Sunday, May 30, 2010

Things Pondered

Friday evening was Miss Whimsy's high school graduation.

The Duchess arrived at 6:00.
The commencement began at 8:00
She wanted to get a good seat.

She did.
The chimes began to ring at 8:00 precisely.
They sounded 200 times. 
One chime for each graduate. 
And the graduates began their slow procession.
My heart was full, and
my eyes were too.
Super Dad used his new camcorder to zoom in on our graduate as she made her way across the field.

We got wonderful close up shots of  this group...

Unfortunately, Miss Whimsy entered from the opposite side...

Oh well...

She's the one in the white robe and funny shaped hat.

Look! It's the class of 2010... behind my girls  girl.

Grinning grad.
She found us!

The Duchess believes that every child should be named with an eye to this very moment.
How will it sound, she opines, when the child walks across the commencement platform?

She auditions every potential baby name by proclaiming it slowly, her hand making a majestic arch in front of her face as she says it. This is the reason, she says, that you do not go all Hollywood and start naming your children after  food products. 

Here she is...

Velveeta Mayonnaise Jones...

You probably expected me to be very sentimental about this moment.
Well, I am.
So many thoughts meandered through my mind as we closed this chapter of The Princess Chronicles.
Some things, though, are best kept between a mom and her God.

"...but Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart."
Luke 2:19


southerninspiration said...

Oh with the same event less than a week away for us, I did smile at this post, especially as I read her crazy girl. I will smile when my girl's name is won't be as cute as your girl's name however!! We will be there for one another when we're missing our girls! Take care.


Anonymous said...

Oh so very funny mom! You know the Duchess would have KILLED you if you had really named her after some food. Miss Whimsy's real name is beautiful and you know the Duchess approved it!

susan said...

Debbie-I must say I agree with the Duchess. By the time we had our third child (the 10th grandchild) all useable family names were taken. So we "auditoned" names for our last with a political career in mind--(you know all presidents by all 3 names) We had different combinations of full names and initials for different offices :) Of course, "bubba" is a last resort nickname :) Seriously, Congrats on the graduation. It is a monumental occasion. I cried with joy, anxiety, and fear each time one walked across the stage for a diploma! Have a great day!

Jennie said...

Thanks for the smile this morning. Hahaha! I was totally not expecting "Velveeta Mayonnaise"! Congratulations to Miss Whimsy for graduation and also to you for rearing two amazing girls!

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, it's only been a year since our eldest graduated..and that SAME verse helped me through as well. So awesome. Congratulations!!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Debbie! Congratulations to your daughter! LOL you made me laugh with this post....I guess we should think of moments like this when naming our babies. Oh my LOL! Have a wonderful day....Maura :)


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