Monday, April 26, 2010

Piney Pick Up Sticks

I haven’t been updating daily on my 29 Day Giving Challenge, mainly because most of them are pretty self explanatory from the little list on the right. It has been a fun challenge, though, and I’m happy to report that I haven’t, as yet, missed a day.

I was all set to yakkity yak about my gift from Day 21 when I opened  Jennie's Blog and I read about her Great Mulching Adventure while Super Sam was out of town. In case you didn’t read it, Jennie ordered and spread a truck load of mulch with one hand… with the other hand simultaneously feeding, bathing, diapering, deboogering, schooling, and snuggling three small children.

OK, I added most of that, but it was still a pretty impressive undertaking in my book… so I hesitate to cackle about my own proud accomplishment.

Because I picked up sticks and pinecones. 

I could say in my defense that I don’t usually do yard maintenance… if that statement in and of itself didn’t need defending as well. In our division of labor, lawn maintenance falls mostly to the husband.

Because, welll...

I am, however, trusted to help with the game of pick up sticks. This is not such a difficult task in the front lawn, but as I’ve mentioned, our back yard is mostly a piney Georgia stick forest which rains down sticks, pinecones, and other debris in a never ending backyard blitzkrieg.

I hate it.

That’s why I procreated slave labor. That system worked for me until The Practical One went to college, leaving only one daughter at home to help.  And since that daughter has been a whirling dervish of over scheduled senioritis lately, the piney stick forest has kind of… well…gotten out of control.

And so for the entire household, and for our back door neighbors, I did back yard patrol for my gift of the day. This was actually a pretty big task since the up and down motion wreaks havoc on my lower back. So I sandwiched it between other chores every ten minutes on the hour until the job was done.

 I picked up every piece of pine menace no matter how small.

And then I emailed this picture to the husband…

Subject: My gift of the day

And I waited for his response.

And I waited.

Finally, I got an email back.

And it said…

“Please tell me that there is not a gift box  full of pinecones sitting on my bed.”

Such a smarty pants I married.


Amy Kinser said...

What a great gift. I know he appreciated it getting done.

I never mind a gift of someone just helping me do something I really would rather not do. Sacrificial giving...

Jennie said...

You know...I see those buckets and think of all of my friend in Maryland who would LOVE to make crafts out of those piney treasures. :) I think you did a fabulous job!

And while I appreciate the shout-out, you made me blush! I don't think the Great Mulch Adventure was *quite* as dramatic as you may have your readers believe. You did get one thing wrong though, they weren't deboogered at all while Sam was away. That is totally his job! ;)

MrsJenB said...

hahaha Great story! I feel your pain with the backyard mess - ours is covered in pinecones and needles and sticks (oh my!) as well. Our big problem, though, is that we just moved in so we know it hasn't been taken care of in a long time. It's daunting for sure! But my hubby's been addicted to working outside lately so I know between the two of us, we'll get it done. (I hope!)

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Hi Debbie!
I loved this story!
You are funny and so is your honey!
I could have SO written your About Me! I love the same things you do- right down to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and coffee drinkin'!
On my right side bar, one of my inspiration blogs is my daughter's. Her blog is whimsyandglee. (She is also MY Practical One at college).
My rising HS sophomore daughter is a whirling dervish of can't-wait-till-school-is-out-so-I-am-doing-all-my-work-early (we homeschool).
Too funny.
Well, I am so enjoying looking around your home!
I am now your new friend so I can keep my eye on you so you don't get into any good trouble without ME!
Thanks for coming by my home earlier today!
Blessings to you as you make your home today!

Lynn Richards said...

Hmmm. That might be fun to leave some pinecones maybe, say, UNDER the sheets at the foot of the bed? Oh. I so did not say that.

southerninspiration said...

Hey Debbie, we have a lot in common! I have a senior with senioritis, too!! Oh my goodness!



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