Friday, April 30, 2010

Show and Tell

Would you be surprised to learn that my my favorite grammar school tradition was the Friday afternoon Show and Tell? Well, it was.

Emphasis on the telling part.

Based on the behavior of many school aged kids, I have a hunch that most schools no longer set aside time for Show and Tell. What a shame. Show and Tell taught us not only to stand and speak but to listen to others speak as well. It followed simple golden rules.

1. If you did not listen to the others, you did not get your chance to speak.
2. Keep it brief. There was a room full of classmates waiting after all…

And for goodness sake, try to be interesting. (I always added that part in my head while waiting.)

Life skills…

How we labored over our weekly choice! Sometimes, we received a gift or came upon some little eureka and could hardly contain ourselves until Friday. More often, we reached the end of the week without a plan. Then, Thursday night included the great explore throughout the house for the Fabulous Friday Yakabout.

Blogging is kind of like that.

Sometimes, I happen upon some tasty tidbit and can hardly wait to spill it on the page. Other times, I stare at the empty screen and feel the need to whip out the bloggadoodle.

So which case applies today? You be the judge.
Because today is Show and Tell.

Debbie, do you have something to share with the class?

Why yes, I do...

...and it’s this.

Prairie Hens

Ok, technically old yard chickens. But these are very special old yard chickens. They are the ones that I yakked about HERE. After my meander down memory lane, I started thinking about those old prairie hens. I asked the Duchess what had become of them, and she directed me to the vast wasteland behind her garden shed. So I ventured out… and there… half buried in dirt like a forgotten memory, I found Mama Hen and one of her little chicks.

I learned something that day.

It is very difficult for a 48 year old woman to do the happy dance while lugging a 50 pound concrete chicken. I dragged them out, dusted them off a bit, and ran inside to get the shiny red Kodak. I think I might have been squealing.

En route, I worried that I would be forced by good nature to share my treasure with my sister, the poke bonnet pal of my prairie years. I admit to considering an offer of Little Chick in return for custody of Mama. Finder’s fee and all…

I needn’t have worried.

The sister grinned at me like I was a little Polish and promised me that she would put up no chicken custody battle. They’re all yours Debski. 

Now, what I will do with them, I do not know. Suggestions?


gnee said...

I think they would be delightful grouped with a potted geranium, greeting your front porch visitors!

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

I agree with gnee...
They are too cute!
I am glad you didn't pull something outta whack while lugging them- I might have.
Are there any more chicks?
Or is this one an only child?

Lynn Richards said...

OOOOHH!! First of all, I want to see you do a happy dance with a 50lb chicken!
Hmmmm. Where to put them? Well, just about anywhere, they are so darn cute!! The little one on top of some old books, under a glass cloche? The mamma? By the fireplace? On the front porch? The possibilities are endless.
You are a far better person to end up calling your sister about the chickens....

Anonymous said...

Candace said....

I think they are lovely, I too see them nestled in a floral area. Little heads peeking out from the blooms.

Debbie said...

Ah Lynn, don't give me any generosity points that I don't deserve. My sister witnessed the whole thing... right on down to the Polish folk dance.

I THINK there is another chick in the set, but I can't find it.

this blessed nest said...

holy chickens!

amazing that you found them again & that you hauled or dragged them away. totally laughing about the Polish fight & tupperware. i'll never look at a cool whip container w/out thinking of the Polish container. said a girl who is 50% polish.

oh, i am thrilled you want to get rid of your door! no hurry or rush tho! just whenever you feel like going through the attic. but when you do~ please let me send a check or pymt for shipping or extra! but again, NO HURRY.

take care.

Manuela@TPOH said...

What a lovely sister! I would have been fighting you for those yard chickens! Love them!



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