Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inspiration Wanted: The Sand Pail List

Even though I've heard of bucket lists, I've never actually made one.  I do play a monthly "to do" game that I yakked about HERE.  In the June issue of Better Homes and Gardens, I read a little article about making a sand pail list for the summer.  It's a list of things that you would like to do in the lazy, hazy, crazy days.

Note that...

These are things that you would like to do. It's vastly different from a list of things that you have to do or need to do. I have enough of those lists already.

Around here, our lazy, crazy days start in early May and linger right on through October. By the time our two day fall arrives, I'm generally glad to see them go.


This year, my theme color is yellow and my theme is Finding the Sunshine. This year,  I am determined to enjoy the summer in a more intentional way.

So here ya go. These are my first items on my sand pail list.
 It's still a work in progress.
I might change this post during the day, in fact.

Go to the beach

I only live about an hour from the beach, but last summer and the summer before that, I never even bothered to go. Even though I don't love the beach, I would still  like to go at least once to say that I did.

Go on a picnic

I'm talking about a real live pack-a-cute-basket-and-make-an-adventure picnic. I love them. It's just plain ridiculous that I haven't taken one in years.  I blame the south Georgia heat and bugs for it.
 I might have to take a road trip northward for this one.  

Dine alfresco for breakfast or brunch.  
This is different from taking a picnic, of course.  We rarely even eat an evening meal outside anymore, mostly due to the aforementioned heat and bugs.
 We haven't had an alfresco breakfast in about a decade.
What's up with that? 

Do some moonlighting
Gayle over at Solitary Moments recently posted a collage of moon pictures and talked about the beauty of the moon as the ultimate light that shines in the darkness.
 Now, I'm a moon kick.
I want to spend some time by the light of the silvery moon. 
 Maybe I'll take a moonlight swim. 
I said maybe...

Watch the sun rise
Watch the sun set
Chase down the blue hour 
all with a shiny red Kodak. 
(Perpetual list item...)

Ride a bike.
This will involve fixing our tandem bike or getting new ones, but I'd still like to do it. 
Ideally, I'd like to drag Sir Lotsa Hair along with me, but I'll take a Farm Sister or Whimsical Daughter if I need to. In my head, this is not a solo adventure.

Pick some peaches.
This is Georgia, and I just think a person who lives in Georgia ought to pick peaches. 
I've never picked peaches before so I'm putting it on the list.  

Grill watermelon.
I saw that in the same magazine and want to try it. Peach picking Georgia people
ought to know how to grill  watermelon. 

Explore our local walking trail
We have one that meanders from one side of town to the other. I probably paid for it in taxes so I think I ought to at least enjoy it. It starts by a thrift store
and ends by a coffee shop.
If that doesn't inspire me, nothing will.   

Craft some sand pails.
I'd like to see how many cheap crafty things I can do with those dollar tree sand pails. 
So far, I made a centerpiece.
I'm on a roll...

And that's all I have for now.
I'm open to inspiration and suggestion since I'm nothing if not a copy cat. 
So tell me, what kinds of things would you put in your sand pail? 

Sharing my sand pail centerpiece
 at Let's Dish with Cuisine Kathleen


ellen b. said...

I like the idea of a sand pail list! Your table looks so fresh!

Gaby said...

Your list seems very doable. I hope you get most of it done. I saw the thing about grilling watermelon as well (Reader's Digest?) and I want to try it as well. Tell me how it tastes.

Sue said...

I love the idea of a sand pail list and I am going to copy you for sure. One thing that's always on my list is read more books. The pile is getting bigger and I am getting older. As for the rest, I am going to have to think about it.
Thanks as always for the inspiration.

http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com/ said...

Love the sand pail list! It is inspiring me this morning. Those Dollar Tree sandpails work for everything! I've used the tin ones too, for birthdays, sticking sandy bars with hot glue to a skewer and fill the bucket with candy bars sticking out like flowers, then fill in with Dollar Tree flowers and leaves. It makes a great gift.

