Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Bucket List

The husband is a collector of buckets. He  uses them to tidy his lawn. He uses them to tidy his garden shed. He uses them to tidy his garage. He lines them up to hold everything from charcoal to the kitty litter that he spreads over leaks from the girls' clunkity old car.

 Aptly named "Flo"

Yes, indeed. Mr. Clean  is also Mr. Bucket.  That's why buckets were the container of choice for last week's  Great Pine Cone Adventure

 Last night, he made a rare pit stop in the middle of his business travel. It was a treat to find his car in the garage when I returned home from Wednesdays with the Duchess.  It was even a bigger treat when I opened the door, and I walked smack into this.

A bucket full of flowers. 

I saw him sitting in the den and called out the obvious (I hoped) question. "Is this for ME?" He never moved. He didn't even glance in my direction. He just chomped on his crackers and wore the smirk.
Finally he said, "Well, you did give me that lovely bucket of pine cones..." And he sat there... very pleased with himself.

I was very pleased with him too. I even resisted the urge to make sure they were wholesale.
 I'm thankful for that man.

So this morning, my next thing is to arrange all of these...

... and spread the love all over the house. 

I love flowers. 

And then, my next thing will be to head to the store.

Because I have been thinking this morning.... I'm always thinking...
If a bucket of pine cones can turn into a bucket of flowers, it might be a very good idea to refill his bucket of this:

And I'll email him the picture...
Is anyone following me here?
Mr. Bucket. Buckets of Fun.


Anonymous said...

If that's charcoal in that bucket, I know the duchess would REALLY appreciate him on Sunday!

I'm guessing maybe tenderloin for the family when The Practical One is home for a few days?

Anonymous said...

Would like to see some pictures of those beautiful flowers when they are arranged.
He is soooooo thoughtful!!


Amy Kinser said...

How wonderfully sweet of your hubby. I love that he put them in the bucket. Fun...

Tell he that he did good!!!

gnee said...

Thanks for sharing such a heart-warming story of love that lasts and lasts. Please continue this "bucket list" saga! Glad you like my maypole cupcakes and thanks for visiting my blog...

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, he is a keeper, that husband of yours!! Good thing you didn't take my snarky advice and put the pinecones at the foot of his bed!!!!!


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