Wednesday, January 13, 2010

101 in 101

So here it is, in all its glory. After my week of shut down and inventory control, I made my list of things to simply deal with in the next 101 weeks. It was fairly easy to make a list. After my inventory adventure, I had pages and pages of ideas. What wasn’t so easy was editing the list to a mere 101 items. I could probably have listed 1,001 things in less time than it took to make the edit. But edit I did. Then, manic lister that I am, I felt the need to divide and conquer… to categorize and sublist… well, of course . I have divided my 101 items into 10 categories. (Because 10 is a nice, round number) Basically, my categories represent the reason that said item has been living a sad little shelf  life…unused, neglected, forgotten, or broken.

I’ll address the categories at a later time. For now, I’ll just commit the plan in its entirety to cyberspace. Based on my calculations on the day the list was complete, my Day Zero is

December 18, 2011.

When I realized that Day Zero fell just a week shy of Christmas, I admit to being sorely tempted to just put off starting until a more convenient date. But since that pesky little putting off is what got the items on the list to begin with, I will take a deep breath and stand firm.

I think

101 Things to either USE or repair, refinish,recycle, repurpose, retail, or retire in 101 Weeks

Because it will be beautiful once I…

1. Toy chest in den
2. Drop down desk in attic  Woohoo! Mabel got her groove back!
3. Side board in garage -currently working on it
4. Dining table at White Hill
5. China cabinet at White Hill
6. Side board at White Hill
7. Dining room chairs White Hill- waiting on seats
8. Old nightstand in attic
9. My green vanity table
10. Ottoman in attic
11. Iron/brass vanity stool
12. Cricket chair
13. Free Standing Oval Mirror finished after deadline...

Because I saved from the jaws of certain death…

14. Inserts/panes for windows
15. Huge,  plexus glass/skylight
16. Railing thingies
17. Old Storm door : I've OFFERED it to the newlyweds...
18.Old French Doors
19. Empty little orphan drawers from blue/green dresser
20. Windows in attic -  three down; one to go!!
21. Old paper napkins that I feel the need to save. Now that's just hoarding!
22. Old magazine “collection” (see above)
23. Box of old wallpaper
24. Primitive picture frame in upstairs closet
25. Mirror in upstairs closet
26. Old curtains (Just hopin' the 80s come back in style?)
27.The notorious shoe box   collection under the eaves. The valentine box days are long over, Debbie, really...
28. Old shutters with fabric inserts
29. Plaster sconces - two to go

Because I just had to have it… but I don’t use it like I should...
30. Iron plant rings 3 down so I'm counting it after deadline
31. Lawn lantern and post
32. Mailbox
33. Silver and glass coffee server
34. Tandem bicycle - moved to a different storage so I'm counting it
35. Bell collection
36. Butter spreader collection
37. White monogrammed tea towels
38. Blue Denby glasses
39. Kilke coffee pot
40. My sterling flatware
41. Those red plates that I just had to buy 
42. The green plaid mugs AND their matching plates
43. Shenandoah china
44. Moonspun crystal
45. Pasta maker
46. Electric vegetable steamer
47. Soup tureen- actually use it for soup
48. Teapot
49. Piece of carpet and padding in attic
50. My gift cardsworking on them so I'm counting this as complete
51. Silver tea service
52. Claudia stemware
53. White “ruffled” casserole dish
54. Skirt pattern… which will be out of style if I don’t make use of it!
55. Every decorative flag    
56. Engraved door knocker
57. Tiered cup and saucer stand
58. New door bell Can't figure out the doggone thing!
59. Porch lights

Because the minute I get rid of it… I just know I’ll need it
60. Extra TV
61. Filing cabinet in attic
62. Custom made desk organizer
63. My OLD crock pot
64. Teacher stuff (5 boxes… one full of border alone)
65. 2 fish bowls
66. Small TV with VCR (Not even DVD) attachment
67.Large brass planters (2)
68. Big gold basket under skirted table in living room
69. Random make-up, canvas, and computer bag collection
70..Fabric in attic and eaves - made a big dent!
71. My (old) sewing machine
72. Coolers: 3 large, 3 small, 3 thermos styled, 1 soft
73. Wall mounted television apparatus
74. Decorative baskets under the eave -
75. Box of unused picture frames

Because it might be worth something…
76. Roseville vases
77. Fire alarms
78. Rainbow vacuum
79. (Non sentimental) old books from attic
80. (Non sentimental) books from trunk in den
81. Old electronics in attic... making progress...

Because of an odd sentimental attachment to an inanimate object…
82. Umpteen old school projects and dioramas
83.The matching sister dresses - making progress... making progress...
84.Maternity clothes
85. Girls’ outgrown shoes
86. The Ballet Box -good grief, I tried! 
87. Bottles of wine from Germany
88. Beige Wool cape that I wore when I was expecting…22 years ago
89. My set of world book encyclopedias
90. The needlepoint tablecloths made by my grandmother

Because I paid good money for that…
91. 35mm camera

Because it doesn't belong to me anyway…
92. Box of borrowed books
93. The Hummel plate gift for my sister from Germany
94. The baby gifts that I keep forgetting to deliver. 

Because I don’t abide by the one in/one out rule…
* Here, I will commit to wear/use all of the following at least once in 101 days or OUT they go. I know, well, of course .
95. Every nightgown  (... and this would include those which are a quarter of a century old...)
96. Every piece of jewelry from my jewelry box
97. Every cookbook on my shelf
98. Every Christmas ornament/decoration. All. Every single one.(see #95)
99. Every pillow/cover for front porch -
100. Every decorative wreath for my front door-

And finally in a class all its own... Just because...
101. The playhouse.   No, I will not play in it, although the thought is tempting. I will repurpose it for a better use than its current role as Catchall Cottage.


Jennie said...

Have you really already USED or repaired, refinished, recycled, repurposed, retailed, or retired all of the jewelry in your jewelry box? I'm impressed!

(And see, I bet you thought no one was checking up on you!)

Debbie said...

I did, Jennie.

Of course, last week Sharon your MIL invited me to a jewelry party.

Now, I have more. I should have no problem wearing them though. Hopefully...

Denise said...

Checking on your list...maybe you will get rid of some of list with your yard sale. Good luck!

Have you updated this recently? Just wondering.

Carol said...

I wish we lived closer...there are several items on your list I would love to own....BTW....I also have a 35mm far, no takers. Everyone has gone to digital.

Denise said...

Checking here because of Mabel. Well, or course. As of today you have 35 items still to complete. I KNOW you're working on a number of these. Do you still want the porch lights? Couldn't MDB replace them if you do? I'd be happy to come help with some of these. Just let me know when...


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