Monday, June 25, 2012

Something Borrowed... Something Blue

I'm on a sand pail roll, people, 
a sand pail roll. 

In the course of one evening,
 I managed to do three more items on my
sand pail list. 

That's because for our anniversary this year, 
we decided to take a picnic.  

That's #1...

At the beach.

That's #2...

We waited until the evening to avoid the sun, the heat, and the crowds, and headed to the nearest beach.  Then, we followed our traditional pattern.

Sir Lotsa Hair carried the load...

Lady Blogalot carried the shiny red Kodak.

We cloistered ourselves near the dunes for a little more privacy.

After all,  we didn't want some 
Nosy Nellie  peeping in on our private moments.

People do that kind of thing you know...

Don't ask me how I know...

Apparently, young chicks and old hens all have the same romantic notions. We saw a total of four weddings from our hideaway that night.  The Nosy Nellie in the dunes even managed to capture three brides at once.

All wanting evidence that their marriage started out on the rocks....

If you're thinking that item # 3 was a sunset on the beach, think again. We live on the east coast, you see. The sun doesn't exactly set over the water.

Instead, we packed up and headed into Savannah 
before the blue hour. 

That's #3.

We watched as it turned blue...

And bluer 

And bluest.

Just plain awesome in my opinion...

And finally, we called it a night.

As for this sand pail review, I give picnic at the beach two thumbs up for an anniversary celebration. The Man of the House did too.  (Of course, he also liked grilled watermelon so we probably shouldn't put too much stock in the manly opinion.  I think he mainly likes the idea of a cheap date.)

So weigh in, folks.
Are you a picnic person, 
or would you rather dine inside and at a table?

Would you picnic at the beach
or would you rather not have sand in your shoes?


Barbara F. said...

I love the idea of a picnic, but at my advanced age lol and crummy knees, I'll stick with dining at the table. I would need too much assistance getting up from the ground! xo

elizabeth said...

Oh, this looks like a perfect date night! Stunning photos with your little Kodak!

Mona said...


Because your blog is so have been awarded the Sunshine Award...


Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

We love cheap, natural beauty dates at our house! I'm so glad your sweetie helped you check a few more items off your sand pail list. It looks like you had a wonderful evening. Did you end it at the Dresser Palmer House? (I think I remember that's your favorite B&B -- and I hope to visit there someday!)

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I am clapping...way to go girl!!! Your sand pail list is going well...and all those weddings, well isn't that romantic and just makes you want to renew your vows.

Way to go girl...and yes, you are on a roll, now I am getting off my__________ and work on more of my sand pail list!!

Now if there was a beach close by I would be picnic at least once a week...instead we head to the lake....blanket is the best

ellen b. said...

What fun to read and scroll through this post. Love your humor. Truth be told I'm a dining inside kind of gal. Things have to be perfect for me to enjoy the great not too hot, just a slight cool breeze, no bugs, comfy place to sit, etc. etc.

Sue said...

Fun ~ wish I lived close to a beach! I love dining outside as long as there are no bugs! You are doing a splendid job with your sand pail list.

Happy Anniversary.

SavannahGranny said...

I could have spied upon you two!
I was loving the beach setting then I thought that's Tybee Lighthouse.
You photos are gorgeous.
I guess I didn't realize so many weddings took place on the beach. My son married on the beach (north) in April. I guess June is still a busy time for weddings.
Your picnic is so romantic. Happy Anniversary!
Are you my neighbor?
Hugs, Ginger

Vee said...

I'm still grinning about your marriage on the rocks comment...okay, no, I do not enjoy picnics in the sand. I do enjoy picnics at the beach at a table. Always up off the ground a bit. I do remember the days when I enjoyed a picnic anywhere; now I am old and stuffy.

What a great evening you enjoyed! What a beautiful blue one, too.

Denise said...

Enjoyed your post.

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Debbie -- what a fabulous picnic on the beach and your blue hour photos are gorgeous. For the record, I am SOOOO a picnic person :)


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

awwwwww how romantick !!! I do love the beach but ... I prefer not to have bugs in my food or sand in my shoes. My idea of "roughing it" is a Motel 8.

