Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Goldenrod and Muscadines?

If you have ever been in south Georgia in September, you’ll understand the challenge for this week’s tablescape.  We wanted to do a tablescape to celebrate the season. Unfortunately, it still feels like summer here. Our temperatures have yet to commit to anything below 92 degrees.
It’s hot
and dry
and colorless.

So the sister decided that since the only colorful thing growing around here was goldenrod, we should let it inspire a table. Yes, we realize that’s a weed, but desperate times call for desperate measures. A goldenrod table it is.

We started with a colorful tablecloth 

And we scoured our houses for dishes to match

We set it up on the gate leg table in the Duchess's living room.

Since the sister was the one who wanted to use that goldenrod, she was the one who had to traipse into the field to get it. We stuck it in some vintage Belgian pottery which belonged to my great- grandmother. This is the first thing that we've used from this side of the family.

Aside from the goldenrod, about the only other thing in season here would be muscadine grapes. The muscadines in our centerpiece were picked at the local vineyard.

We didn't do the picking, however. These were a gift from a local politician. We're not that fond of the taste of them so we voted to stick them in our south Georgia tablescape instead.

Now, I'm sort of a remedial clocher, but according to Marty at A Stroll Through Life, anything stuck under a dome is cloche enough

So we whipped the dome off of an anniversary clock
and cloched it up with some muscadines.

And just for good measure, we stuck some fruit under a cheese dome to go along with it.  In full disclosure, that's faux fruit under there.  I guess if the guests can be invisible,  the fruit can be faux.

The pears on the plates are the real deal, though.

My sister found those funky green chargers
at Hobby Lobby this year
and has been waiting for a chance to use them.

Everything else was scrounged up from our their houses. 

I was practically no help at all.
These napkins were my sole contribution.
I got them this season, at Walmart, to use for the family. 
I did dink around with the folding, though. 
And I named it.

The peekaboo pattern fold

I also suggested some dried orange tipped roses
 that I had hoarded.

They didn't make the cut.

Because weeds and faux fruit are art, but dried up flowers...
well, that's just tacky.

Random pictures for no reason...

With candlelight because I think it's kind of pretty that way.

So there you have it.

South Georgia in September.

Maybe next time,
along with our pretend people
 and pretend menu,
we'll pretend it's autumn, too.  

Sharing this with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch


Karen said...

Oh,how I enjoyed reading and looking. I'm not one to "sit the table" when no one is coming~but, I really enjoyed seeing the things you put together. Just hope everyone can handle the goldenrods without getting the nose stirred up!
Thanks for sharing.

Vanessa said...

Well, I confess that I too know that Goldenrod is a weed but I've always loved it! We have A LOT of it here in the NW too. I love those green chargers too and if I didn't like you so much I would be VERY jealous that you and YOUR sister get to do these things together. I have to do it by osmosis with mine! :-) Beautiful job and I hope you get cooler weather soon. It is 75 and partly cloudy here in Oregon and I'm lovin' it!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

This looks great, I'm lovin' the goldenrod (but I don't have allergies)! The colors are very fallish, and those grapes under the cloche are a neat idea! Cool chargers too:@)

Gayle said...

I laughed my rear off (as usual) at your tablescape story. It's always worth my time to drop in and take a gander.

I must say, the goldenrod made a very warm, cozy, inviting table, and I'm picturing myself sitting there with those invisible people.

Maybe I've been under a rock somewhere, but I've never seen a "gate leg" table. Love it!

Thanks for making me laugh. :-)

FrouFrouBritches said...

I love, love, love homemade muscadine jelly, but I've never actually seen a muscadine. I had no idea they were so big! The table is just beautiful. I'm so afraid that if y'all ever happen to drop by my house for a meal next time your in Arkansas, you will be sadly disappointed in my table. Y'all's stuff is so pretty. Love the green chargers and the faux fruit under the cloche (you're too funny by the way). Y'all managed to make it look like fall even though it is still summer outside.

Style Sisters said...

Those grapes look amazing under the cloche! I have never heard of them before. You really pulled together a beautiful fall tablescape. If I weren't allergic to the goldenrod I would totally use it in a looks so good! FAbulous ideas. Come link up to Centerpiece Wed.


Sharon Kirby said...

