all gone!! I enjoyed your post!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I'm loving the explosion of pink paired with the gold chargers...Yep, that would make me smile too!!


no spring chicken said...

As usual your tables are beautiful! I'm always in awe at the amazing collection that you have, and obviously extended family has also.

I can't believe that you didn't just hoard one of these settings for another post. I feel so gluttonous enjoying two for the price of one!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What an absolutely beautiful china pattern! Just a treasure for you, I'm sure! These are so pretty, they can very well stand on their own! I love the colorful and intricate bold pattern. You have been blessed to have these. And we re blessed because you have shared them with us!

Patti said...

Debbie, those are beautiful table settings!!! (Had to look at them on my daughter's laptop, since my computer still blocks photos uploaded through Blogger)

I love azaleas. I love gold chargers. I love crystal. And I love pink candles. Combined with all those gorgeous dishes, you set an exquisite table.

Oh, and I cook like the mother-in-law wuld be wonderful...or in my case, to cook like my daughter would be equally wonderful.

Blessings and hugs,

Dianne said...

I have never heard of this pattern and I am so glad you showed it. it is truly a beauty. The table with the azaleas is just an explosion of color and that's just they way I like it. The inside table is also beautiful, but using the azalea as a backdrop to that exquisite china was genius! Dianne

Renée said...

Oh your table is so pretty in pink, and thank Mr. Wonderful for the Stargazers. It is all so lovely together...the before and after!

The Tablescaper said...

What a gorgeous set of china! I haven't seen it before, but do so love it.

- The Tablescaper

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said... could linger at either table for a long long time. (())

Denise said...

Those dishes are some the prettiest dishes I've ever seen. I love the bold colors and little details of the bees among the flowers. And, of course, I'm such a big pink fan, too. Both tables were just lovely. Kind of neat to see the same dishes set two different ways. Great job sister.

JudyBug said...

What a gorgeous china pattern! Of course, you had me at PINK!

Marlis said...

What a lovely blessing.. The china is beyond lovely. Love the splash of color of the azaleas behind the table... also with the lilies.. Many Blessings, marlis

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

You set such lovely tables and your azaleas are amazing!

The Charm of Home said...

This is beautiful china. What a wonderful surprise for your husband to bring that home. You did a wonderful job layering the china with the chargers. It is very pretty and photogenic.LOL

elizabeth said...

Beautiful dishes and tablescape! Thanks for referring me to the All Things Home blog, I just became a follower.

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Debbie,

This is wonderful!! What terrific surprises your sweet husband brought you. I never cease to be amazed at just how many patterns of china are out there. I've never seen this Wedgewood china, but I LOVE it -- it's gorgeous! I do love pink, and I also love the whole botanical look (including the butterflies and bees). I think the English have done that well for so many years now,i.e.; the Spode "Portmeiron", which I also love. But your Wedgewood looks even dressier than the Spode.

All your other elements are wonderful as well. The first table with the azealas is just beautiful. I love the white coffee pot with gold rim; your stainless looks so elegant, and your napkin rings and pink candles are so pretty. But the second table is also beautiful. I have some brass candlesticks too, and they do come in handy. Yours are pretty with the pink candles, and your lilies are a wonderful centerpiece. It was great of your mother-in-law to share those dishes with you :)

Many hugs,


Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Debbie...

Well dear lady, let me say first of all...what a dear, sweet honey you have! They are truly "one in a million"!

Ohhh my goodness...these two pink tables are truly two of the prettiest that I've ever seen! My friend, I just gasped when I seen the first few photos...your pink azaleas are "out of this world" gorgeous and they make the perfect backdrop to this stunning table! The Wedgewood china is FABULOUS!!! What a pretty pattern!!! I think your table is perfect...right down to the little of details! Gorgeous...simply gorgeous!!! I also loved your "inside" tablescape and the pink lily centerpiece was lovely! Again...another gorgeous table! I sooo enjoyed this post, my friend!!! Thank you for sharing your pretties with us today!

I wanted to come by to thank you for your visit to my Tea Rose bedroom! Your sweet note just made my day, Darlin'!!! Thank you so much!

Warmest wishes,

FrouFrouBritches said...

I love, love, love the table by the azaleas!!! They are the MOST beautiful color of pink!!! Those napkins are GORGEOUS! I love them! Love the gold touches with the chargers and the coffee pot.

How sweet of Sir Lotsa Hair to bring you some of his mother's china. And those pretty pink lillies? He's a keeper for sure! I also love the addition of Denise's cut crystal glasses. So pretty!

Gayle said...

Loverly. Pink's my favorite color.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

In a word: Beautiful! You did a great job, and the china is so special. Love the butterflies in the pattern.

Can't believe I'm commenting right under my twin sister. How cool is that?

Anonymous said...

Both of these tables are beautiful! I love the Wedgwood china; what a beautiful pattern.

Shug said...

Well, I do declare....I had chill bumps when I read the first part of your post...How sweet, how precious, how wonderful to receive such a beautiful gift...
You girls have outdone yourself here....the pink is sooooo pretty and you have displayed everything to perfection...Goood Job!

