Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Simply a Woman's Perogative... change her mind.

Isn't that what they say? I hope so because I'm exercising that right today.

Have you ever written a post and known even as you're writing it that it's not what you're supposed to be writing that day?

Maybe it's just the timing...
Or that you can't quite get the words from the heart to the fingers...
Or maybe there's just another story to tell or picture to post that day.

That's how I have felt all day. Thursday, you see, is Simple Pleasures day. That's the day that I slow down and focus on the still, small, something that gave me pleasure during the week.

I thought that I had mine.

Even as I typed it out, though, I kept thinking about this other silly thing, and this nagging voice kept telling me that this other silly thing was supposed to be my simple pleasure. I argued back because it just seemed too simple for a yakabout.

Yeah, I know. Isn't that the whole point?

So I changed my mind.
And I submit to you this week's simple pleasure.

It's my kitchen window. 
Really... that's it.

It has made me smile all week, and I don't know why. There's nothing blooming out there right now. A month or so ago, that green that you see was a burst of pink magnolia. I didn't bother to yak it out then. Today, it's just a leafy green branch.  The lawn isn't particularly pretty, either. In fact, if you look closely, you can see debris from our recent wind storm. And it is not yet green underneath.

But for some reason that window has given me a case of the the grins. I even dragged the husband in the room and pointed it out. Don't worry. He didn't get it either.

I'm the kind of person who loves to hide behind curtains and blinds. I'm private and phobic and always a little afraid of a Peeping Tom. Why Tom would want to peep at me is anyone's guess, but I remain shadowed behind blinds anyway.  Can I confess that it seems to be getting worse with age?

But last week when I washed those windows, I left the trusty blinds up for a while. Every time I walked in the kitchen and saw those unfiltered branches against the blue sky, .it just plain made me happy. Sometimes, I just stood there and sighed.

Maybe it was the little  playhouse hidden behind those leaves.

 Can  you see it?

That's the Little House in the Piney Stick Woods where my own Laura and Mary whiled away their childhood.

I used to stand at that very sink and watch them when they didn't know it...

...back before I started hiding from Tom.

I have enjoyed the unfiltered kitchen window so much that, except at night, I've left those blinds up all week.  I even opened the blinds in the rest of the back windows, too.  The front is still well filtered, but one of these days, I'm going to lift them as well, Tom or no Tom.

So that's it.
Lifting my blinds is this week's very simple pleasure.
Sharing with Dayle at A Collection of This and That
for the Simple Pleasure Party.

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Jennie said...

I so get this. I'm waffling between simple pleasures this very week as well, and I'm beginning to think I'll end up writing about neither. (That's because I really don't have the luxury of time to write about either of them, but that's an entirely different story.) Nonetheless, I think your simplest of pleasures is exactly what it's supposed to be. Whether we get it or not. Suffice it to say, I get it - we have 4 windows along our kitchen table that look out to our backyard. I keep those blinds open and watch the kids playing, being good, being bad, you name it. It's wonderful! Long story short, this is perfect!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Debbie, I think this is a wonderful simple pleasure. I always enjoy reading what you write. And this was delightful as always.

Re: windows... we have one house that is open, even though we must have hundreds of "peepers," both Toms and Peppers (kinda goes with peeper!) looking in as tourists walk by, but in our actual home, I am the same: blinds closed, mainly to keep out the sun which is bright down here in these parts.

And I adore my kitchen window. I could stand there all day, and sometimes I work at the computer next to the sink because I love the view. It's sometimes bare, too, with leaves off the trees, but I love seeing the sky and looking at the birds in the birdbath nearby and the squirrels playing in the tree. It just makes me happy, and I am hypnotized by a sense of well being.

And sometimes, my friend, I think that in many ways, we are living parallel lives. All I know is, I'm going to be your next door neighbor in Heaven! I've got another good friend staked out on the other side already. ;-)



Marydon said...

I look thru your window, Debbie, & see some of the most beautiful artwork visible to the human eye ... the wonderful colors, the delicate foliage, the soft filtering sun,the majestic trees & delicate bushes ... He truly blesses us with surrounding beauty in His artwork.

Have a beautiful weekend ~


T's Daily Treasures said...

To be surrounded by nature is a wonderful thing. If I had a view like that it would be my simple pleasure, too. I don't know how folks can live in modern houses filled with windows and no curtains. That would freak me out! Have a great day. Tammy

Toodie said...

It is a beautiful view and with fond memories too. Open all the blinds and smile wildly ;-)

Denise said...

