Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simply Sleeping

I’m late to the simple pleasures party today.
Care to guess the reason?

I wasn’t at my Thursday morning Bible Study; 
we’re on hiatus.
I wasn’t teaching in that unventilated bookroom.
I wasn’t lost at Wally World, thank goodness.
Or cleaning house...ok maybe a little

I didn’t tag along with the husband.
Or visit the Duchess.
I’m late because I was sleeping.

 OK, technically, I wasn't sleeping clear until noon, but I was sleeping much later than is my custom on a Thursday morning. 

I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off for over a week now. If I had a day planner (and I don’t because I can’t keep up with one...), every day would look like an ink blot on a Rorschach test.   Every plan that I have made this week has been scratched over seventy times to accommodate the tyranny of the urgent.  And every day that I think I’ll stop and control my life for a pair of minutes?  I am Debbie Interrupted.

Can anyone relate?

And yet, no matter how busy I have made myself…
No matter how gainfully employed that brain of mine is at midnight…
I still feel the need to get up before the crack of dawn.

How silly is that? It’s not as if I have a family to get out the door.

I’m just a compulsive early riser. In my mind, if I just get started a little earlier, I can somehow get it all done. I set that alarm for 5:00 every morning, even Saturday. Technically, I set it for 4:33. That allows me to slap that snooze button three full times before dragging myself out of bed, holding my head over an enormous mug of coffee, and forcing myself awake. 

Some days, I decide to wake by 4:00, which starts the process even earlier.  You may have discovered wee hour comments from me out there in Blog Land because I often read blogs while I’m doing it.  Just consider yourselves an additional cup of morning coffee.

And then I wonder why I’m miserable by 8:00 PM.  

Goofy, isn’t it?

 So last night as I was getting ready for bed, I reached for the trusty alarm clock the way I habitually do. After all,  I had a day planner page all scribbled down in my head, and I wanted to jump to it at dawn, as as I habitually do.

But then, I stopped.  

I’m tired. When I’m tired, I’m cranky. When I'm cranky, I don't handle the changes well. I'm also less productive and enthusiastic about what I'm actually able to do. 

Something had to give.

So last night, I decided to do something really radical.  I would trust God to wake me up this morning when He determined that I had had enough sleep.
And this morning,
way after 5:00…
Way after the blue hour...
and way after the sunrise…
Without the assistance of any 
boooooop, booooooop, boooooping sound,

I opened my eyes.

And do you want to know what sound actually did the job?
Singing right outside my window.

And, friends, at that very minute,
sleeping in 
bumped all contenders for this week’s simple pleasure.  

Joining my friend Dayle
for the Simple Pleasures party.
I sure hope there's still some finger food left by the time I get there.


Heather T. said...

Good for you, Debbie - and I can SO relate to your whirlwind days. I often find myself, running in and out, being interrupted at every turn, so when I have a few minutes of alone time to myself, I am selfish with it....not everyone likes it though.

Enjoy this day ♥

Sarah said...

Welcome to a world without an alarm. ;-)
I try not to set an alarm except on mornings I have an appointment. Too many years of rising early. This is the gift I've given myself since retiring. It's wonderful to live without an alarm ruling my morning. LOL
Hope you'll try it again. ~ sarah

Lynn Richards said...

ooooh, YES!! I live for the day I never have to set an alarm again.

I kept running like an idiot and ended up with my colitis flaring up. Hasn't done that in a loooong time. But did I listen to myself? huh-uh. I just kept wondering what was wrong with me that I couldn't finish a work out, wanted a nap so badly, was in bed by 8, etc, etc...

Today I'm reading this after going BACK to bed and re-starting my day. I know I won't do this every day, but just today I needed to, so I listened for once, and look at my reward-your post.


sarah said...

when I'm tired...I'm cranky too. I'm so glad you got to sleep in..There's nothing like a good rest...

Jennie said...

That is just wonderful! I am so glad you had a respite! Hope you're feeling better. I often do that to myself - I stay up too late and get up too early. Then eventually I just have to crash because no one wants to be around me if I don't!

And hey - you weren't the latest to the party. ;)

Shelia said...

Oh, poor one! I'm glad you were able to get a little bit more sleep! I know, sometimes our days are just crazy! If I don't get my tiny sleep - I'm a bear! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

Dear friend, thank your lucky stars that you can sleep! If I sleep in until 4:00 AM, my guy celebrates...ha ha. He's like you, requires rest to function well. I just kind of get by!

This morning you were singing with birds! How delightful...

FrouFrouBritches said...

