Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An Officer and a Gentleman: Tablescape Challenge

When Cuisine Kathleen first announced her wedding pattern tablescape challenge, we were absolutely certain that we wanted to join.  We just didn't know which wedding china we wanted to use. We've had a lot of weddings around here, after all,  and we have the china to prove it.  We have some beautiful patterns, too, ones bursting with color and  tablescape fodder.

But we chose this one instead.

It's the wedding pattern of the (not so) Newlywed Niece
Pearl Platinum by Lenox
Plain white. 
Trimmed in more white. 

That's OK.  We didn't choose it for the color anyway.
 We chose it in honor of a significant occasion which is taking place this week.  

No, it's not their anniversary. 

They tied the knot on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Not that we weren't all thankful for him, but that isn't the reason that they chose the date. Actually, the date chose them instead. The groom is a military man, you see, and that's the first day that Uncle Sam said he might be available.

Uncle Sam has been pretty much intruding on their lives ever since.  In  nearly five years of marriage, they have shared only two anniversaries together. They won't be spending it together this year either.

Tomorrow, the Army Man heads to Afghanistan.  
He'll be there for the next year. 

His wife will  be home on the farm...
 tying yellow ribbons. 

So we took this table out by an old oak tree
 and tied some yellow ribbons too. 

 Then we filled the empty spaces  with daisies 
because they're just a daisy kind of couple.

She loves him...she loves him not...she loves him... she loves him not...

She loves him. 

Yes, I realize that proper table ladies do not scatter teacups willy-nilly on a table.  
They probably don't stick random daisies on saucers either, but I did it anyway. 

I'm pretty sure the rules are relaxed for pretend tables set for invisible people. 
(I hope so because I kept rearranging that stemware to suit my photo op notions.) 

Their crystal pattern is Marquis by Waterford
I love the simplicity of it.

Their flatware is Melon Bud by Gorham. 

And there you have it:

Tying Yellow Ribbons 'Round the Old Oak Tree...   

.... which, according to my husband, is actually a sweet gum tree.  

Well, oops. 

Regardless, I have had that song stuck in my head all day. 

And yes... I do indeed sound exactly like Tony Orlando. 

Admit it.  You knew I was going to say that...

But can we be serious for just a minute?

Please don't let the the dish playing and song singing fool you.
We're all pretty nervous around here right now.
We won't tell a lie.

But we're covering him in prayer for a safe trip home, and for once in our lives
  hoping that time actually does fly.  

We would deeply appreciate all your prayers as well.

May God hold you in His mighty hand, Captain McNephew. 
We'll be saving a place for you at the table. 


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Gayle said...

This yellow ribbon table is perfect for the occasion, Debbie. Love the daisies. I'm a daisy gal. Will certainly keep your nephew (and all who love him) in my prayers as he embarks on his military journey.

Denise said...

The table is absolutely perfect! I love all the dishes and the yellow is so happy. I have been trying not to think about him leaving us again. When I got to the end of the post I just broke down and cried. Thanks for the wonderful tribute to our wonderful daughter and son-in-law. We are indeed praying him home safely.

Sue said...

First things first, Your Captain will be in my prayers, please tell him how thankful I am for his service to our country.

The tablescape is perfectly beautiful and fitting for an officer and gentleman! Yellow seems to be my go to color this year, great job! And yes I can just see and hear Tony singing one of my favorite songs. Thanks for sharing.

Creations By Cindy said...

How beautiful! I am in love with the china pattern and the flowers! This is a perfect tablescape! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Vee said...

God bless him for his service to this country. I know that my freedoms have been hard won by those willing to do so.

It's a beautiful table. I was hoping that you were going to say that a delicious meal would be served under the old oak tree in honor of the Captain and his Bride.

Beth @ "E." Lizard Breath Speaks said...

awesome setting. would be gorgeous for a wedding or tea party too. so pretty. i love that movie. had to watch it a while back to get an update on the memories. ( :

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Debbie,

I love this pretty yellow and white table! Your niece's china is beautiful; Lenox makes such wonderful china. I think all your daisies are extra cheerful, and the outdoor setting is lovely. Everything looks perfect.

What I love the most about this post is that you've dedicated this table to your nephew's brave service to this country. We are thankful for him and others like him! I will most definitely keep him in my prayers, along with your niece and sister as well. God Bless!



Sharon said...

Oh Debbie, what a beautiful table, and such a tribute to a special young man who serves our country faithfully, and to his loving and long-suffering wife who also serves our country on the homefront.

