Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Soaking Up Local Color

We took a break in the middle of our college moving on Friday to grab a little lunch. Now, we could have gone just about any place. Macon, Georgia is a fairly large city full of options. They have all the typical family restaurants, and the brass and ferns, and the fast food. Downtown, they have quaint delis and ethnic eateries.

We didn’t go to any of those places.
Instead, we followed the suggestion of one in the bevy of friends.
When parents come to visit,
she opined,
they ought to soak up a little local color.

I hadn’t really given it much thought, but she’s right.  Anytime that I want, I can drive to a national chain or enjoy a downtown deli. Only in the Macon, Georgia area, can I eat at here.

Where the local color is red.

You see, there are frankfurters.
And there are hotdogs.
And then
there are wieners.

That’s our friendly little color guide in this picture. I wonder if she knew that her hands instinctively rushed to her stomach upon receiving her order. The hands apparently recognize what the head does not…

The place is called Nu-Way Weiners

Since 1916, they have been serving all versions of the
red dogs 
and fountain drinks with their famous flaky ice.

I'm pretty sure that's just shaved ice,
but if they say it's flaky... then flaky it is.

Long a local favorite, Nu Way gained some national attention when Oprah made a famous visit for her Favorite Things episode filmed in Macon.

Now, the husband and I have always been somewhat crunchy granola. We like our food on the natural side, and there’s something just a tad unnatural about a red dog. We’re not all that fond of soft drinks, either. Our drink of choice is water. When we want to take a walk on the wild side, we make it seltzer water. We plunged right in, though, and soaked up that local color, fat grams, additives, and all.

Because, frankly, the friend is right,
 and life is short.
Even shorter after that meal...

So we laughed our way through lunch and enjoyed the local color

Of course, I whipped out the shiny red Kodak so I could yak all about it. I think I deserve some credit, though, for resisting the urge to title this  The Great Wiener Adventure.  I hope that the next time we visit, we can soak up some more local color. I just kind of hope that the next time, it's just a little bit more green.

So what about you? Do you like to soak up the local color? If I came to eat in your hometown, could you show me some?


Manuela@TPOH said...

LOL! Well you're braver than me! I would have taken one look at the RED hot dog and said no way!

I haven't been to Macon in years! I think the last time I went was during a cherry blossom festival? about 7 years ago.


Sharon Kirby said...

YES, I do have a few places of "local color" we could eat at. One is a wonderful little outdoor barbecue place. I'd even treat...

Glad you didn't title this The Great Wiener Adventure - it just would have opened the door on all sorts of trouble...especially from ME!

Hope you have a great day...

p.s. Not sure if you got my note yesterday - I expanded my "rainbow on the street sign" story into a devotional! The link info is in my post today - just thinking of you guys!

Jennie said...

Hahahaha! I laughed right out loud at "shorter after that meal"! That's awesome.

Can I make ANOTHER confession? I've only had ONE Nu-Way wiener during my tenure in central GA. It was pretty good...but their breakfast sandwiches are to *die* for! (Or is it "to die from"?)

Honestly, I feel guilty for not knowing more local places around here. We've got McCall's deli, Wilson's bakery, GA Bob's BBQ, a whole plethora of authentic Mexican joints, (and 2 Nu-Ways of our own), but I have yet to find "our local place" here in WR. I'm always at a loss for where to take someone when they come to visit!

Sharon Kirby said...


Just saw your comments over at Granola Bar - I should have checked there first...Evidently today is going to be one of "THOSE DAYS" when the brain is left asleep in bed, while I blithely wander through my day!

THANK YOU for being so sweet...

Denise said...

Okay. I enjoyed the company. I appreciated the atmosphere. I liked taking in local color. But, I could still taste the nasty red dog even though it was smothered with cheese, chili and who knows what else. And, you've been to my hometown. If you don't like "typical southern food" or Mexican, you'd have to hit McDonald's or Subway. That's all we have. No. Not true. We can go see the Duchess.

Faith Imagined said...

Wow! The hot dogs look yummy! Especially with all the good toppings! Seems like a wonderful little town!

Ann said...

DO come visit ... I could take you to the Beach Deli where everything is deep fried, or to the Yorktown Pub where the burgers are pretty darned good.
It used to be that to soak up the local atmosphere you'd go to "Pop's" but Pop hasn't run it in years so the food is mostly frozen and fried there now. But, the local politicians still collect there every month!
And we have Zero's sub sandwiches which technically isn't "local" but based in Va Beach ... so not too far away. Their best sandwich is "the grinder." And it will do that to your stomach, but only well after it's gone down.

Love how you view things Debbie!

Kelli said...

Now that's some awesome Local Color!! Our claim to fame is the Beacon Drive-in! Very healthy cuisine-lol! If I'm ever in Macon, I'm for sure taking the fam to Nu-way Weiners. You opted for the best title btw!

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

My hubster and I read this together and laughed. We aren't up for a "Great Weiner Adventure," although we always grill some brats when we go camping. Nope, we are going to give you some local color and you can look for it next week...just for you!

Thena said...

We're in Macon every weekend since my step-son was in a near fatal car accident a month ago. Always looking for a place to eat lunch other than the hospital cafeteria.

Gayle said...

Red weiner, red weiner. Looks good from here. And yes, I could show you some local color...kinda sorta.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I would love to show you some local color!!! What I would really love is one of those dogs!!! My hubby has said to me more times than I can count, "When is this town going to get a place that sells good hot dogs?" The only thing here is pizza, pizza and maybe one cool coffee shoppe. Maybe I will take you there. I'm in NC you know.

Chatty Crone said...

I am so proud of you taking the time to taste the local flavor and taking a health risk!

Have you ever had a Chicago Dog? YUMMY!



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Let me know if he's checked them out.
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Lynn Richards said...

ACK!!! Have mercy!!! Our strange little family has an enormous aversion to hot dogs. We all end up barfing after eating them. Aren't you glad I shared that info???? I think I would soak up local color elsewhere.....

I would definitely take you down to the beach area to sample food fare. Nothing beats fresh fish eating overlooking the ocean at sunset!!!

Dayle said...

Oh yes... traveling is all about experiencing the local culture or color or whatever you want to call it. We seek out the out-of-the-way favorites of the locals, as often as possible. If you come to visit, I will take you to Wunsche Bros. in Old Town Spring, for starters.


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