OOOOOHHHH...How I ADORE your tablescapes!! I just love all the colors and textures. :)

OK, my comments:
1) Goldenrod - a nice touch, but I'm afraid whatever you were serving for a beverage would have had to have a Benadryl chaser - highly allergic, here...
2) Gate leg TABLE, right? Not a comment on anyone's gate "legs" right?! Oh gosh, did I say that out loud?
3) Are muscadine grapes considered a political bribe down there?
4) I must have been defining "cloche" wrong - I thought it was something you said when the invisible people invaded your personal space at the table - ie..."Scoot over, you're sitting too "cloche" to me."
5) Hobby Lobby sounds like my kind of place!
6) Loved the napkin treatment. You must have gotten an "A" in your origami class.
7) Personally, I liked the orange-tipped roses. Hmmm...maybe if you had "cloched" them...or found a way to decoupage them...I'm just sayin'...

South Georgia in September...PRICELESS!!



Those fall colors make me think. Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and of course that means turkey and all the trimmings! Yummy!! :-)

Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

I loved your account of how this table came to be! Very entertaining! The joint effort paid off, as this table is fabulous and definitely shouts fall. Now, I DO love muscadines and scuppernongs, too. I need to look for some at the farmers' market this weekend. Wonderful napkin fold! Are you going to teach us how?

Celly B said...

The colors of your tablescape are so lush and rich; you've really captured the best of the last days of summer! I will be heading to Wal-Mart very soon to look for those napkins! Thanks for sharing!

bj said...

A beautiful fall table..I love everything you've done here..
It is still so HOT here in West Texas that I am not even THINKING of fall..maybe in another couple of weeks..
Great job..

Beth said...

This is so colorful and pretty! Love the tablecloth, and the layering of the dinnerware plus the pears. Nicely done!
Blessings, Beth

Sarah said...

Ditto what BJ said. Too hot here to think about fall yet. But your table is a beauty. The goldenrod is perfect for fall, but it's sure to bring on some sneezes. ;-)
I enjoyed your dialog of how this one came together, and I'm envious that you and your sisters do these tables together. I wish my sister lived close enough for us to play in the dishes together.

Cabin and Cottage said...

Muskawha? Well you pulled it all together nicely! Love these colors!

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

The table is beautiful. I am ready for Fall now.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Well I think your contribution of napkin folding was definitely something to be proud of! I am trying to do table with patterned tablecloths but I can't seem to get it right--just looks messy. But yours is just right--cozy and welcoming. Love it. Linda

The Polka Dot Closet said...

WOW, what a great job, no way does it looked like using what you have. I am in Florida and your right, still summer her and it is so hard to get in the swing of fall! Thank you for stopping and have fun chipping off porcelain roses.


food for thought said...

love your colors!

Mimi said...

I think the way your table came together is cute. The table looks like, love, love those green chargers. I hadn't thought to use the dome off a clock as a cloche...I love it when I pick up ideas from all you clever bloggers!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Love the colors of fall -- you've put this together beautifully -- I know what you mean about ....looks like fall....feels like summer!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay Debbie - I too loved your table scape - but when I see golden rod and I see a lot of it - I feel itchy eyes and I sneeze! lol


Anita said...

Well I've used goldenrod for the last three tables, and cut some today for one I'm doing now, lol!! I really liked the roses too! But I just can't stop laughing long enough to tell you that I love the rest of the table too! It's all art, lol!

shannon i olson said...

Just beautiful!! fun to combine the cloche and tablescape isn't it! Love the colors you used.

Marlis said...

Okay this now has elevated Goldenrod to a regal status. Your table came together quite beautifully. It's stunning.

Jacqueline said...

What a fun fall table. I love the wild flowers, they perfectly complement the table. The pears on the plates are great. That bottom green plate is just wonderful. These colors are really fun and inviting.

Pam @ diy Design Fanatic said...

What a pretty table!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Fun fall table... and I prefer to think of Goldenrod as a perennial. An easy-care perennial. Actually you can buy it around here in pots!
Don't you just love serving invisible friends?

Amy Kinser said...

I think it looks wonderful. Ya'll are doing a great job with your tables and it sounds like ya'll have so much fun. That's the best part!

xinex said...

Weed or not, I htink the goldenrods are very pretty and looks very good on the table. Your tablescape is really pretty and I love the fruits in the cloches...Christine

sweet violets said...

This is my first visit here, and I have to say you are absolutely wonderful!!! I love your yakking and I'm gonna yak back!!! The table is delightful, love the cloth and the setting....even the weeds!!! You two sound like my sis and me......we are constantly at HObby Lobby and TJMAXX....and we feed off one another, she forces me to spend lots of money....and where to put all these goods??? My mom and aunt were the same, as I mentioned on my blog......getting together with the cousins this weekend, and that's always the biggest topic of the two of them shopped together and always bought matching sets of cute they were!!! Wonder if our kids will think we are cute.....not......hugs...Cleo

Dayle said...

