Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pinking up the Hood

It’s time for another seasonal change in the neighborhood that I call home. In February, I yakked all about the snow covered trees. One month later, those same trees were a beautiful explosion of white pear blossoms. I yakked all about it HERE.

Now, our street might be stunning during pear blossom season, but, it's actually during  this season that I love our street the most. And it's all because of the pink polka dots which begin to pop up under the green canopy row.

Can you see them?  

Our carefully planned neighborhood has only three streets, and they're all named to go with with a Georgian theme. We have streets name after the dogwood  and the magnolia and the peach tree.(well, of course!)

I think the names are perfectly lovely... .except for the fact that there are very few dogwoods, even fewer magnolias, and every street is lined, not with peach trees but with Bradford pears.

So really, shouldn't my street be called Pear Tree Lane instead? Yes, it should.

During this summer season, I might also suggest Crepe Mrytle Way. I say this  because of the fuchsia crepe myrtles which also line our street.  I guess crepe myrtles weren't Georgian enough for  the developer either. (Or maybe he had a creepy old Aunt Mrytle like I did who kind of ruined the name for him, too.)

At any rate, it is the crepe myrtle which defnes our streets during these hot summer months and adds a splash of fuchsia to my daily walk.  I've said before that pink is my favorite color. However, it's not any old pink. I'm not really a pastel kind of girl. I'm fuchsia. I love it and wanted to share just a few pink sights from my walk with you.    

I didn't notice that creepy little spider when I shot this this morning.

A few mrytles are a lighter shade
Not quite as pretty, in my opinion

I'll end my tour of the pink blossom trail with this  pink show off here.
Not a  myrtle, but pink nonetheless.

She makes up for being pastel with her enormous blossoms.
The husband loves her.
I kind of think she looks like a petunia on steroids.

But just in case I want to buy one for my own lawn, does anyone know what this is?


Anonymous said...

Hi sister,
As usual, your neighborhood looks lovely. You know I love the crepe myrtle's, too - especially the bright pink. But oh the name... Anyway. Not sure about the flower but it looks like my summer azalea bush to me.

Ann said...

I'm pretty sure that's a hibiscus, Debbie. I love them, especially the ones in the gardens at Busch Gardens. They are magnificent.

I can't grow the trumpet shaped ones like you have (not quite "tropical" enough here), but I do have one that opens completely like a dinner plate .... in fact, I think they are called "dinner plate" or "dollar coin" hibiscus. Or similar.

Jennie said...

I vote hibiscus too. (LOVE them!) How pretty is your neighborhood?!

I confess to hating crepe myrtles when I first moved here. Is it a bush? Is it a tree? Why do people shave them down to nubs in the winter? These were the things I didn't understand. I now get that they are one of the constant beacons of beauty in an otherwise inhabitable (even by vegetation) environment. ;)

I don't hate the name though, maybe because *my* Aunt Myrtle was awesome (and not at all creepy, even if I was twice her height)!

Dayle said...

Love crepe myrtles. Have you seen the red-rocket crepe myrtles? Gorgeous! I agree with others on the hibiscus. Looks like that to me.

Rettabug said...

I concur...it looks just like the hibiscus my Mom had in our yard when I was little.
Your photos are outstanding ... ♥ the 1st one especially.
Funny how we always see things better through the lens of the camera.

Have a Happy 4th of July!
The Gazebo House

SmallWorld at Home said...

Love the hot pink crepe myrtles! We just have a white one. And those are definitely hibiscus. That's my husband's botanical specialty!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Everything is so beautiful ! How lucky are you to live in that hood! ( :

Amanda said...

What a beautiful place to live...

Kelli said...

I have a love of Crepe Myrtles as well. My parents planted one for all their 5 children. They are so beautiful in the summer. I enjoyed the tour around the "hood"! Have a very happy Fourth of July!!

gnee said...

Just a beautiful show of flowers, Debbie! I am a big fan of bright pink anything and your neighborhood is glorious...enjoy it all!

FrouFrouBritches said...

What beautiful Crepe Myrtles! So pretty! I have an Aunt Myrtle, no wait she's my cousin, but she's great. The name, not so much.


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