Thursday, October 28, 2010

Simply Snowing?

Have I mentioned that I love snow?
Well, I do.

I live in southeast Georgia, after all. Around here, no one in his right mind ignores a snowfall. From the youngest child to the grumpiest geezer, we all get just a little giddy at the sight of the first flake.

I'm among the giddiest.
rush outside with the other six year olds
to catch the snow flakes
on the tip of my tongue.
I scrape together slush balls
to fling at unsuspecting targets.

 if it snows during the night,
I rush outside in pajamas
at the crack of dawn
to capture it 
 before the Georgia sun makes mush
 out of my wonderland.

Yep. Snow around here is not only rare, it's fleeting. It must be enjoyed in the moment. That’s why for most Georgians, snow is the ultimate simple pleasure.  

Now, if you were thinking that we enjoyed a rare October snow here in Dixie, you would be wrong. You weren't thinking that, were you? 

This week's simple pleasure is enjoying a snow of another sort.
one that isn't all that rare.
In fact,
 it's  so common that some folks
whiz right on by 
 without a sideways glance
as if it were not special at all.

What a pity...

The Georgia snow crop

It arrives every October like clockwork,
blanketing the fields on the 30 mile country commute. 
It's  my  favorite
crop of all.

I've been waiting since the first flurries of late summer...

I watched as it blossomed white and pink...

And then, as little tiny cotton bolls began to produce little tiny cotton balls...

 And I watched...
 And I waited..
And waited...
for the fields to be defoliated
leaving nothing but fields of fluffy white
Georgia snow

It only lasts a few days

So I pulled Eenezer to the side of the road
and crawled on the hood 
with a shiny red Kodak.

And I captured the moment
before some cotton pickin' farmer
showed up to gather his Georgia snowcrop 
for a simple pleasure of the commerical sort.

Enjoying the Georgia snow crop...

This week's simple pleasure.

Joining Dayle at A Collection of This and That
 for her
Simple Pleasures party.


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

How fun, I've never seen cotton plants in person! The snowman is just too cool:@)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this post, Debbie!

Denise said...

This south GA farm gal loves the puffy white stuff too! So sorry ours wasn't ready for your shiny red Kodak. I guess we can prolong our "snow" just a little bit longer. BTW, do you think my farmer husband would let me take enough of his cotton to make me a cute little cottonman?

Splurgie said...

I've never seen cotton grow. In school we once had a part of cotton plant to examine. Very cool! Love the "snowman."

Debbie said...

Denise, I say we pick first and ask later. Just sayin'

Kathleen said...

Love it! This is a huge part of my world, being a Southern girl myself, and I feel all of those things when I start seeing the fields this time of year. I love the gigantic pressed bales of cotton, too.

This made me smile this morning! Great post.

Jennie said...

I am with you on this one! I absolutely adore the white stuff. Of both varieties!

I pass a cotton field on my way to work every morning. I *love* that field. It just makes me smile...

(Have you ever read my post about my mom and the dead chickens? Believe it or not, it's kind of relevant. Let me know if you haven't. Or I'll just shamelessly link you to it here:

Sue said...

Good Morning Debbie,
I have had my eye on those cotton fields around here too. I just love to ride down country roads and see the fields so white, and have even wanted to stop and get a few stalks. lol but haven't . Love the cottonman!
As always Debbie, I leave here so blessed and with a smile.
You are so precious

Anita said...

Wow the "snowman" is amazing! We don't get to see cotton growing here, so that's like a snow treat for us! Thanks for coming by! I am in love with that old house, and would love to take it apart and put it together again attached to my house. Hubby is not so sure. Maybe when the kids are in college?

Kathy said...

O.k. you had me going for a moment! I knew we were having amazing weather these past few days! I too love snow - and love seeing the fields of cotton - it is amazing and beautiful! I am in Central Georgia ;)
Hope you have a very Delightsome day,

Anonymous said...

THAT kind of snow I would enjoy too. What a FUN snowman.

I think you need to join the Barn Chicks for the November meeting.

Anonymous said... link to sign up to be a Barn Chick

Just Plain Tired said...

As someone who lives in snow country I was thinking "this lady is nuts." But now I can see the snow you're referring to would be a welcome sight/event. :)

Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

Love this! It took me back to my early days of teaching at Bethlehem, GA. We had a long drive past lots of cotton fields to get there from Athens.

Cindy aka Sunshine said...

I love cotton fields...what a great simple pleasure. Thanks for sharing all the pretty photos.


elizabeth said...

I remember seeing the cotton on a trip down south...oh so pretty!
Blessed day my friend!

Dayle said...

A girl after my own heart! Cotton fields bring back many memories of childhood. We lived for a short time in the Mississippi Delta and a man in our church had acres and acres of cotton. One of our greatest simple pleasures was going to his house and jumping in the cotton that had been harvested.

What a delightful Simple Pleasures post!! Southern snow! Love it!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Fantastic! I'm from Mississippi and I honestly never thought about how cotton grows, and certainly have not seen it from start to finish. Just Beautiful! And that Georgia snowman is just the cutest thing ever. Best wishes, Tammy

Jen said...

Now that "snowman" is awesome.

dee dee said...

I like your snow so much better than my snow!~
Excellent post... made me smile from ear to ear!
Dee Dee

Angel said...

eeeee! I'm squealin like a pig in snow! What a great post. So cool that you found your own version of the white stuff right where you are. I crave snow too, being a snow deprived Southerner like yourself. And I loved your surprise at the end with the awesome Snowman!!! I love this, Debbie. Thanks for the smiles and giggles!

Custom Comforts said...

