Monday, April 18, 2011

We are here! We are here!

I'm feeling a bit like the little Who from the dust speck at the end of Horton's nose today.

Remember him? 

It was one of my favorite movies growning up.  Of course, as an adult I realize that it was full of hidden meaning and political message, but as a kid I just wanted to save the little pink dust speck from the evil boilers.

There's no deep political agenda behind my post today, by the way. I'm just feeling like a little Who in Whoville dealing with a Grinch who stole my communication.

First, a nearby oops from a logging crew did some creative rearrangment on power lines. Homes in a ten mile radius were left in a blackout which lasted half a day and half a night. I had to go to Starbucks to save my sanity.

It was barely restored a day when some random act of senseless incompetence caused another system wide failure. This one affected internet access only. Seriously?  

At first, I didn't even realize it was down.  I had a life to live and a luncheon to attend. It wasn't until I returned from my six hour gab fest with visible friends that I discovered I was cut off from the invisible ones in blogland.

And me with pictures, too...

Our access was finally restored sometime late yesterday so here I am on Monday morning quite a bit behind. Eventually, I'll get caught up, but I wanted to take just a minute to thank you for the wonderful comments on my most recent post. I am sincerely overwhelmed, and I will be visiting friends old and new as life allows.

That pesky life. Always getting in the way of blog time...

Several of you asked how the relationship started between Sir Lotsa Hair and the Unsinkable Old Lady. Rather than answer individually, I thought I would just share it here.

Honestly, it was just a friendship that found him.

Years ago, he was teaching college kids in a room by the back door of the church. Because he’s compulsively early and college kids are compulsively late, he was alone in the quiet room when the grey haired ladies started arriving.

That’s how he heard the sound of one of them struggling to open the door.

Because his mom didn’t raise an oaf either, he stepped out to hold it for her. While he was holding it, another lady showed up...
                                 and then another...
                                                  and another....
                                                          and well, you get the picture.

He says to this day that he might never have realized the heaviness of that door or the sweetness of those women had it not been for that single event. As I said, it was just something God gave him. 

At first, he would just listen for the door. Then, he started standing in the hallway.  Pretty soon, he discovered it was easier to wait outside. From that perch of course,  he could see how they struggled to get up the steps. The older they got, the greater the struggle, and the closer to the curb he went.

When you're strolling with ninety year women who like to chat, you can't help but become friends.

In the years since, we’ve lost almost every one of those sweet old ladies, including the one who started it all. The ones who remain are generally driven to church and dropped on the other side by the elevator.

All but The Unsinkable One. She’s determined to continue as is her custom,  and he is equally determined to let her. Personally, I think he just has a crush.

And that's how the whole thing started.

By the way, if you're thinking that Sir Lotsa Hair is on the giving end of that relationship, and the ladies are on the receiving end, you would be wrong. According to him, it's just the opposite. You see, while we women like to bemoan the lack of gentlemen in our society today, he feels the same about the lack of gracious ladies.  The fact that she lets him walk her in is his simple pleasure.

Food for thought, ladies, food for thought. That's all for today.

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