What a nice simple pleasure! I don't have a window over my kitchen sink but I love to look out the French doors into the back yard. I'm a bit afraid of people looking in too. But you know with the way the traffic flies by my house, they'd have to be speeding Toms! Thanks for sharing with us today.

Debbie said...

I'm a new follower of your blog. Anonymously :D I found you at Vista Woman.
I get it about the windows. I'd love to live in a place where I didn't need window coverings except for shade (I'm so curtain challenged anyway). But alas, there is Tom. I'm not much to peep at at 56, and that's what makes Tom such a sicko! I like to be able to see out and enjoy the yard, bird,squirrels,and yes, a few of my neighbors who are very entertaining, but I close everything up and night.

Patti said...

Actually, I saw your other post come through on my Dashboard, and because I spent many years of my life as a "fraidy cat", I was excited to read your story. But, the page wasn't I know why.

I love my kitchen window too, especially when the weather is warm and I can open the window. When all my fruit trees are in bloom and the wind chimes are gently singing, standing in front of the window to do the dishes is a most lovely duty.

What a sweet post (even if I can't see the photos!!). And I can relate to how you feel about "Tom." I don't have an issue with my kitchen window, as it faces my back yard, and I have no back neighbors.

Have a great day.


Dayle said...

Dear friend, I couldn't be happier that you chose this as your simple pleasure, whatever it took to get you there. :) The view from your kitchen sink is heavenly. That blue sky in the distance drew me right in, and then that little play house. I cried the day we tore down a certain tree house. Such sweet memories. I'm glad you still have yours to sigh over.

As for Mr. Tom, I have a huge bay window in my family room and it would freak me out at night, if it didn't face the backyard, which is completely fenced in. Otherwise, I'm an open-the-curtain-kind of gal.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh looking out that window is just great! You are looking at the coming of spring while enjoying the memories of the past...looking forward and thankful for what God brought you in past views out that window.

I love this simple pleasure

Now I am a open the blinds...well throw them away kinda mother-in-law hates her visits, she is so afraid of who might see her. I want the sun shine in, which I have had to stop in our rent house..the neighbors are too close. Enjoy those open windows and the fruit of your labor after cleaning them.

bj said...

I love your window, too. I think I did a post once, a long time ago, about my kitchen window and how I watched my kids from it as they grew.

xo bj

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh good for you. I am just the opposite. I hate to feel closed in so I have to have all the blinds open so I can see out. Love it. So glad you are enjoying the view outside. Hugs, marty

The Decorative Dreamer said...

That is wonderful you opened the blinds! I can see why you are enjoying the view. There's wonderful memories of the past, hope in the new spring greenery and sunshine out there! I am the exact opposite of you regarding windows. I like mine open all the time though the Mr. makes us close them at night. I have no blinds in my dining room or the french doors across the back of the house in our den and kitchen. Mr.Tom always gets an eyeful at our house, MR.Tomcat that is! LOL! I enjoyed your post very much. :))

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

If it makes you smile, it's perfect:@)

Crickit said...

Wonderful view from your kitchen window! I am so when you showed the picture of your daughter's playhouse and how you used to watch them from that window, well I got a little teary eyed. But also got a laugh when you spoke of "Tom". :)

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Debbie,
I think that is a wonderful simple pleasure because there is something wonderful about taking in the light and the beauty of nature, and I bet that lil playhouse has much to do with it too.
Great Memories are wonderful treasures of pleasure. Good for you that you opened up those blinds and then the rest of them too.
and maybe soon the front ones too! You go girl!!
Thanks for coming by and commenting on our crazy certified letter or maybe is it certifiable!! lol I got to thinking maybe someone else was suppose to get a certified letter and they mixed them up!!
Hubby just finished another interview with another company and is on his way home, and he is suppose to go back on Monday. He also got an
email about a work at home contracting job. Their was only one small expertise he did not have (which would be no problem for him cause he teaches himself stuff from books all the time, he is such a smartie pants!! lol)but they said if they could not find someone with that expertise they might call him back, and I am thinking the Lord could work that out possibly too. So we are waiting, waiting, waiting, I want to just say "Will the real job please stand up"!! lol
Maybe it is none of the above cause maybe Jesus is coming for us soon!!
Well, you have a great weekend sweet friend,
Blessings, Nellie

Christine said...

Kitchen windows are so warm and inviting.
When I am walking, early in the morning and I see someone's kitchen light on, I always peek. So comforting.

Ms.Daisy said...