The beach would be a no brainer for me, I'm still a California girl at heart so I grew up on beaches. Peaches is a new thing.... went to a local peach farm last week and bought a bunch of them. Next time I'll try to pick them myself, berries too.

I think youre on to something here! :)

Janettessage.blogspot.com said...

I am laughing because I was writing my own list for a post for the summer...I love your sand pail list, many are the same for me...oh I wished I lived that close to the beach I would be there everyday, I need that refreshment.

Out door concerts are on my list...visiting art museums...anything that inspires me ..that is my goal this summer..and taking my little one with me to inspire him

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

I would go to the beach if I lived that close (maybe)...Your aforementioned heat and bugs made me laugh...I would like to try grilled watermelon too. My pail list is to go to beach this summer

Vee said...

Cute idea...I even have a yellow bucket. Many of the things you have on your list would be on mine as well. One thing that wouldn't be is that biking thing. ☺

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

oooh yes everything you said AND lingering in bed just a little longer to listen to the birds sing,
sitting on the front porch (it's screened in yay!) and just rocking and relaxing.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Sounds like my kind of sand pail list. I've even managed to do a couple of those things lately.

Wonderful post!

Denise said...

I'm so liking your list I think I'll start one myself. I would walk your trail with you and take the bike ride as well. Actually, I'd participate in any of your sand pail items if you wanted. I don't care if I actually pick the peaches but I'd sure love to have some to eat and can. How about blueberry picking? We used to try that every summer. Don't they mature in June too?

So nice of you to create a list for me! Great inspiration!

Ann said...

I like the idea of a "want to do" list for summer! Great idea!
Now, for the pails...when I decorated the kid's bathroom in an underwater theme eons ago, I used different colored pails to hold rolled fingertip towels, son's toothbrush, toothpaste and hand towel, daughter's hair stuff (curling iron, hair product and hair brush. I also used the handle to slip a hand towel through.
I could see them used as flower pots, sea shell containers, filling with fruit, magazine bins (ok, these would have to be bigger pails...I'm stretching here...). Anyway, just a few ideas.

Renée said...

The beach, "an hour away?" Come on Debbie, you're killing me! I'd be going once a week...shoot for monthly, please. Also, if you're seeking sunshine, I moved to the banana-belt of Idaho and we are surrounded by the most incredible vacation lands. You and the whole gang are always welcome here.

S T R E T C H !!!!

Renée said...

PS...loving the pail and your tabletop ideas. I saw some really fun patriotic ones at Target and I'm going to copy you....

think about it, breakfast in bed with grazed doughnut muffins on a stick...just saying...

Barbara F. said...

I think your list is perfect, I would have those same items, although this Northern girl has picked peaches....and plums and apples. ;-)
I want to be outside more, taking a stroll around my little development, enjoying a sunset, sunrise... xo

Debbie said...

Good morning! I love the idea of a "sand bucket" list! haha I need one too. But I have a feeling this particular summer in my life will be FULL of must do items...BUT! the beach is just a must. How I love it there. I could sit for hours and soak it all up. I think I might need a trip to the mountains too. The sound of the breeze through the pine trees is calling me....Have a good day Debbie!

Anonymous said...

I just read that article in BHG this morning! And I, too, read Gayle's post.
I would like to actually take a picnic and eat it somewhere beautiful.
I would like to start taking early morning walks again.

elizabeth said...

We have the excuse of rain here, not heat and bugs.
The Hubs and I both have old fashioned cruiser bikes ala Walmart, and while our grown children make fun of our "geekiness", (mine even has a basket), it's really been fun to go on a ride together on our day off. We have a great biking trail just blocks from our house.
I also want to have breakfast or brunch outside...we do dinner quite a bit.
Lastly, what's up with not lovin' the beach? And here I thought we were kindred spirits! :)

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

If you head north to TN for your anniversary (where it's cooler), you can pack a pretty picnic basket, dine alfresco while watching the sun set, and take a private and quiet moonlight stroll in the woods where I took your tablescape challenge. It's definitely the perfect place to check several items off of your sand pail list! I'll take you there myself. (And did I mention I'm having a "Come And Get It!" sale that weekend. LOL Just think of all the fun you could get into ...)

