Tuesday, October 5, 2010

L is for...

Any guesses? 

Did anyone guess...


Loads of laundry...

Pink laundry
Yes, those little bags of laundry traveled  home
from college this weekend
all by themselves...
without the two college daughters.

I didn't mind.
It was my idea...
Sometimes, you just want to do a Mom Thing.

Super Dad will deliver them back to Macon today.

Unfortunately, I used up every ounce of laundry detegent in the washing of them. When I needed to wash more clothes for the husband before he left to go out of town, I found myself a little short.


So I took the opportunity to do something that I've wanted to do for a while. I made some of my own. I had the ingredients because  I had been planning procrastinating this. For whatever reason, I thought it was going to be a major science experiment.

It wasn't. 

Just take two bars of ivory soap (or that Fels Naptha stuff but I didn't have that...)
and grate it with the cheese grater.

Then measure a cup each of Borax and Washing Soda.

Stir it all together...

and blend it in the blender in small amounts until it looks like laundry detergent.

That's it.
Just use 2 tablespoons per large load.

It took less time than it takes to make a batch of muffins.
Probably tastes better than my muffins, too.

I wanted mine to have a little fragrance
so I added a few drops of lavender to it.

I tried it, and really...
The clothes came out just fine.

The husband was impressed.
So what if he'll walk around smelling like a flower all week.

So what if  his green smoothie at breakfast
 was a little bit  frothier
 than it should have been...

The man loves to save a buck,
and this little recipe saved a bundle.

I realize that I'm the last blogger in blogland to jump on the homemade detergent band wagon, but I'm still passing it along... just in case someone else thinks it's not worth the effort.

It is.

And while I was being all Pioneer Woman,
 I made up some dishwasher detergent as well.
I mixed equal amounts of
 Borax and the Washing Detergent.

The glasses came out with a
white film.

Guess I'm on the pass/fail system 
 I had to rewash them all by hand.
This was not the goal here, people...
So, I'm dinking with this one a bit.

Any suggestions?


Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

I have never done the dishwasher detergent but I thought the formula for that was Borax and baking soda. I hate film on my glassware and think I was afraid of that because Borax does leave a film. Maybe the baking soda cuts it though. Let me know if you try it :)


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered what homemade laundry soap would really turn out like and if it was difficult to make. Great post.

Angel said...

Wow! I am impressed. Saving money, making your very own brand of detergent AND a frothier smoothie to boot - You are a true frugalista! I love finding ways to trim the budget and this is a good idea. I also love how you are able to share a fresh load of practical tips all folded up in funny. L is for laughter!!!

Just Plain Tired said...

My mother always made her own laundry soap. Well, not always, but quite often. My laziness precludes me from doing this though.

Jane said...

Great post on making laundry soap! You should send some back to school with your daughters, along with some quarters...just sayin' :)


Debbie said...

LOL Jane! I wish that I HAD thought of that before he left! They wouldn't have giggled nearly as much at the quarters as the Little Mom on the Prairie detergent.

southerninspiration said...

No, you're not the last blogger to try your hand at homemade laundry detergent...I haven't yet! You go, girl!! And what lucky college students you have to get laundry service!! I know I would do that same...but I would likely blog about it, too!! :D
no film....gotta add something else...maybe lemon juice??


Denise said...

I guess I'm just lazy because I've never even thought about making my own detergent and you know how much I love to save a buck. Where do you buy Borax and large washing soda? I don't know if I've never seen them in the store or never noticed them. I MIGHT have to try this idea.

P.S. Lucky girls to not only have laundry service, but also pick-up and delivery as well. Boy won't the cousin be jealous!!

Jennie said...

I have seen this elsewhere in the blogosphere and completely written it off as too time-consuming and difficult. A sort of maybe-in-another-lifetime feat. You make it seem attainable! And I may finally have a use for all of those travel bars of soap we have hoarded from hotels. You can use your imagination and decide if that's a joke or not. ;)

(And it would also be a good reason to actually *use* our blender! Good thing we got one of those when we got married...seven and a half years ago. I'm not sure it's even been taken out of the box!)

A Hopeful Heart said...

No, you are NOT the last one in blogland to get on the homemade laundry detergent bandwagon. I have NEVER made my own detergent, and it's probably not on my radar to do so anytime soon. I prefer a liquid detergent, and all the "recipes" I have seen are for powder. Of course, I DO like saving money, and since my liquid stuff is a bit on the pricey side, I just might have to try your recipe.

Hope you're having a wonderful day,

Entertaining Women said...

Thanks for stopping by my latest post. I'll ask KC to give me a tutorial on the light fixture for another time. It was all ready in place when I first saw it, so I have some questions about it, too. It is quite amazing; I agree! I've never even considered making my own soap, but this does look interesting. I love that his smoothie was a bit frothier...still laughing. Thanks for the information and formula. Come visit any time, please. Cherry Kay

Jane said...

I love your recipe for soap! I often use olive oil soap, grated as you have done here, for laundry when I run out of detergent. Works great!


Sherry said...

You know I haven't tried this yet. Thanks for posting. I will need it in a pinch. Husband will turn nose up at it. His Mom always used Tide. LOL

Debbie said...

