Sunday, July 1, 2012

Land That I Love

A few weeks ago, I used some photos of the 
National Cathedral in Washington 
to illustrate a post. 

              I referenced a passage that day.

But I have this much against you. You have lost your first love...
Revelation 2:4

I said that day that these words weren't spoken 
to an individual or to a nation 
but to a church. 

I still believe that.  

On this Sunday before Independence Day, however,
 my thoughts turn to our national church.  

The national church isn't some building in Washington.  
It isn't a compelled national religion, either. 
It's the conviction that lives in the hearts of its people.   

And it, too, has lost its first love. 

It's such a sad thing to forsake your first love,
but do you know what I think is even sadder?

It's pretending that you never loved to begin with. 

Yet, that's exactly what  they preach in our national church.

We were never a nation under God,
they say.

They say it often.
They say it loudly,
and they clog the courts with sound of their noise

That still doesn't make it true,  you know. 

The founders and patriots who fought
for that freedom we boast
even the least godly among them
all seemed to understand from whom those freedoms came.

They seemed to understand the concept of just consequences, too....

Wouldn't it be nice to sing God Bless America this year, 
and have a firm conviction that we actually deserve the blessing?

Yeah, I think so too. 

That's why I pray for the heart and soul of the land that I love
and a spirit of revival in our national church.
Do you?

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.

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