For whatever reason, I couldn't pull your Simple Pleasure up the regular way so I had to go to my dashboard to see it. It is a beautiful view from your kitchen window and I can see why it made you smile everytime you came into the room! I'm a let's close the curtains at night kind of girl, but let the sunshine in during the day. Except, of course, when the air condiioner is running at full speed! :0) Love that you changed your mind today, too.


saltbox treasures said...

Love the view from your window. What a great little play house and memory. Maybe we're all just ready for some light, spring, flowers, anything green.
Have a great day!
Keep your blinds up during the day. Let the sun shine in :)
~ Julie

Chatty Crone said...

It's a beautiful window and beautiful scenery and beautiful memories. sandie

Jen said...

And just think...if you hadn't cleaned the window, if you hadn't let the light shine through, you would still remain closed in, hidden from the glorious light that pours in. Isn't that what fear often does to us? Makes us hide out in the dark so that we scurry from the light? But when we conquer our fears and let the light in, there resides the simple pleasures we would have missed.

Kathleen said...

Maybe it brings back sweet memories of when the kids were little and had such innocent fun in the playhouse!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Well, it is gorgeous! I can see why it makes you grin, me, I'm afraid of Tom too and his friend the boogey man!


Heather T. said...

Oh, Debbie, you're adorable. I remember Tom, he seems to be everywhere, doesn't he?! hahaha - I grew up with Tom trying to peep in our windows, and I grew up with blinds and curtains and shades and...and...a lingering sense of Tom peeping into my lightened room, while the world remained dark. I still get the heebie-jeebies at night - but, keep my windows wide {although, not as beautifully shiny as yours} throughout the day :)

I "get" your window...more than the precious little memories held in a cute little playhouse...but it's freedom, wide open and clear to see the world for all it's goodness.

Great simple pleasure! Which also reminds me...yes, I've written full posts without posting them, turning the entire route around to type with the direction of heart, rather than the "just so".

Babs said...

Love your simple pleasure and the view out your window. I'm just the opposite. I have to have the curtains open, in the daytime, of course. I love to look at the trees, birds and all of the beauty of our world. I think simple pleasures are the best! Thanks for sharing yours.

FrouFrouBritches said...

I have a Tom phobia too. No, actually I have an uninvited guest/solictor phobia. That's why my front blinds stay closed. Well, that and the fact that I am constantly running from my bathroom to the couch completeled naked to find clean clothes. I feel really sorry for Tom if he catches a glimpse. He'll be blinded for life. YIKES!

I do enjoy having the windows and blinds open to the backyard this time of year though. I totally get it! Enjoy your window!

Kelli said...

From one fellow blind lifter to another, isn't it lovely? Being able to catch a glimpse of a vivid blue sky as you pass by or to see the sunlight streaming in is sweet simplicity at it's finest!

Anita said...

Debbie, this is just the most wonderful post. You are such a gifted writer. I love your view too. I also now have a kitchen window I watch the kids play through. Those are the most wonderful moments. Funny, out here, I never close the curtains in the living/dining, but the bedrooms I always keep blinds closed at night. I think if we were near a road or had neighbors who could see in, I would think differently!

Sonja said...

This is so darling! I love your window too, especially with the view of the playhouse. Your window is clean and shiny and the view made you remember when, even as you enjoyed the now. I'd say that covers a lot of good ground, so enjoy the view. As you already know, the view can change quickly...

Sharlotte said...

I'm so with you on this. With all the fast-paced things going on in life, sometimes it is the simple pleasures that bring sanity to your heart. You have a great view looking out the kitchen window and wonderful memories with the playhouse. It's just precious!
I have my front windows covered with sheers and rarely open them, also due to the idea of Tom...but my back windows are open as much as possible. {However, at night, I need them closed. As I get older, I'm becoming a little more hermit-like, I won't even answer the door if I don't feel like it!

Sue said...

I love your simple pleasure, Debbie, I am a window peeper, that is from the inside looking out, though there are times at night when we are driving I enjoy peeping from the outside in. lol
I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and am so thankful for my window , and yes, a girl can change her mind any time she wishes.

Lynn Richards said...

I love your window and it's view!! It's gorgeous, calming and just wonderful. I'm all caught up on your posts now and I have to tell you, we used to have a putting contest in honor of the Master's golf tournament at our house. My husband would set it all up, we would take turns putting and the winner would get to put on this green jacket (???not sure why I purchased it) I had. Such an honor!! I don't think the winner chose dinner, but it was fun all the same.

Trish @ Lily-Rose Cottage said...

