Friday, February 18, 2011

Mint Chocolate Hoodie-Hoo

Tomorrow is
  National Chocolate Mint Day! 

Am I the only one who didn't know this little tidbit?  According to, February 19th is a day devoted completely to eating that yummy flavor combination.

So in celebration of National Chocolate Mint Day, I thought I would make a favorite cookie concoction and send them off to the college girls.  This recipe is called  My Favorite Cookies.  I've yakked other variations of it before.  It's really not so much a recipe as a cookie creating adventure.

Here's what went into these:

1 Box Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Devil's Food
1/2 cup oil
2 eggs

Mix together
then stir in 1 cup of Andes candy chunks.

Yes, I know that you can buy these packaged in the baking aisle, but our store didn't have any. I just chopped up a box of the candies instead.  We like bigger chunks than what is in the bag anyway.

Drop by spoonfuls and bake at 350 degrees for exactly ten minutes.

And your family will rise up and call you blessed.

Now, the Hoodie- Hoo part is for Sunday.  It seems that February 20th is National Hoodie Hoo Day.  Apparently, this holiday is designed to chase away the winter blues.  On this day, we're all supposed to go outside at noon, wave our arms in the air, and shout out,

Hoodie-hoo!  Hoodie Hoo!

I can hardly wait.
Anyone want to join me? 

Of course since I’ll just be getting out of church at noon, I'll probably have to join the Hooters in a different time zone. My fellow Baptists are pretty tolerant of their resident Bobblehead, but I think they might draw the line at hoodie hooting down the church steps.

Just call it a hunch.

I'm taking this opportunity to share a favorite cookie. 

Happy Chocolate Mint Day,
Hoodie-Hoo to you, too!

Still having computer issues. If these pictures are wonky, I hope someone tells me. It doesn't show up wonky on mine.


Lynn said...

See now, had I known... I'd have baked something for sure! But sign me up for Hoodie Hoo Day! Oh yea, I'll be flappin' and smilin' on Sunday. Noon's ok, by one my sons will be here and that might not go over so well:@)

ann said...

oooh, these look sinfully good. I need to make these!

Sharon said...

OK - let me guess. Chocolate Mint is also YOUR favorite flavor??? Probably so, because it's mine.

These cookies look delicious - I can almost smell them all the way here in California.

And I feel like a dummie - I thought Hoodie Hoo Day might be a day that we all dress up in our hoodies, put on a pair of sunglasses, and go outside and impersonate the Unabomber (ala a certain Georgian woman I know...)

What if I just wear sunglasses to church and give a few snaps and wave some jazz hands instead?

BTW - did you intend the very subtle pun - her family will "rise up" and call her blessed - strategically placed after a picture of cookies that have "risen" in the oven?

If so, you're good - if not, then I'm good!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Those cookies look so delicious! YUM! I might have to try those for my Hubby. He loves chocolate mint. MMMMM!

I think I would pay money to see you walk out of the church building, shake the pastor's hand on the way out of the sactuary and straight out onto the lawn to Hoodie Hoo! HA! HYSTERICAL! I'll Hoodie Hoo if you do!

elizabeth said...

Chocolate Mint Cookies...I've got to try this recipe! Ohe of the best parts of eating at Olive Garden is the Andes Mint they give you with your check!
Yes the photos are "wonky" both when I am looking at your blog and on google reader. It looks like a huge photo followed by the same photo in it's normal size. Are you using blogger to compose your posts or Live Writer?
Well, Hoodie Hoo, my friend!

Jennie said...

Okay, darn you. The last time I made those cookies, I ate the ENTIRE batch. And I just KNOW these would be even better. Chocolate mint is my fave. How about ice cream? I might have some of that hour early. That's not too indulgent is it?

Here's a fun fact...I have actually celebrated Hoodie Hoo day before. It's just too darn irresistible! (Luckily the year I participated it didn't fall on a Sunday - phew!)

Thanks for this post! And I'm so sorry you're having so much blogger trouble. I think it's brilliant that you post about it though. Since Walmart reads your blog, I'm most certain Blogger does too! :)

Have a LOVELY weekend, Mrs. Debbie!

Ms.Daisy said...

I really, really like cake mix cookies but I'm gonna have to leave out the mint...sorry, but just not my thing. I have some minature marshmellows left after making ambrosia...soooo!
Yes, I afraid your first picture on my blog was way wonky (reaaally large and loooong!) Sorry you are having such a time. :(

Hoodie Hoo?

Sue said...

Hi Debbie
Love chocolate and mint ~ those cookies sound great. As for the hoodie hoo ~ I, too, thought I had to put on my really cute new hoodie from WDW and holler!!

