Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Big Score in the Dish Towel War

Look what I found at THAT place while shopping for dish towels and the sponges for my simple gift.

Now look even closer...

They now have dish towels specially designed for the clorox~aholic. Who knew? Apparently, I would have known if  I had bothered to replace my dish towels sooner. I was so giddy with excitement that I included them with Mr. Clean's simple gift. 

And I put them in a giftie bag and left them with a note.

He told me that I was odd.
But he smiled when he said it.
He gets me.
I get him too.
That's what makes it a gift.

1 comment:

Amy Kinser said...

Neat dishtowels. I typically use mine until they are falling apart so I don't know much about new ones that are out there either. My mom did buy me some new ones for Christmas though.


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