Debbie, perhaps you need to give old Tom 'the flick' and just enjoy your lovely trees!
I know how happy I'd be looking out your kitchen window with all those branches and precious memories.
Don't let what *might* happen sometime stop you finding the joy in your todays :-)
I'm a very private person too, so I know it can be a struggle to relax with uncovered windows.
I am very cautious about covering our front windows.
But you have such a wonderful view it's a shame to hide it all the time!
Especially if it's your back yard where nobody would be wandering past.
Remember how you got through the blackout?
Now you can conquer the 'light-in' :-D
God bless you dear lady..Trish

corners of my life said...

Wouldn't doing dishes be a simple pleasure if I could look at the view outside your window? Lovely!

Angel said...

Another great post Debbie! I confess I have that same phobia. My husband runs around opening blinds and I close them (unless I feel the sun is shining bright enough outside to prevent outsiders (peeping Toms) from seeing in. :) But it does make me happy when they are open with all the light streaming in. Thanks for sharing your simple pleasure.

A Perfect Setting said...

I understand why you enjoy that window. So much beauty and light! I love standing at the window in my kitchen--the light feels so warm and makes me feel so cozy! I really enjoyed reading your post, it definitely makes me stop and remember to smell the roses!!

Sharon Kirby said...

Though I think you are absolutely "peepable" - I think Tom's in a different neighborhood! So keep those blinds up! Oh, your lucky daughters - I always wanted a playhouse! How fun...

Thanks for this simple pleasure, Debbie - I am always blessed by your simple mind. (You KNOW that I didn't mean THAT...didn't you???)

Shug said...

I posted earlier in the week about our "Happy Place" and this seems to be yours right now...I think it is great. Good for you, so glad you lifted those blinds and have had all those happy thoughts to ponder on this week..
Hugs to you..

CAL said...

Count me in as a person always worried about who can see in. I could never ever be a celebrity and have to live life in a fish bowl. No thanks. I like my privacy and I love your window view. I could just picture two little girls playing happily in the the little house. I gaze at what use to be the sandbox my son played in. Now it has a big ole birch tree growing in the spot. Ahhhh Mommy memories.

SavannahGranny said...

Such a beautiful vision. I am sure one of the reason you are enjoying this vista is the reminder of your little girls. I am sure you all had many wonderful moments in that back yard. Thanks for sharing this with us, Have a great weekend. Ginger

Canadagirl said...

I would love to look out that window too if it were mine. It is so cheerful and sweet. I love the playhouse. I can see why your girls loved it. Your trees are soooooooo GREEN. I look forward to the green'ness of the trees. It hasn't happened yet here but it will. [o= I really enjoyed reading about your simple pleasure. Wow your windows sparkle. I need to get my windows cleaned and enjoy them more. Another thing that needs to go on my to do list.


Audra said...

I LOVE your simple pleasure! It makes perfect sense to me!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Debbie, your perfect pleasure is both a treasure of memories and a delight in God's beauty... I am glad thoughts of Tom have not robbed your of this joy and pleasure this week. =) blessing ~ tanna

elizabeth said...

My little home office window is my is upstairs and looks our through the limbs of a huge old growth cedar tree. It makes me feel like I'm up in a tree house.
I just want to say thanks for being such a kind, supportive blog friend. I'm going through a season of deep spiritual heart surgery...painful!...and you just always make me feel encouraged. Thanks so much!

no spring chicken said...

I SO get it!!

Blessings, Debbie

Luncheons at the Junction said...

How did I ever miss ths wonderful blog?!?!? I love the way you "yak"! LOL Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best. Finding this blog, was a pleasure for me today. Thank you for stopping by my blog and posting such a sweet comment. I am your newest follower and look forward to reading more. By the way - your tables are heartstopping!

Sue said...

Hi Debbie,
At my house it used to be the "AX murderer", not Tom, but I get your drift. But, you know, as I've aged, it doesn't worry me anymore. So, I'm with you ~ open the blinds and let in the light! I LOVE the glimpse of your playhouse, and I'll bet you have lots of fun memories of times spent there. Won't that be a fun place in the future?!!
Happy day to you!

ps ~ I"ll bet you know this tune that keeps running through my head as I read your post ~ "in Him there is no darkness at all....."

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Debbie, I totally understand this! And I find myself leaving my window views "free" more and more these days. If only my windows were clean like yours! I still need to get outside and clean where Renaissance Man threw snowballs at Little Man all winter. Such good memories of them laughing together on each side of the windows. I guess that's why I've been in no hurry to erase the telltale signs of their playtime. Soon...


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