4:00 a.m.? Are you kidding me? I swear Debbie, we could be sisters in MANY ways, but that isn't one of them. I have to drag myself out of bed at 6:15 and I do mean DRAG! When Hubby was home and I was sick last Sunday, I slept until 9:00. I love me some sleep!

I'm so glad you allowed God to wake you up with the birds. Sounds like you needed it!

Denise said...

We really can't seem to help that early rising thing can we? Too much influence from the Duchess I suppose. So glad you were able to get some rest. I know you often cannot. And the best part, you let those wonderful birds wake you.

Kathleen said...

Gosh, you are an early riser! You need to treat yourself to a few more lie-ins. I swear by 'em!

Terra said...

Dear friend, I hope you find a balance and a bit more time for relaxation each day. Don't get up too early!

Sonja said...

I'm just smiling as I read... sounds so familiar! I especially loved... And then I wonder why I’m miserable by 8:00 PM...

I think there is a HUGE message here for us... God woke you up when he knew you had rested and he did it with lovely song! Precious post!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Sounds like God was a better alarm clock!!! Birds to wake you, how great and hopefully not miserable by 8:00 pm. He seems to know what is best for us and goes around our ideas...oh this is saying so much to me...thanks for sharing. Of course I still try to beat my five year old out of bed...but never that early, you are truly super woman!! This 50 year old mom still has to have her rest!
Hope you have a wonderful and rest filled day!
A great simple pleasure

Kay K said...

You musted have needed the rest!!! Nothing better than being woke from the sound of birds to my ears !

Carol said...

I wonder if we were separated at birth??? I am the same way as you are. Always with a list of things I want to get done, getting up early even if I don't "have to", ok, well I'm letting up on that one a little....
This is one wonderful simple pleasure. And one of the best parts of it is that you chose to take it!

Jacqueline said...

I am just a lousy sleeper anymore!

I heard the birds the other day, and I thought it was way to cold to hear them chirping away, but it warmed my heart.

Evelyn S. said...

I'm one who has been retired long enough to get to sleep in as long as I want! DH goes to work around 5:30, but I prefer to have the sun wake me. It just doesn't happen often during the winter months. BTW...I really enjoy your blog narratives!

Anonymous said...


I almost always get a chuckle from your posts. 4:33???? I sleep much later than that - okay 5:15. LOL

I don't set an alarm on weekends, but most days I'm awake by around 6:00 - 6:15. I couldn't believe it when both my husband and I slept until past 7:00 a couple of weeks ago.


Sharon Kirby said...

Oh Debbie - what a wonderful simple pleasure! (Good thing, too - I'm not thinking Cranky Debbie is someone to mess with...)

Loved how the sweet little birds woke you up with their precious song this morning. Did it remind you that God loves you more than a whole flock of sparrows? :)

I'm thinking maybe tomorrow I might try this - well, maybe Saturday. Let God wake me up - wonder what He'll show me!!


(By the way, I've been busy for a few days - when did you turn into Polly Prolific? I missed 3 posts!! Yikes - but...they were worth the wait. Loved them all!)

Dianne said...

Oh my gosh, we are two peas in the same pod. I still set my alarm even though I am retired but not for 4 or 4:30 as I once did. I can barely drag myself to the kitchen for the first cup of coffee and day planner--I found it the other day--I think it was from 1996--my husband asks me why I don't make lists--I used to--but when you never know where they are and spend 30 minutes searching for it--well, I could have sat down and rewritten the list in that length of time or made a bed and washed a load of clothes or run to the store.

I feel your pain but I am so glad you chose to sleep in this morning.


Angel said...

So glad you got to sleep in and still make it to the party! Hope you got some of those left over finger foods. I'm afraid I may have eaten more than my share :)

Chatty Crone said...

You let go and let God - way cool. I do know those days when you run round and round and round - and you just let go one day and submit. Wish I had one this week! I don't. :(

love yah,

Susan said...

Hi Debbie...Glad you got to sleep in. Thanks for your visit to my blog today! Susan

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Ok, I declare you a crazy lady!!! 4am - 5am What! I don't even like the smell of the air that early. I decided when I gave up the corporate rat race that I was going to go to sleep when I was tired and wake up on my own volition So, I am crazier than you, I go to sleep between 2-3am and get up around 10-or 11am heck I am going to bed when you are getting up! I have to tell you, you left one of the nicest comments on my blog, I so appreciate it.....Now, get to sleep!LOL


Jen said...

4:33? Wow. At first I thought you were late because you slept until 4:33 PM! :)

The Tablescaper said...

What a wonderful post. I need my sleep but most often don't get it. Sleeping in is a rare luxury. Funny isn't it, whenever you read a study about being more productive or being happier, they all talk about getting a good night's sleep. Why are we all so stubborn about getting it?

