Thursday, September 9, 2010

Simply Scribbled

Would it surprise you to learn that I’m a
 hopeless romantic?
Well, I am, and I have a vivid imagination. I like to imagine that my life is like a page out of a Jane Austen novel.

And the husband is Lord Byron...

 Gushing out stacks
of flowery love letters...
which I would save
all tied in blue
and secreted away
in an antique trunk
in the corner of an attic…
Where they will be discovered in the next century by some other hopeless romantic in the family tree…

That’s just the way I think.
But that's not the way it is.

While the husband is pretty romantic, he’s just not a flowery sort of guy; he is a man of few words.   (Pretty convenient since I’m a woman of many) He’s even less expressive when it comes to the written word.

Oh, he’s written some cards and notes over the years, and I’ve saved them all.
They are just like the man:

Even his penmanship misses the mark.  I always imagine letters tied in blue to be penned in beautiful script.  I’m not sure that my husband ever learned cursive at all. It must have been taught the same day that the lower case letters were introduced because he never uses them either. Everything he scrawls looks JUST LIKE THIS.  Sometimes worse.

You might be wondering where I’m going with this ramble. Well, it’s this.

The husband left to work out of town this week as he usually does, but before he left, he managed to hide a little note where I would be sure to find it.

When I opened the refrigerator on Tuesday evening to fix my lonely meal for one, I found this note propped around some left over grilled chicken.

Since his chicken scratch is difficult to read, I’ll translate. All  misspelled words and names are intentional and designed to make me read them exactly as if he were speaking it.

Uncle Ichabob's
World Famous
Twain- Rented
Rota sere Chicken?

Now, I realize that this means absolutely nothing to those reading this post, but it gave me the full out belly laugh.

Just as he knew it would.

As you might suspect, each line of his little note represents a funny moment… a private joke… just between the two of us. The husband loves to keep a mental collection of our silly moments and scribble them back to me when I least expect it. If he can string them together in a line of silly nothings, it’s all the better.

I suspect that he considered this quite the masterpiece.

After I laughed, I gave him a call.
Just as he knew I would.
Then, we laughed together.

When I got off the phone, I thought about my quiet husband and his silly little notes.

And it seems to me
that though the script is nearly illegible…
and the sentiments aren’t flowery…
and I certainly wouldn’t save them in the attic
all tied in blue…

They qualify as love notes nonetheless.

This week’s simple pleasure was remembering that sometimes, the best love letters are not mushy at all.


I’m pleased to join Dayle
 for her
Simple Pleasures Party.
Please join us.
 I promise that you will find it a pleasure.


Karen said...

I enjoyed sharing in your joy and laughter. Yes, those moments are precious! We have a few inside jokes ourselves, that only he and I can laugh about.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I love this post. I so agree, it's the simple, silly things that we love and remember the most. Sometimes the elaborate things aren't nearly as moving. Your DH sounds like a treasure. Hugs, Marty

Cindy said...

Great post, and your so right. I loved this post. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Hope your having a blessed day!

Ann said...

Who needs gushy love notes when you have the best gift of laughter?

Thanks for sharing this silly - oops - "simple pleasure" moment with us, Debbie .... I loved it! : )

Jennie said...

You two are just so cute! I cannot tell you how encouraging it is to see (read about) you two cutting up with each other at this point in your marriage. I consider it a glimpse of how great things can continue to be, and it is such a blessing to witness. SUCH fun!

Now it's my turn to return the compliment, and not just because you said it first...but *your* blog is *my* simple pleasure!

Have a blessed day, Mrs. Debbie!

Denise said...

He's certainly one-of-a-kind...and spoken (written) just so you would laugh. I like mushy but laughter is ALWAYS great. And we all know he's all about laughter!! This was so cute and so his personality.

PS I figured out the last two, but clueless on the first two. You'll have to share later.

Stephani said...

Thanks for stopping by my photo blog today. I'm glad you did or I might not have discovered your blog! Really enjoyed your post today. My husband is the same way. Notes and cards, but no long romantic unleashing of emotion! But I know exactly how he feels! :)

Sarah said...

Sweet post and very romantic. I have no love letters either, but I've saved the notes and special cards my husband has given me through the 35 years we've been together. Sometimes romance comes in the simple moments shared together. Beautiful post! ~ Sarah

FrouFrouBritches said...

I love this post! Sharing a private laugh together is very romantic! My Hubby makes me laugh EVERY day - one of the reasons I love him. This totally deserves to be tied in blue ribbon with the others. For the record, I'm the same way. I keep every little scrap with a sweet sentiment, including the six page letters I wrote him before we got married. I always imagine them being discovered by my great grand-children or something.

Sue said...

It all sounds pretty wonderful to me ~ and especially that fact that you recognize your private jokes are just as precious as any bundle of love letters! Great story!

Bill said...

I think you just described a modern version of exactly the sort of outcome Jane Austin could have envisioned for one of her (more fortunate) heroines. Thank you for sharing this lovely story with us.

Christine said...

We don't write "love letters" either, but just like you two, our notes crack us up.
This is a pretty good Simple Pleasure. It put a smile on my face.

southerninspiration said...

Oh too funny......he IS romantic in his own special!


Dayle said...

Well what a guy ... leaving a "love letter" in the frig. It just doesn't get much more romantic than that. :) I've been thinking along those same lines, but I must admit, I have a romantic guy who writes all flowery stuff. Still ... to find one in the frig would be the ultimate. :D

Ms.Daisy said...

I just love reading about your sweet your man is to leave behind something that you both could laugh over - something that only you and he share! I love that - you are one lucky woman!