I LOVE it!!!!! So unique, so special. I've seen real cotton once while driving home from Charleston. My husband stopped so I could pick some, but then I remembered all those movies I'd seen about Southern sheriffs and we were Yankees passing through. So, I skidattled out of that field as fast as I could, jumped back in the car and brought home my prescious cotton. That was over 25 years ago and I still have it. Thanks so much for sharing. I never realized cotton had such beautiful blooms. They remind me of roses.

Carol said...

How wonderful! I know what snow is like every year, but I've yet to see cotton in the fields.
The cotton blossoms are so beautiful and elegant. Wow.


Beautiful cotton field photos. :-)

Christine said...

Never knew about the flower that the cotton grows!
You can send me some of your snow and I will send you some of our snow. Yours is better!

Vanessa said...

You're tricky! I was really curious when I saw the title! I love the little cottonman on the end and so wish I could see those fields in person. Just beautiful!

Lynn Richards said...

Oooooh! I have never seen cotton in bloom.(flower-wise) It's beautiful!!
Thank goodness for that shiny red Kodak!!!

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

What clever post my friend. Thank you for sharing. LOVE IT!!!

Holly said...

That is simply gorgeous and truly a simple pleasure. Your photos are wonderful...and I adore that snowman!

Through My Red Door said...

I love this post! It made me smile from ear to ear! I in fact enjoy all of your posts! You are a very gifted writer.

Thank you so much for stopping by as often as you have and leaving such complimentary comments for me. It's very much appreciated!

Sherry said...

That was so cute! I love the snowman. My teen said he and his friends saw snow coming down today! It was very chilly with a bitter wind but in the 50's. Brrr....

Gayle said...

Loved this! The snowman is fabulous!

Tammy said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment.
I was right with this post from beginning to end! Southwest GA over here and I've been admiring the cotton fields too. Did you get any of the fab ice snow last Feb.? We were in Augusta at the time. It was 4" deep. I was so thrilled, I just got on the ground and rolled around in it. Posted about it here:
Your cotton snowman is the best!

Amy Kinser said...

I love cotton fields. They are beautiful. I actually stopped in front of one the other day and so wanted to go and pick some to use in my house, but I was afraid I would get shot for trespassing. Getting shot would not be a simple pleasure, but I agree that looking at the cotton fields is.

Sharon Kirby said...

How wonderfully delightful!! This California girl has never seen anything like that!! I was so jealous that I ran out into my backyard and threw a whole box of Q-tips on the lawn - it just wasn't the same...sigh.

Thanks for sharing this simple GEORGIA pleasure. It made my day...

...and so do you!


Ms.Daisy said...

How very "cool" of you to post those fab pictures of your GA snow (cotton) fields! I've never seen an actual field of cotton so this was special for me. I did not know they produced such beautiful blossoms either! I've only felt a cotton boll(?) someone brought to our schoolroom many years ago and I did like the feel of it.
I can't say I love real snow as much as you do 'cause ours usually stays around for weeks and pesters the heck out of us!


Entertaining Women said...

We have our own cotton snow storms in Oklahoma. I've enjoyed watching them since I was a little girl. In small towns, school calendars are arranged around harvest time. Thank you for sharing your simple pleasure. Cherry Kay

Chatty Crone said...

Debbie you had me going - I was thinking - snow in southern Georgia?

I loved this blog - just loved it.


sarah said...

love this...absolutely love this. I've never seen anything like it. Wow. and love the 'snow'man.

Anita said...

You always crack me up, lol. Really are you a writer, and we just don't know "who" you really are????

Trish said...

what a fun post! I love the delicate flowers and the fields of white- very beautiful!! It was great how you took us through the cycle with those fantastic photos. I think a cute little cotton ball snowman is now on my christmas decorationg list :-) blessings..Trish

Craftberry Bush said...

Good morning ! I just had to laugh at the comment you left on my blog this morning ! Just stopped by to say thanks for stopping was nice to have a little laugh before the day got going ! love your cotton man....! sending you much love from Canada where we have real cold lingers too long snow. :o) I think I would rather Goergia snow...

Sonja said...

I loved this! Both the beautiful pictures and the original thoughts... such fun.

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

Have I mentioned that you live in the wrong state? If you love snow than you need to get out here maybe next month! I love your ready to harvest snow, so fluffy and warm. That snowman is priceless! We just turn into a giant slip'n'slide for months. I do love where you are, lots of encouraging sunshine. When I'm buried, come see me, please!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Oh, this one really warms my heart. I LOVE IT! Now I really want to move to Georgia. It has always been a dream of mine to live there. We've lived in South Florida for 40 years now and have always dreamed of moving a little further north for a change and to enjoy the four seasons in a milder way than further north. We've visited plenty and love the homes and neighborhoods. Your pictures convinced me even more. Guess when our nest is empty that can be something to look forward to. Fly little birdies, fly. ;) (21 and 17 year olds)

Thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Ha ha .. I was going to do a post on Georgia snow !!! I just loooove the cotton fields.
Your post is MUCH mo' bettah than mine would have been ... :))



These pics are just gorgeous! Did you make that Georgian 'snow' man? How adorable! I also just love snow . . . especially the big fluffy flakes.
We don't see snow often in Washington either. The silence of snow is amazing.
~ Julie

Joan said...

I love this, Debbie. The snowman is so cute!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I feel like I need to keep saying the same thing when I read your posts. I love the way you think and I love the way you write! You are soooo entertaining. We have Arkansas snow that looks like your GA snow. I love that cotton man! laurie

Kathleen said...

I'll bet that's a sight to see in reality. The snowman is so cute too.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I'm from a long line of cotton planters/farmers, Debbie, and I loved this post. I get nostalgic in the fall for those stray bolls that have hopped off the cotton wagons along roadsides throughout the Deep South. It makes me miss so many people I love.

Thanks for sharing...


Sheila :-)


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