- The Tablescaper

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Waking to the birds is soooo much better than beep-beep-beep... after all, a girl needs her beauty sleep:@)

Kelli said...

Sleeping late is one of those "GOOD THINGS" and I miss the luxury!! February has been crazy busy and I know how you feel. Hope the extra zzz's gave you the boost you needed to greet the day with JOY!

Canadagirl said...

wow, I can't seem to do that in the Winter. ((sigh)) But once spring comes I can be sure I am up and Adam at 4:30am. *grin* I have tried for a few years now to keep getting up at that time but I think I am going to have to ask the Lord to wake me up and put enough energy to roll out of the WARM covers. I love getting up at that time b/c it is sooo quiet and I have some time after hubby goes to work. (he leaves at 5:20) and then I have the whole upstairs to myself and not even a peep is heard. Ohhh the wonder of that sound is a thing I savor. Okay, after telling you all this I NEED to get myself up at that time. *grin*

Yes, a early rise is a simple pleasure indeed.

Blessings and ((HUGS))
In Him<><

Ms.Daisy said...

I'm a total nightowl...even when I worked it was hard for me to go to bed early (afraid I'd miss something?) Now, that I don't HAVE to set an alarm I wake up whenever and I'm lovin' it! I'm not very productive until later in the day anyway! Glad you got to sleep in today.


Henrietta said...

Good for you and you keep this, sleep is so important. If rest more you are happier and people around you are happier. Things we plan to do won't stop ever so why worry about that.
Greetings from Finland, land of snow:)

Simply Be... said...

Good for you, Debbie! So glad you got a good night's sleep! God is good :-)

CAL said...

I long for the sweet chirps of birds. Sadly here in the Midwest we won't hear that sound for a few more weeks. Send em back to us soon!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Debbie
What a great post!! Singing birds upon awaking are definitely one of my simple pleasures too,
I remember last year waking up to that sound and knowing Spring was here!! It was great!
Good for you that you let yourself sleep in cause I do believe we have to do that to take care of ourselves at times. When I was younger I felt guilty doing it thinking people would think I was lazy or something, I finally figured out hey, they don't pay our bills,
so who cares what they think, I need it, Ima
gonna do it!! lol

Thanks so much for coming by and for your desire to pray for my hubby. He just left a few minutes ago, looking all spiffy and excited but relaxed cause we know it is all up to the Lord!! But Thanks for your prayers they are so appreciated, and we have been feeling all those prayers going up. Wonderful!
Yes, we do take so much for granted that we are blessed with, and we have one blessing after another.........
My heart just breaks for those people who have to live in all that, terrible!!
Blessings hon, and have a Very Happy Valentines Day,

Scribbler said...

You just needed to catch up a bit! What a great post. I love not having a real job to get up for any more because I stay up late sometimes, sleep in sometimes. Other times I wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea that I want to think through and make notes about. Then I sleep some more. My record is sleeping till almost noon. How decadent.

Thanks for stopping by my blog -- everybody says commenting on it is a pain -- sorry! It makes it really great when somebody actually does.

Barb said...

Hi Debbie, So glad yo got to sleep in. Nothing beats a good sleep in -- Birdsong -- a lovely bonus.Beautiful
God Bless Barb from Australia

bj said...

haahhhaaaa...I laugh because I used to do the exact same thing...(except for the snooze alarm thingy..I hate those) 5:00 EVERY morning. My family thought I was nuts...well, now that I am olden and retired...I stay up til I get ready to go to bed which, sometimes might be 1 or 2 in the morning. I can sleep as late as I want, which is usually until about 9. I LOVE IT !!
xo bj

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said... got to Enjoy your sleep! I hate alarm clocks and rarely use one. Even when I worked full time, I would wake up on my own. And hearing birdies....that is the best way to start a day! Have a great weekend!

At The Picket Fence said...

Sounds like some good sleep was just what you needed Debbie! Praying this coming week isn't quite so crazy for you! I love that you woke up to birds singing..says spring is coming to me!

Heather @At The Picket Fence

Dayle said...

Sweet Debbie, I can't imagine rising every morning by 5:00, just for the heck of it, so you well deserve your morning of sleeping in and what a sweet reward, waking up to the birds singing. Doesn't get any better than that, my friend.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Okay, I am getting my "Debbie Fix" tonight. I just went over and read your wonderful post at Picket Fence, and now I've read this wonderful post. It takes a smart person to realize that sometimes, some things (like our health) are more important than our day planner! I love the way you think. laurie


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