Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rhymes With Orange

I guess it's because of my years in the classroom, but I find that, for me, deciding some sort of theme at the beginning of anything gives me direction, creativity, and organization. If you pick a theme, the abstracts become so much more concrete. Decisions are so much easier to make. Life, in general, is just a little more fun.  So, I've decided on a theme color for 2010. The theme color  is.... orange.

I love the color orange.  I love every hue of it, from peach to melon to tangerine to (my personal favorite) terra cotta. Orange is a happy color. It's a step out of the box color. Not everyone likes orange. Not everyone can wear orange. It's sort of the oddball of the color wheel. It makes pefrect sense that I would like it. I'm sort of the oddball in the color wheel of life.

So orange is my theme color for 2010.  To  start the year, I made a Happy New Year basket of goodies for my mom. Nothing fancy, just some orangey stuff all stuck together with orangey decorations.

I bought some oranges, orange juice, and orange marmalade. Mom loves  peanut butter and marmalade sandwiches on raison bread. I made a tangelo pomander and wrapped it in yellow netting to match Mom's yellow kichen. I tied it with a little orange, of course. It bursts with the fragrance of citrus mixed with clove. I love that smell.  I really need to make one for my own kitchen next.

I tried a new recipe for Cream Cheese Orange Bread. Absolutely yummy. It's a keeper.  All in all, a simple but fun way to start the new year.  I think this theme color thing could be really fun.


Note to self: ORANGE does not photograph so well. 
Oh well, neither do I.

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