Monday, April 25, 2011

Attack of the Innie Monster

I have confessed before that I’m a confirmed innie.  I like my schtuff squirreled away behind a curtain, door, or screen. If I can stick it in a box behind the curtain, door, or screen, all the better.

Some call it organization.
I call it a stronghold.

That’s because no matter how hard I try, there are certain spaces in my house that get overcome by the Innie Monster.   The Queen Mother of all spaces is the walk- in closet in my den.    I've yakked about it before.

It's supposed to look like this

According to the Duchess, I developed innie infatuation at an early age.  She would send me upstairs to swab the deck, and I would shuffle it instead. I would shuffle it from the floor to the closet. When the closet was full, I invented under-the-bed storage.  

Because mothers can’t be trusted, she loves to rat me out about the most notorious innie incident in Debbie Land.

You see, the Duchess was one of those mothers who encouraged playtime, and generally speaking, she had a high tolerance for toy clutter. She drew the line when clutter became a mess.  

One day,  she ventured into my room to discover one such mess.  

It wasn’t just any old mess, either. Growing up in our house, there were two kinds of messes. There were regular messes, and then there were filthy messes. When the Duchess whipped out the "filthy mess", you knew that you had best skedaddle to your room to do something about it.

I skedaddled.

I shuffled that filthy mess into the closet  and under the bed, and then, because I was obviously too young to understand the whole timing concept, I ran right back downstairs for inspection. 

To say that I failed to pass muster is an understatement.

As legend has it, the Duchess entered the room to discover a bed turned hovercraft and a bulging closet door.  I got the two- syllable scolding complete with the traditional Duchess salutation.

Honestly, Deb-rah! 
 I  don’t know what got into you to make such a 
filthy mess.

And this time, she stood guard as I slinked my way back into the closet to make method out of madness. That's how she heard me muttering.  

Musta been da debil...
Musssta been da debil..

Apparently, I was in there pondering the answer to her rhetorical question.  I stepped out to give it to her.

Musta been da debil 
that made me make such a mess of my room…
But the Lord’s in me now,
 ‘cause I’m pickin’ it up.

And though I still had to clean my filthy mess that day, she decided right then and there that no further scolding was necessary. 

Sharon Sharing God could make a wonderful devotional out of that one. As for me, I’m off on another tangent completely.

You see,  there’s a reason for this ramble this morning, and it’s this:

Her Majesty the Den Closet

  Yet again,
 I’ve managed to make a filthy mess.

Musta been the debil...

But the Lord’s in me now, ‘cause I’m cleaning it up.

I’ve challenged myself to post an after picture post. Feel free to stop by later and keep me honest.

Can anyone relate at all? Do you have a certain spot in your house that’s a magnet for the Innie Monster?


Barbara F. said...

Debbie, girl, can I relate to this! I have a small room that the previous owners used as a bedroom. It has become my basement/attic so to speak. I had it completely organized and "company ready" - then the holidays were upon us and boom! Door is kept closed when "company is coming". :-) xo,

Ann said...

Huge "sigh." My entire house is the "Queen of all ..." at the moment. All I seem to do is "shuffle."

It doesn't help either, when you acquire other people's "schtuff." When both dad's died within a week of each other, we were "bequeathed" several large boxes from each of THEIR "schtuff."

When daughter number one went into the Army, we got HER "schtuff." AND with daughter #2 living with us since college, we've acquired her "schtuff" as well .... but hopefully it will go out the door when she marries .... ok, one could hope - I just won't hold my breath.

At least for now, only son is keeping his "schtuff" (mostly) in his room.

Your closet looks like "Heaven" to me ... wanna swap?


Angel said...

Sadly, Debbie, I can definitely relate. :) Although, there a some occasions when I seem to get a certain freedom to purge. And I love the feeling of finally cleaning out and organizing a space. Euphoria! I'm sure you will have great success with this most recent personal challenge. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This was so entertaining to read!! I think we all can say that we have had to deal with needing to get organized. Look forward to seeing the finished project! I also wanted to let you know that I have hit a milestone on my blog and am having an all natural organic giveaway. I hope you will enter.

no spring chicken said...

Do you want to know what's pathetic? I think your closet looks quite nice. Like, that is how mine would look AFTER the big clean! Does that mean that I ALWAYS have the debil in me? Oh dear! I'm off to de-clutter something, now!

Red Couch Recipes said...