Debbie said...

There was a day where a picnic on the beach just couldn't be beat in my book. We were there a couple times a week in the summertime. But these days, while I still enjoy a good picnic, it is not in the sand. Got to have a chair and a table. Doesn't have to be fancy, just not on the ground. Don't know if I could get up and down. Who am I kidding? I KNOW I couldn't. HAHA Guess if I am dreaming and picking I would go for a beautifully set table on a deck by the ocean at sunset....and on the menu? Definitely shrimp and steak. Enjoy your week. Your pics were GORGEOUS btw. HUGS

Christine said...

Picnic anytime and place but especially at the beach!
Your is picture perfect.
Love all the entertainment.

Sue said...

This is what I would call a PERFECT Anniversary Date, full to the brim with romance. I am a picnic, sand in your shoes girl! This gets a 5 star in my book! So glad you enjoyed this special night.

renee @ Singing With Birds said...

Thanks for celebrating at the beach for me. I'll take sand anywhere's the CA girl in me!

I loved your tandem post, equally yoked, not perfect but close to it! Being older and married longer, I'm proud of you and know all it takes. Can I speak for you in saying, it's brought us more happiness and families we are so grateful for?

Thanks for sharing your adorable picnic too. Young or old, it's the most romantic spot on earth for me. Here's to another year of bliss and the beach!

Kathleen said...

What a perfect way to spend an anniversary! I'm definitely a picnic rather than a dining table person. Food always tastes better to me in the fresh air.

Your photos are superb and well done with the sand pail list!

I'd love to see more of that beach. Any more photos to come?

Gayle said...

My funny, funny friend. Made me laugh again.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

What a lovely way to celebrate! No I'm not really a picnic type of person which I know is weird because I love gardening. But I'm not fond of bugs. So I would rather a restaurant. Just like I prefer hotels with room service :)

Gina said...

What a romantic picnic for your anniversary! That last picture of the blue hour is amazing!

I'd be ok with an aniversary picnic, but I can assure you 100%, my husband would never set foot on the beach for it. He hates sand!

FrouFrouBritches said...

What a wonderful anniversary date!! Sounds like the perfect date!!!

Love the pictures of the brides. So sweet!

I'd love to have a picnic on the beach with my Hubby. I'd rather have sand in my shoes than ants and snakes.

Debbiedoo's said...

Let me first say...cute sandals! Yes, I would love to picnic on the beach! What a great day Debbie. And you know I am a huge blue lover. What wonderful photos. Happy Day to you both!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Looks like you had a beautiful evening! How fun to run into the weddings, and I'm lovin' the lighthouse pic!
For me, I love eating at the kitchen table:@)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Picnics are nice, but our anniversary is in January! Kind of cold....

Your photos of the brides is sweet...everyone wants their photos at the beach!

That sky photo in Savannah is amazing!


Anne said...

Debbie, happy anniversary to you and your husband. This was the sweetest post. The pictures are spectacular. Love your humor. I was smiling and laughing throughout your post. Cheers!

Chatty Crone said...

I was wondering where the Dunes are in Georgia.

So let me say happy anniversary to you - it sounded so romantic.

It looked romantic too! And so many weddings out there.

Now for me I think when I was younger the beach would have been great - now I think I would like the restaurant nowadays. lol


Mevely317 said...

What a PERFECT spot in which to celebrate! You had me cracking up with that Nosy Nellie business. :)

I've gotta side with others -- my beach days are long gone; I'd opt for the restaurant ... with plenty of air conditioning!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Picnic on the beach? I'm in for that! Sure must be a very romantic spot!

Debbie, I LOVE the blue hour, too. Man those photos are great especially that last one!! Yea, you! blessings ~ tanna

BECKY said...

Oh Debbie! You are sooo hilarious!! Thanks so much for the laughs!! I am super tired, and it really just capped my night off!!

And I am definitely a picnic gal! Unless there is an abundance of bugs...then the party must move inside!

Thank you also for your extremely sweet comment on my blog! I am finally getting around to visiting more, so I'll pop in regularly again!