Ms.Daisy said...

Your MIL's floral china pattern is something I have always admired and I am in awe of your ability to put together such beautiful tablescapes. Love it!


Jennie said...

Lovely as always! How nice to have Sir Lotsa Hair's side of the family in on the fun too.

I feel so behind on blog-reading...I hope you don't feel slighted. Just in case you don't go back and read comments from older posts, let me tell you here that I absolutely ADORED your ode to your parents anniversary. I do believe it was one of my favorites posts of yours ever. SO sweet. I wish I could have met your dad. My parents are pretty much opposites in every way. They'll be married 30 years this December. I think opposite works. (Believe it or not, Sam and I are pretty opposite. Despite that whole super-nerd thing.)

Definitely should have sent an email.

Just so you know - you are in my prayers! Much love!

Kelli said...

Hi Debbie! Your talent for arranging the most inspiring tablescape only gets better! What a sweet and thoughtful husband! Your love for him and his for you is something worth celebrating every day!


Hi Debbie, That outdoor PINK table is amazing. What a wonderful husband you have! What wonderful surprise gifts. You are blessed :).
Have a great weekend!
~ Julie

Crickit said...

Debbie- Beautiful pretty in pink! Your husband is a sweetheart!

Elisa said...

I loved the decor and the dishes.
I invite you to visit my blog too.

Babs said...

Love the Charnwood pattern and your beautiful table setting. Your azaleas are gorgeous. Is the light pink one George Taber? Both colors are beautiful. I love pink but almost never use it in the house... only in the yard where I use all the colors I don't use in the house. LOL pink, purple, blue. Crazy?
Lovely post,

Savannah Granny said...

What a wonderful MIL to share her treasures. Both tables were amazingly beautiful. The flowers on the china are so pretty. I absolutely love the napkins. If they turn up missing, they are in a little southern town. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Ginger:)

Marigene said...

Beautiful china. The flowers...gorgeous!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

"MAGNIFICENT"! I LOVE it with your azaleas. What a wonderful Hubby you have!!! You are right to let the pattern shine on it's own. It didn't need anything else. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the pattern!
Thank you for sharing...
Have a wonderful weekend,
Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind dinning in the pink if I had something that nice to look at. The little bee checking out the flower is very cool :-)

Antiques And Teacups said...

Charnwood is one of my favorite Wedgwood patterns, and you showcased them beautifully! Thanks for sharing.
Happy PS!

Angel said...

Your post made me smile. Everything is so perfect. Your hubby sounds like a keeper for sure. :)

Unknown said...

Over the moon breathtaking, Debbie. How beautiful your gift of china.
Have a beautiful PS weekend.

Grace said...

What gorgeous Pinks. I am so loving the tablescape. Have a wonderful weekend Grace

My name is Riet said...

What a perfect tablesetting and your china is beautiful. I didn't know this wedgwood china. So pretty. Happy pink Saturday

Anonymous said...

Oh, Debbie! This set is lovely! Every shot was delicious! At first glance I thought it was the old Moss Rose pattern (a hand-me-down set I have from mother and grandmother), but this is so rich! Thanks for visiting me at The Writer's Reverie. So you think you have a lot to say? They didn't call me Chatty Cathy for nothing. I'll have a whole feature on her and my big mouth one of these days. Meantime, I'll be following your adventures in all things good and beauty! Joy!
Miss Kathy

CAL said...

So beautiful, it made me think of a tune called 'sentimental journey' a tune from the 1940's that my Mom played often when I was a kid growing up. Here is a link if you would like to take a listen:

Both tablescapes were gorgeous and amazing.

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

You can set a table like a magazine display. Gorgeous, and I did not know the candles were not straight til you told me :)

At The Picket Fence said...

Both are just gorgeous and it makes them so much more special knowing that your hubby's sweetness was the inspiration! :-)

Sue said...

I like both tables Debbie, and love azaleas and lilies so it would be hard to choose, I think the best thing is that your husband and MIL were thinking of things to make you smile! That is so sweet!
Have a great day.
Sue said...

Beautiful, Debbie! Just beautiful! The flowers are gorgeous, too.
Praying for wonderful soaking rain to be sent your way...

xinex said...

Oh Debbie, your china set is making me smile too and it's not even mine. They are gorgeous! What pretty colors and pattern. And I love the little butterfiles and bees on them. And so sorry about your drought. Will be praying for rain for you and the pines...Christine

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Oh Debbie, what beautiful china, and how wonderful that it belonged to your mil and that she was willing to share. Your tables are both stunning. I'm with you, that china can completely stand alone, but you have complimented it beautifully on both tables. laurie

Kathleen said...

Wow! Your mother in law has definitely got good taste in china! It is Beautiful. I loved both tables but I think I like the indoors one just a teeny weeny bit more than the oudoor one.

I agree with you about that man you married, he certainly does sound like one of the best!

summerland cottage said...

Without a doubt one of the most beautiful tablescapes ever !
Thank you for sharing your treasures and talents with all of us,
truly inspiring !


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