You gals are just mega talented when it comes to the tablescaping business. I mean, seriously. Goldenrod--weed or not--has always been one of my favorites. I love it as a filler in bouquets, too. And, girl, send me those muscadines! I adore muscadines and can't find them here. :(

Jeanne said...

The table looks great! The next time you want to use goldenrod at your table just call it solidago (the latin name). That's the name we sell the stuff by,I work in a floral department and we sell the stuff most of the year, but at this time of year we can't keep it in stock.

Carol at Serendipity said...

Beautiful table. The legs on the table are wonderful. I love the goldenrod. Whole thing just works.


Anonymous said...

I love everything - especially the tablecloth!

Sherry said...

Your table is gorgeous!! I love everything. I always like it when the goldenrod blooms. They are selling it at our local Lowes as a native plant! LOL I so love your comment about being a "remedial clocher". LOL.. That was so cute. I don't own a cloche so I am less than remedial. That is so funny because I gave 2 cloches away for CMas last year and here I am clochless.:)

Laura said...

I don't have goldenrod where I live (South Texas), so I had no idea-
Your tablescape is lovely, and I am now a new follower!
I linked to the same party-

White Spray Paint

Denise said...

I didn't really think about the possibility that some people might be allergic to goldenrod when I picked it as a centerpiece. I guess because no one is our family is...? Anyway, despite the technical difficulties you overcame to share this post, I think the color was great. We'll get better at finding the right spot. (I hope). Thanks for all your hard work. Hugs

Connie said...

I live in south Ga. too and every year I'm out getting the "ditch flowers" goldenrod, purple tops and black-eyed susans. They're free and fun. Your post was so entertaining and really pretty. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

HEY,we do have the same tableclothe,did you get yours at Big Lots? this tablescape,love goldenrod,it is a sure sign of FALL.

Jonell said...

My Kind of DECORATING..gatering what's available even from the pastures and roadsides-GOLDENROD IS WONDERFUL..great mix of color..AND DID I SEE SOMETHING ABOUT SOUTH GEORGIA? THAT'S MY ROOTS..Pierce/Bacon County~Patterson High School Class of 59.

Barbara said...

Oh, you made me smile! I enjoyed each word and picture. I would have never thought to use goldenrod but it works and you certainly found some gorgeous dishes. That tablecloth just ties it all together. I absolutely love those big green chargers (plates?). The color and design is so wonderful. We're hoping for cool soon too!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Well, you have certainly been very successful at creating a "Faux Fall" (hee, hee) tablescape in the midst of your 90 degree weather! Very creative elements you've used to make us feel like it is at least October in your neck of the woods!
Have a beautiful day~
;-D Kathleen

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

What a pretty table and what fun commentary! I love the use of weeds for a centerpiece. The Goldenrod looks beautiful spraying out of that slender vase. I think your peek-a-boo napkin fold will become a blog sensation. We'll be seeing them everywhere! I love visitig this blog! laurie

Entertaining Women said...

Oh my! I passed on the green chargers at Hobby Lobby in favor of the new bronze/brown ones, but now I may have to go buy the green ones, too. They are absolutely gorgeous with the red and gold tones that you have used in your tablescape. I REALLY like this table. It is so full of energy. I love that you used your grandmother's vase as the centerpiece. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

Miss Merry said...

First, what a lovely gate leg table. Gorgeous. And what a fun table! The colors are so bright and cheery - and it does look like the start of fall. It sounds like you guys had a great time putting the table together.

Kathleen said...

Love all the rich colors you used, it looks beautiful! The tablecloth is wonderful. Not Fall yet here, maybe next week!

Sailing Simply said...

Such a gorgeous setting! Very fallish! First off the pears look so delicious! Love the fruit in the tall cloche. Your weed centerpiece and faux fruit are sooo not tacky! LOL! I also adore your tablecloth and embroidered napkins. I love all the wonderful fall colors you used in this setting too.

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

The three of you never cease to amaze me! Your table is sensational and it feels like Fall with cool weather! It is so terrific that all of you can pool what you have and come up with mighty fine results. Your cloches look fabulous!

I'm a sporadic follower, up to my neck in being a campus queen, and laden with homework assignments. Hugs all around to each of you!

CAL said...

There is something about a plaid tablecloth that just oozes comfort and warmth. The color palatte was gorgeous, picking up the greens and golds was a stroke of genius (cools it down and yet retains the warmth). Love it Deb!!

Texas Tea Party said...

What a darling idea to use the goldenrod and muscadines. The tablecloth makes the table sing with fall colors and so pretty to coordinate with your centerpiece. Happy thinking of Fall!


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