Pictures are a little wonky ~ first one is really long and I have a couple of those question mark pictures. What's up with blogger? I am sorry { and a little worried } that you are having so much trouble.
Have a great weekend!!

Karen said...

:( you beat me to it! I didn't know anyone else knew about Hoodie HOO. I read this in my devotional book this week. (Don't have a clue why they put it in the Journey devotional guide) But, we must think alike! Because not only Hoodie HOO, but guess what I baked for my sweet hubby on V-Day. Paula Deen's mint chocolate brownies. Scrumptous! And the Ande's Mints bits & pieces were marked down to a $1 this week at Wal-mart. Wish I could have mailed you some. Have a great weekend. Always love dropping by!

All The Pretty Dishes said...

Yummy - chocolate mint day - I can just smell them!!
Thanks for dropping by my post and leaving me your nice comment.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

YOur post is a riot!! and No, I did not know the 19th was national chocolate day, but hey, I am willing!! Those cookies do sound good, and I was thinking St. Patricks day for those cookies.
and A hoodie Hoo to you too!!
Yea, I agree doubt our fellow congregants would think we were all there either, but we could Hoodie Hoo them and see what happens!! lol
Blessings hon, and thanks for the laugh.
Nellie said...

I have never heard of Hoodie Hoo?????

The mint is great...oh my daughter bought me mints for Valentines so I have some around...these look great.
Well have fun celebrating...our church has 400 youth this weekend and there should be a lot of waving their hands in praise and shouts before the Lord...what a wonderful way for them to get rid of any winter blues...and we do have 80 degrees!

Crickit said...

These cookie look delish! I can't wait to make them cuz I can't wait for my family to rise up and call me blessed! :) Not that I am looking for a compliment or anything.
Happy Hoodie-Hoo!

Ann said...

OM Goodness! My mom used to make chocolate cookies with the DH cake mix but I never found her recipe in all her files that I inherited. So at least now, I have a chocolate cookie recipe from DH that I can use! (Happy dance) ... Sadly, I can't eat them right now! (really sad face)

The fact they have mint in them just makes them more alluring too. Oh well. Perhaps I'll make some AFTER the July 1 wedding! (BIG Happy FACE).

AS for the Hoody hoo .... I'm game! We are usually pulling into the driveway by that time.

Another terrific post Debbie. You keep me on my toes!

Canadagirl said...

OHHH thank you for educating me in this holiday. *GRIN* I LOVE love love chocolate mint!!! I am for sure going to make these someday soon. It made me think of Frango mints. I found a recipe online I am going to have to try. Ohhh I don't think I will wait till next Chocolate Mint day but I will put it on my calender,lol. This was a fun post.

Blessings and ((HUGS))!

Sharon said...

FYI, Wonky seems to have disappeared - everything looks back to normal (of course, in your case, know).

Have to admit though, I sorta took a fancy to the tall, dark, and blurry picture - sigh.

Denise said...

I love chocolate and I love mint so count me in for the holiday! I can't wait to try these tomorrow (hint, hint) after we Hoodie Hoo our way out of church. Well, since we're supposed to start church earlier, maybe we'll finish in time to shout. Just sayin'....

WE may be wonky, but your pictures aren't. So sorry you're still having trouble.

Funny post. I laughed all the way through.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh it is National Chocolate Chip Mint day - who knew - I have to run out and get some. Love, sandie


Hi Debbie, I did not know about National Chocolate Mint Day! :) Who comes up with all of these days :) . . . I love this post and your recipe, and I'm forwarding it to my daughter as Andes mints are my son-in-law's favorite. We already have a favorite family cookie recipe with a Devil's food cake (who named it that?) and cream cheese, so some with mints will be a nice twist. Thanks so much!
Would love to see what you're doing with toile.
~ Julie

Amy Kinser said...

I had no idea that this was a holiday. Your cookies look great, Debbie. I know your girls will love them.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Debbie, I'm so glad I read this post AFTER both of these holidays were over. I might have felt the need to eat a whole box of GS thin mint cookies to celebrate the first holiday, and even though we Methodists are probably a little more lenient than Baptists, I think if I was yelling hoodie hoo on my way to my car after church, they might have me committed. Your cookie recipe sounds wonderful. I LUV Andees chocolate mints. Hoodie hoo to you too! laurie

At The Picket Fence said...

You have to be making that up! Is there really a national hoodie-hoo day??? That is too funny! :-) I'm thinkin this might be the perfect thing for me to start doing at random times just to keep things exciting around here...waving my arms around and yelling "Hoodie-hoo" at everyone would be a good stress reliever I think...and I'm sure it wouldn't traumatize my children at all!


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