Such a funny post. That closet doesn't look so bad to me. My husband takes thing out of my hallway closet and then puts them in our room when he thinks it is going a little bad. I think then that it must be the "debil" in him -- I AM NOT pleased. Good luck cleaning. Joni

Denise said...

I have several little monsters lurking as well. The biggest is a closet similar to yours. (Old laundry off the sun room, now a walk-in closet). My biggest challenge is during the winter I house a few plants in there. There's really not enough room for the plants so when you add Christmas to the mix (I keep all my wrapping stuff in there), you just spell disaster. I recently cleaned the mess out, again, when both my husband and daughter had to "break" into the house and came through that window and created even more mess. Needless to say it currently looks presentable. Sadly, I know it won't last.

Along the same lines as Ann above, both of the girls have "stuff" stored here as well. When the little one moves out in June we'll see what happens. Can't wait to see the finished project.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Laughing from beginning to mother was one of those where you could lick off the floor it was so clean and then God decided to "bless" me with clean challenged husband and six kids...I know God has a sense of humor he must be laughing. So yes, we have areas of our house like this...and much worse...I will not give away whose areas they are....but as my mother said and I have is a filthy mess!!!!

Love your writing...I hope I can grow up and write like you one day!!!

Have a great week and enjoy your new organized closet.

At The Picket Fence said...

This was hysterical! You and my oldest are kindred spirits because not only has he recently discovered the "under the bed storage system" of cleaning but he has also become quite the little mutterer lately. :-) Guess I need to be talking about the "debil" with him some more! LOL!

FrouFrouBritches said...

Bahahaha! You are too funny! "the debil" HA! Hysterical!

Oh, Debbie, I'm afraid if you looked inside my bedroom closet right now, you would think "the debil" had taken over my being. It is most definitely a filthy mess! YIKES! I have enough clothing in enough (rather large) sizes to outfit a very frumpy army. It's true. I sooooo need to take a cue from you and get on my own filthy mess. Your closet looks spotless compared to mine! Can't wait to see the after shot. That'll make me feel really bad about my closet.

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

OMG, Yes I can relate! Your closet isn't so bad, you have a path in it! How about a "JUNK DRAWER". The spot that holds EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you don't have a home for! I was sitting yesterday in front of a cabinet "WONDERING" What all the computer gizmo cords and adapters belonged to???I couldn't come up with a solution, SO, I put them all back(Gee they look important)... I'll be watching for your finished closet,hehe...When you're done maybe you'll come help with mine!

Sonja said...

dat dogonne dirty ole debil just never lets up, does he?

This was so funny Debbie. I can't imagine any one out there who doesn't have a closet or drawer like this...??? I have one closet and one drawer, and they CANNOT stay organized. I spend more time with those 2 than any other closet or drawer in the whole house!

You may have some disorder in that closet, but not in your stringing together of words... they are magic! :)

Chatty Crone said...

First of all - I can relate and I hate to admit it. Second it is NOT filty. Not exactly - just really really really messy! lol It's okay too - it will be there long after us.

Ms.Daisy said...

YES! This very room I'm blogging in...and no way will I take a picure until I've removed everything from the room AND the closet! I'm in the process of cleaning up and cleaning out...someday.


Sarah said...

Oh, if I posted a picture of my closets I'd never be allowed back in Blogville. Yes, I can totally relate, and I was laughing out loud as I read your post. My sister and I shared a bedroom growing up. Her side was always neat and tidy, including her closet. Mine on the other hand didn't look bad on the surface, but don't open the closet door. Loved this post. You always make me smile. ~ Sarah

Joan said... fact I have too many of them...AKA closets...not just one...but several...even bought some of those space bags...haven't used them yet. Oh day!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

You have me laughing again! You were even funny as a child! "Musta been da debil". I love it! I think it will become my new phrase every time I open a closet door in my house (or look under a bed)! Your closet looks great compared to some of mine! (I guess that isn't a good motivator for you, huh?). Your posts always brighten my days! Thank you. laurie

Dayle said...

Hehe ... this one rang my bell. Yes, I can relate!

Mevely317 said...

Oh my ... are you peeking inside my fortress of solitude,Debbie?
Honest, I USED to be organized; I'm blaming the chaos on my DH (debil) ... ya, that's my story; I'm sticking to it.

Christine said...

Ha Ha ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Oh my gosh, did you call your mother, The Duchess?
That is hysterical!

