Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where Angels Go... Trouble Follows

Not just the title of one of my all time favorite movies....

Also the saga of Miss Whimsy's youth group as they embarked on a week long mission trip to New Orleans. Like the gals in this great movie, they have had attack after attack after attack.

Their bus broke down in the middle of the street while doing a three point turn.
 It was the transmission.
 The transmission was repaired.
 The next day, they lost their brakes.
The brakes were repaired.

Miss Whimsy spent a painful and sleepless night suffering from food poisoning.
The music minister spent a day in the emergency room with an eye infection.

Today, the bus trudged along until it nearly reached our home state.
And then, it broke down again.
Apparently, it's the transmission.
Stranded at a Wendys...
For 3 5 hours and counting...

We're praying earnestly for their safe return to Georgia clay.


susan said...

Did they finally make to New Orleans? Those poor kids(and POOR chaperones!). Hope your daughter is feeling better. Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

Manuela@TPOH said...

That is one of my all time favorite movies! I loved all of those films in that series!

Well, the brakes failing sounds mighty scary! Where on earth did they get that bus? Sorry your daughter had food poisoning. It's bad enough when you get it at home but to be away and get it...poor thing! I hope she's recovered. I'm sure they all can't wait to get back to Georgia!


Sandy said...

Was nice to see your comment on my blog today... thanks so much!
I also noticed on your 'bio'... you movie #1 was 'seven brides for seven brothers'... I so love that old movie.. infact my two daughters love it too!
Thanks again!

Gayle said...

A trip for the memory books, for sure. :-(

imoomie said...

I'll be praying for your daughter and the group, sometimes on these trips you can end up learning things you never set out to learn.

May a hedge of protection surround them!

Debbie said...

Just an update for anyone reading: They did make it to New Orleaans, this is the trip home.
Still stranded... They had an unplanned overnight in Florida as they wait for a church van to bring them home. Sighing...

gnee said...

Bless your heart, I think it sounds like this trip has required a lot of patience and faith. I'm so glad that things are looking up and pray that you will feel blessed with a sweet reunion soon. Thanks for keeping track of me. Some just follow, but you have become a friend. Have a great one!

BECKY said...

Hi there! I came over from Beautiful Pear Tree Lane to meet you, Debbie! Hope you are having a great weekend.

I love the movie "The Trouble With Angels", but somehow missed that it was one of a series??!! How many more are there? I want to buy them too! We have 4 daughters and they have all loved them, too!

Sorry to hear about all the trouble Miss Whimsy's group has had! I used to work with the youth, and will be praying!!

Blessings and joy!!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Debbie,
I am so sorry to hear about all of these mishaps, and I hope all is well and they are safely home by now. Boy will they ever have some things to tell. I will be praying.

Sandy said...

It made me smile to get your visit today,,your comments on my "being a plumber"... I will do this! Thanks for following, I'm following you also!
Hey, I've become an 'electrician' also.. check out my kitchen.. this is still not finished because I'm trying to move the dishwasher... I made "can lights" in the ceiling.. go see! I called to see if I could get a contractor to do the kitchen..haha $29. thousand plus..haha... so I did it myself!
take a look at this link when you have time! I tore down the ceiling and raised it 8"s...

Praying for everyones safe return!

Debbie said...

Update: All are safely home!!

Jennie said...

Praise the Lord! It wouldn't be a mission trip without at least one bus breaking down (or should I be punny and say "braking"?). Sorry about the sickies all around, but SO glad everyone is home!

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

You are funny!
I will try not to dangle my prepositions, too!
The lacey ball thingy you were looking at is a wooden carved ball/orb thingy, that is just a decorative object I found at Hobby Lobby.
That is where I got it at *wink.

CAL said...

Good grief that was quite a journey and they hardly went anywhere! Ahhhh the scenery = streets, curbs and Wendys. Yes, this will be a trip to remember - just not such fond memories. Food poisening too just in case she didn't suffer enough??

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

So glad they are back--I'll bet Miss Whimsy is sleeping a lot!


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