At The Picket Fence said...

Fantastic list Debbie! You know what is interesting? I have a list of things we want to do with our kids this summer but it never crossed my mind to make one of things that I would like to do...just for me...and not the "need to do" things. I guess it is just my season of life but I'm thinking I need to make my own "sand pail" list even if it is just a short one. Thanks for the inspiration! :-)

Sooner Laura said...

What a wonderful list! I so enjoy your blog I know that if I was nearby we could have a grand time together. I would love to come along and do those things with you. I love the sand pail list, I have way too many work to do lists of my own. We try to complete all major projects (especially outdoor projects) before June and then take a long break in the summer. This year that didn't work out. Ooopps! I foresee some sweating in my future.

Sooner Laura said...

I'm putting a link to this post on my Facebook page too!

Lynn said...

Fun list! I think you should definitely pick some peaches! Maybe make some jam with them too-just sayin... I hope to learn to cook better on the grill and I've been thinking about getting the bike tuned up myself:@)

Knitty said...

Put some ice in that bucket, add your favorite bottled drink and kick back! Lol!

The sand pail list is a good idea. I am in the minority when it comes to eating outside. I'll do it to be sociable when someone else chooses to dine outside, either picnicking, at a restaurant that offers outdoor seating, and of course family and friend's parties that are primarily held outside, but eating outdoors really isn't my preference.

Maybe I was dropped on my head at a picnic as a small child....;-)

no spring chicken said...

Now this is the kind of list I can handle. Especially the path from the thrift store to the coffee shop. If I lived close we'd get skinny this summer... of course we would have to be careful to order no whip!

Blessings, Debbie

Chatty Crone said...

What a nice sand pail list. It really makes one think. I loved yours. The beach - picking peaches - picnics - eating in an early morning. Sounds like you are truly trying to live and experience life. Sounds nice. Love, sandie

Chatty Crone said...

What a nice sand pail list. It really makes one think. I loved yours. The beach - picking peaches - picnics - eating in an early morning. Sounds like you are truly trying to live and experience life. Sounds nice. Love, sandie

Tanna said...

Debbie, I love your sand pail list!! I often think of how many wonderful "local" things there are to do and it seems that we never do them. We do things when we travel... but, not near. Why do you reckon that is? Grass is always greener? Great post, Debbie! I'll be mulling this one over awhile. I look forward to enjoying your checking things off your list!! blessings ~ tanna

Gina said...

Your sandpail list is looking like a wonderful recipe for a great summer! I think I need to make a sandpail list too.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh cripes your summers are as hot as are's are here in Orlando, I think we should make fall lists when we don't melt going outside...but suit yourself LOL! I am going to try to make it to the beach


Barbara Neubeck said...

I like the idea of a sand pail list for Summer.
Mine would have to include lazy outdoor meals and iced tea. I'll give this more thought and write my list in my computer book.
Have a nice week
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Mary said...

Debbie~ I love your Sand Pail List! Grilling watermelon, picking peaches, and alfresco brunch sound like the perfect summer activities to me! What an ADORABLE embellished sand pail centerpiece! I have a thing for green with black & white :)

Debbiedoos said...

I can DO this one! I too have never made a "bucket list" because I know I would not follow through on it. Your table is adorable Debbie,and the sand bucket is a really cute idea.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a cute list! I think I would like a 'sand pail' list for summer also!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I love your sand pail list. We all need to put a little more fun in our summers. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Marlis said...