EFT Tapping said...

Haha funny one from start to end! Love your blog!

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

Looks like we are fighting the same uphill battle! Posting a picture is a lofty goal and I'm joining you for that one. Moving really got in my way. Our home is so different, no huge basement storage and so I now have a three car garage that is loaded, cars in the driveway, ...I just realized I need a therapist and not your comment box.

I am an organized hoarder and I'm trying to get past it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Deb-rah, you know I have an Innie Monster magnet too. It's our foyer closet. I'm not sure if you remember me sharing a post when I cleaned it out last month, yet slowly but surely that monster's taking control again.

I must admit I'm the type who cleans and organizes what's not visible too because even though it's out of the way, my mind calls my name to it. Yeah, I know. But every now and then I procrastinate a tad.

I think either extremes are a stronghold--too much or too little. A good balance is healthiest. You do realize I'm talking to myself here, right? :O)

PS I think that closet of yours is not too bad at all.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Enjoy your day.

Sue said...

Another great post Debbie! And, your closet doesn't look bad to me! I have several areas that could give your closet a run for the money! It's funny, I used to blame it on my kids, but they are gone, and now there is just me to blame the "piles" on. Hmmmmm
But you are a brave one ~ letting it all hang out, so to speak. I just finished cleaning my small pantry ~ took several days ~ and I wasn't brave enough to do befores, maybe I'll share the afters!
Have fun cleaning!

elizabeth said...

Under our stairs is a closet that become the home decor storage place. My husband calls it the "crap closet" rude! He has no vision for the importance of all of my stuff!

BECKY said...

Ha!!! I thought I was the only kid that ever "cleaned" my room that way!! Too funny! My Mom was tolerant til the day she entered God's presence!

Way to go gal! With this midwife and potential in law and friends invasion in our home in the next couple of weeks, I am busy doing some of the same stuff!! My bedroom closet is next!

Have a great day, and thank you for your bloggy friendship!!

Sharon Kirby said...

THIS is a MESSY closet??? Puh-leeze!

Seriously - if the Duchess called this "disorganization" a filthy mess - my closet would be what? A cesspool, a landfill, a mud factory?

Sorry - I got off on a little tangent there. Must have had flashback memories of my dad. In my household, I was the Queen of Innie - and he was Master Outie.

BTW, thanks for the "shout out" - I did write a devotional about cleaning out my garage. Does that count? :)

My current magnet for the Innie Monster? The computer room where all my bookshelves are. And they are stuffed, two deep, and stacked on the floor. What can I say? I LOVE to read...schtuff.

Currently cleaning out the corners of my heart. Phew - some of those corners are just full of pesky, cleaner-resistant grime. Mr. Clean Holy Spirit is helping out, though...


Ms.Daisy said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog post "The Green Thing" - I'm sure you are right, some rude-nik probably did say that to a customer! Up here in the rude Northeast we kinda let it roll in one ear and out the other. LOVED the Duchess commenting too!


Kelli said...

Didn't look to bad!! My laundry room is much, much worse...dumping ground for everyone. It is like bacteria that keeps producing. Well, Can't wait to see the AFTER!

Crickit said...

I don't like clutter so I put things away all of the time. The places where it is put, such as closets, drawers, under the bed. Well... just don't look there.
Very cute post! :)

Christa said...

Loved that! See, as a child, you knew that cleanliness was next to Godliness. What I have begun to understand is that my basement is @$!!

Lynn Richards said...

I was the one that put the rope down the middle of the bedroom I had to share with my eldest sister. I couldn't handle her mess. Poor thing. She was 17 sharing a room with a neurotic 6 year old. I still love the smell of Old English, but I must say, as I get older, I get messier...

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi again Debbie,
Another cute post..........
I Absolutely have a messy place, and I think the debil made me do it too, it is my walk in closet in my bedroom, but God is in me too, so I am in process of cleaning mine up too, just started on Monday!! Trying to do a lil everyday till it's done.
Have a great day hon,

no spring chicken said...

Yeah right... Just like my camera went out the day after I said I would show an after shot of the quilt I was working on. The debil is at work all right but I doubt it's the camera! ;)

Seriously, I'll pray you get the old girl replaced soon, as I'll miss your pics with your witty pros...

Blessings, Debbie

Kathleen said...

Great post! Love the bit about the filthy mess and da debil.


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