Friday, September 3, 2010

Kicking Summer in the Can

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the comments on my treasure box post. I truly loved them. Upon reading them, however, I learned something. Apparently, favorite friends come to my corner of blogland to either laugh – or cry.

Who knew? And here I thought it was for the recipes.

So which will it be today? You’ll have to be the judge, because today, we’re in the kitchen. Well, kind of...

You see, Gnee at Singing with the Birds is co- hosting a So Long Summer BBQ, and I wanted to join. Unfortunately, guests are expected to bring along a little something for the table. I checked the list, and "Pickles and Olives on a Pre-Divided Platter" was already taken. Oh well...

I decided to bring
Ice Cream in a Can

I saw this recipe years ago, and have always wanted to try it. I think if we had little boys around, I would have done so by now. I considered making some kind of adventurous flavor, but I chose instead to find the simplest vanilla recipe that I could find because, well, you know…

But I named it.
Milli Vanilli Ice Cream in a Can

Here's all you need:

* Wash two coffee cans, one large, and one small.
* Chill the cans in the freezer for at least an hour
* Mix the ingredients in the smaller can.

1 cup half and half
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla.

* Seal the lid with duct tape.
 (I forgot the Duct tape, but my coffee can had a really tight seal, so…)

*Place the smaller can inside the larger one and fill the sides with a combination of
ice and rock salt.

* Kick the can for 15 minutes.

As you know, we have a sad shortage of children around this place so we had to do the kicking ourselves. We chose appropriate shoes.

Here’s the sister in her flip flops…

And that’s the nephew-in-law in his cowboy boots…

And his lovely wife, the banker, straight from work
 in her peep toe pumps….

My shoes were sensible because I got the memo.
That’s my toe.

We kicked that can for 15 minutes in the Georgia heat while The Duchess stood in the air conditioning and timed us. Then, we checked the progress.

We found frothy white stuff.

So, next…

* Empty the now liquid slush of ice and salt and replace with fresh salt and ice.
* Kick the can some more. (I hadn’t mentioned this second act during kicker recruitment.)
* And Ta Da! You have ice cream!

Only we didn’t

We just had somewhat frothier white stuff.
Maybe it was the missing duct tape…

We decided to give ours the freeze
while we sat down to dinner,
and then we checked the can again.

Very cold white frothy stuff.

The others laughed and tossed up their hands, but they weren’t the ones going to party empty handed. So back outside I went, a 48 year old curbside curiosity kicking a coffee can up and down the front walk… by herself… for the next 20 minutes. 

And I checked again. 


So I loaded my can into Ebenezer and headed back home on the thirty mile country commute. And then, I started thinking. I’m always thinking…

And I made a little side trip to the grocery store.

And then to the napkin hoarder’s box

And then to the craft closet…

Time for a little decoupage therapy...
Ta Da!

Milli Vanilli Ice Cream in a Can.

And now, at least those around the age of forty
  know why I named it 
 Ice Cream in Can.
Because it’s nothing but a big fat faker.

And besides

Snickers was already taken.

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day picnic.
Please visit Singing with the Birds
A Little Bit of Everything
 for more fun at their

Singing With Birds

I should be ashamed to take this to the party,
but oh no...
off to the party, I go.


Renée said...

I had to regain my composure, as always, so I could use my keyboard and thank you for the most entertaining item at our BBQ. Thanks for bagging the relish tray and creating Milli Vanilli Soup that we will ladle out in tablespoons between good laughs! Not only is it cold and refreshing, but truly the most strenuous activity at our celebration. Only you would give summer, "the boot" and keep at it with all of your relatives, and The Duchess with a stopwatch!!! Hugs to you for making my day!

Renée said...

PS...we are off to get some "local color" for you this afternoon. Watch for it next week and then book your flight for a trip to scenic Idaho!

Anonymous said...

Debbie, thank you so much for this funny post,I hung on every word,just knowing I would see a delightful bowl of ice cream...thanks for comment about "LazyonLoblolly",and the black iron tray came from Micheals.Again thanks for visiting a little further southeast Georgia,BTW,we like the "dawgs" too.

Denise said...

Perhaps if someone had told us what type of shoes to wear....the confounded can would have worked. Next time we'll wait until the other three are home for the weekend and have more kickers. Thank the good Lord for grocery stores. So funny.

Carol said...

So funny! Great post! Love the shoes :) Love the Milli Vanilli can!

It does work, but you have to be about 4-8 years old with lots of energy to keep the can moving. A lot. Snickers sounds great!

Sue said...

There is such comfort knowing that other people also fail...sometimes things seem so simple and then it just doesn't go as planned. I laughed all the way through it!

Thanks for your visit!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Now this is so funny. What a fun idea. Loved this post.

Thanks also for your input on the fabric for the bdrm. I think you know me all too well about changing things around. lol

Have a super weekend. Hugs, Marty


What a funny story! I thought making homemade ice cream was supposed to be easy. But, I know I'm never sure if it's going to work and always have the boughten stuff in the freezer. I just don't make it enough to know what I'm doing. What a fun time though! I've never played kick the can.
~ Julie

southerninspiration said...

You are so, so funny......I always smile or laugh (or both) when I read your posts.


Debbiedoos said...

Hilarious...and ouch on tootsies. What a nice post. Enjoy your weekend!!~

Sharon said...