Lord, we humbly ask that You will extend Your hand of protection over McNephew. We pray for his physical safety, and that You might also guard his heart against any discouragement or fear that might seek to invade. Bless his dear wife, this precious young woman who loves him, and who loves You. Strengthen her for the days ahead, and bless her with peace of mind and heart. Bring them back together again...and may the days until then pass quickly.

Amen, and GOD BLESS your entire family, Debbie (or Tony...)


Lynn@Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Oh geez, how am I crying over a table setting??? Wishing your nephew a speedy and safe return:@)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Thank you, Captain McNephew for your service. Praying that God will keep you in the palm of His hand.

This table is lovely - beautiful china, beautiful crystal, beautiful flatware. Beautiful sentiments.

I'll sing the background for you…"tie a ribbon round the old oak tree, tie a ribbon round the old oak tree…."


Chatty Crone said...

This is positively gorgeous - I saw it on Face Book - it is so pretty. I think it is exquisite!!!

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Debbie, Many good wishes and prayers for your nephew and niece. Your table is a beautiful tribute to their marriage and love. Linda

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Lovely, lovely table in a beautiful setting. Dreamy, I tell you!
Blessings and protection for Army Man.

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Lovely, lovely table in a beautiful setting. Dreamy, I tell you!
Blessings and protection for Army Man.

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Ok. Now I'm caught up. Your girls are good to see them.
Now I want to see a picture of you!
The prayer chair looks great, as does the faux pillow.
What an eventful spring!

Mevely317 said...

I don't do so good with fine china (i.e., breakables), Debbie ... but I'm over the moon with this setting!
Buttercream (OK, yellow) is by far my favorite shade on the color wheel.

I'm honored to hold your "Captain McNephew" in my prayers until he arrives home safely. Please extend our thanks for his service!

Lulu said...

Ah, this table is a beautiful tribute to the season, and I hope the captain returns safely to enjoy, if not this one, one equally as inviting.

Scribbler said...

Such beautiful sentiments -- and beautifully expressed in the yellow ribbon theme of the table and setting. He is lucky to have such a strong supportive family. Hope the time passes before you know it!

Dianne said...

Your beautiful post made me tear up. our table is perfect tribute of sorts and a wonderful way to maybe work out some of the emotions. I will certainly be praying. Dianne

Alycia Nichols said...

My brain immediately went to Tony Orlando and Dawn. I actually have that song on my Ipod! I still love it after all these many years! When I saw the daisies, my brain jumped to "You've Got Mail" when Joe Fox (Tom Hanks' character) brought Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan's character) flowers when she was sick. Daisies are indeed, as Kathleen Kelly said it, the friendliest flower. The fact that you chose them for this tablescape speaks volumes about how you feel about your niece and her husband. I know it is going to be super, super hard. You sound like a family of faith, though, so I know the prayers and good humor shared among you will help all to prevail until his safe return.

As for the tablescape, the daisies and ribbons make it look so fresh and alive. Not stuffy in the least!

My best to you all.

Debbie Moore said...

First ... prayers for Army Man ... God bless him. Second ... thank you for visiting Slice of Pie and for your nice comments. Your post is beautiful ... the theme so special. thank you so much for sharing.

Debbie said...

First of all let me say it will be my honor to join you in prayer for your Captain. And then let me say that this is just simply GORGEOUS! Every little thing about it. LOVE it! Oh, and the song is now in my head too. But that's OK, I love it!

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Oh, Debbie, as a military man's mother-in-law, I feel your pain! I didn't know he was deploying again, so your perfect-in-every- way tablescape caught me off guard this morning. I'm praying now and will be one of his warriors back home while he's gone. Hers, too. Deployment is a family affair, and I'm so thankful she has family nearby to support her while he's away. Godspeed, Captain! Prayer and deepest appreciation... from My Place to Yours.

Kelley said...

*Lump in throat*


A HUNDRED yellow ribbons on my heart...

A song of gratitude on my lips for our military families... who ALL serve as MY family!

What a meaningful table. Dishes can speak louder than words.

Hugs and happy yellow beribboned oak (sweet gum) trees,

Anonymous said...

Your china is lovely and looks great with the daisies. Wonderful table to celebrate both the couple and his dedication to his country.

Tricia said...

Debbie, what a gorgeous table -- and a poignant post! Your niece has exquisite taste, and after seeing so many of your family's tables, I can see where she got it. I know your hearts are full right now, and I'm glad your niece is surrounded by family as her beloved deploys.

Debbiedoos said...

Oh my Debbie this table is by far your best. It is gorgeous and looks like a magazine spread. Love the yellow ribbon touch!

Linda W said...