Entertaining Women said...

A wonderful love brightens my day. Thank you for sharing your personal Prince Charming. I appreciate your visit to my post. Come again often, please! Cherry Kay

sarah said...

this is one of the best posts ever..your husband sounds like the best he ever to be....for one very hopeless This really made me smile.

Manda said...

How precious... and it reminds me that romance is unique between couples. I love that you had a belly laugh and a reminder of his love and joy in sharing life with YOU.

Sharon Kirby said...

How adorably sweet!!

I love it when we share those "inside" things with our husbands. "The Hub" and I were in the same 4th, 5th, and 6th grade class - sometimes we just sit around and remember elementary school days. The closeness we feel because of this shared time is just precious.

I love that you shared this part of your "private dance" together - a simple pleasure that is simply wonderful!!

You're a lucky woman...but then again, HE is one VERY FORTUNATE GUY!!

Kelli said...

Romance can be defined in many ways! And your husband knows your love language!! That is the best, most romantic story I've "heard" in quite some time!

Joan said...

This is sweet, Debbie. Both of you are blessed to have one another.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I disagree with you...If I got those notes i would tie them with ribbon and store them in the attic!! Now for your next post we want you to decode them LOL!!! thank you for visiting and the shout out, your napkins...tea towels look great!


Amy Kinser said...

How sweet and how fun! I love that he left it in the fridge. Love that it has meaning to only you two.

Mevely317 said...

I love this! ... Sounds like the two of you share something more priceless than anything found in an Austen novel.

Anonymous said...

I love this post,I can relate your husband sounds alot like mine,...I hung on every word,call me simple(idiot),BUT, I was trying to figure the note out...I was having another blond moment....HEY,thanks for visiting up on the top porch while I was being LazyonLoblolly.

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

I, too, can sooooooo relate to a travelin' man of few words, poor handwriting, a quit wit, and a deep and devoted spirit. Aren't we fortunate ladies?!!!

CAL said...

This was really great Debbie, his handwritten note was like a mystery novel to me and I couldn't wait to find out what it really meant.

My husband must have had the same handwriting teacher, thank God for keyboards is all I can say.

Thanks for makng me laugh this morning!

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

Mopping up the keyboard again! Write a book Debbie...I'll help you get it published.

I think more men are like yours than we think. My guy is quieter too, and it works. Every once in a while, he grabs me tight and dances me around the kitchen, a favorite simple pleasure!

A Hopeful Heart said...

Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday and for your kind, encouraging comments about my little waterfall poem.

Your post is totally lovely!!! I would say that we have very similar husbands. Not overly romantic in the romantic-movie sort of way. But romantic in that he has been a faithful husband for over 24 years now, he works hard to provide for us, he sends me goofy emails that say "luv u," he stops at the store on the way home from work if I need him to, etc. He is romantic every day just by being the honest, hard-working man of integrity that he is...just like I suspect your husband is.

We are abundantly blessed.

Have a lovely day.


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Debbie, I LOVE this post! You really have such a knack for writing. I absolutely adore your husband (how sweet that he is able to remember several private jokes and string them together just to make you smile!) Yes, I think that is one of the most romantic stories I've read. laurie

A very blessed lady! said...

Now thats romance! Something only for you from him so sweet...anyone can right that sweet mushy stuff ;) and btw my husband also only writes in CAPS whats up with that? Glad he made your day!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Now that is sweet, romantic and funny...doesn't get much better. My Sweetie writes me poems which mostly rhyme but sometimes not...they are sometimes funny but mostly groanable and like you I would not trade them for anything.


Graceful said...

Wow, that is sweet. Just goes to show you it's not about perfect penmanship or even gushy language. That's a love note if I've ever seen one!

Lynn Richards said...

HAH! Jane has nothi'n over you and your guy!!! Jane's life was too complicated, anyway. Her notes would have been around an ice block and gotten smeary.
Notes in the fridge that make you laugh are the BEST.

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

I have only word to describe your lovely post.
Wishing you continued happiness, Katherine

Chatty Crone said...

That was so wonderful to read about you and your hubby. So cute the way he hid the note for you to find and then wrote funny times on it. Seems like you have yourself a wonderful man. sandie

Sallie said...

Debbie, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I have enjoyed this post. My hubby's handwriting is the same...all caps, printed only. Must be a man thing? You are a very talented writer. You should look into writing for magazines and write books. I love blogging because it gives us a venue for writing, sharing our passions, and I believe it will open doors for many. I believe you will have a door open for you in the future into the published written word, should you choose to persue it. Love your blog and will be keeping up with it. It was a Pleasure to share in you and your husbands note.

Holly said...

That was the sweetest post I have read in a long time (maybe even ever). Maybe because it sounds like my husband...but it just touched my heart and it such a good reminder that not all romantic moments are gushy-hearts-n-flowers moments.

Jonell said...

Definitely CAN RELATE..what the world considers as romantic gestures usually are not seen in my hubby's expressions of love and affection. For this reason I have learned to spot the treasured moments: 1. Like yrs ago he came home from work with a canned PEPSI in hand FOR ME..explanation-I drank Pepsi but was trying to QUIT..he knew how much a treat it would be.] 2. he was cutting our non resident neighbor's grass and brought home or me A GARLIC BLOOM from the yard. he knows how i love naturals *recently it became apparent he was concocting a plan to RESTORE our OKEEF & MERRITT GAS RANGE [ 1940'S ] it's stored in the shop and I had given up ever getting it back in my kitchen..this is a major ROMANTIC ACT OF LOVE..yes i can relate!


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