For those who would like a liquid detergent, Amy Kinser at All Things Home has one that she recommends.

It's here: http://kinserhome.blogspot.com/2010/08/crate-full-of-laundry-essentials.html

Just passing it along. I might put this in the post, too.

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

I thought the "L" was for Leslie.
You are not the only lady in blogland who hasn't tried making their own detergent.
I thought of it, uh, recently.
What is weird, but oh so true, is that I, Leslie Ann, personally have, in my possession, 2 bars of Fels Naptha soap! It has been waiting for me in the laundry room cabinet for about 6 months.
SO, what we do have in common is our mad planning skills!
I will send Beefcake to get me some Borax and Washing soda.
Gee, the both of us could have made the perfect recipe with yours+my ingredients.
You make me laugh, you are still a goose.
P.S. Only REAL men can wear "flower".

Dianne said...

Oh Debbie, this was hilarious, especially the part about the frothy green smoothie--you made me laugh out loud. I may just try this--and then again, I may just NOT!

I am in awe of anyone who would go to this much trouble for a load of laundry especially when I thought the "L' stood for love.

Loving this post,

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Debbie, you're waaaaay ahead of me. I've never even considered making my own laundry detergent! What a sweet husband you must have if he's willing to walk around smelling like a flower. :-)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Thanks for stopping I think starch on fabrics would be great for dorm rooms or apartments. I did a wall below the chairail in my last house and it was really easy. I would do just like you and wash my child clothes, I love doing Mommy stuff. I would stop at the pioneer women making my own soap though LOL!!


FrouFrouBritches said...

The only homemade washing stuff I've made is baby wipes and they got moldy - not good! I wonder how good it is at taking out stains. My kids are filthy little creatures. Not to mention, I seem to have an addiction to my Apple Mango Tango Gain. I'm totally up for the dish detergent though if you get it figured out! I'm so super impressed with you right now!

Vanessa said...

Wow! I think this is the first time reading one of your posts that I felt kinda speechless...I have nothing to offer because I have never done this and can confidently say that unless we decide to go live on a Prairie that I probably won't try it! :-) Ok, maybe that is a little extreme, but I'm having a hard enough time just remembering to even WASH the clothes let alone make the detergent! I support you 100% though!

Dayle said...

Girl, you are just being so crafty these days, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. ;) Look at you go!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Debbie, I'm laughing about the smoothie! I've been procrastinating trying this too (see, you're not the last blogger), but I did wonder if I'd be tasting soap every time I used my blender after I did it. And oh my gosh! You're even trying to do dishwashing detergent! You HAVE turned into Pioneer Woman. I'm impressed! laurie

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

When it comes to you, I guessed "L" stands for LAUGH...never laundry! You just proved you can make me laugh out loud even about laundry...I can see your man in his sparkling clean, lavender shirt! You are at the top of my list as one of the most provident women I know, or should I say, "virtuous?" She maketh her soap with a hand grater and blender.....and it smelleth of lavender! ;D

Chatty Crone said...

You go girl. I would never think about doing all that and to tell you the truth - I guess I'm lazy - I would have gotten into the car and driven to the store! lol Glad it worked for you. Well for the laundry, not for the dishes.

And I did the laundry for awhile when the kids were in school - loved it.


Amy Kinser said...

Hey girl...I am so proud of you for making your detergent. Yours actually looks pretty. It actually looks like some creamy dessert I would want to eat.

As for the dishwashing detergent, I have tried several recipes and have never found one that works. I have tweaked and tweaked with no success. My husband, who also likes thriftiness and thought it was a great idea to try, finally asked me to go back to regular store bought stuff. My glasses never looked all the way clean so I was glad to go back on that one.

I do still love making my own laundry detergent. You keep going girl...

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Debbie,
I just got into making my laundry detergent about a year ago, and love it, however I haven't made my dish detergent yet, and I think I will pass on this recipe. lol. I give you an e for effort though! LOl. Since I can't help with the dish detergent, I think a web site might help. Carrie over at Farming on faith .blogspot.com might just have one. I love her blog, she always has some new tips, and gives so much spiritual food too.
Don't you just love the fact that our children still need us, even if it is for laundry. Love it!!
As always I enjoy every time I visit, you so lift me up. I apologize for not visiting regularly, as I have been off line except for posting on SS, I am trying to catch up on house work,and finish my fall decorating.

Sharon Kirby said...

No, I did not guess laundry - isn't it wonderful to be NEEDED? I was wondering how your girls were doing - now at least I know what they're NOT doing!!! :)

You are such a clever, CRAFTY woman!! I'm looking at your home-made laundry soap, and thinking if I tried that, I'd probably put it in a baggie for use at a later date, and then forget, and put it on a pizza and wonder why my husband was foaming at the mouth!! HMMMM...

As far as a suggestion for the "filmy" glasses - MY suggestion??
D-I-X-I-E C-U-P-S...just sayin'

xoxo 2 u!

CAL said...

Hmmm, no idea about the dishwasher soap except maybe a rinse in vinegar?? That seems to cut through most film/grime.


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