Have a fabulous week!

elizabeth said...

I'm back! The cherry clafouti is easy to make. I hope you do try it.

Denise said...

I just loved your anniversary picnic idea. Even my husband thought it sounded like a nice and different idea. Although I'm pretty sure I couldn't get him to actually dine at the beach (all that sand and all), I would in a heartbeat. It looked very romantic to me.

Your blue hour photos were amazing! That shiney red Kodak and the good Lord work well together. Great post.

Barb said...

Hi Debbie,
I used to be a picnic,sit-on-the-ground/sand person. My Hubby and I took our children on many picnics.
Now the children are middle aged and we are now it's table and chairs for us. B.B.Q-ing in the back yard is our style now.
Have a good week
Barb from Australia

corners of my life said...

Such a great romantic evening. Lucky you.

Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

I'm such the versatile person (wink, wink) that I would be comfortable doing either. I'm a sucker for picnics, and a sucker for romantic dinners at expensive restaurants. :)

Loved this post. You made me laugh out loud.

Shanee @ LivingLifeSouthernStyle said...

What a great anniversary! So glad you enjoyed a great evening. Wish I had a beach within driving distance, Wonder Hubby would be up for that cheap date anytime! Thanks for sharing.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like your sand pics...nosy nellie in the dunes:) Three brides are so pretty...even starting on the rocks

Tammy Partin Spangler said...

Picnic at the beach for me!! My husband and I are going to the beach in a couple of weeks! We'll have to have us a little romantic picnic! ~Tammy

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Debbie, I LOVE a picnic, and you sure had a beautiful one. Your spread and basket look so pretty laid out on the beach, and how fun to see all of the weddings while on your anniversary picnic. Your photos of the blue hour are spectacular. You and that little red Kodak make a great pair, and so do you and Sir Lotsahair. Belated Happy Anniversary. laurie

Sarah (Nikki) said...

Debby...I loved this. My first thought..even in the sand this girl makes an awesome made the picnic look so fun. Love your style..peeking in on the wedding. And your pictures are great. The one I loved the most is the lighthouse. You shine. Happy Anniversary to both you and the man who loves grilled watermelon.

kitty said...

Awww, happy anniversary to you!! I just posted about our 42nd anniversary. Lucky you to be able to picnic at the beach. I love that!!

elizabeth said...

Re. your comment on my post about the Sermon on the Mount. Oh, how I wish I could have been in your Bible Study on these chapters!

Judy Bigg said...

Beautiful post and perfect images. I do like a picnic but if too terribly hot, I'd be inside with the air on.

Kelley said...

Yes: picnic.

Yes: beach.

Yes: Served (not packed our own) dinner.

Yes: acoustic guitarist unseen, his music heard faintly in the background.

Yes: to anywhere, anytime with Hot Lips.

Angel said... romantic! I love your photos and the one of the shoes in the sand is just plain inspired. I do love picnics (minus the pesky insects).

Carol said...

I would rather dine al fresco. Just to be difficult!
So neither and both of the above!
Looks like it was a wonderful picnic!

Sarah said...

Totally awesome! Your photos are amazing. As for a picnic on the beach ~ adore picnics just about anywhere and love sand between my toes.
Happy Anniversary! ~ Sarah

elizabeth said...

I'm a cheater pants and am commenting here on your Sunday post...AMEN, sister!

Mary said...

Debbie~ I'm grinning from ear to ear! I LOVE your beachside picnic and you managed to do two more of my favorite things...including be Peeping Tom, oohing & ahhing at the happy couples and go to Savannah!! I always enjoy your witty banter~ love on the rocks, LOL :)

I'm a picnic gal~ love your sandals!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

LOL, marriages on the rocks. How romantic...I had know idea you were a romantic. I love picnics, but not in the sand, I always get it in my food. Happy anniversary!!


Babs said...

That is so romantic! I'd love to celebrate my anniversary that way,I'm a sand in the shoes kinda gal, but hubby isn't, so I guess we'd celebrated in Savannah...which isn't a bad idea either. Love your photos and Happy Anniversary.
PS. "Amen" to your Sunday July 1st post.


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