OK, Debbie - Today I am laughing OUT LOUD so much that my sides ache!!! You are hysterical -
The pictures of the various "footwear" kicking was a riot! My favorite was the niece-in-law in her banker "wedges" - (I must admit, though, your little toe was adorable - but at my age, I'm kinda partial to sensible shoes!)
Yes, I remember Milli Vanilli -although if you wanted to name your "concoction" after another equally short-lived, more-hype-than-substance group - you could have called it "Vanilla Ice!" (Ice, ice, baby...)
OK, I want to know - did you slurp any of the frothy white stuff? I know it wasn't ice cream, but I bet it was awfully SWEET!!

JUST LIKE YOU!!! (Awww...)

xoxo :)

p.s. Thanks for the decoupage...I needed a Mod Podge fix. I'm just sayin'...

Vanessa said...

OH MY GOODNESS! You are hilarious! I know I say that every time I comment but truly, I laugh out loud reading your posts. Milli Vanilli! You have a wicked sense of humor and its right up my ally! I'm definitely going to try this recipe with my rascals as they would love to be able to kick something and I would just be thrilled that they are kicking a can instead of each other!
Have a great weekend!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh what a fun story. I know just what you went through. There used to be a ball you would add the same ingredients too and throw it for 15 minutes - but I think there is a step to add 15 minutes in the freezer too - if memory serves me correctly - and who knows about my memory - none the less - it still didn't work!

I like the fake one you made.


Anonymous said...

Hey Debbie,you are so cute,your comment about turning up like a bad penny,so you'll never believe this apple/pear salad recipe:one red delicious(cut up with skin on),one CAN of sliced pears,yep,CAN from the grocery,half cup cherries,half cup raisins,one tablespoon mayo,and some chopped walnuts.It's knida like Waldorph but add a can of pears(Bartlet).

FrouFrouBritches said...

"Girl, you know it's true, ooh, ooh, ooh, I love you." I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head ALL NIGHT! That is hysterical!!! I can just see you kicking that can all down the street, all by yourself. SO FUNNY! I love the Modge Podge can!

Have a great weekend!!!

Kelli said...

You could have borrowed my 3 kiddos and I guarantee you would have had ice cream-LOL! As usual, thanks for the smile!

A very blessed lady! said...

I am laughing so hard at this because it was funny and because this so sounds like a day in the life of my family! thanks for sharing Happy LOOONG weekend ooops I mean Labor Day!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, ice cream in a can! We used to make this in day camp when I was a kid and it was always one of the highlights of the summer! It always tasted so much better than regular ice cream. Thanks for the happy memories!

Bill said...

Such fun, Debbie! I kept thinking the lid (one or the other of them) would go flying and all would be lost. ;)

It sounds pretty good to me -- cold, sweet, creamy soup. It could be an appetizer before the main dessert course is served!

Maybe the recipe would work better in January!

Have a great weekend!

Ms.Daisy said...

So much fun to come here and have a fun time laughing over Mili Vanili ice cream in a can! LOL! I loved your pics of shoes and can kicks! Thanks for your nice comments on my quilt pillows, too!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious - who would think. Milli Vanilli ice cream. Obviously we are about the same age.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Very cute, at least you had a fun and a good laugh, that would have been a great BBQ entertainment.....If it worked! I know Milli vanilli! Thanks for a fun post!


Amy Kinser said...

Laughing this time...not crying.

What stories you tell. You need to turn these into books to give to your children someday. What treasures!

xinex said...

This is so funny, Debbie! LOL! I was laughing the whole time I was reading it so thanks for the good laugh.Great post!...Christine

CAL said...

Sure do love this idea Debbie, can't wait to try it with the new grandson. I'll be squirreling this away for future fun!!!

Carol at Serendipity said...


Great post. Smiling while reading. I will have to spend some time on your blog.


laura :) said...

I love this! I wish I had been there to help and to see you decoupage(?)

Another wonderful mom adventure :)


Best daughter ever

Anonymous said...

Milli Vanilli would be proud of you. :-)

Alison said...

This has got to be the best blog post I ever read!!! When I saw that you were making Ice Cream in a Can, I made a mental note to email this to my friend whose husband is a cub scout den leader! Sometimes I forward her things before I finish reading them through! How funny would it have been to suggest she do this with the cubs only to find out after the fact that you bought ice cream instead! LOL!

I got the Milli Vanilli reference only after the fact! Although, at the very beginning, I thought: why Milli Vanilli? Is she using fake vanilla? LOL!

I'm visiting from the BBQ, thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way!

I'm going to be adding myself to your google friends as soon as I post this comment!

Under the Big Oak Tree

Julie said...

What a fun post! Thanks for joining in the BBQ!

Manda said...

Kick the Can Ice cream... who knew?
Sorry it didn't work out for ya like you'd hoped... but looks like you had fun and wrapped it all in smucker's in the end anyhow.

BECKY said...

You are soooo funny you little curbside curiousity!! You really do crack me up!! I'm sure you were the life of the party!!! HA!!

Hope your weekend was a blast! Ours was!
Have a joyful week and know that you have a way of making my day!!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

You make me smile and smile and often laugh out loud!!

Rettabug said...

Oh my gosh, Debbie...what a hoot! I can't believe you did this kicking routine 3 times! LOL
It certainly had to be a great conversation starter at the party. I'm glad you bought back-up ice cream. ;-)


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