Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Tagalong Tale

For the first time in years, I hitched a ride with the husband for his business travel this week. We decided on the great tagalong adventure because our anniversary was smack in the middle of his business week, and we wanted to enjoy an anniversary dinner on the actual date.

For two very wonderful reasons, we haven’t traveled alone on business in 21 years. It’s fun, although staying business style isn’t exactly  The Ballastone Inn.

No frills. We were in plain old room number 302. In my head, I called it The Cherry Blossom Room instead.  

But even in business class hotels, there are things that I really like. I thought they deserved a little yakabout all their own. Like the obvious:

I like maid service.
I like having a workout room outside my door.
I like those peekaboo shower curtains,

 Obviously inspired by the movie Psycho.

And breakfast. Oh, sure, it’s not presented with silver and linen outside by a trickling fountain, but it’s still nice to have a continental breakfast spread out for you and self- percolating coffee pots in the lobby. (Yes… they have coffee pots in the room, but there is nothing adventurous about brewing your own coffee.  And there is nothing adventurous about styrofoam either. That's why I always pack my own cup.)

I like the way business hotels fold their towels around their toiletries.

How cute is that?

Just folded with a little pocket

Apparently, I need to get out more
since I felt the need to photograph this...

I've always thought it would be pretty with some homemade soaps or lotions. I once tried to replicate it at home. The Traveling Man had an uncharacteristic opinion and nixed it. For some oddball reason, he didn’t want his home to resemble a hotel.

However, can I share just one thing that I do NOT like?

Now, I don’t mind  it that they no longer change sheets in most hotels if you’re staying more than one night. After all, I don’t change my own bed sheets every day, and I like to be a good steward of God’s creation too.


I do mind that they always claim a singular environmental reason.

I realize that I’m more cynical than most, but I just feel that a little honesty would be refreshing once in a while. While that CEO might possibly be concerned about the flow of detergent into the environment, I can’t help but wonder if maybe….. just maybe… it might be a bit about the bottom line as well.

I’d like to see a sign like this once in a while:

Costs are up and travel is down.
Therefore, we will no longer be changing your sheets every day.

Simple and to the point.
Refreshing honesty.

The Hilton Garden Inn where we stayed recently is very environmentally conscious. They not only give you the little bed sheet notice, they hang this little sign in the bathroom as well.

You can’t read it, but it is a request for you to use the same towels for the duration of your stay. Just drape them over the shower rod, they say…

Strictly for the environment, of course.

How about this one instead?

We can’t give our CEO his $10,000,000.00 bonus
if YOU insist on clean towels every day, people. 

So far, we still have this little fellow hanging on the doors for maid service.

However, at the rate things are going, I highly expect the wording to be changed to something like this:

In an effort to increase social consciousness,
the Hilton Garden Inn requests all patrons 
make their own beds and tidy their own rooms.
 Your mothers  parents  nurture persons
should have taught you this,
but since they didn’t,
we’re doing our part to help.

Vacuums are available in the house keeper's lounge on the third floor
for a minimal fee.
However, in our ongoing efforts to reduce energy consumption,
we request that you create little whisk brooms and dust pans with your hands instead.

Strictly for the common good.
Well, of course.


susan said...

Debbie-I certainly agree about being good stewards, but I want clean towels everyday!!! You are probably right about the CEO bonus. Leave your own note: In an effort to stimulate the economy and provide jobs, I will be requiring clean towels and fresh toiletries on a daily basis. Thank you :) ps-Happy anniversary

A very blessed lady! said...

Happy Anniversary!! And I too like the towels with the soaps in them, thats my fav! I love how you gave us the lil' tutorial of how to do it yourself,I will use that to impress my next house guest ;) And yes I like clean towels everyday too, mostly because mine usually end up on the floor or I use them to wipe up something becuase there are no paper towels in your hotel room ;)

Kelli said...

I agree with ya! Why does everything we do these days have an environmental connection? Honesty would be much better!! You're a hoot!! Answer to your question yesterday (temptation): Yes, I struggle with being content with what God gave me. And looking around the blogosphere only makes it worse. So I stopped looking for the most part unless the post contains a cute, cheap solution that I can do myself. Hope you have a great weekend!!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is just a scream! I loved reading every word. You are too, too funny.

My favorite?

I love the peek-a-boo shower curtains.

"Obviously inspired by the movie Psycho!"

Do you know I have to LOCK the BR door to shower? Norman Bates put the fear of God in me and apparently you, too! ;-)


Sheila :-)

Dayle said...

So, so funny, Debbie. And it irks me that intelligent people actually think using the same towel for a week will somehow save the environment, but then again, I'm very opinionated on that subject. Love your alternative messages. Made me laugh out loud. I'm happy to report that The Man and I are avid RV people... we wash our own sheets, as often as desired, or sleep on them dirty. Doing it our way makes traveling so much more fun. LOL!

southerninspiration said...

You are such a hoot!! Loved reading your observations...and yes, they are all right on.
Glad you could get away with the hubby and enjoy some relaxing time away!!


Gayle said...

As usual, Debbie, you gave me a good chuckle. I loved Susan's idea about more housekeepers to spur job growth. True! And don't get me going on the environment. Mere mortals didn't create the planet, and mere mortals can't destroy the planet, nor save the planet. Only the Creator has such powers.

Holly said...

I prefer total honesty and would absolutely stay at a hotel with your alternative signs.

Amy Kinser said...

I'm with you...they need to just tell it like it is. Sheets are okay...towels need to be changed. What about the bedspread? Do they change those between guests? I have heard they don't always. Can we say a collective YUK!

BECKY said...

You are too funny! Happy Anniversary gal! Hope you had a great time! Your tag along sounds like something we would do! I love the specially folded towels, too, but don't do it at home...not yet anyway...HA...Not into peek a boo curtains, but love the bent rods and how they add to the space in the shower!!

Hope you have a delightful week! Love your honesty and sense of humor!

CAL said...

I'm so glad that you traveled with your hubby and extended your anniversary to include a road trip.

Clean towels daily are a necessity not a luxury and I refuse to reuse towels. Actually I travel with my own bed sheets, I know seems well...strange, however I just sleep better!

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...


gnee said...

AMEN :D! We did stay at one recently where the maid knocked on the door and dropped off our clean towels for the second night! You are's going to happen. It is already happening...What I like best, my 27 foot RV with comforters, air co, stereo, in the middle of the woods...that's the life for me!

Jennie said...

The truth - when I'm on vacation, I want clean towels every day. When I'm home, I reuse...because *I'm* the one doing that laundry. And I don't get paid to do it. Ya know? Where did this adventure take you?

Gwen Toliver said...

Thanks for this - I needed a good laugh! :) I'm considering implementing some of your ideas around the home...however only 3 out of the 7 are good readers so I might have to resort to stick figure instead. How do you put "pick up after yourselves, don't expect others to do the work for you" in pictoral language?? :)


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