Wonderful Idea. I love all your items on the list. I think this summer, my list is going to be, make it through one day at a time. We used to eat outside, but the last two summers have been soo danged hot, i don't even want to put my toes outside. Oh I think I want to add fly fishing in Colorado. Yep, if i get to do that, that would make my summer. Thanks for your thought provoking post. Have a great week, xo marlis

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Wow, this post is really making me think about what is wrong with the way I am running my life. I have lists galore--even lists of things I need to make lists of--yes, that't true. But none of my lists are things I myself want to do use for me!!! I am going to give this some serious thought. I'm thinking ... massage ... sleeping under the stars staring into the sky like I did when I was a kid ... a NYC museum ... yes, this is easy! One suggestion on your list: start at the coffee shop to get your strength up, and end at the thrift shop. You don't want to have to carry all the goodies on your walk! Have a wonderful week. Linda

Denise said...

Great idea.

bj said...

awww, girlfriend, this list is just delightful. I want to do some of those things, too...beach is OUT as we live on the plains of West Texas but...I have other things to list. Good post fodder.:)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wow..loved this. Made me think. We live right between the Ocean and the Mountains..and seldom to to either..but this year will be different! How? Gotta think about that one. Sand pails..hmmmm...

Sharon said...

I love your sand pail.

OK, here's my list for summer:

Find a way to get internet.

Do not get bit by a rattlesnake (yes, our painter found two in our yard last week)

Finish moving, collapse.

Get some un-PC tan on my poor white body.

Things from your list that I'm going to add to mine?

Picnic sounds great.
Watch the moon come up over my new mountain view.
Grill watermelon? Really?!
And yes, there are many new hiking trails by the new house - explore indeed!

Please promise to blog about the other (ad)ventures you have in mind. And I can't wait to see all the cute pails you're going to make - I smell decoupage.

corners of my life said...

I would add - setting aside a time every day to read. I love to read but in the busyness of my days it sometimes gets overlooked.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a wonderful list! I bet you will come up with great ways to display sand pails.

Diane said...

What a great idea to actually plan adventures for yourself!! I love the idea of picking peaches - I have not done that, since I was a child. I took my grandchildren to Lane Packing in Fort Valley yesterday (disastrous trip - I do not care to elaborate - lol!), but I plan to return by myself. I have been on other occasions, but I have not taken the tour, yet. Maybe, they would let us "pick".

Unknown said...

Such a cute idea! I hope you get to the beach this year!!

Scribbler said...

This sounds like a great idea, that sand pail list. Maybe you ought to make a blog party out of it sometime this summer!

Mevely317 said...

How cute! "Sand-pail" sounds so much nicer than "bucket", doesn't it?

The sunrise/sunset mention made me think of what a co-worker (in Florida) did as a romantic gesture for his wife's birthday: The night before, they drove to the east coast and booked a balcony room overlooking the ocean ... saluting the sunrise w/ champagne. Later that day, he timed their return (west coast) to coincide with the setting sun ... canapes and adult beverages on sand overlooking the GULF. (Awwwww....)

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

That sand pail centerpiece is adorable! I blame it all on mosquitos. Unless the sun is blaring down on us (guess mosquitos are too smart to get out in that heat), we can't go outside, because we are attacked by them! laurie

Kathleen said...

I ove that sand pail you created, just adorable!

I can walk to the beach, and I should go everyday. I have to be careful of the sun, so I sit on the pavilion unless the gkids are here. Then I have to be close to the water so I can acknowledge all the "Look, Nana's!"

Does bringing lunch down to the beach qualify as a picnic?
Oh wait, we have summer concerts here in the park on Wed evenings, and we bring a simple dinner. That counts!
I hope you get to do many of the things on your list.
I admit, when it is too hot, and even here at the beach it sometimes is, I head for the air conditioning!

Thanks for linking to Let's Dish, you are a dear!

Marigene said...

Cute table, love the sand pail.

FrouFrouBritches said...

Great list! I love the picnic idea and the dining al fresco. Sounds wonderful!!! We don't do it often - also because of the bugs. ICK!


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