Strong prayers for Captain McNephew and your Newlywed Niece. May God bless them both and, yes, may time fly.

And, Debbie, your "yellow oak tree" table gave me goosebumps Love it!

Sue said...

So young to have their marriage tested so often. I do now and will keep on praying for your nephew and his fellow soldiers, for their safety and swift return. For both of their sakes I hope this year does fly ~
A beautiful tribute Debbie.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

So very appropriate with great ideas - the Officer and a Gentleman name, the tree and yellow ribbons, and Yellow ribbon song (just saw Tony Orlando singing it on Huckabee last weekend!) You know I love all the yellow and lace, and daisies! I'm already praying for your nephew and please thank him for serving our country!

I'm joining Sharon (above) in that perfect prayer she said for him!

Please keep us updated about Captain McNephew this coming year.


Sarah said...

Your Captain is most definitely in my prayers. Your table is a fitting tribute to this brave soldier. It's beautiful in all its details too. I think the wedding china is gorgeous, but adding in the yellow ribbons makes it perfection. Your "under the oak tree" setting is the crowning touch. Well done!

Dining Delight said...

Such a poignant tablescape and post! Love the details that tied into your theme with daisies and yellow ribbons. Fabulous tablecloth, china and stemware. The setting and the background along with the photos are all gorgeous! Indeed, prayers are offered up!


Babs R said...

The yellow ribbons theme is perfectly beautiful for your Newlywed Niece and Captain McNephew. I'll definitely remember him in my prayers. God bless those who serve and the family members who also serve at home.

Lady of the Manor said...

What a LOVELY table and post! Yes, I'll keep your nephew in my prayers.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Will help wrap him up in prayer. Pray every night for our military men and women. As a (retired now) Navy wife I too well know the difficulties of military life.
Love the table ! It just sings sunshine and happy (())

Ann said...

So sorry to see that your "nephew-in-law" is being deployed...again. May he be covered in prayer and surrounded by angels for his year in Afghanistan!

And, btw, love the table...your niece and my Hannah have the same taste in china. :)


Nellie's Cozy place said...

What a lovely and honoring post.
Am so sorry to hear your nephew is off to afghanistan, and will
sure keep him and yall in my prayers. What a thoughtful table
for sure, it is truly lovely in every way. It is gorgeous with all the yellow and the daisies...........and May the Lord keep your nephew safe just as you say........

Also wanted to thank you for coming by my blog and for your sweet comments.

Tell your nephew and your neice thank you for the sacrifices they are making for us and our country.

Peaceful Blessings to all of you,

Eunice said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Eunice said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Candy S said...

Yellow ribbons and daisies make this the prettiest setting I have seen this week. I had to wipe tears from my eyes as I read this post. Even after nearly fifty years the memories of living on Army bases and of our husbands leaving for the war Vietnam are fresh and vivid. God speed to your nephew to come home safely to your niece.

Marigene said...

What a beautiful post, Debbie. Prayers Captain McNephew does his time and safely returns home.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tablescape--wish you would post them more often--I like all of them and especially your commentaries about your family!

I've been thru the "husband leaving for duty" as an Air Force wife. It's tough and prayer really does help, so I'll remember him and your family, too.


Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

Yes beautiful of your many strengths, but prayers more importantly, yes! For all those who are serving us and who son-in-law has also.

Rosie M. said...

A very beautiful and touching post. Your table with its lovely china, flowers, ribbons and accent pieces is exquisite, and so fitting for your celebration of gratitude for your nephew. We all thank our military men and women for their courageous service to our country. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

Laurie Ritchey said...

I so appreciate his service to our country, and I will have he and his family in my prayers. I love their wedding china and stemware. Our wedding china was a Lenox white on white too, and it is so easy to mix with other things. The yellow ribbon are a great idea, and that table covering is gorgeous! laurie

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

ooooh beautiful! I love the tablecloth on top of the tablecloth and all that yellow! Yellow ribbons are so appropriate for this theme. Hopefully the time will fly by and he'll be back before you know it!

Sharlotte said...

Debbie, this is indeed a very special table. Not because the china or crystal is gorgeous, or the table cloth and netting is perfect, or even that the daisies are one of the most friendly flowers on's because it was designed with love. I know it has to be a trying time for the family, prayers will certainly be on my list for your nephew as well as for his wife.
Finally, your photography is crystal clear...I just love it all.

Kathleen said...

Debbie, this is just beautiful! The sentiment AND the table. Just so elegant! I remember tying ribbons around the tree when the war broke out. Thank you to your nephew, too.
The daisies are so pretty, and that cloth, wow! You have the touch for sure!


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